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It desperately needs some more content. It’s so shallow at the moment that it can’t compare with PUBG. But it’s free so you can’t really complain.

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Since I picked up my Nvidia Shield my Steam Link hasn't been touched. The Shield annihilates it in every department but you really cant complain at the price point of the Link.

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Surely this can be classed as cheating on a server scale. If serious action can be taken against cheaters in game then surely gamers can take action against developers/publishers applying this to their servers.

Either way it really is a scumbag move & proves 100% beyond question that Activision is willing to negatively effect their customers experiance in order to coerce more money out of them.

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The presentation, voice acting & story are far better than the first game. It’s really good & still creepy as hell.

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Just currently playing it’s free weekend. It really does look amazing on the Pro.

Haven’t even tried multiplayer but think I might buy it while it’s on offer. Just got such a backlog at the moment to get through.

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It’s cause they’ve sorted out the load times. It was horrific before & made it pointless playing. Now the load times have been fixed it’s a good game. Almost on point with PUBG.

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Now that Fortnite has sorted out its terrible loading times, it’s not a half bad game.

It’s not quite the package PUBG is but if you can forgive just how much of a rip off it is you can’t complain for being a F2P game.

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Fortnite doesn’t compare to the quality of PUBG though. Not even in the same league.

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I originally thought the same way but do some research & physically play both games. You’ll feel very diffferent afterwards.

It’s not about copying genres it’s about copying games outright.

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I thought it was an awesome game. Never understood the hate it got. Think it was just ahead of its time.

I think it would do well these days.

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I’ll admit I thought PUBG was crying wolf making a fool out of themselves initially but after doing the research & seeing for myself. Epic & Fortnight should really be ashamed of themselves!

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HDR takes precedent in my house over VR. So unfortunately because I have to constantly switch over cables. My PSVR never gets used & although I want to buy more VR games I always end up talking myself out of it purely down to this reason. Sony really screwed us over with this design decision & they’ve lost a future customer several times now over it.

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I thought PUBG were being arseholes about the whole Fortnight copying their game but WOW, no wonder they were so pissed. It’s an exact carbon copy.

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Forgot about the shop. Just went & bought a new weapon. Now 3 levels in haha

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The game was absolutely terrible!

Kojima/Metal Gear fans are the worst. They'll spin anything into the worlds greatest. The scariest bit is they seem to genuinely believe it!

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I should of also mentioned that for the most part I have absolutely no interest in Japanese games. Which is the only further support it seems to be getting.

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As an owner of a Vita, It’s safe to say that the vita is very much dead now.

Because of that I decided I was going to try & revive it by dipping into the homebrew scene. It was either that or bin the device. Installed a custom firmware & bought a mini sd to vita adapter but that’s as far as I got so it’s got absolutely nothing on it. Just got put away again in a draw. Rotting away.

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As a gamer of almost 30 years I’m disgusted at myself that I can’t get past level 1.

Albeit I’m old & very busy so I’ve not had a great amount of time to play it. I would definitely say it’s been more than 1 hour though & still haven’t completed a single level yet.

It has that “one more go!” Effect on you though.

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Heard it all before. The beta shown not one iota bit of difference. So I guess we’ll see if this is more industry bullshit!

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@Naruga they’re not angry at your comment they just have no idea what it is you’re saying..

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