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Xbox One is to Xbox what Windows 8 was to Windows, they want to move on asap and forget about it with the Scorpio, don't be surprise if by middle of next year they call it something else and go away from the Xbox one name.

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Bitstream can give you better LFE but you are not loosing any sound quality since both are uncompressed, lossless and nearly identical unless you have a really good ears and $100k+ equipment which 99% of us don't have.

Ps3 and Ps4 are the only consoles that can do Atmos and DTS-X since they can bitstream over HDMI. Btw Consumer grade ATMOS is just Dolby True HD 7.1 converted to Atmos is not "Real" Atmos

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Were have you been for the last 10 years?

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Nope wrong it does DTS-HD MA and DolbyTrue HD just fine, it doesn't do Atmos or DTS X.

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Microsoft doesn't "Own" PC, they own Windows which PC uses.

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Shut the fuck up

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Cant wait! only 15 days left!

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Yeah Idk why Sony is not supporting this, I have it on Xbox and its great. One of the few things I disagree with on Playstation

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I did when I was 6 years old and again when I was 12.

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Didn't have to sell my Ps2 and Ps3, because I cared enough about playing older games to keep them.

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No the point is to no play it on that stupid Windows Store.

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Birdman Hand rub

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Tell these people to shut up

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So much for DX12, man its been a huge let down

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Oh we got a bad ass over here watch out!

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Might have to go again this year.

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Holly hell do we need the same types of articles every day? N4g is full of COD articles.

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Impressive how many negative comments he has about Sony on his comments history like every single comment, dude must have Xbox shoved so far up his *** he might just bleed green.

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The Original Ps3 is the best looking console ever made Imo

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