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For some is around 30 minutes of work, compared to the hours of entertainment. It's a bargain.

Or if you already have the original PS1 game play that one.

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I've heard of them taking more pre orders than they can fulfill

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How is the Original Ps3 number 1? I would agree with the Super slim Ps3 but not the original one.

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WWII was started by the Nazis. It would be pretty dumb to make a game about WWII and not have Nazis on it.

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Ive been recently playing SA on my ps4 and there are some bad Frame rate drops, I dont know how that is possible in the Ps4 hardware compared to ps2

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And nothing PS4 bashing comments.

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Luckily I have mine pre ordered at GS, hopefully I can get it release day.

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Wont even be the best selling Xbox console of all time..

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No, just pointing out the obvious. Newer technology is always better.

Might as well make an article saying the PS4 will always win against the Ps2.

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Yeah, and I'm sure PC will ultimately win every single one... Next

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lol Sake

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"I really don't see any reason why Ps4/Xbox is worth buying because its a bad imitation of PC gaming with lower rated exclusives compared to Nintendo."

Bad imitation? If the games on XBox/Ps4 are so bad graphically compared to a PC, where does that leave the Switch? You act like everyone wants portable gaming, yes there is a market for it, but most people are fine playing games at home. And not everyone drools at Zelda or Mario, Ill take a wide variety of new/...

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"Broke the Internet" ?

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The game is a already released? lol

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Nintendo is the same, its just a new platform.

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Reminds me of WWF Smackdown!: Just Bring it, it took up 4mb of the 8mb memory card.

I have over 100gb of save data from 2k17 on my Ps4, it's terrible.

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Looking at some gameplay footage, it looks like it has iOS menus?

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He's making a joke.

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Compared to 2013, they have. MS just doesn't have IP they can release over an over like Nintendo can.

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They label the comments that talk about the bug in n4g blocking people as SPAM and Inappropriate? lol

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