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No a big fan either, I rather have a huge leap every 5-6 years, I used to get exited for new console generations, now both Sony and MS have ruined that.

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Ok well, majority of gamers believe Ps2/Ps4 had/has better exclusives.

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Im hoping for Bully 2 tomorrow at Sony's E3.

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Both Ps2 and Xbox had the 3rd party games, but Sony had the better exclusives.. Xbox had the better online and even games running in 1080i and 720p, but that didn't matter because of the Games.

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Their Image is nowhere near a good as it was in 2005-2010

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Unless Xbox 1x will play every game at 4k 60fps, then I would agree. But Crackdown 3 and GeOW 4 are both running at 30fps, and who knows what other games will too.

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It's the Ps2 vs Xbox all over again, one has the power, the other has the games.

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All the hype and years in development, and they show 35 seconds of gameplay...

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The 360 had a killer lineup of games at the beginning, that's what made the 360 so successful. I can't believe people dont get that

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“Uncompromised AAA” 4K Gaming Experience"..... At 30fps

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You can build a PC to game at 4k 30fps for around $500

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PC gamers like playing in 60fps over playing in 4k...

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It will work on all Xbox one models.

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Yep, anyone who is skeptical or critical of Xbox is a Sony fanboy....

Let's blame Sony for MS's lack of IP's, damn Sony for investing in new games and making Xbox look bad.. damn... them..

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Hope they make the Matrix games BC

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It comes down to, do you want to play multiplats at 4k, or do you want to play multiplats at near 4k and also have great exclusive games...

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Funny, they removed the resolution on the back of their cases for the Xbox 1 and now they are back? interesting...

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