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?? Because it's not already common place in this industry?

..You must be new here?

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He very clearly stated that Xbox one x would be native 4K 60fps & they have not yet locked down PS4 pro res & frame rate.

Next day he suddenly takes it all back saying consoles versions will basically be the same. That's not even slightly obvious at all.

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Sounds like someone got strong armed by Sony. If true, it's a real scumbag move.

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No it doesn't. If anything then generally Pro owners have felt the sting that the Pro is not worth it over the standard PS4.

Xbox owners have it yet to come but although the jump between the Xbone & the one x is a worthwhile one. I think Xbone buyers feel the sting of an underpowered console that was full of misinformation on the original console. Asking them to pay a premium again for what the console should of been is pushing it.

I don't t...

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I don't want an upgrade. I want next gen, this is where I get stuck because I have no idea what the road map is. I'm not about to put down that sort of money if the next gen Xbox is not that far away.

I want the Scorpio but to honest I'm not buying one because I'm not sure what it is.

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I almost said it reminded me of L4D for some reason & I haven't played that for years.

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Looks pretty cool. Looking forward to hearing more on this one.

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Of course he has... has Kojima only just recently decided what engine he was going to use & that they're still only in the design stage?

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What worried me at their E3 conference was when they listed their first titles to include the "Xbox one X enhanced" feature they seemed to make a point of saying that for "these" games the x enhancement will be free. They seemed to suggest that they may be considering charging for the x enhancements. Which is beyond ridiculous!

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Need to go back to this game. Don't think I'm even half way through the base version.

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Of course they have. Both Microsoft & Sony will always try & force parity to keep up with one another.

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Day 1 Buy for me. Last COD I bought was Black Ops 1 & World at War before that.

The originals will always be the best in the series with maybe the exception of MW3. This looks like a great return to form.

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I still don't understand what the Xbone X is?

With the PS4 & the Pro there's not much difference so it's clear it's just a slightly upgraded machine. The Xbone X though is a massive jump over the standard Xbone so i don't understand how the parity will work between models. Will it have its own games or just updated graphics & framerate.

I really like the look of it & I don't have an Xbone at all but I'm not buying ...

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I really, really hope the voice acting is better. I don't think these Japanese developers even realise just how bad the English voices are in their games.

It's so bad & insanely cringe worthy that it takes you right out of the game because it literally makes you laugh out loud. I'd say it's the biggest area Japanese developers need to improve on if they're serious about bringing their games to the West.

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Meh they say the exact same thing every year. Like every other year you'll get 3 or 4 people that will run with a slightly different animation & that'll be it.

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Why does every single sentence sound like a question & They're all really short. Everything he says goes up an octave at the end. It's really annoying!

Basically Sony are going to show games this E3.... No shit Sherlock!

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pc port???

A "gaming journalist" showing that he knows absolutely nothing about gaming, the industry or the technology. Well done on your complete incompetence sir!

The Cemu team are developing the emulator. They are not porting, developing or even editing any game files whatsoever. They are not touching Zelda in any way. They are developing an emulator. Part of that is resolving issues that games have running in them.

As Zel...

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@FinalFantasyFanatic The hour-demo was absolutely terrible. I thought it was genuinely trash!

I have no idea what stupidity possessed them to release that in the state they did. The final/current released product with the fix to the horribly broken control in itself makes the game a completely different experience. I've done a complete 180'.

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Great game keeps getting better!

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They really have done amazing things with this emulator in such a small space of time considering.

Looks like they've sorted out all the little lighting/graphical clipping issues. Looking amazing!

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