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How can it be the Resident Evil 7 collector's edition, if it doesn't even come with Resident Evil 7?

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NO lol Ps3 had a hard time selling early on because of it's $600 price tag

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you forgot "Cashgrab"

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Lmaooo , you got too much salt in your diet.

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Do you have a source where it shows Trump actually saying word for word " All illegal Mexicans are Rapists" Because i'm sure he said that Mexico brings the united states criminals rapists and some good people.

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lol who would spend that much on this?

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Hmm interesting/

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No it just seems pathetic that when someone says something bad about Muslims every one looses their shit, but when its about Christians, its "oh god is not real get over it." Not saying I don't agree with what happened to him or that either one is worse than the other, but its been proven that stuff like this happens and people seem to look the other way because "We don't want to offend other people" since America is mostly a Christian Country.

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They only run a test on a PC with a GTX960 the PS4. Xbox one tag should be removed.

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Right because Christian's are not being persecuted and executed for being Christian's in some parts of the world.

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Anyone know if they release the patch for BF1? Cant find any info anywhere that confirms it.

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Sadly I dint sign up till 2007, first Download was the Gran Turismo HD, and the resistance demo

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Tanks are to OP imo pathetic when a rocket gun can sometimes only do 13 damage and the driver can repair from within.

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I wonder if he would of said I hate Christians, they would have done the same thing?

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Give us a Skate 4, I don't wanna replay a game I played 6 years ago, I want a new one.

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Not COD, the multiplayer is what made COD what it is today.

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lol no he doesn't, that's what the liberal media wants you think.

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