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I have the game got it yesterday, its 3.9 gigs on the PS4...if any of you have any questions regarding the gameplay I can give you a detailed account of it, PS ...i am not spoiling any of the plot elements in the game for anyone...

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So this is what I have been able to gather for Halo 4...It seems they are trying to make it the game plot heavy , themes are on lines of the Mass Effect looks like a gorgeous science fiction game, something I have always imagined Halo to be...Still a little unclear about the gameplay, so far a lot of combat in closed spaces, not clear how/when the wide open spaces Halo is known for is going to come around, but seems like 343i has done a effing terrific job about it...

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Quake 4 was launched around the same time as Xbox 360, I think its gonna head towards Msoft's next gen console

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Looks like the 360 slim...

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An MMO for China...I remember they released a MMO a year or two ago...should probably be its sequel, i doubt it'll ever see light in US and Europe...

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I think they are gonna have social games on the iphone and android...doubt they are gonna make a full fledged message

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Their AI script is pretty good in the single player..Legendary mode might just be awesome for the bots...

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Raam's shadow? I think the next gears game is going to be during the pendulum wars...

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That is some good stuff...Wonder what is Raam's shadow bring to the table....

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That desert level is HUGGGE :D

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They should make it more like Killzone 2 than follow anything other shooters...I would like it to be more brutal and engaging...

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Agreed...Though they should focus more on gameplay than visuals...I thought Killzone 2 > Killzone 3

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Now you are trolling...

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Is it me or does this look like a Dues Ex :Human revolution + Mirror's Edge Mash right now....The CQC reminds me awfully lot of Chronicles of Riddick, which is natural since Starbreeze is working on it...

Now where is my true System Shock Sequel EA...

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Cool concepts..

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Bam bam...I really liked the way they told the story...

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hopefully some other game benifitted from this cancellation

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was it me or the beginning of enslaved was similar to the demo they showed recently

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Well I would think that the elder scroll series is WOW sans the WOW tag

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Cant wait to see how this turns up the other short live action trailers (commercials) have been pretty good this far :)

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