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"The good news continues, as Ron Gilbert revealed on Twitter that Switch has been the best-selling console his title Thimbleweed Park."

Reading this sentence gave me cancer

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Are these "Gamers" cell phone gamers?

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" Well it stretches the word "true" even further than Microsoft do."

You mean making fun of Sony and saying the PS4 Pro is a competitor to the XBox 1 S for using CBR and calling it fake 4k, then doing a 180 because the Xbox 1 X uses CBR and claiming CBR is also 4k?

My UHD blu ray player has 4k advertised all over the place, doesn't mean when I watch Dvd's on it they are native 4k.

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Bummer, I was really looking forward to getting it 1/2 off.

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"How can you say the Pro was never advertised as a 4k machine? I've got an email from Sony open on my phone right now, advertising COD WW2. "

Because they advertise games that are 4k on the PS4 PRO. They don't advertise the PS4 PRO as being a 4k console like MS does, from day 1 they said they would use CBR to achieve higher resolutions than 1080p, and even 4k.

Mark Cerny even said to have a real 4k machin...

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"Another building trend is timed events"

I'm pretty sure they have been around since the 360 days, remember GTA4's DLC?

I don't see the problem, if a company can get timed content to get gamers to play on their console, that's a good business move.

I'm pretty sure this wouldn't be coming up if Ps4 was not getting all the deals that Xbox 360 had last gen.

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Lol dude were have you been?

Middle Earth Shadow of War
Dead Space 3
Mortal Kombat X
Destiny 2

All got slammed for having MT, especially Evolve and Dead space 3.

A few of those games are F2P, which means they only make money through MT, and the rest MT's don't affect the core game, specifically GTA 5, MGS, COD and FIFA.

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That's odd since Japanese gamers love their pachinkos.

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Well the MT on FIFA only affect UT, and that game mode revolves around MT, they've had it since FIFA 09.

MT's don't affect regular online, career or the Journey mode.

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Anytime they do a free trial after release, it usually means sales are low.

Which is why game companies should release demos before launch.

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Wow, im speechless....

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Well im guying GT Sport now.

Nissan — Skyline GT-R V・spec II (R32)
Nissan — Skyline GT-R V・spec II Nür (R34)

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Is there a list of Native 4k games (100% 4k not dynamic) I cant find a list anywhere.

The Pro was never advertised as a 4k gaming machine, unlike MS that now calls everything 4k. Sony said games could reach 4k but that majority would be CBR.

And the Pro does have Native 4k games, not many, but it has them.

You cant call a machine that has "some" native 4k games" a 4k machine.

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You do know that a majority of games on the X are upscaled 4k @30fps and not native 4k?

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I would rather have 1080 60fps

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Fifa next please.

"such as reducing the wait time for parts in the tune up up shop from 30 minutes to 10 minutes"

Wtf, that's something you see in a free iphone game, not a retail game smh...

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I think most people will know her from the League than from the trash BF II is.

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I hope this works.

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Technical issues are a lot different.

EA did the MT's on purpose, you cant really predict network stability.

And the MT in BF4 were meaningless.

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I've had my C7 for over 6 months, It's used about 90% of the time on gaming.

I have yet to see any burn in.

Under normal use it should be fine.

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