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Sorry to have called you a liar you sure proved me wrong unlike the many people here claiming to have purchased X or Y system/game and never used it

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Tuesday I purchased a PS4 pro a psvr a oculus ready pc and oculus and tomorrow I’m returning the pc and oculus after playing moss. Said a PlayStation fanboy

Xracer74X want to meet him you two can get along perfectly you have lying in common

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News flash game revolution hint at plans to kill kojima read more at 11:00

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Damn it moldybrain is at it again now he’s a John Doe

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Is that you moldybrain with a skirt? Or are you his twin sister

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God of charts

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Leave look t to Microsoft to live in the past and fail to see the future since the first Xbox.
First party and single players games matter.
Online games are fun and we the gamers thanks Microsoft for their contributions but it’s time to put all that money to use on first party studios and full games not just full priced beta and hopefully next generation they’ll be a much bigger challenge to Sony because we know with great competitors come greater games

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It’s just me or it’s kinda strange how they play with the numbers to make it seems like Xbox have sold more than ps for example
“20 million: PS4 units sold as of March 1st, 2015
36 million: Approximate Xbox One units sold as of March 1, 2018”

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I disagree if they release it 1-2 years ahead of PlayStation it’s a yes BUT it’s highly unlikely that Sony will go through the same issues they did with the ps3 price and components.

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My favorite headline for a article can’t wait for the sequel
What master chief have to to to be more like Marcus Fenix /S

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Better be waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than sea of thieves after been delay several times Microsoft need a wining first party game

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For those outside the U.S 4/20 is the unofficial marijuana holiday

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That's some quality journalism right there/S

There I fix it for you buddy 😆

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If you need it explain you shouldn’t be playing it

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I’m on my way to game stop to get dog of war 🏃‍♀️ 🏃🏽 🏃🏽

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That’s what they said about ps4 it’s too early Sony can’t afford to release a new console and yet they. If Sony don’t announce the ps5 at E3 they’ll definitely do it at TGS or PS event

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No spoiling in the app it’s just nice information about places and realms

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Thank you

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😂 I was 🤔 and maybe they. do ?

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The only way for Microsoft to bring shock an awe and s by announcing a new xbox 2x stronger than X and the purchase of various studios last year working on the new system exclusives, other than that I don’t see it happening , maybe oh and ok that’s nice but no shock an awe

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