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Why don't we wait and see both games in action before we start killing a franchise that is older than this site and maybe the internet.
Just because a franchise is older or on a longer development time it doesn't mean it'll be better same goes for new franchises as well

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Ok good he is meeting them but what's the estimated time for everyone to see results a year 2 or when the next Xbox system is released in 3/4 year

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It's not only Microsoft fault it's the gaming community as well they had made other types of games but the community don't buy them as much as halo, forza and gear

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Don't waste your time reading this 2 paragraph per page garbage
1 Scorpio info taking too long
2 Nintendo coming out strong
3 forgot to add the bottom for the next 2 paragraph page
I assume it will be software as there's not enough games announced for this year compared to Sony or so people say around here

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I didn't see any problem

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Now will those tears will be of laughter, madness or joy I hope for the later but finally we will know for sure what Scorpio is capable of doing and hopefully there'll be some exciting games that'll take full advantage of it and not be dragged down by the other systems that are out now

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Don't have ether one got stolen by the other
I can't wait to play this trilogy it was the best before it ND sold it

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I agree with you Grub another big factor was the 360 RROD a lot of people was cautious of Xbox one because they thought it would be a poorly made system like the 360 and they'll have to buy multiple consoles.

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😱 not on N4G
Facts here is where/when and how I say /SSS

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Assuming that the Xbox one app works like the pc counterpart it will be a killer app for 📺 and 🎥

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There you have folks moldy is advocating for halo forza gear to go to Nintendo and Sony consoles as well/SSS
Just don't buy the next graphic card and you'll have money to buy a PS4 and 5 EXCLUSIVE games 😱

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They can easily find out by input delay a m/kb got a faster response than a controller

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Come on guys don't offend your intelligence do you actually think that Microsoft is going to release another system in a year or two when Sony announces the PS5 deep down you know Scorpio is a new system that have full BC and yes it will enhance/boost the XB1 games

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@gansta red it's called karma look it up the Xbox fanboys couldn't let the PlayStation fanboys alone last gen it was so bad that this site did away with the open chat because it was a massacre so STFU and stop complaining.
Phill is just doing his job the best way possible by reassuring the fan base that the old games will look better in the new system like the old games look better in the PS pro

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Any comment that begins with my best friend/ uncle/sister/ cousin should be automatically flagged for spam or just ip ban them as they show

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Save your click it's written by a Xbox fan forced to admit that PS4 is winning easily and have hope of seeing Microsoft turn things around this year.

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Excellent 😍🤑

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As someone that was interested in buying project Scorpio as I learn last gen with 360 to wait for the better Xbox machine I'm quite disappointed that the machine I was promised is not the one I'm getting, I held up on buying a pro and will continue to hold in hope to see a significant difference between it and Scorpio but I got a feeling that Scorpio games will be in par with pro and only the few first party games will be a true system gem.
Don't come with that 💩...

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Oh but that's where you he fun begins I had so much fun in RE blowing everything up with h the rockets launcher and the magnum shooting them multiple times for all the times they killed me on very hard

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