im happy playing edgeworld


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By the time any 1.5 come out is already time for the 3.0 version

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MS ready to drop the failure xboxone and move on

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One of the games that definitely defined that era, one of my favorites as well as pilotwing. So many great new experinces for the first time where on N64

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Only desperate fanboys consider lies or improve information

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That goes to every MS nut swinger

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The New N4G
false information distribution for any kind of money and proud of it .fucking gamers over their hobby.

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Talk alottashait

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I'm glad the gamers are and not the ms fanboys

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Whats unside??
A lot of vagina!

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You fuckers admins ruinbthe site thanks a lot fuckes

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Why you cryng like a lil baby,........?

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Trying to find another game new site , this one had it charm for me but is lost now.

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MS speeding false info about is rivals
nothing to see here

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I only allowed myself to watch 15 sec this game is so amazing that I don't want see any videos I just want to experience this game myself.

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We already try ff13

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All the fanboys hoping for something to happen to ps4 ,no wonder there are rumors of a xbox1.5.The rumor started on Ms camp but since we all know is bad for the usebase the ms fanboys trying to say Sony is the one with the ps4.5
We all know a ps4 slim is coming how different from a original ps4 is for debate still there won't be a upgraded model that will spilt the usebase, only ps5 will do that.

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Sony never say any of this!

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Can you stop been a fan boy at least on sunday????

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The fanboy is strong with you

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Is always has been a problem, maybe you just take it as normal but I don't.

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