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"Hi :-)"


Same thing can be said about WW2 games #14.1
lol Aaron Greenberg came out of his cave hes been in since Ps4 launched #24
It doesn't even come with rechargeable batteries? #2
That way they focus all their resources on one version and maybe finish the game.

This is the weakest entry , story is bad, game is not finished, no Hayter, almost no cut scenes, and you have to replay the same missions towards the end. It worked well for Peace walker because it was portable game but not for a main entry imo.

Not a Classic like previous Metal Gear Games

That's just my opinion as a Huge MGS Fan #7.3
This is definitely my least favorite Metal gear solid game, not counting Rising.
See what happens when you go multiplatform from Day 1 Metal Gear.. #7
Hence why I Said 'tried" the beta was a lot like COD imo #1.2.2
Where did you hear it sold 10 million? as of august 2015 its sitting at 4.46 million across all 3 platforms #1.1.5
COD already did in 2007, COD has had the biggest effect on FPS. Even the new halo tried to be like COD #1.2
But they are still Xbox 360 games not Xbox 1 games, I have a bunch of Super Nintendo games on my Wii U virtual machine, I don't consider them Wii U games .

Just saying #1.1.3
2 are xbox one games 2 are for xbox 360 #1.1
They have a My career mode in WWE 2k16?? Uff im getting it, now if they only brought back GM mode #2
Could also mean they made very few to test demand. #1.2
wow even GT on PSP sold over 4 million #3.2
Multiplayer I don't care about resolution as long as the SP is 1080p, my X940c is ready #32
online games cannot be predicted #10.1
Dont forget the Halo remasters.... #9.1
King of Racing simulation is Back #16
omg who cares #4
G.O.A.T #4
Still not a better Metal Gear than 4 #7
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