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Back again
Yep definitely delusional he think that because Sony have 5 mayor titles to be released that if they announce a PS5 it would be bad for them.
Sony is masters of juggling multiple systems at once. Microsoft and its fan base are the ones that have to worry about a announced PS5 on 2018/19 as Microsoft can't release a new system along with PS5 and they can't afford not to release at the same time as Sony, just look at this gen with them releasing at the sam...

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I gotta read that delusional article be right back

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I'll get the ultimate version used next year

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As much as I hat to say this and I think I puke a little in my mouth but capcom is right on this one those wasn't FREE mods they was charging for them.

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News flash the sky still blue

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So let me get this straight because the games have the same camera view makes them all the same game 😑 🤦‍♂️ So now show me all the variety that Microsoft & Nintendo have in the last 2 years.

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It can't be denied that Xbox have changed for the better since 2013 but the 1X won't change the hard feelings and bad taste on smart Xbox gamers that left to PlayStation for those is too late as they already took roots on PS and by now have a big library of games and friends, power was never the problem with the xb1. Now the next gen is coming soon and IF Microsoft continues to listen to their community next gen they got a good chance to get the players that left back and I hope the...

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Short answer they don't care about it as long as they can get away with as few as possible.
Long answer ask any hardcore Sony fanboy and they'll write you a book

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That monstrosity look bulky, uncomfortable and heavy . No thanks I'll just keep blowing air in my hands the old fashioned way while waiting and hoping that Sony ,Microsoft and Nintendo will adapt the technology into the next generation controller

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@septic "I think the opportunity of working with a new publisher [505 Games] is also to learn new things. I mean, they have a slightly different approach and there’s always room for more innovation, more growth and having a new perspective to try out new things." bottom line they wasn't happy with Microsoft same old thing pew pew pew otherwise they wouldn't leave

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I downloaded and try it and for a "free demo " it's quite good left me wanting more like a good demo should. I wish they make it into a full game or at least a optional mini game for the new game.
For those saying it's garbage because it's free is like saying Batman vr was garbage after trying only the training part of the game

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@gameseveryday yes you are wrong supporting a system for 10 years doesn't mean the next one will come in 10 years.
BTW is this your first generation because you should know this same stupid question have been asked 3x before the next PS system comes out

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Tobal # 1,jumping flash VR,battle arena toshinden philosoma VR are my picks

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Lies moldybrain told us pro can't do 4K

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Stallion83 currently sits at 1,580,859 gamerscore whereas smrnov now has 1,585,315.
Now To answer the article last end. It's not weird for a gamer to loose interest in a system you can play as many easy new games as the system can get if it hey don't get easy games or personal life problems can slow your score down or maybe he/she got another system but the writer didn't bother to contact the player to ask why

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the problem is that it was only for women and women's alone where is the equality in that there's no way the big majority of the gaming community would keep quiet.
How would you feel if next year they announced E3 would be open for females only or Mattel make a Barbie event for boys only would that be considered equality too? NO .
Last time I checked equality means same part for everyone.

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From wiki

The idea for game achievements can be traced back to 1982, with Activision's Patches for high scores.[8][9] This was a system by which game manuals instructed players to achieve a particular high score, take a photo of score display on the television, and send in the photo to receive a physical, iron-on style patch in a fashion somewhat similar to a Boy Scout earning a Scout badge. This system was set up across many Activision title...

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Don't waste your time on this 6 click 1 paragraph each
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Lol pinky never saw any movie like Friday the 13th cabin in the wood ,the cabin ,the hill have eyes ,if you seen or like any of those you'll like until dawn with a twist at the end you won't see coming.

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Moldy work for the site to heat up Sony fans same as last gen he/she did for Microsoft

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