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At bigger boss he come out and said it's timed because of all the verbal abuse MS,SE and CD was getting online from non xbox TR fans ,otherwise he would keep dodging it like malaria, chicunguja,aids you got the idea. #1.3
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I got a question for all Xbox fan how would you feel if Sony announce the next call of duty will be exclusive to PS4? that's how PlayStation fans feel like. #1.8
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its for Europe only I got the email earlier today #2
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This Is Going To Be A Cop Drama Investigating The Events That Happen Months Before They Called The First S.T.A.R Team . I Don't Hold My Hopes Up To See Zombies Till At Least The End Of Season 1 Or The Middle Of 2 If We're Lucky #11
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Yeah If They Playing In Yankees Stadium And The Ball (Sale)Landed In Hawaii Kind Of Ball Park Numbers Are Only Possible On VGCZ
@The Hitman Fake Numbers Are Fake Numbers No Matter What Logic Is Use. #1.1.12
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Welcome To 2006 Flip Version. All Those Offended By.The Troll Articles Just Wait Them Out Like PS Fans Did And Hope MS Can Deliver Like Sony Did .The Article Is A Opinion Piece A Long Winded One Non The Less #1.5
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Did anyone bothere to check the posted time for this video it say 2014 correct me if I'm wrong but production of infamous second son should had begun somewhere in the late 2011 early 2012 and the concept should had started even earlier than that. My opinion this comercial was inspired by second son again correct me if I'm wrong #6
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You Want A Remastered Game Done Wright Check The God Of War Collection It Even Had 3D TV Support #3.1.1
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The Way I See This Is That Capcom Is Paying Attention AfterHow Bad RE6 Was Viewed By Fans And Now They're Testing The Water With This Re Remastered Version If It Does Well ,I Don't See A Reason Not To They Will Start To Re Think Their View Of The Franchise And Hopefully Go Back To The.Original Scarcely Placed Ammo And Scary Stuff Jumping At You And Having The Option Of Run Or Fight . #1.10
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@Mr Dude I Called That Call Of Resident Evil Duty And Didn't Buy It Btw If Its A Remake Of A GC RE Shouldn't We Call It A Re.remake #1.5
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I don't know about memories like that but I had have dreams where I'm inside the game world, it have happen to me only twice once with RE3 mister X hunting me in the police station and with warhawk on the front of a broken building in the sky with the big park going to the other building where the enemy flag is. fun times good or bad will always hunt you in your dreams. #10
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You all know that truefan1 jokeonyou logic wins all are part of bungie 20 accounts he/she created to troll PS fans and spoil PS games endings here on N4G. on to article : it's like I told a friend before the start of this gen people will be on the fences with xbox product after all that RROD fiasco but what pushed it was Adam with his comment deal with it and MS late response to it going as far as denying he work for them. #1.2.30
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A Nooooooooo Cry Just Woke Me Up I Think It Was (insert Hardcore MS Fanboy Name Here) #28
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Starhawk Would Be Awesome I Play It Every Week I Would Buy It Again In A Flash #8
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Ok this worries me "Play First – Membership in EA Access lets you experience trials of new EA games up to five days before the release date.* It starts with Madden NFL 15, NHL 15, FIFA 15, NBA LIVE 15, and Dragon Age: Inquisition, but more are on the way.👉👉 If you decide to buy the game, your progress will carry over so you can pick up right where you left off.👈👈
To me it looks like you're paying for demos and not the full games correct me if... #1.11
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It Could Be Worst Uwel Bowl And M Night Shamalan Co Directing #8
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@ Melving logic does exist on N4G and he is one of the biggest troll on this site
OT its good that MS is trimming out the fat but it looks bad in the eyes of some gamers. I hope MS can pull up from the spin tail they've got into. #2.1.21
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Go And Play Jumping Flash If You Want To Know What VR Is, Or I Could Say Something That MS And Nintendo Don't Have. #13
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Doesn't Looks Like MS Will Have A Picnic Under The Cherry Blossoms In China Or Japan More Like A Picnic In A Toxic Waste Plant. HopefullyThey'll Mutate Into Something Like In Picnic Fantasies #4.5
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Is it April fools already ? What fool thought that a game that fail last gen (due to the radical changes to a stablished IP and the we make it you like it mentality of the developers) would sale in the next gen . #1.13
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