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Calls a game Generic and then mentions FFXV lol

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What excuse have I used for the Ps4 Pro? The articles here all they talk about 4k Blu ray an no 4k gaming without even mentioning the improvements it will make on games and VR, which the 2nd is false since some games do run at native 4k.

And when the Scorpio is released with better hardware a year from now why would I make excuses for the PS4P which will be technically inferior to the mor powerful Scorpio, and whats the point of comparing a cons...

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1. Doesn’t Do Native 4K Gaming
Wrong, 2 games have been confirmed to run at Native 4k so far (Elder Scrolls online, The Last Of Us Remastered)

2. Doesn’t Play UHD 4K Blu-Rays
Agree, to some extent

3. You Need a 4K TV to Fully Benefit
It will benefit games not running on a 4k Tv, kind of contradicts #1 and #2

4.Makes PS4 Slim Almost Pointless
Doesn't affect the Pro.

5. One of the...

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If consumer were so mad at Sony and the "Tides were turning" don't you think the Xbox 1's sales should of been more than ~2,000 over the Ps4 in just NA while still getting obliterated everywhere else with a a brand new hardware sku release?

What it shows you is that majority of those features don't matter to the majority of the gaming population.

All I read here is No 4k Blu Ray player = Failure, yet they all ignore the improvements ...

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How did Sony drop the ball on the Pro really? Because they didn't include a 4k blu ray player that has no effect on gaming it makes it a failure, ignoring the obvious gaming and VR improvements it will include for the same price as the 1tb Xbox one S which offers no gaming improvements that the PS4 P doesn't already have?

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So i'm guessing all the sales are from the S? I'm sure original Xbox consoles that were on clearance everywhere had no sales?

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Only people complaining about 4k BD players are those who wants something to complain about, so now everyone wants to drop $30+ dollars for a movie ??

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Based on N4g?

You don't really get an accurate representation of the public on here due to it being 98% trolls

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Its amazing how far graphics have come in the last 15 years.

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If I were you I would just upload your saved games to the cloud and start fresh on the pro

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Games had bugs back then too, and the only way to fix them would be to get the physical cartridge or Cd exchanged

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So this confirms the Pro can do Native 4k gaming

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Idk about the terrible Phone part

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Its the worst sims game for sure

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"It will establish a new water mark for next-generation games. Although it will not be anything better than Halo 2."

Sounds more like an opinion

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No but I want one

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Are you kidding me?

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Pc has had HDR since the ealry 2000's

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To run this game at a solid 60fps in 4k Maxed out you would need 2 1080 SLI that's over $1200 just in video cards. I think the majority of gamers will be fine with 30fps for $399

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I care about UHD Blu Ray and that's why I bought a dedicated 4k Blu Ray player, but majority of gamers dont.

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