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I don't understand comments like this especially from devs. We've all seen a million & 1 Dev diaries by now & some of us have used tools like Maya etc..

We all know & have seen that developers assets have to be high then scaled sliders are used to decrease/increase fidelity, density & LOD, pixel count etc...

So having to "basically create a new game for a new system" seems a little embellished don't you think?

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Is it really a surprise to anyone out there?

We're pretty much being forced to do it afterall.

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The video is truly awful though, he's right in what he's saying. It's a multi-billion dollar game, yet all this nickle & diming people & this is what they're doing with all that money!?

He's damn right to make the statement he made & he's doing it for all of us - Customers who get ripped off year, after year, after year.

They've become so lazy now that something has to be said by someone that will actually get liste...

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...Maybe it could be powered through the cloud **cough**

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It's about time. I've gone through 5 controllers since launch. They've all been replaced for free so I can't really complain too much. But with regards to the triggers FIFA & Hotline Miami were the worst culprits for causing the damage. Because they were both so shoulder button intensive.

Thumb stick covers/grips should of come with the controller as standard because of how bad they were as well.

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WOW! that's really just a testament to Microsoft & Turn 10's ethics.

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It's not about separating their audience. If they changed the RAM setup they would physically have to create 2 versions of the same game. With ESRAM devs need to specifically code for that memory you can't suddenly change to a unified DDR memory without haveing to completely reprogram your entire back catalogue & upcoming games from scratch.

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Woohoo! An actual proper game, looking forward to trying it.

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Looking forward to this. The soundtrack should be awesome!

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Can't wait. I want to see some footage, especially of the new map

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I've got a launch day PS4 which were notorious with faults from poor dualshocks, temperamental Blu-Ray drives/lazers, noisy & crashing issues.

I've had all these issues at some point or another so knew I would have to replace it at some point. I'm actually surprised it's still going but I'll definitely now hold off replacing it until the Neo releases.

I think most people will just replace their old systems just like they do when t...

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I think the author is completely miss understanding the situation here. Admittedly from both the Microsoft & the Sony camp the consoles were built in an economically difficult time. Meaning lower powered machines than were expected. Which is why we've seen so many downgrades & delays this gen. Now things are improving economically they're realising that their heavy hitting games can't achieve what they've shown & talked of & we're only 2 years in. The XBone...

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Clearly not because the demand is no longer there, but because corporations are trying their hardest to force through the agenda that they don't want you to physically own anything. They want you to pay for a non existant "license" to stream everything.

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Rubbish. It's getting all the hate because it's been plugged all this time as a true revival of the original Doom series. It feels nothing like Doom. I don't understand why people don't get that.

People are understandably angry because ID knew all they had to do was revamp it with a new story & graphics & everyone would be happy. Instead they jumped on the COD "bandwagon". With the ridiculous idea of weapon load-outs & perks it was Doo...

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Possibly the worst "sale" I've ever seen...

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Right near the end.

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That active reload even when you've got a full clip is a stupid idea. Surely it just means people will just take cover & continuously reload until they've got a perfect clip.

I know its not particularly difficult to get a perfect reload anyway but the chance of it going wrong was always a good thing & it's a feature that was designed specifically for that reason. Seems like a stupid & completely unnecessary decision.

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New Naughty Dog IP, Dinosaurs confirmed.

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Agreed. I think they would've been far better off adding it to the Quake franchise rather than Doom. At least it would ever so slightly fit in better.

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I'm never going to stop criticizing the fact that they clearly removed a large portion of the game just so they could resell it back to you again but I can't deny it is far more FUN than the Division in every aspect.

It's odd because I'm not a fantasy man at all I tend to choose games based on realism over anything fantasy based. To me personally The Division lacks any interest at all it just feels relentlessly incredibly dull.

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