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...Yea if you're a moron! #16
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You should no better than to make opinionated comments in a negative nature on this site.

You then leave all the ladies to get together & stir up a handbag session. That we have to end up dealing with after you've left :-( #4.7
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It has a long way more to go now that it's been reworked for Unity 5. At the moment I actually preferred it in Unity 4 I think, but I'm sure with further updates it will get back up to scratch & we'll hopefully get a finished product.

I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out on PS4 though. #2
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If it's MP only & only getting 9 levels (unconfirmed, but led to believe) then it's a £15 game max! #6
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Is everyone choosing to ignore the "In-Engine Footage" statement at the beginning of the trailer??

None of it is gameplay footage, PC or PS4, It's not going to look like this. #5.1.4
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Hope this 15gb drop doesn't suggest a lowering of assetes quality. #8
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Really people!!??

Are we really all that mindless that we get told this on every new AAA release & have done for decades yet people still actually believe it? Then continuously get upset when it release & has been a lie the whole time.

People really do confuse me. #21
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Sony have already publicly stated last week that this FW is purely to resolve the issues brought in by 2.50, nothing new. What those issues were I don't know but apparently some people encountered problems with 2.50. #18
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I'm impressed how good that was with so little time available! I would say it matched any of the official trailers in quality. Kept the same GTA vibe with the sound score too. #3
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Exactly @Decyrpt, if you're getting it legitimately then you have to download 65GB where-as pirates have a choice how much they want to download. Only in the worst case scenario having to download the full 65GB.

This article really makes no sense at all. #1.1.3
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Typical N4G, I got a disagree. For the same game that was originally released on the same platform in USA for $3 (£2.80) 6 months ago & is now available for $1 (68p).

They're saying it's going to release with 50% off for the first week in the EU so if it released at £3 ($4.40). Almost twice the price it released state side. it would actually be a list price of £6 ($8.80) That's over 3x almost 4x as much.

If you disagree that, th... #2.2
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I would love to mix both together for the perfect controller but I'd have to give it to the xbone controller despite really disliking the shoulder buttons. I just wish they would release the wireless adaptor for the PC already! #25
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If it's more than £3 I'll ignore it on principle alone. Sonys EU pricing & conversion rates are laughable & quite embarrassing when you consider that they believe we're stupid enough to except it. #2
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To be fair out of that list the general public are only really going to be interested in 2 of those games, 3 at a push. So that's not a great list!

I would love more & better games coming to the Wii U but realistically they're not. I considered picking up a Wii U for Christmas & changed my mind at the last second deciding that I would wait & see what further comes out for it. Since then to be perfectly honest I've only just remembered that I wanted one... #2.1.3
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Never played the first Witcher but have been playing witcher 2 for what must now be years & I've only just got to Chapter 3. Great game but absolutely massive! #2.2
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You do realise that in their own words, the previous "Alpha footage" was PC & this "Beta footage" is also from PC.

.... How exactly are they not downgrading anything again???? #6.2
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I've never received any emails regardless of my vita purchase date being within the terms. Not really surprised. Wouldn't be the first time they've tried to hide something like this.

I'm not really bothered by it but I would recommend to everybody that is, to chase it up & make it as public as possible so they don't get away with it. After all, they are now officially legally obliged. I just can't be bothered with the hassle I'm already dealing... #3
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I'll be sure to be killing me some naked folks! #3
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You can download the update (234MB) directly from here to put on USB if needed - Top of page, not the one half way down as that is the full OS restore file (785MB).

http://www.playstation.com/... #33.1
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Only problem I had this time is that it kept saying which ever CD I had in the drive was corrupted but it fixed itself after another restart.

I have had several problems with PS4 updates in the past though so feel peoples pain. The "My PS4 updated fine so you're lying!" posts don't help any one & make you look like a massive childish tool while you're at it! #34
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