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It still looks garbage on console im taking it the trailers are from PC as it still looks nothing like that on PS4Pro

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Didn't exactly hurt the PS4 Pro did it?

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I haven't spent as much time on the PS4 or psn over the last couple of months so maybe I'm wrong. It's sure been more stable though over the at least 1 outage a week we used to get.

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Trash website looking for hits. Stay clear!

Asking to purchase an "Ad Removal Pass" before you can view it

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Not at all, fortunately I can afford to do it which is why I upgraded.

I am however at least intelligent enough to understand that not everybody is that fortunate & that I may have been part in facilitating the greed of these companies & for that I'm sorry. Now were all going to get screwed further. If you don't understand that though I'm not going to hold it against you. Lots of people wont because they simply don't care until the point it puts them...

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Thanks to people like me who got suckered into purchasing the PS4 Pro based on what we were told pre-launch vs what we actually got. But of course it's too late by then the ball has already started rolling.

Of course everyone who was brace enough to say that it was obviously leading us down a very slippery slope we're right of course. Now we're just going to get buckle & dimes every other year.

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What planet are you people on? Do your own research, I'm not going to run around after you when your not intelligent enough to see what's public for all to see/read/hear. Play the game for yourself with your eyes open for Christ sake!

If you're still going to pretend the situation never happened nor the things I have stated above then you're a moron pure & simple and I've wasted too much time on you already.

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Bullshit. They repeatedly told lies to sell their game. Then when customers realised it was lies & complained, they called us liars. Only when it was physically proven that they had lied repeatedly, they accepted it & apologised. Before that they had relentlessly continued to cover up their lies with even more bullshit. Then they ran into hiding until they realised that the public backlash was so massive that it completely destroyed their careers & chances of staying in the indust...

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Rainbow Six has been the best game of this generation.

Also due to its business model relating to DLC. It's the first season pack I've bought in probably the best part of a decade.

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You're trying way too hard. It's just a dude on a cover. If you're thinking oh he's black or white or Mexican or Chinese or whatever. Then you're the problem not EA.

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?? Because it's not already common place in this industry?

..You must be new here?

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He very clearly stated that Xbox one x would be native 4K 60fps & they have not yet locked down PS4 pro res & frame rate.

Next day he suddenly takes it all back saying consoles versions will basically be the same. That's not even slightly obvious at all.

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Sounds like someone got strong armed by Sony. If true, it's a real scumbag move.

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No it doesn't. If anything then generally Pro owners have felt the sting that the Pro is not worth it over the standard PS4.

Xbox owners have it yet to come but although the jump between the Xbone & the one x is a worthwhile one. I think Xbone buyers feel the sting of an underpowered console that was full of misinformation on the original console. Asking them to pay a premium again for what the console should of been is pushing it.

I don't t...

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I don't want an upgrade. I want next gen, this is where I get stuck because I have no idea what the road map is. I'm not about to put down that sort of money if the next gen Xbox is not that far away.

I want the Scorpio but to honest I'm not buying one because I'm not sure what it is.

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I almost said it reminded me of L4D for some reason & I haven't played that for years.

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Looks pretty cool. Looking forward to hearing more on this one.

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Of course he has... has Kojima only just recently decided what engine he was going to use & that they're still only in the design stage?

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