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How is people buying games on Steam funding MS since they don't get any money from those games?
People have been gaming in Windows for decades, and windows will be around even if people don't game on it since majority of people who use windows don't use it for gaming.

I fail to see your logic

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" it will only cost around $" care to provide a source??

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Yet game developers and publishers still cater and focus their attention to the console versions, gaming wouldn't be as big as it is today if it wasn't for consoles.

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Doesn't mean Microsoft since 99% of the game on PC are not from a Windows platform like the Windows store or GFWL so MS doesn't see a Dime from games sold on steam, GOG since there's no licensing fee on Windows.

Ms cant just say every game sold on PC = an Xbox or Windows game sold.

The Xbox brand is no where near as big as the PlayStation brand....

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Of course Alienware would say this

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How if Xbox has surrendered all their exclusive games to PC ? Playstation and PC defeated Xbox

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Microstransactions have nothing to do with Scorpio or Neo and no I never purchase any Micro transactions, I don't support this mid life console upgrade but I have no choice since that's where consoles are going.

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No because PS4 exclusives cant be played on PC, and I refuse to use that trash Windows store to buy games.
Plus I already play PC along with consoles

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To be fair Ken said that in an interview in 2005 while the Ps3 was being developed in an interview, not at a E3 or big show or talked about it every time he got interviewed.

The 50% was said by a developer not Sony.

Ps3- XB360- Ps4-Xb1 are always HD, 720,1080i are High Def resolutions

I also remember MS said HDMI wasn't needed, and how there wasn't a design flaw and only a few people had hardware failures with xbox 360s

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We should also ban knifes since they also kill people, also lets ban drugs

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Same thing that happened to the "Power of the Cloud" and Project Milo

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Well I already have a two Ps4's an xbox 1 and a wii U, adding another Xbox and Playstation wont hurt

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" it goes down as history as one of the most played consoles and the best games ever made"

that's debatable id say the Ps2 or Xbox 360 had more of a lasting impact

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I bust out WWF Attitude and No Mercy once in a while

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Who's Christina Grimmie?

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PC, Playstation and Nintendo the best places to play

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If they allowed you to create your own player it would be sweet. Ill stick with the current career mode since you can do more.

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Well they cant rule the market and they cant buy it, so yes they are trying to kill it. I mean they couldn't own the cellphone market so they killed Nokia

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Why not just build a cheap Pc to tun it??

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Still play it

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