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Can it do ASync Compute??

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That actually looked good. That tower advance section gave me a distinct Omaha Beach invasion vibe from the original CODs on PC

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OK, that's it, I'm out!

Officially there's just to little from Nintendo on what the system actually is & it's far to late now.

I've gone from the decision of definitely picking up the NX, after skipping all nintendo consoles since the N64. To now hearing to much about this is going to be yet again another silly casual Nintendo console!

It's like they really just don't want the success they had with the SN...

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It is very odd as i've noticed that as well. I'm not a fanboy in the slightest but am genuinely looking to buy either the 1060 or 480 & obviously want to get the right one for now & near future.

I've seen several people benchmarking loads of games & every single one seems to be mentioning that they're aware of DX12 but purposely not benchmarking them.

There's something very wrong with that no matter which way you look at it...

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This game looks so good genuinely gutted it's not coming to PS4.

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.... Which means UK £450-500.

Haha no. I'll pass.

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..No. part of the NDA agreement he signed explained specifically that he had to show it in a positive light only. He was also not allowed to tell people about bugs or issues. So in reality he was asked to, if necessary, lie in order to promote the product.

He accepted & fulfilled this agreement. So what is it that you're not understanding?

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I really hate a silent protagonist. I've never understood why people think your character shouldn't be able to speak. It breaks any chance of immersion in the game & just looks stupid.

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Exactly. I don't know what the hell is wrong with the mods & people on this site that don't understand that. They're either unbelievably stupid or they're just as bad & proves what most people have been saying about N4G is true. Either way I think the site has lost a lot of respect from a lot of people.

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...I'd rather fist myself without lubrication than take part in this Pokemon nonsense!

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Eventually tried it out. When it comes to F2P it's definitely the best out there by far. Not sure how I would feel about paying for it though.

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LOL what a bellend!

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LOL they're not in-game or even in-engine, they're computer CG renders, it's nothing new. Same thing every developer PR team does before a big release. It's all part of the smoke & mirrors act. Coalition aren't the only ones to do it, they all do!

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Wow you're as bad as him. What a Disgrace!

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I'm not a massive fan of Kojima but if he's claiming that he will be unhindered & it will be his masterpiece. I'll be willing to give it a shot at least after I've seen it in action anyway.

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Although it's online in the UK some parts of the PSN store are not working correctly.

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@boomtube1987 I agree that out of the modern day COD's, WAW was the best one.

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All I've seen is a procedural game that builds itself with no story, no character, no real foundation at all. I'm 34 & been gaming for about 30 of those so this is nothing new to me it's all stuff I've seen before & you kind of pick up on the tell tale signs of the PR methods being used & what they indicate.

Many people I think are going to be a little disappointed with their over expectations of how a procedural game works after the PR people st...

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