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The single only reason I haven't picked it up is just purely because it looks very repetitive.

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Still haven't picked this up. Might have to consider it.

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Nice work!

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WOW,. that was embarrassing & he presumably gets paid to be a professional...

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Really nice update. Still my multiplayer game of the generation.

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I'm all for arguing everyone's rights to their own opinion & I usually get crucified for it by the majority. But come on, this is just being silly for silly sake. It's not even worthy of the "troll" title. It's just a little sad that people would take the time out to do it.

There's plenty of AAA titles that get over praised by fan boys & paid media outlets but come on. There really needs no further explanation as to how stupid this is.

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In other words "My unknown source is much better than your unknown source ner, ner"

In my opinion common sense would indicate that her own "sources" are the ones who are wrong. Your tapped if you think they will release a console less powerful than a console that is receiving huge industry-wide backlash for not being powerful enough.

Her intelligence seems to hold no bounds.

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Because it's Gearbox. im not giving them the time of day, not even for a beta demo. Wouldn't waste my time on them.

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Very strange read, or am I just reading it wrong?

First of all he says almost 90% if all the assets are new & each item is at a far higher detail. Then later on he states that assets are no longer single items & textures but groups of items that are all textured as one item & just copied & pasted. That sounds like it'll get repetitive & an odd design decision.

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Unfortunately for me the games loading times & lobbies make it too frustrating for me to play online on PS4. Wish it was better it's great to play but it's just such a struggle to do anything smoothly.

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I own a gaming PC & although yes if pushed it would obviously (power-wise) completely wipe the floor with my PS4. That doesn't stop U4 being the best looking game to date. Monster PC or otherwise, no developer has bothered to push that far on PC. If they actually did, it would be astounding, but again we're all waiting for some dev to actually have the bollocks to do it.

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What a lot of people fail to realise is that although an upgrade of 1.6 to 2.1 seems tiny. People who are into CPU overclocking will understand that when it comes to CPU's, 0.5 In relation to an increase of actual CPU cycles is a very noticeable leap in performance.

A lot of people who by these mini android tv boxes that by standard specs are generally quad core 1.6Ghz always have custom firmware to overclock to say 1.8ghz & it makes a massive difference.

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The first season pass I've bought in maybe 5+ years was Rainbow 6 Siege because it followed the same idea. Maps are free to all straight off the bat as to not segregate people. New characters & weapons also available to all but they have to earn them. For me, that attitude of promoting non corporate greed goes along way & I will support it. I'll also pick up the Witcher 3 season pass once I complete the game.

We have COD to blame for their introduction &...

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I genuinely can't wait for this modern COD shite to just die already & stop destroying the industry.

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I don't understand comments like this especially from devs. We've all seen a million & 1 Dev diaries by now & some of us have used tools like Maya etc..

We all know & have seen that developers assets have to be high then scaled sliders are used to decrease/increase fidelity, density & LOD, pixel count etc...

So having to "basically create a new game for a new system" seems a little embellished don't you think?

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Is it really a surprise to anyone out there?

We're pretty much being forced to do it afterall.

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The video is truly awful though, he's right in what he's saying. It's a multi-billion dollar game, yet all this nickle & diming people & this is what they're doing with all that money!?

He's damn right to make the statement he made & he's doing it for all of us - Customers who get ripped off year, after year, after year.

They've become so lazy now that something has to be said by someone that will actually get liste...

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...Maybe it could be powered through the cloud **cough**

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It's about time. I've gone through 5 controllers since launch. They've all been replaced for free so I can't really complain too much. But with regards to the triggers FIFA & Hotline Miami were the worst culprits for causing the damage. Because they were both so shoulder button intensive.

Thumb stick covers/grips should of come with the controller as standard because of how bad they were as well.

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WOW! that's really just a testament to Microsoft & Turn 10's ethics.

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