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The only former 3rd party game that I think would make the internet explode is crash coming back done by Naughty Dog and own by Sony. #1.13
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Can someone be a good sport and post the list I'm not going to flip throughout 10+ single paragraph with a single picture . Sites like this should be banned from N4G #4
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I love this type of fairy tales stories on n4g they bring the best and brightest out to shine .oh BTW by reading the title and source I knew it was a patcher article only him will come out with such a prediction #1.24
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I didn't know it wasn't worth buying.it got good games but its MS fault for trying to pull a DRM monster and forgetting that its a GAMING system not a media center that they are in the position they are now trying to cater to all pleasing a few. #6
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Hey on your sister back since when you have a PS4? Go back to your xbone and play forza or something. We pay for PS+ so it isn't free planet side is free YOU DON'T PAY ANYTHING I was promised this 11 months ago and wadle through all the BS and now I get hit by this we should have been playing offline if the servers was having issues and everyone would be happy , I don't want anything else but what is own to me non more no less #5.5.1
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Thanks for the link Octo 1 + helpful bubble going your way. I'm getting one of this and blame it on my birthday ;-) #4.2
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@ in the zone I guess you never play warhawk or Starhawk when you say stuff like that.warhawk /Starhawk community the best and there is people who play Starhawk online on a daily basis no matter what time you log in you'll find a open server with a lot of people playing Starhawk .In my opinion and everyone that keep playing Starhawk online it is the best online multiplayer game to date and it will be a tragic day for us if Sony isn't working on a sequel to it as I write this message #1.1.5
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It looks beautiful. btw that guy driving look like Nathan Drake tween brother from another mother #7
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I can't wait to see a graphical comparison of plants vs zombies PS4/XB1 and iPhone 6 +. agree if PS4/XB1 wins by T.K.O disagree if iPhone 6+ wins. Vote now #7
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I love the gold headset so much that I use it for my daily music and with the new firmware it works with the PS3 as well all that said I can't wait for the platinum with rumble like the pulse elite PS3 that in my opinion is better than the gold and now after I gave it up it's updated to work with the PS4😫💦. #18
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Remember it's summer somewhere around the world sooooooo good luck getting sold numbers from Greenberg . #1.10
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I stop as soon as I saw majora mask paragraph and click for the next paragraph. This is just a click trap site I HATE CLICK TRAP SITES they should be banned 😡from the internet #9
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Just Make A Male Version And Problem Solved.I Bet If It Was A Guy With Guns In Short The Females.Wouldn't Be Complaining About It . #1.8
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I'll have what Andrew is having with a crack on the side wall.last time I check computers aren't infallible or perfec..............a error have deleted the rest of this comment summit a ticket to Microsoft. error # 102837575684858478584737583929 348894893884484939487 #1.1.3
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I'm Translating The Article "Congrats Sony You Listen To The Developers And The Gaming Community And I Hate You For That". #1.11
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At bigger boss he come out and said it's timed because of all the verbal abuse MS,SE and CD was getting online from non xbox TR fans ,otherwise he would keep dodging it like malaria, chicunguja,aids you got the idea. #1.3
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I got a question for all Xbox fan how would you feel if Sony announce the next call of duty will be exclusive to PS4? that's how PlayStation fans feel like. #1.8
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its for Europe only I got the email earlier today #2
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This Is Going To Be A Cop Drama Investigating The Events That Happen Months Before They Called The First S.T.A.R Team . I Don't Hold My Hopes Up To See Zombies Till At Least The End Of Season 1 Or The Middle Of 2 If We're Lucky #11
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Yeah If They Playing In Yankees Stadium And The Ball (Sale)Landed In Hawaii Kind Of Ball Park Numbers Are Only Possible On VGCZ
@The Hitman Fake Numbers Are Fake Numbers No Matter What Logic Is Use. #1.1.12
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