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"Hi :-)"


Sunset Overdrive=more fun,better game,and MP that will give years of replayability;)

So you have played it ? tell me more, tell me more #88.1
Last gen Xbox fans

haha Mafia 2 is missing grass on the ps3 version "teh power of the cell".
The 360 version looks better so the 360 version is better

Current Gen
Who cares the game is fun and it upscales to 1080p anyways so it looks the same as Native 1080 or 180P is so small it makes no difference

Really? #89
What haters? So people that don't like Nintendo are haters , and also you have to be on top to have " haters" Nintendo is not #1.2
1080p only on PS4 and Pc hasn't been announced so PC doesn't matter in this game #2.1.2
really? #7
And yet no one really cares #1
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Just a marketing ploy by MS to show how many people were exited after the ad and went straight to playing their xbox 1 after that great ad!

/S #30
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1080p and at 60fps but at what settings? #18
who cares #7
Who cares resolution doesnt matter , right? #22
Now all those PC gamers can stop crying #1
Its fine you can believe that #121.1.1
The sims look like the ios version ? they look average #34
Sony swept the floor sony won e3 #121
is it Ps4 exclusive? #1
Sony is killing it so far OMg best Sony E3 conference since i can remember #3
Confirmed #14
Ha #1
LOl im 99% positive that game was pre rendered and or running on PC #2
Cuz Ps4 is more popular, and ubisoft showing at MS e3 doesnt mean they paid maybe sony didnt have time to show them #15.1.1
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