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I said it last gen and I'll keep saying it again till proved wrong VGC ARE FAKE NUMBERS

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Just play it on easy or very easy and skip all cut scenes that should do it

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Why are you guys talking to the 6 days old troll?
👇🏾 👇🏾 👇🏾 👇🏾 👇

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Troll King title goes to Kojima(assuming this theory is true ) well played sir well played .
All that said I hope the pt successor is a VR game that would make it a historic game just think pt in VR x 100 would need a doctor warning NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HART

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Well since we are talking about it starhawk killed my PS3 2x and got stuck on it 1x because I was playing it too much 😍

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Easy trophies are for n00bs

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Grap I agree with you zombies riding motorcycles and shooting is where I put my foot down and stop buying RE games 4 was a good game with the RE name a nice change but it was as scary as a empty box there was no single moment that I can remember that make me jump like the dogs coming in the hallway or nemesis chasing you on the police station after dropping from a helicopter. RE 1,2,3 was the stuff that gave you nightmares 4,5,6 was the stuff that makes you LOL or shake your head in shame

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@ headblacman it's the same as if destiny would be exclusive to PS4.
Would a average Xbox player buy a PS4 to play destiny from the maker of their beloved Halo?

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I don't get it there's no date for release that I know of how can it be delayed if it didn't have a release date to begin with.
A delay would be like Call of Dudy 11-11-16 and the developers/ publisher say it will released on 3-3-17

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Warhawk & Starhawk need to be re mastered

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Does --------need ---------
Fill your generic head line as you pleased
Game industry isn't like movies we need to know about those big titles new and old that are coming in the next 18 months

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I clicked the article thinking I would see at least a piece of this miraculous memo but it's just talk about it without proof of it 🤔

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I Heard a of free forever 360 games but don't see any links I might be wrong and if I am I'm sorry but didn't Microsoft announced late last year or early this year that the games with gold would be tied to the service and will expire when the service stop and resume when start again

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Eh no sly cooper collection 😱😢 It's a must play

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And that makes it ok because it didn't happen to you.

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For $700 I'll wait for more developers to support it and or for it to come to consoles as it need 3rd party software to operate and I assume it's run on PC

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It amaze me to see that people actually think it will be $400 or $500 when the ps4 cost less than 400 and you need it to use the VR headset

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You gotta be crazy to think it will cost more than the parent system ,imho it'll be 199.99 give or take $50

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I wish it was pata pata pon

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