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@ digital raptor ether your have selective memory or you just join this site 2 years ago to say this site is a Sony heaven /s
Go back to last gens and you'll see that this site have always mirrored the serious gaming community last was Microsoft this is Sony so learn to live with it or move on.
Microsoft have never cared about the gaming community all they see is the money they can make off it ask yourself this why is it that they with all the billions have way less tha...

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He's not a midget here in NYC we're all 7 to 8 foot tall with green skin tone

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You get a agree
You get a agree
Everyone get a agree
And anyone that disagrees with this comment is agreeing that this game is a jk

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All I want is a well balanced system with good games not a rushed job like the 360 was.

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I want to know how many of those 90 millions was uninstalled or non continuous players. Downloaded don't mean anything I can download it 10x and it'll add up but active players is where the real numbers is

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It won't be called Xbox one Scorpio it will be called Xcorpio lol 😂 also remember last time a console got a year head start now remember Microsoft don't have the the studio power to keep them running and making new franchises like Sony did with the PS3 and get them out ou the hole.

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The way I see it he was a 360 player who's 5th 360 died recently and just heard that XB1 have BC and thought should I buy another 360 and risk another RROD or get the XB1 with limited BC without worrying that it will die on me out of warranty.
What would you choose it's obviously XB1

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I think it's a little bit too early to call it "the year of Scorpio" there's a lot of things that could go wrong and push the system to next year like what happen to the PS3.

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Dang Xspike made septic 🏃🏽💨 with that truth 🌋
😂There's no discussion about how it😭

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@deadlyOreo I'm a Sony fan and I agree with what bizarro said it looks like a wig stand uglier than a forced wedding with a ( feel free to add here whatever you don't like )

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@nitro I was thinking of this one

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@Vystrel it sounds like fishing and you get what you deserve if you fall for it

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It's send by email and as far as I know it's only in NA as I haven't received the email on my EU account. Those that didn't get it check your spam folder it might be there and it had a dec 24 date

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Wow he was 90% right but it's a easy call on the money side and everyone can tell that the systems will drop price after 3 years

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Nice I love the vita game can't wait to play it I'm downloading as I write this 😱 Through the app

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I'm surprised that no one have bring the RROD to this fanboy fight lol 🔥🔥 🔥 💥🤣
Edit if I was Microsoft I wouldn't challenge hackers to bring their better network down for the rest of the year that woul be a lol 🔥 🔥 🔥 💥🤣

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Did any of you noticed the lawyering wall before you accept to play the game soon they're going to send you "email promo"and they can track you 24/7 if you don't disable the always on gps witch I don't understand why it needs gps for also you can't suit them in a class action suit that was a NO WAY for me.who here can tell me that later on I won't have adds in the game plus a always online mobile game of this type is ridiculous ,something like Pokémon go I...

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Why that headline is BS and I'm not going to read the article.
I just remember to delete it because of all the lawyering stuff in it basically you can't sue them and they can do whatever they want with your info including your location to cater you "better advertising " from "trusted partners"

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Trust me it's very distracting to watch with those "environments " on I tried with Hulu VR app and sucks it takes you out of the moment in as soon as you look to the sides, it's best to have it in a fixed or full screen mode

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Good read well though article 👍👍

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