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I’m I the only one that see them using a pc version on ultra settings as biased in favor of Xbox,they assumed that Xbox 1X will be the able to do that resolution and frame rate but we haven’t seen the game performances in the system yet.
Why not wait till the system is out and do a proper head to head, are they afraid that it might look/perform worse than what is on pc now.
Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t this the first GT sport aka arcade GT and they expect it to have t...

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😱 I got it yesterday too because they finally got more bundles made. I’m loving it so far

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What 😱but Sony don’t allow cross platform gaming 😱

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@ picture Let me guess you’re the type that drive like a grampa with the face over the wheel

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the reason why the x1x isn’t going to have VR is because Microsoft isn’t a leader they are followers they always wait for the market to sort things out and then jump in and muscle their way in with money. Apple comes out with a phone and make a huge amount of money Microsoft see the money and want some buy a phone maker and think it’s going to be the next iPhone success story but fail.
Apple comes out with the iPod Microsoft see money again and follow same story fail move on.

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Woolly can you name a good Kinect game that came out in the last year that is better than any PSVR game

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Your ignorance is showing
anyone that have spend half a hour in a VR game can tell you how wrong you are.
Like it or not VR is here to stay just like 3D graphics on the PS changed the console gaming face forever, since you are too young to have lived through it there was people like you saying that 3D graphics was a fad and it was garbage we didn’t need.
3D games didn’t died the tech is been used on the VR games in case you try to put that out there that 3D games...

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At least Sony respect the wishes of it fan base now where is conker, cameo, Alan wake, killer instinct, and soon to be sea of ..,....never mind go back to troll pre-school you fail the entrance exam palitera

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Agreed with you Phoenix Up no Xmen no sale for me ether there’s no better rush than watching wolverine berserker barrage in a tough spot or counter a jumper with a optic beam or a tornado

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@corroios you are wrong the next machine will be 16K with the optional 64K checkered videos.


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@ moldybrain as far as I can tell in this site it's people like you that claim "the beast will eat up the PS4" that started this and when people said no it won't make a difference on sales you all claim "they say it's going to fail" NO it's not going to fail it will do what is supposed to do get the hardcore minority' with 4K tv to buy it and that is it. TAKE YOUR MEDICATION

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The thing with iPhone X is that it does more than just phone calls got 4k video playback it's MOBILE and you can do almost everything a pc can on the go.
Seeing the price of a Ferrari sure put the Honda Accord price into perspective.

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Truth is Microsoft had a chance but said no and now that they are been crushed on sales they want to do crossplay to make Sony look bad for refusing it like they did in the hope that people will see them in a more "friendly " light but gamers got elephant memory and are hard to forgive just ask Sony how hard it was for them last gen

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You know what's funny that you and all the people forget that last gen Microsoft had the chance to do it when Sony asked them and they said NO for security reasons

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I like to check things up n my own and it's true what chris12 said plus you have to keep clicking for the next paragraph page

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I loose respect for anyone that uses vgc for reference

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Fake numbers from a useless💩 site

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Nintendo makes Mario get a daily wax to remove the body hair

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Nice but I'm a wolverine and the xmen fan, no xmen no sale maybe used because they don't get a penny from it

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There's spoilers in the article be careful just look at the pictures or be spoiled parts of the game

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