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6 reasons not to click on this article
1 - 6 pages 😡
Wait for the next 6 page for me to give you the other 5 reasons #1.5
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It most be my birthday NPD report its here and I love reading all your experts comments and agree with all ,after all it's my birthday 🎉 🎈 🎊 🍻 🍻 🎂 🍰
Edit sorry forgot to say Congratulations MS and Xbox One owners on a well deserved 2 months in a row win in the U.S keep up the hard work we all benefit from it 👍 👍 #1.7
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This article should have been called 8 reasons as it have 8 pages and I assume 1 paragraph each as I didn't kgo to the next 7 pages 😡
BTW why I keep seeing comments portraying raise of the tomb raider as a exclusive when TOMB RAIDER IS TIMED EXCLUSIVE. #1.6
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Xbox fanboy😢 at lie box 180 lol 👊 #4.3
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The eBay bids is at $730 with 10 minutes to go #4
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Can tekken Get any darker than 1 cazuya been thrown down a Clift by his father then throwing him in a volcano and later rapping yun ? #8
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I was hoping for a disk ver at least for the PS4/XB1. Personally I want a disk as I already got burned with the metal gear demo on ps4 , I love it but couldn't play it when psn was down and I feel it will be the same with crapcom money hungry schemes,sure it's nice to have the cross buy I want to play the game even if my internet goes down.i want a disk to play when I want how and I want no strings attached that is one of the reasons why I didn't got a xb1 at launch.i love the RE... #12
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I understand that there is different kind of vaule movements but for the sake of clarity ,we will refere to them as fart. Now Garethkv do you see how you err in your article if not I don't know a lower form to explaining it to you .💩 is not a 💨 #3.1.5
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You have to give thanks to Sony for those apps been freed from a the paywalls they was behind. The gaming industry will be a better place without him and his colleagues idea of charging for free stuff and apps you already pay for. I hope the best for him in whatever he does as long as he stay 500 miles away from the video game industry . #11.2
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Nice I love the resident evil trilogy anything after that is a let down not a survival anymore 😢 RIP RE😢 😫💦 #4
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And I don't care about the multiplayer online in the uncharted series soo good luck with that 😉✨ #1.6
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👆👆👆If you use a idevice you can use the emoji keyboard 😉✨😍. 🍻👆👆 28070; #3.1.1
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Yes because we don't have a life and attention span longer than 2 paragraphs 😡. Crap sites like that shouldn't be allowed here,last time we check my NY times paper the article previews was longer than this entire "article" #3
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Lol it isn't desperation but it doesn't scream confidence at the top of the lungs. #14
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@gamertk it was the best on Xbox 360 there I fix it for you. Your welcome Starhawk stile ✨👊✨ #1.3.2
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I was waiting I suspense to see if one of the reasons was that it wasn't on other consoles because at the end of the day you don't tell people to hold on buying a game based on a 15 minutes demo and that you hate QTE that is just wrong as me telling you don't buy FPS because I don't like the spinning of the camera view , bottom line is if you like it go for it no matter what some idiot say online or not #1.12
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I disagree with you, ball you're just giving free headlines to those idiots making 10 reasons/ways/ whatever article writers to spam N4G with their 12 clicks garbage.
.. I just can't wait to platinum this game as all the other 3 uncharted games in my list . I trust ND will deliver another masterpiece and this early demonstration proves it . #1.10.1
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Angeljuice you're right it was scripted I could see the Jedi punching when the guy controlling him was swinging his "light sable" #1.5.3
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Mcardle I used to do that by a game and trade it till I purchased DB ultimate 32 and trade it only to find out it was discontinued and the price when 10x higher used and new was $1500 on eBay 😢 2 weeks after I traded it 😭 #13.1
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