im happy playing edgeworld


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to any interested , they got godofwar3 for 14.99 at GS and kmart

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1.09 ps3 eats the w2 all up.

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the dvd is going to be fill with videos of cars.

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Come up with your own console Ubisoft, or find better engineers :P

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"We'd love to do it" pretty much means "We ain't doin it" these days.

Pass it off to a lesser dev I say.

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It's possible that Sony is either ordering components for a new PS3 with a much lower price for 2012, or pre-ordering compoents. There was a recent story about how Apple was sucking up components from the market that would result in the delay of a new Amazon Kindle/tablet because Amazon could not get the components needed. Sony knows that they need to ensure a decent supply of components to meet their anticipated sales/production targets.

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Sometimes I wonder if all the "reporting" on PS4 stuff is meant solely to keep people from buying a PS3.

Look, the PS4 is definitely coming, but it ain't in 2012. I'm sure the project exists somewhere in the minds of Sony's great thinkers. They are figuring out how to expand on the PS3 architecture in the best ways to accommodate what software will be able to achieve in the future but no there's just no way anyone is manufacturing the components t...

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I'm highly skeptical of this claim. These guys at Id are PC specialists. But the PS3 is a very different beast than PCs. Sure they would probably be able to rule on the 360 but I'm not so sure if they can really utilize the PS3 properly and for maximum effect the way Naughty Dog has been known to do.

And by the way, I remember hearing similar claims not too long ago about the visual power of Brink and how it was on par with Killzone 2, and we all know how that ultim...

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they dead but but i just seen 1 walking around mi ps3

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Your eyes can tell the difference at 60 frames per second, it becomes much more marginal at higher frame rates than that though. Even at 60fps you don't distinguish individual frames, but the eye can clearly tell the difference between 30 and 60 frames per second.

It's like HD resolutions. At a typical viewing distance for a large HDTV (50-60 inch)anything beyond 1080p is essentially pointless because the human eye can't distinguish it. I can't remember the...

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I did play an LBP level based off of the game that was absolutely amazing (probably the best user created level I played). So I might give it a look if it does come over to the dark side.

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As much as I want to make snide sarcastic comments about it being brown, I can't help but say instead how cool this one looks. I'll be playing this one for sure.

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look like bpapi ang gamingdroid are the only 1s that like kinect out of the whole n4g cummunity.

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wow you are fassssss


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css best fps eva

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lol did he hurt your feelings

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yea wher are they?europe got them i tink...

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funny how exclusives dont matter when they only got 4. let say sony is in ms shoes what would the xbox fans would do to the sony camp... but no the joke is on YOU

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really what about the credit card that is needed for ps plus.

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