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Apply the resilience bypass on the backend of the network not just a connected switch stack & purchase some more bandwidth or a new space segment to accommodate. But then that will eat a fractional amount of their huge profit margins & require some serious hard graft so that's a silly idea..

..I jest, they know what they're doing. #13.3
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No, still down. It'll be coming up to 48 hours offline soon. #26
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...so they're unable to build resilience networks? This is what we do in the oil industry (which obviously gets DDOS attacked frequently).

Saying that, we have a whole 4 people that work on our entire global network working on that so maybe Sony/Microsoft can't handle to spare that many... #13
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I've been offline since about 7pm last night in England apart from a brief 30 min spell of Destiny earlier. I can sign in but the store won't load just get a blank page & I havnt been able to play online on any games. Can still download updates though. Some of my digital games won't load either. I'm getting really fed up of the constant PSN outages. This is rediculous for a paid service. It's almost once a week at the moment. #20
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Some of us already know who he is. You can take anything he says regarding PS3 as Gospel. Thanks for clearing things up for people Greg N4G has away of spinning any info on anything into a complete shit storm! #4.1.2
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Always content with doing 'just' enough. I wish one of these companies would make a high quality console. #32
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What do we expect from an industry that has to deal with this community of morons!

Just look at the articles on Unity. Another game released completely broken but there is still an unbelievable volume of people that are so mentally challenged that they say in 1 hand that they bought it & haven't been able to play it. Then continue to say but that's fine because they're playing another game instead until it gets fixed. Followed up with the fact we should all sh... #3
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Although it is disgusting to intentionally hide these stipulations within T&C's. They're not the first company to do this. Sony for one did it many times in the PS3 generation, especially with the removal of Linux. I'm sure plenty of other companies have also done it.

It's the kind of thing that would be openly & highly criticised, maybe even shut down if it was in any other industry. As usual though, it's OK & hushed silently away in the gamin... #20
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I wish Zoe Quinn would drop off the face of the planet, never to be seen or heard of again... #3
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Of course there's going to be a PS5 & of course it's going to be physical. Streaming games will be a detriment to gamers. Sales figures will hugely plummet due to lack of interest & lack of global infrastructure to support it. It's not what people want & it simply wouldn't work. I would expect more intelligence from a Sony exec, maybe I shouldn't. #9
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It's the return of the Nephilim - http://www.altheadlines.com...

..dum dum duuuurrmmm...... #4.2
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New video has absolutely no HBAO which the original did. You wouldn't expect the console versions to have this anyway but as this is PC footage as well then that HAS been removed.

Motion blur is now excessive which you can physically see it has been used to cover screen tear. None of which was in the "apparent" alpha footage.

Particle & wind physics have taken a clear downgrade, global wind physics more so.

Shadows have also... #27
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Can anyone explain what the hell SJW's are??? #14
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Wow, now that's what I call a spin! #46
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Only looked because I've heard people mention God Eater in the past.

Each to his own, certainly not my cup of tea! #2
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I absolutely agree criticisms should be 100% factual. Do you not think that that makes you look even more stupid when the developers themselves have also publicly claimed it's broken but they are fixing it.

It's absolutely amazing what you people choose to ignore while telling others to keep their facts quietly to themselves... #5.2.2
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I like that someone in the industry is able to take a step back look at what they stand for & say it might not be for my taste but we did wrong we apologise.

It takes some bolloxs to do that these days. They will take some stick for it obviously but how can they be wrong by sticking to the policy they created in the first place for the ability of true customer choice.

If you care for the game or not, Gabe did good for customers & that approach is ext... #16
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Do you people not get tired of blaming people who complain about paying for broken products & false promises.

You do realise just how ridiculous & spineless it makes you all look when you say people should accept these products & just keep quiet, right? #5.2
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Lol thanks for the advice but im not going to 'just buy it' despite knowing the game has issues. That's the exact reason we're in this mess in the first place, so thank you for that! #5.1.1
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Can anyone confirm if there are any real life noticable performance improvements from this patch. I won't buy it on PS4 until it runs smoothly & looks great. #5
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