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That's not a "remaster" that's a remake. FF7 already had a PC port too.

They would have to do something like crash bandicoot. Which is more than just a remaster.

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Instead of making toys why not make a new or remake xenogears...

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Probably the only thing i agree with moldybread on...

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That "Soap opera effect" can be turned off, that's not caused by the panel being 120hz.

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@ImGumbyDammit There are currently no consumer TV's that have HDMI 2.1.

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Majority of televisions use 60hz panels. So a lot of people

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I don't care what he said, unless hes referring to 4k (which he doesn't mention) there are Tv's with 120 and even 240hz panels.

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He doesn't mention 4k, just 60fps .

When HDMI 2.1 is launched TV's will be able to do 4k at 60+hz

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Lol yeah this article is crap.

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As long as the tv has a HDMI 2.0 port which almost every 4k tv has, other than the really early ones, they can all output 60hz @2160P, its the hardware limitation from the Xbox and PS4 that prevents it, not the TV.

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Lol this article is reaching, there are plenty of TV's that have native 120hz panels, there's very little demand for 120hz since majority of shows are broadcast at 30hz and movies are 24 hz.

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Not with a stealth game. Like Splinter cell

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I never like ONlive, don't like PS Now

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Please no, don't make it open world. That ruined MGS5

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"OK,the app needs work but guess what? Its a beta and theres still a long time to develop it before the final version launches. If I have to use my phone unlocked to do voice chat right now, then so be it. It still works."

That should have been done before release. Nintendo shouldn't get a pass, its 2017 if you're gonna support online play you should have a stable party or chat system, it's bad enough you have to use a phone.

Imagine if ...

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Right now they are 4 generations behind.

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Holy crap 148 dislikes lol

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I've never finished Skyrim, I've restarted it about 3 times and never finish it.

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Then sell the damn beta. Instead of calling it a pre order bonus.

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What about those that pre ordered the game, played the beta, didn't like the game, and canceled ?

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