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What!? They said what they were doing along with Microsoft wasn't possible on PS4. While we all knew it clearly was & was just silly PR people making a fool of themselves.

Quit while you're ahead & stop continuing to make the same mistake. Titanfall was a great game well done. Don't spoil it now by treating people like morons with silly PR statements.

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Admittedly I'm not American so know very little. What little I do know & have seen with my own eyes regarding both these "candidates" & americas response to them. It's very clear even with my limited intelligence that these people are equally extremely dangerous & really shouldn't be put in any position that grants them any power over another living being. The behaviour from their supporters is even scarier, as it's not normal behaviour by any means. It ...

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It's amazing how you can give Americans the choice of a man who is self proclaimed to be standing for the party he claimed it's supporters were so stupid that they would even vote him in power given the chance - Which they now are doing just that, obliviously it would seem.

Or a women that has had 5 criminal inditements against her including rape charges, theft, charity fraud, blackmail aswell as everything else we know she's been involved in with relation to il...

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Wow people are fickle. It didn't take long for people to forget Capcoms behaviour over the last few years.

...not even a mention of all the hidden DLC they hide on their discs??

I remember the hate being so strong that Capcom themselves stated they didn't think they were going to survive & that they were considering the fact they might have to drop out the industry & move elsewhere.

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Will it work on Linux/SteamLink?

*forget it, just read you still need additional software to make it work most the time so it's useless. I'll stick to the XBone wireless adapter.

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...I don't know, the game's not even out yet!

Is this what it's come to? Should we all know about the DLC before a game has even been released?

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Completely agree that is exactly what it needs however I think they have confirmed that it will be no more than 4vs4.

I'd be happier with just bigger maps & like you say some objectives & player triggered events.

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It's a good game, if not even very good, but the levels are just far, far too small to make it worth anything over £20 at the moment.

They got away with it in R6:Siege because there's tactics & scene demolition. There's tactics in For Honor (albeit less) but there is not enough variety within the levels to be considered a proper game.

It needs changing objectives, with extended maps & missions like in Chivalry to take it up to the...

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Haven't considered even trying Overwatch yet.

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Well it certainly at least looks more interesting than MGSV.

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..I thought Konami basically said it would have full 'option file' support for teams, kits, names, logos?

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Still no sign of the updated demo on PSN store

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Sorry I tried to upvote but it disagreed. Hadn't heard that line in about 20 years. A total blast from the past.

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Someone will be stupid enough to buy it & wont even understand how stupid it makes them look.

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I've just recently bought a GTX 1060 which I'm pretty disappointed with overall as well.

Should of just held off & I would of been happier putting it towards the Neo instead.

Seems like I'm throwing money away at the moment. Not good, annoyed at myself.

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I hadn't even thought about my AV receiver. So not only have I wasted £800 on a TV I only bought last year but also the £600 I spent on the AV receiver last year too :-( just my luck!

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It certainly wasn't a disaster, I didn't even find it boring either. What got me was how horrible & tediously scripted the whole thing was.

It was as if no one who was talking or being interviewed had a clue what anything was & were just reading from the same script, full from top to bottom with reoccurring buzz words & cliches. Typical horrible corporate high-ups that try so hard to sell things that they don't understand.

Then It ...

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What is it with people on this site claiming to work in the TV selling business then claiming LG make the best TVs & recommend someone buy one.

You guys are like the staff you get in PC World. You know absolutely nothing about what you sell. Who in their right mind would choose to buy an LG!

Worst input lag, worst frame stuttering, worst quality control. Terrible TV's. I wouldn't recommend anyone go out & spend their hard earned money on a...

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If PS5 arrives less than a year & a half after the PS4 Pro then I simply won't buy it & I'll stop buying PlayStation products altogether. Simple as that really.

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Anyone know what the UK price is set to be?

£150 with Sonys exchange rate no doubt.

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