im happy playing edgeworld


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THIS GAMEis like $57 use at game stop and has been like that since release.....Patcher is right mw3 will sell more than bf3.10 to 1 ratio

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if not vs then idc..i give up on square few years ago.

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I got 5 mill + whit the nascaR RACES , SO sweet better save that $ for incoming free dlc

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sad...wher is darksouls

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im playing demons souls and gt5,no every 1 is the same..

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no wonder why ther too many sh!! games

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nice rage lol

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look like Australians make the big bucs now

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I just want to have the same content as everyone else. I don't really feel like we can do anything about it except lube our holes and pray that they be gentle. But when you are as big a dick as EA is there really is no gentle. The only thing you can hope for is that you pass out from the pain.

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what about a good boxing game first!

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i agree totally, sorry but im still not blown away the way i should be with this game.

id rather them polish it, cuz the state its in isnt really that impressive.

as long as they dont take forever to release it

i'll have battlefield and uncharted holding me over anyway

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great news the more the better and is freeeeeeeee

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Luckily Microsoft had my back by making my 360 red ring.

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y didt' they do somthing like just cause 2?

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This is one of the main reasons I love the way Sony handles their console. I'm always looking for fresh, original ideas, and that's what I get.

I can't help but feel Oddworld would still be around and strong if Oddworld Inhabitants hadn't jumped ship to a certain other company... cant wait to see what new ip sony will come up with next. Are you reading this third party devs?

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paid sarvice forcing you

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remember gears need to sell 50 mill for a sequel

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@sink..i agreed man , some ppl just like to get rape.

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but i bought socom 4 and still mi code dont work... W T F

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somebody is jealous of the playstation

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