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It’s built with the RE7 engine & the initial trailer was in 1st person perspective. I’d say it’s pretty fair to suggest that it’s pretty likely it will be in VR too but we’ll have to wait & see.

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Looks good as long as it’s £15-20 max.

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From what I’ve heard it uses the RE7 engine & the initial trailer/tease was in 1st person. Just makes me wonder...

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The question now is, is it VR compatible?

I doubt it but I’d like to know for sure.

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Because CDPR have publically stated it has been in development behind the scenes for 6 years. That’s why.

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ND lie all the time, look at all the shit they made up about the remaster prior to release on PS4.

We let them get away with lying because there still so god damn good at what they do. We’d never let anyone else other than the likes of Rockstar maybe even a couple more get away with it.

I don’t appreciate their lies but I can give credit where credit is due because they’ve moved the industry so far forward & keep producing great games.

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For once, fair play to him/them. Sick of hearing about this stupid topic. People need to get a grip of their lives & stop acting like little kids. If you’re upset by this then you’re likely not old enough to play the game anyway.

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Microsoft had the best conference this year we know... but come on, tenacity & honesty!?

Give us a break, this is Microsoft, it always has a disclaimer to take anything they say with a large pinch of salt.

Entertainment value was excellent. Tenacity & honesty, I’d say you’re having a laugh. I was impressed that they were already willing to talk about the next Xbox & that the X team are working on it. As long as it’s not released to soon as tha...

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How’s this play on PS4 these days has it got a Pro patch yet. Been thinking of picking this up for a while since it’s only £12.

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In-game engine means absolute diddly!

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I thought of trying to use those codes at the time. They looked genuine enough.

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This game looked like a whole lot of awesomeness!!!

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If it’s not on a brand new engine then I’m not interested. I’m so tired of the current engine that just the look of It is an instant turn off.

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Great conference but they pretty much admitted their POWER OF TEH CLOUD rubbish was complete bullshit by showing the latest Crackdown 3 gameplay with its CLOUD POW3R completely removed.

So all in all, it was a great gaming conference but further proof that you need a pinch of salt with anything that Microsoft says. It was still great entertainment though.

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Come on man, what is it with people taking this serious.

It’s a gaming convention. It’s a publisher making a 20 minute entertainment piece & promoting some of their games. While at the same time making fun of how fake the industry is.

It’s just clever marketing. The fact that there’s somehow people out there that think it’s real just feeds into the ironic stupidity of its theme.

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Gearbox are not good devs & they make shit games. Give it to a respectable dev who has the ability to make a good game.

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Yes it’s the same thing. Last version I had was probably downloaded about 6 months ago. It was still called Snes9x it does have other forks though.

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Love SNESX no matter how many years go by I still return to it through a new toy somehow.

A testament to just how good the SNES was.

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I thought the season pack advertised these as expansion packs. From what I’ve read of these they appear to sound like simple level addons that don’t particularly contain much content & completed fairly quickly.

I thought the price of it was to good to be true.

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No, but I wish Gearbox was!

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