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I'll be sure to be killing me some naked folks! #3
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You can download the update (234MB) directly from here to put on USB if needed - Top of page, not the one half way down as that is the full OS restore file (785MB).

http://www.playstation.com/... #33.1
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Only problem I had this time is that it kept saying which ever CD I had in the drive was corrupted but it fixed itself after another restart.

I have had several problems with PS4 updates in the past though so feel peoples pain. The "My PS4 updated fine so you're lying!" posts don't help any one & make you look like a massive childish tool while you're at it! #34
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One of the things none of these guides explain but I've heard warned before & have always thought about, is that you activate your PS4 to register the licence. Do you need to select the "Deactivate PS4" option in the menu before you start formatting & replacing the HDD?

I heard a long time ago that you should otherwise you would lose 1 registered licence for everything you've purchased. Which makes sense but it seems like a hugely important step for... #3
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This has been happening in the last couple of patches not just this one. The wind simulation has been slowly reducing again since it was re-implemented. The draw distance was also lowered what I would call quite severely at one stage although a lot of people obviously noticed & complained because it was higherd again in the next patch.

The wind simulation was clearly not supposed to be in the retail game but they were caught out & after having to implement it as much... #37
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Fair enough didnt realise there was so many of them in production. I've only seen a few of them advertised. #11.1.1
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Maybe it's because I'm getting old but I hate it when developers try to force humour that they clearly aren't very good at by just making it incredibly cheesy with writing/jokes you would expect from a child. Unfortunately it happens quite a lot in games because they're game developers not comedians & they try to do it themselves. This game though in my opinion is definitely the worst. It just gets to the point where your cringing so bad that you just cant take it any more... #1.1.5
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Each to their own, I absolutely hate the series & wouldn't recommend to anyone.

It's cheap humour, extremely repetitive, lazy design (I know people will automatically say "..but it has over a million weapons...) It doesnt make up for the fact it's rubbish. It's extremely dull & boring but is the highlight of developer - GearBox's, career. Which really isn't saying much. In my opinion the single & only thing the entire series has going... #1.1
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As all of the Steam machines I've seen advertised are listed starting at £1,500 / $2,000, I'm going to go out on a limb & say no.... #11
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I thought they claimed to fix the hit reg in a patch they released almost a year ago. Is this still not done!? #3
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Wow, that's just a straight export/import job if they charge more than £12 (realistic price, although personally I wouldn't pay more than £8) for this it's a joke!

I suppose the old argument of if you missed it first time around its definitely worth it is fair as it's a great game. But as there has been so little to questionably absolutely no extra work put in then you can pick up the PS3 version for a £10 so why should they be able to charge m... #44
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Did I just see a back-up to USB option? thank god, now I can update my HDD eventually. #4
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I really want to buy this game on PS4 but the original is the primary reason why my DS4 shoulder buttons keep breaking & I have to send them away to get replaced.

That repetitive tapping of R1 & L1 means it takes a day before they start to stick inside the controller & the spring to stop working :-(

I really wish they had put more quality control into the DS4. #1
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I think he means the promotion & acceptance of open stupidity. #2.1.1
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So when the hell will we see the ability to update the controller firmware through PC. Anther thing that should of been there from launch & there is absolutely no excuse for it still not being there! #10
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Of a scale of 1-10 surly 5 is an average game & 4 is very slightly below average??

Either way I've not played the game so couldn't say either way what I believe the game deserved.

The lack of content & game length is obviously going to be a big factor though when you're charging so much. #1.7
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Hang on, I thought the guy said from the very beginning that his 5 hour playthrough was a speed run & that he skipped everything possible...??

Are people now saying he never said that?

I'm soo confused. All I've read is that a speed run will take you about 5-6 hours & playing it through properly will take about 16 hours. Which people were for some crazy reason complaining that this was too long (Obvious trolling) but now were being told that... #17
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I'm getting sick of this "self-entitled gamer" tag line & attitude. We're paying more for games, are we getting more content? No we're getting less! #3
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Idiot. #12
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Bullshit. #13
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