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What tv does 4096x2160? with what aspect ratio? And 2500$ isn't cheap to game in 4k for me costed me $1700 just for the monitor and video cards that isn't cheap #1.4.4
I agree UHD ( it's not really 4k) is amazing but just too damn expensive I'm loving my samsung UHD monitor but had to shell out for a 2nd 780 to enjoy it #1.4
i dont see Sony loosing the lead they lead by almost if not more than 4 million consoles #12
the thing that hurt the ps3 was the 600$ price tag #9.1
Cod ghosts sold roughly 2.32 million on ps4 and 1.82 on xbox one #2.6.2
I wonder if ms was on top right now they would act like this . Anyways were's Arron Greenberg ? Lol #10
8gb GDDR5 for 700$ #1.3
And then prased him and MSG , just to look cool #5.1
Vizios suck as 60w850b all the way #34
Great not this bullshit again #5
Sony releases Greatest hits if the game sell a million or more #10.1
my favorite was the Scratch wwf logo second would be the new generation logop #1.1.1
In what planet was ryse and forza 5 GOTY games? #9
IM thinking the WWE is gonna officially use that new ugly ass logo in the future #1
wheres my 144hz! /s #7
IDK about you but

Dance Central
Disney fantasia
Forza Horizon
killer instinct
and a fable "BETA"

Are not blockbusters #48
Maybe if they didnt release tech demos as games they would be ok right now #6
Shots fired #8
i would hope so its been out since 2012 #2
Oh shut up #8.2
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