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And they had to add the hipster glasses smh..

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I think the games are getting stale

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Nothing to do with the original.

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The media had a Sh** Storm with the $599 Ps3 and to some extent the $500 Xbox 1, you really think majority of people will embrace a $600+ console?

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What do Sony fans have to be mad about really? I mean Xbox fans have been saying graphics don't matter for the last 2+ years so it shouldn't really make a difference. Ill be impressed if MS can price this for the casual market, cuz we all know the Hardcore gamer looking for the best in graphics is not gaming on consoles.

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I don't think you understood my comment, these games are only on Windows 10 which makes people not on Windows 10 left behind.

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I dont want to know him after that

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Dont forget being Tatted up

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Im not surprised they haven't made a limited edition and calling it WatchDogs 2 Lit AF edition.

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I think you only get the Win 10 version if you buy straight from the MS Store

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Gamers without windows 10 are getting left behind

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did you just refer to yourself in the third person?

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I wonder if the Scorpio is an actual console or just a steambox styled computer with an Xbox logo

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They are throwing in the towel on console gaming and just combining the two, so now its Playstation vs Windows

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Great News

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This Generation is over dude once the next console is released from either Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft. Nintendo and Ms lost so they want to end this cycle ASAP Sony is just following so its not left behind.

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Its always been about power, some just like to pretend it isn't because it doesn't benefit them.

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Sony is rumored to release it in 2016 tho. Not over a year from now he has a point.

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Hope it doesn't turn out like Milo, remember the hype for that

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