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"It just is, go to any computer forum and ask what 2k is and I guarantee everyone will say 1440p"

They are half right, 1440 is still part of 2k but it's not 2K resolution. 2560X1440 is QHD or 2.5K, 2k is 2000 horizontal pixels. 1080p Is not officialy called 2k but that's just because of marketing, since 4K resolution has less than 4000 horizontal pixels, 3840x2160 should also not be called 4k using the same logic.

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I miss when PS+ included a PS1 game.

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"It almost killed the industry in 85. "

No, what almost killed the industry was shovelware being put out by almost every company. There are a lot of games releasing, but majority of them a quality games.

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"Actually, when people say 2k they are usually referring to the 2560×1440 resolution"

Those people are wrong.

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If people want to pirate and play the game so bad, then couldn't they just buy the game since its been on sale for over a month now.

Stop being a cheap bastard.

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Nope, the name is based on the horizonal resolution, not vertical.

2k is 2048 × 1080 but to keep a 16:9 aspect ratio it looses pixels and makes it 1920x1080.

4k is 4096 × 2160, but to be 16:9 it uses 3840x2160.

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Pretty Sure 2k is 1080p

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Reminds me of their "Greatest Games Line-Up in Xbox History" slogan lol

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You gotta pay the troll toll, to get into this boys hole.

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Been playing COD all day on PSN....

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Sexiest? Looks like a tranny lol

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Same could be said about “Xbox soldiers”

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For Xbox, the 2010’s are a decade to forget

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"IT's important for people to be made aware that who they are is ok."

Pretty sure people can decide on their own if they accept that lifestyle, we don't need games telling us how it's "OK", people should make up their own minds.

Its bad enough it's shoved down our throats with movies and TV shows, we don't need that in our video games, just make it subtle and not shoved in your face, like it's currently done.

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People do it with the Ps4/Xbox 1 and the Switch...

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Seeing as the PS4 outsold the XBox 1 and The switch during the holidays, no.

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So the new map for WW2 is an old map...

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Game reviews are officially dead....

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Halo 1 doesn't have online and the Halo 2 servers were shut down.

Only way to play online is with the MCC on Xbox 1

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The game looks terrible.

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