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That isn't Fortnites fault.

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"cannot afford that luxury. "

They have raised 180 million dollars...

Maybe they should sell the right to a competent developer.

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And holds a 9.5 on IGN.. smh..

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Cuz it's free

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In Microsoft's world they do.

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What game is not repetitive?

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People say that about gamers...

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I had 35 raffles and still didn't win any of them..

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That could be said about any collection,

Stop being ignorant, I'm sure I can say you're a human waste for collecting anything.

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Did Doom really only sell 80k on the switch!?

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I can see her in a #metoo article in the future.

"My breasts were hanging out and he looked at them, I felt violated" #metoo

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I had 35 entries for the raffle and took 35 L’s, they must of only made like 100 pairs.

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10 years ago if you would have told me games would have patches bigger than 20gb I would have laughed.

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They had to add detachable controllers cables to prevent it from falling and crushing kids lol

It had to do with the Hard driver, which took most of the space.

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Do you know how big the Xbox was? Lol the original logo on the controller was going to be bigger and all green.

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The white/black buttons were placed terribly

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"Being racist no matter what context you try to hide it in is simply a mechanism for naive, uneducated fools who have nothing better to do than blame their problems on other people"

Lol the irony, some black people (who claim they cant be racist) blame the white men for everything wrong with their lifes, their hip new word is "White Privilege".

A white man is successful? "It's because he's white"

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"Immigration is good! It's how america was built!"

It was also built on slavery...

No one is against immigration, it's illegal migration that people have a problem with, before Trump got elected no one cared about immigrants being deported, now it's this huge thing, Democrats are using immigrants to influence people, they are just being used.

Once Trump leaves office it will go back to being irrelevant.

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