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"Tyler from Xbox Culture"

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Looks like a ps3/x360 game....

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They used an XBox 360 as the cover photo?

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I'm not sure I like were gaming is going, I don't want to buy a game and wait a year to finish it...

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I think if you buy it now, you get it for $39.99, once the Single player comes out, it will go up to $59.99

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They should of made a game in the middle east with Muslims blowing themselves up, and trying to take over Europe.

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He paid $400 for his Xbox 1 S, with a $150 traded in, he's "loosing" $250.

I think this is what he meant, I hope.....

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I will also buy this if they have Gay, lesbian and Trans Nazi soldiers, I wont support a game that doesn't support equality and human rights.

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With that actor yeah.

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BF2? I should hope so, that game came out in 2005

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Europe and Asia are the most racist places in the world. But since eveyone loves to hate the United states, they act like they are the most racists.

Just attend a soccer game in Spain where they throw bananas on the field and the act like US is racists.

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All these drivers, and still shitty SLI support.

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With a price increase, and the bad publicity about the free game lineup, 5+ million is good

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Ah you're back, you're like an STD dude...

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What? How did you manage to bring up Horizon on a article about Nintendo selling empty boxes? Perfect example of an Insecure Nintendo fan.

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Difference is, you bought the game that came with the case, you didn't buy the case and then bought the game.

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Ill take all 15

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Because it's a restarted system, if the PSP had voice chat built in, the Switch should too.

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Good news for Far cry

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Cool story

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