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"Hi :-)"


If momentum stays that equals to 90+ million in 6 years ! #27.1
Lol @ the tears #21.1
PC's are not consoles ,they are personal computers #16.1.9
@jubrady you can only play MGS4 on PS3 #3.2.2
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Yeah they can also run this in 2005 hardware

Compared to a 2005 PC game that was amazing for its time



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Will believe it when I see it for myself #18
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Console games are better optimized than PC games so you can do more with less #6.1
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the only place to experience the full MGS saga is on Playstation , there I can do it too :-) #3.2
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not a chance lol #43
people already have that its called a wii #4.2
game is awesome so much to do #35
less talking more showing #11
I ran Warcraft 2 and 3 last night with no issues , have you ran the compatibility tool? Unlike win7 it actually works on 10 :-) #6.1
Funny how he cheated on his wife , had a child with his maid and is put on the game ,hogan says a few racist things and they pretend he never wrestled for wwf #2
The Xbox 360 was pretty hard to find back in 2005-2006 same with ps3 , Xbox 1 - PS4 have been the easiest consoles to find in stores #2.1.1
And the Economy was much better in 2000 than it is today which makes it even more impressive #4
The Gamecube was better than the wii u imo #3
I did already , I just used the built in reset feature to install a fresh copy #10.1.1
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