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"Hi :-)"


Wouldn't be the first time ,they ripped off titanfall too #10
Should Read Playstation as a brand will be better than Xbox #9
Why is it that when a battlefield game gets released its a "MOD" but a COD game gets released and it "a fresh experience" ?? #2
Why does it not deserve it? They completely changed their attitude compared to 2006 when you had to get a 2nd job to own one .

They made it Developer and user friendly . A complete turnaround from playstation 3 #4.1.1
Take a look from around 2007-2013 xbox fans were the worst #2.4
good #2
titanfall all over again #20
was just gonna pick up dynasty warriors at my store , glad I waited #4
Should auto manufacturers also remove their branding on their cars?

Its a EA game and they are proud of it #4.5
Who cares most of the sales will come from the console versions and that's all devs care about .

Why are you defending PC's so hard do you feel so threatened by consoles that you have to write comments like that just to validate how great they are ?? #3.5
Last gen ps3 got slammed because 3rd party games looked better on 360 and everyone made fun of the cell . So it's Only fitting people make fun of the Xbox 1 for being inferior #8.2
Is it just me but this guy seems like hes a "nice guy" just so that ms looks like the good guy #6
Someone is drinking MS's koolaid #4.13
That DX12 tho..... the power of the cloud ..900p #31
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So you are saying that out of those 900 million PC gamers only over 1 million play GTA day one ? vs 11 million out of 100 mil on ps3/xb360 #10.2.3

"Yeah but the best version launched today."

Reads title

"GTA V PC Launch Plagued With Awful Updates & Server Issues"

WHAT? (Stone Cold Voice) #2.1.2
Looks like PC master race is also playing the "Console Beta" #14
1 step forward 5 back #4.1
Welfarestation4? yet the Xbox one is the only slashing prices in hope of more sales

Nice try tho #2.3.3
oh man at this rate its gonna be free in like 2 years #3
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