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That's how Tidux works. #8.1
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Thank you for letting me know this was from Tidux. Instantly ignored the article. Any website claiming Tidux is newsworthy doesn't deserve the clicks. #1.1
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Posting a comment about lack of intellect while ignoring the source material itself is a little ironic don't you think?

Destiny is a game that has been designed against the consumer in order to try & force further revenue.

There is a perfectly good reason why it's getting a similar score across the board. #1.2
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The game looks pretty awesome but I'm going to hold off until sometime after release to get real reviews.

It's funny how TV spots showing E3 awards have now become the opposite of how they were intended. With Titanfall, Watch_Dogs & now Destiny. They've turned into an indication that you should avoid rather than purchase. Very strange as it publicly shows just how corrupted the industry has become.

This is the perfect example of the damage it... #4
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Angry joe absolutely 100% word for word on point!!

He has it spot on & I hope Bungie/Activison & all gamers/consumers take note! #52
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I've made my own fair amount of bad comments about Destiny but it's not a 4/10 game. Just no!

Never heard of the site before but first impression is that it's a site that I probably won't see again. #2
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Hold on, 38 cars if you have the season pass??

So your saying the retail game will have approx less than 30 cars. Wow these cars better be pretty special!! #32
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It looks epic but word from people who have downloaded it from HK PSN is that it doesn't play very well at all.

I'm playing devils advocate though & calling these out as FIFA fanboys as they say the reason is it's extremely unresponsive & how Konami have plugged the responsiveness as this years huge selling point I'm calling BS.

It could always be a bug though which could be the reason why the demo was delayed at the last minute for... #2
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This game looks awesome & I really want to get it day 1 but with the ridiculous price of games these days it's becoming harder to justify buying single player games without knowing that they'll have enough content. This game I just have a feeling might be short with little replay ability & you can't trust reviewers these days to give you the true information either. #3
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Stop with this stupid episodic content. No one asked for it, no one likes it & are quite vocal about that fact. It's failed as a concept in every single game with the exception of games that are plugged as episodic but aren't really story wise eg Alan Wake.

This is just a marketing scheme so that devs/pubs can sell individual parts at a slightly higher price & digital only so they can screw people out of more money & is only accepted due to the fact we'... #16
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Dont get me wrong it still looks awesome, but are people still choosing to pretend these downgrades aren't happening...


I would advise skipping getting your eyes checked & going straight to getting your head looked at. #14.3
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Even though its off screen footage that looks really good. A lot better than the supposed beta footage we seen a few weeks ago. Although it's obviously not as good as what we were shown for the 1st year of development but that seems to be the norm now. #14
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On a serious note I really don't see what Microsoft can gain from this deal. Do they believe they can even make that money back before you even consider them making a profit?? #6
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I don't generally trade or sell my games but that is disgusting!

Whether it's Microsoft or Chinese policies, they have to be stopped. #11
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This looks awesome! #8
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Get a life!

It's a game, nothing more. If you're even asking that question then your priority should be to get a self-assessment from a psychiatrist. #48
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Firstly Bungie does not report to Sony in any way what-so-ever. Secondly Bungie has always been an acquired taste. Some might say that Destiny is just a straight Halo clone without a story attached.

Either way your gripe lies solely with Bungie in this instance. #2.1
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@ContinuePlay - I'm 1 of the few it would seem that appreciates realistic review scores. So thank you a lot for keeping your merits despite the pressure to, as you say start a 10 scale from 7. #1.3.2
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So did Crytek, so did Epic, so did Valve & many others!

This is still a great move by Sony but your comment wreaks of desperation & is quite sad really.. #4.2
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I hope the trailer wasn't the official TGS, a bit unprofessional. Gives release date as late 2013. #2.1.1
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