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"Hi :-)"


Last gen when Ps3 got the gimped 3rd party games all the xbox fans made sure everyone knew , now its the other way around and "It doesn't matter" Ha #27
I said "MOST" not all , MGS is getting the spotlight and most people are waiting for September 1st for MGS5 not Mad Max .

Calm down people im not saying MAx max is a bad game , im just saying MGS franchise is better more inportant and its also kojimas last MGS game #1.2.6
They should of focused on something more important like adding even more features and improving on the game , instead of adding a feature very few care or will use. #1
They should make a Getaway remaster #3
With MGS 5 releasing the same day, this game will be forgotten. Most people dont even know this game is releasing #1.2
My bad ,yeah I meant Modern Warfare 2 #2.1.3
Fast typing on work computer :-) #24.1.1
All the BC compatible games that worked on the 360 before still work ,they stopped making new ones compatible in 2007 #3.1.3
The last thing we need is 4 consoles on the market #6.2
Shenmue Is only on Dreamcast , Shenmue 2 is on xbox.

Unless there's an xbox version ot there that I don't know about #3.1
I was 8 when I first played MGS and understood the story just fine. The new games just build up on them, he didn't plot out every Metal Gear game at once, obviously there's gonna be some contradiction but it makes up for it #17.1
This guy is an idiot.

Probably to dumbd to understand the MGS story. #24
Advanced warfare 2 was the last great COD so that's a good thing #2.1
*if you were playing on a current generation console*

Lol The ps4 beta look fine to me, clean and sharp #1
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Yeah because they are loosing the sales battle , if MS was ahead it would be singing a different tune ,and we would be hearing from Aaron greenberg every week

But BC is a nice feature #2
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Nothing can compete with MGS #15
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Yawn #18
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Played about an hour last night , sweet game has sort of a classic Resident evil feel , without the weapons #1
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Don't think they are fake, they aren't perfectly round and with weird separation. She has the gift #2.2
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@mrswanksinatra Yes it is

@bvftw and I meant the Canon saga.

Theres also Ghost Babel on the Game Boy , most underrated MGS game #4.2.1
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