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Does anyone know whether the demo was setup for the pro or are we expecting the full game to look better?

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They've now managed to shoehorn the same DX fault into Battlefront too. Not surprising as it's the same engine but still they've managed to break 2 games. At the same time (as Dice always do) blissfully completely ignore it until they eventually get around to fixing it. At which time a year later they claim "hey guys we just found this problem so we've fixed it for you" pretending that they haven't been told about it continuously for th...

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Permaban him, simple. I don't care I don't play the game but if he's purposefully being a douche in no benefit to himself but to ruin other peoples games then permaban him.. Simple. Doesn't need any discussion just use your common sense!

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Great game. Not sure how it'll take to Xbox. I tried it through my Steambox once & it worked fairly well. Enjoy.

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The mp is phenomenal, what are you talking about!?

It's one of the best mp of this/last generation.

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I didn't realise you still needed to connect it by 3.5mm jack to PSVR. What the hell is the point of that? It has the tech built in, that's what you're paying the premium for. Why would you then need to connect the wire to get the tech that already works to work...?

In all fairness though I tried the 2.0 Gold headphones & the PSVR headset stretches the headband too far apart. You can hear & feel that it will snap the flimsy headband within days. It's...

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Could well be. I do have OCD when it comes to games. I like to try & go everywhere, see & find everything. I feel like it could of benefitted from actually being more linear. Because I ended up spending the majority of the game stressing that I had missed areas but couldn't be bothered to search anymore. So admittedly it was a lose, lose situation. I've just not had that in the series before.

I definitely did find I'm tiring of the uncharted humour thoug...

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As a long time VR naysayer. I was bought PSVR as a Christmas gift off the wife. Only arrived a couple of days ago (still believe Sony faked stock quantities in order to create false hype which has backfired tremendously). Didn't have the heart to tell her I wasn't interested in it. Despite the really bad motion sickness I'm actually REALLY surprised at how good it is.

Playing the MARIO/Crash bandicoot hybrid demo on VR Playroom. Put a smile on my face bigger th...

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..Not to mention we all live in a society that we all globally moan about how rubbish the batteries are in our phones these days. That we can barely make it through a day at work before it needs putting on charge.

If anyone has ever used their phone to tether their Wifi they'll know that it drains the battery 500x over more quickly than anything else you can use your phone for which in turn also will unquestionably raise phone handset temperature. Good luck with that N...

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Nintendo is clearly now run by statistic & marketing people. Who are completely out of their depth & don't understand what industry they're in.

They've obviously had some guy look at a few analytic graphs & pie charts then said "look the lines go higher & the slices get bigger in the mobile phone sector. We don't know how to make a phone so let's make a console with a focus on the phone. Surely that'll work, right!?"

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Have no idea what "a little more wide" means but I hope it's totally different. Don't know if it's just me tiring of the series but really struggled to get through U4. Got really fed up of the predictable cheesyness of it. The series has been great but feels like it's run off. Was hoping they'd get started on a brand new IP.

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The demo at least is excellent. Admittantly despite me being a VR naysayer, it's even better in VR. I'm noticing things I've never noticed before & there's so much detail that it escalates it to a whole new level. If only I could get over my VR motion sickness.

We're in the games 7th iteration we can't moan for them taking a new direction. Especially when the series had turned so bad. That's lunacy! If anything it's actually closest to re...

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Let's hope he finds some spare time sooner rather than later.

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Installed & played for the first time. Looks great but see what you mean about the motion sickness, still feel a little sick now lol.

Only problem I have with the game is the aiming seems ever so slightly off to the right of where I'm actually looking & calibrating doesn't seem to fix it.

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I've got the game, haven't unwrapped & played it yet though. My PSVR only arrived last night so this is bad news to me.

From the sounds of people's comments there's been a good amount of content updates though.

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Anyone played in VR mode who can recommend any movement adjustment settings?

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No way that's true. They're releasing a brand new console & not sure how people will accept it or not. If they have a Mario game finished then there is no way in hell they would not release it as a launch game. not unless the game is terrible anyway.

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Thanks for the link. Far more professional review.

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Great review! million times better & more complete than any "Professional" (i.e. magazine, official media outlets) review released so far.

Definitely picking a set up soon.

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They've updated the companion app to version 2.0 today. Which as well as adding Platinum support. It lets you update the EQ settings wirelessly. Even on the the gold 2.0 headsets WOOOOP!!!!

Well done Sony. Took you far longer than it should have done but at least we've now got it. Think I'll upgrade to the new platinums now.

A really poorly written review though. I wish journalist would stop continuously telling people these playstation headse...

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