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Nice I love the resident evil trilogy anything after that is a let down not a survival anymore 😢 RIP RE😢 😫💦 #4
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And I don't care about the multiplayer online in the uncharted series soo good luck with that 😉✨ #1.6
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👆👆👆If you use a idevice you can use the emoji keyboard 😉✨😍. 🍻👆👆 28070; #3.1.1
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Yes because we don't have a life and attention span longer than 2 paragraphs 😡. Crap sites like that shouldn't be allowed here,last time we check my NY times paper the article previews was longer than this entire "article" #3
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Lol it isn't desperation but it doesn't scream confidence at the top of the lungs. #14
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@gamertk it was the best on Xbox 360 there I fix it for you. Your welcome Starhawk stile ✨👊✨ #1.3.2
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I was waiting I suspense to see if one of the reasons was that it wasn't on other consoles because at the end of the day you don't tell people to hold on buying a game based on a 15 minutes demo and that you hate QTE that is just wrong as me telling you don't buy FPS because I don't like the spinning of the camera view , bottom line is if you like it go for it no matter what some idiot say online or not #1.12
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I disagree with you, ball you're just giving free headlines to those idiots making 10 reasons/ways/ whatever article writers to spam N4G with their 12 clicks garbage.
.. I just can't wait to platinum this game as all the other 3 uncharted games in my list . I trust ND will deliver another masterpiece and this early demonstration proves it . #1.10.1
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Angeljuice you're right it was scripted I could see the Jedi punching when the guy controlling him was swinging his "light sable" #1.5.3
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Mcardle I used to do that by a game and trade it till I purchased DB ultimate 32 and trade it only to find out it was discontinued and the price when 10x higher used and new was $1500 on eBay 😢 2 weeks after I traded it 😭 #13.1
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For me its physical I noticed that some digital I've purchase on the ps4 it need to check online for confirmation when the network is down for X or Y reason and I try to play games like the metalgear 5 demo or the injustice games. I don't know if the new games are coming like that but I'm not buying digital specially with my stupid cable company dropping my signal out of the blue 😡 #14
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Should Had a copy of he promo and take it to Walmart Price match or Amazon
@cereal can you link me to it please #5
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Soon trooooolling stopatrollaruke douglord try again later without vgc made up facts #11.1
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I confirm another reason 1 paragraph with 4/6 lines 8 clicks 👎👎 #2
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I just want a sequel to starhawk and I'll be jumping for a hour. A new God of war is now 80% confirm,uncharted 4 is confirm and I hope the mystery game is a new crash bandicoot or the last guardian coming in January to ps4 #7
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@azshorty2003 The blog say that all the videos not streamed will be uploaded to YouTube on Monday . I wish I could go 😢but a day off work with the flu 😤will have to do 😉✨ #17
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Yeah we don't need sexism we were happy with a few pixel with what it looked like hair /s if you don't like sexism in video games there's always options mind craft, Lego whatever any game before 1990 pick your choice just leave my alone I LIKE CURVES AND BOOBS I ❤️👙💋 #12
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That would defeat the need of playstation now and Sony already said that backward comparability with the other 3 system isn't possible because the different infrastructures. If you didn't get a 60 gig PS3 at launch you're out of luck because that was the only one with the PS1/2 chip built into it #13
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There is a market for remakes just because I don't like a game it doesn't mean millions won't buy it . Crash is a timeless masterpiece. my 7 year old nephew love to play it on my vita. I like millions don't buy all the remastered games just what we like and I would love a starhawk remastered for ps4 or a sequel as soon as possible. 🙏💫pretty Please with a 🍒on the top #9
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