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"Hi :-)"


Great another "looks at us!" article..... #1
it baffles me how people forget Titanfall is on xbox 360 and PC lol .

Today at best buy the Xbox rep was talking to a costumer about titanfal and how xbox 1 is the only way to play it lol i stepped in and schooled him and the costumer . Costumer ended up getting a Ps4 #13
"To achieve the standard PC gamers have enjoyed for years " not every pc gamer can run all their games at 1080p/60fps #27
Breasts are good #5
@daclynk how is that hating and attaking? i just said it would be stupid for it to be exclusive to the xbox 1 since its had the best of the series on a Playstation console and the worst on an xbox platform , I guess if i dont like xbox im a fanboy .. so be it #1.1.4
I have been playing it for weeks on ps4 and no issues , other than normal glitches for a huge multiplayer game. #4.2
but its on xbox 360 and pc ... you dont need an xbox 1 to play it #11
boo. i have the series on 360 but i thought it would be cheaper to buy the trilogy instead of buying the dlc but o well #10.1.1
how would that work? #4
does the Mass effect trilogy sold by amazon include the DLC? #10
why would it be Xbox 1 exclusive? it started on playstation #1.1
traded in my copy at best buy got $38 used it towards BF4 Premium #7
yoo could of returned it and rebought it #4.2
The getaway 3 !! #12
while your at it wait a few years and get the ps4 for $199! #2.3
There's thousands of players in the futbol world I don't think they can scan all of their faces #1.1.1
have you played nba 2k14 on ps4 and on ps3? its like a completely diferent game #2.1.2
who cares people pay $15 for map packs $40 for 3-4 hours of gameplay is not bad (1-2 hours if you run through the game without trying) #1.1.9
they should give them out free before they are taken down #6
NBA 2k14 looks good , BF4 looks good . So how is it holding it back? #2
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