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"Hi :-)"


4) It will never break, get lost, or stolen

But if the network is down you're FU**ED #1
"It was, and it still is"
It went down to $349.99 for like a week and Its Back to $399.99
Xbox 1 had to be lowered to $329.99 to even compete and it still didn't win the Holidays worldwide #1.2
An open world MGS1 is not MGS 1 #10
Ive had The same amount of fun on the PC and Ps4 Beta #1.1
Battlefield hardline has tons of hours of content online alone . I just spent 6 hours playing the beta last night . The Beta! #20.1
Someone did a speed run of skyrim in like 3 hours doesn't mean shit #27
"Specifically For Next-Gen" ?

Damn so its made for PS5 and Xbox 0 ? #7
Damn i really wish this game comes out on Ps4 #2
Mafia 2 had awesome graphics Mafia 1 didn't age so well . Still play it tho #1.2
unfortunately its getting to the point where everything is told in a tweet #1.1
Bring back interplay! #14
Actually the PC can play all those games with an emulator #14.2.1
If your into Nintendo games , Not everyone is #13
2014 a great year for gaming ? #16
Thank you ! I already filled up my cloud saving storage now I won't have to save them in usb drives #9
Its not a demo. #1.3
Im scared to buy the DLC and then it doesnt work and im stuck with DLC i wont use not sure #4.1.1
my x850b has 39ms not bad ..

Best gaming tv ive had was the w850b with impulse mode #8
is this game any good? worth 20$?

Is this glitch still working? #4
Oh so now that people think this will improve xbox graphics. Now graphics matter? #1.2.4
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