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For the love of god, make it so! #4
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Just release the beta already. I thought they said a public release was 3 weeks away, that was like almost 2 months ago! #2
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Couldn't agree more!! #3.1
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Absolutely right, they have said in a previous interview that there would be more than 3 monsters. I also thought it was 5.

So my guess is you're half right. 2 have been removed for paid DLC later after release. #1.2
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Looks great! #2
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I'm not the games biggest fan (well the developer mostly) but what bizarre & completely irrelevant comments to make about this game!

Obviously hasn't got a clue what he's talking about! #1.1
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...A new cycle? good god man, let it die already!

How many more of these is it possible to push out? #6
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"Major graphics overhaul"

...Seriously, how can you argue with the people that tell us the fluoride in our tap water makes us stupid when you see these articles & hear these fanboys talk.

If this was any other developer it would be a media circus about how poor of a port it is between a 10 year old system & a 9 month old system only just making beyond parity. This is just a plain straight port nothing more nothing less. #15
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It has absolutely nothing to do with Xboners. It has absolutely everything to do with the fact that people who aren't silly little childish fanboys can see there is no difference at all between a 10 year old console running a game & an almost brand new tech 9 month old console running the same game.

If its your first time playing then enjoy it, other than that if this was released by any other dev there would be a shit storm about how this is just a poor port #36.3
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... So like i said before over the last 3 weeks, if u didn't play it last time & have a PS4 its a must buy. Or if you just really really want it on PS4 because you've sold your PS3 then fair enough. Otherwise this is just a simple lazy ps3 port. #18
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I'm not gonna come out all guns blazing over this & provide evidence as to how ridiculous that statement is. As anyone with any intelligence that has at least some geographical knowledge or 5 mins worth of research time understands what a stupid comment & person you are!

Wow the stupidity is strong in this one! #6.1
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Haha no intelligent person would pay that!

If the game is above £45 I wont be buying it, simple as that! #7
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I'm telling you man, The graphical update is minute which is why they wont show it & are constantly suddenly bigging up 60fps saying it's a "game changer"

3 weeks to go & they still refuse to show gameplay of a remastered old gen game. At this stage it's blatant that they're expecting some form of backlash!

If you didn't buy they game the first time around you've got nothing to worry about, it's a great game. If... #9
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I'm afraid it's the other way around unfortunately they really under achieved with the Fox engine. Kojima said himself that the advancement of graphics in the west is something they are really struggling with over their.

IMO the Fox engine should of really been finished off way earlier & should of remained a last gen engine. #1.1
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The only people interested in mobile gaming is kids & mums. Yes there is a lot of them in the world but still, the format doesn't interest any real gamers.

In fact real gamers realise how damaging it is to the gaming industry as a whole but kids & mums don't care about that either unfortunately. #1.1.1
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If as in mobile you mean phones rather than handhelds then I don't think anyone will be anxiously waiting for anything! #1
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Looks really smooth & fluid. I don't see any lighting effects that the Fox engine has apparently brought in though, guessing it's not implemented yet although so far I'm really unimpressed with the Fox engine so I guess I'll wait & see if any advanced lighting is added at all for release or not. #5
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ShopTo have posted news that Sony has confirmed the Vita is currently selling out mainly across the US which is the reason for the current shortage.

I'm not convinced that this is true but it's strange that it's coming from ShopTo. #8
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Of all the recent games I've bought all the games that got rated generally a 7 I have enjoyed the most & some of the best games that I've played in Years! #12
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Apparently official news from ShopTo & Sony is that the vita is selling out Nationwide across the US.

If this is true the writer of the article must be feeling pretty stupid right about now. #47
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