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"Hi :-)"


cuz of all the hype #1.3
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great another big box attached to the xbox1 , cuz the power brick and kinect weren't enough? MS should have made it like sony and made it easy to replace, and remember MS might make you buy a MS brand HDD for 10x the price #3.1
Gran turismo 5 did it and no one bitched about it as much as MGS #3.1
maybe people liked the game , cuz they didn't just speedrun it in 2 minutes? im over 10 hours and still have about 60% done #1.4
Aaron Greenberg has been pretty quit lately compared to when the xbox 360 was selling better than ps3 #19
cant wait for this game! #1
you're crap #1.1.1
agreed i cannot play this game on ps3 after playing it on ps4 #1
where are the playstation deals? #1
Wtf is Easter Monday? There's only one Easter and that's Sunday #10
hopefully they brought taj gibson and Noah rating up , no reason why noah is ovr 82, it hasnt changed all year #1
hows the quality of halo 5 and uncharted 4 on that pc? #2.5
So a console getting an update to fix errors and add things is not the same as a game getting an update to fix errors and add things ?
I know a console lasts longer and is bigger than a game but still #2.4
Man another update? way to release a broken console ( making fun of people who bitch about BF4 being broken and getting updated) #2
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what are they using for the local physics 7800 gt's?? #19
freedom fighters! #3
Really? now he wants to pull the "Victim" card?? lol #32
nope #2.1
I hope this one doesn't crash as much as version 1 #4
Why do people praise when consoles get update but bash when games get updated to add features and fix errors? #21
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