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@ gold
Why do you care so much about it by a quick glance to your comments history it shows you in a green light in the shape of a X defending "Scorpio is not a next gen system"
I will love to see my trophy pop up in VR

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@ 343_Guilty_Spak
Did you said KILLER APP 😱😱

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Wow this game is out already congrats hope you enjoy it looks fun

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Looks like a good deal I dint buy it when it came out but this is a much better deal

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If Microsoft wants to close that gap all they have to do is a buy a Scorpio get a 1S free 😱
Now think about that one while you get back to reality

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I really hope this is for all regions and not only Europe as I'll be picking the psvr day 1 and have played almost all the demo in stores and love it

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I don't want them to bring their A game I want them to bring their AAA games better yet their S ranked ones😱

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Same for safari I hope this site admins do something about this because it's becoming annoying 😡

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About time

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@lelo2play I think you are the one that started with a Xbox 360 generation because before that THERE WAS NO DLC ON CONSOLES ,NO DAY 1 PATCH ,NO BULL S_ _ _. Microsoft started this along with pay to play online Sony noticed the money been made from the suckers and copy the strategy for the ps4

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Wait whaaaaat Amazon doing a VR store but VR is a fad 😱

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Skip to the 3rd page the rest is garbage

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I was here before the great Xbox fanboy exodus and I don't remember Microsoft having this much flack when they raised the gold price. Paying to play online was bad then and it's bad now there's no defending it but remember corporations like to go with the pattern Microsoft got away with charging for online with the 360 Sony saw the pattern and did the same with the ps4 Microsoft got away with charging more for online guess what Sony just did if we don't stop letting them get...

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The problem is that the game is voice activated game and they need to spend extra money to localize the voice scripts and commands .I wish Sony would help with the localization

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Read the article it's because the stigma that westerners only like violent games like shooters and they feel we wouldn't buy a character development game where you just talk to the character.

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I have a feeling that we will see a platinum headset like the PS3 had (pulse elite)for PS4 compatible with PSVR and that's why we are seeing all this discounts everywhere on this item ,so I'll wait and get those instead

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They reached the point where they don't need to host it themselves with over 1.5 million downloads there'll always be someone that will put it up for torrent downloading.
It's a win win for them they get the lawyers off their back and keep working on updates for the game in the shadows and blame it on a torrent kid out there

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