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I like many others am not interested in 4K. What I want to know is will it increase performance across the board without needing a specific released patch for each game?

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I thought they publicaly stated that the framerate drop is because it's still very much in early development & hasn't finished being optimised yet?

Does that mean that every single game in development is a case for the Neo...?

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Very good point my main problem being though, do I switch back to ATI. I switched to Nvidia for a good reason & ive never been disappointed since. However I don't like how greedy & untrustworthy they have become lately. It's a tough one.

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There's nothing more I can say other than like I said previously, it really shouldn't be this difficult to understand. The fact that you are ignoring even the facts means that no matter what I do you will ignore it in your ignorance. So there's really no point in talking to you anymore.

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1) It was most definitely advertised several times in conferences & publicity events. It's also on the side of the box. It also was illegally removed for that exact reason it was sold as an advertised feature that is exactly why they are having to pay out. Arguing that point is stupid.

2) the very reason it was illegal was because its removing something after the point of sale from the consumer. Again it's not difficult to understand. That's why they're...

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I only game @1080p not fussed about anything over that at all. I do play all my games at maximum graphical detail though & my overclocked GTX760 is just starting to struggle so I need to upgrade soon. Not sure whether to go GTX1070 or even RX470 this time...

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I'm from the UK can I claim?

I still have my original packaging in which it's listed on the box as a feature. I also have a copy of the original PS3 Linux varient & Red-Ribbon.

I was one of the people who was massively pissed off when they illegally removed it.

I've never claimed any of the compensation entitlements from Sony I.e PSN, vita function removals etc because it didn't bother me but what they did with Lin...

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I love how idiots get so upset about the fact that people actually did use Linux on their PS3. Sony marketed the feature & many people did buy it because of this.

Yet these people are soo deep into Sony, that the illegal & morally corrupt move in removing it gets them into a state of publicly blind childish ignorance. It makes you look like a complete tool. So please just stop it & grow up.

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Wow im not one for jumping on the update bandwagon or the Sony one for that matter but this update actually very noticeably improves performance across the board. Very nice.

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I'm so bored of these silly fanboy articles now. Im fed up of being constantly told the next new thing is going to "destroy everything else" when no matter how many times you write it, it never comes true. Especially when you're talking about a tech that has already failed several times already. It's just dumb.

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This to me seems like it's running on PC on the lowest graphics settings using an xbox controller. There's no ambient light or occlusion, no particle effects, no atmosphere. In fact it almost looks like it's running an old version of the Source engine circa 2010.

I can't believe for a second Ubisoft still haven't learnt & given it this bad a downgrade. Something else has to be wrong here surely!

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Siege is easily the best multiplayer game of the generation so far.

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Haha Tidux up to his usual BS. "The Neo will have scalable Dev options & a 4K Blu-Ray drive".

No shit Sherlock. This guys a genius why do people bother giving him the light of day!?

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The only time he has ever been right is if a developer has already accidently revealed it before hand or if it's ridiculously blatantly obvious. Otherwise he is completely off the mark without exception.

The guy is not an insider & never has been. If you consider him to have insider information at any point then you clearly don't know anything about him or you're just an idiot who chooses to ignore the facts. There are many insiders that clearly are just tha...

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This is from Tidux "the insider" who couldn't tell you his ass from his elbow.

This "info" means absolutely nothing at all you're better off just asking your nan to take a guess at it.

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Looks absolutely stunning but the framerate is terrible so it won't look like that on release unfortunately.

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This site is so full of cry babies it's unreal. Get a grip & grow up. People can make a genuine critique without your ridiculously childish obsession for Sony being damaged.

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I find all of Kojima's work massively pretentious. For god sakes he lists his name 100 times for anything he even slightly touches.

I found this trailer quite interesting though.

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The irony being that my point was not that it was a fanboy piece it was that it is a straight copy & paste of someone else's work while claiming it to be your own....

Unfortunately I've been away on business so I haven't managed to watch any of E3 at all but that's fine, the fact I said fanboy somewhere in my comment seems to have got you all upset. Sorry little dude, honestly didn't mean to hurt your feelings. I'll watch the Sony conference then...

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WOW this is almost identical to the other fanboy ("Sony blew my mind!") article that was just posted from another website. The format, layout, pictures, games, Text, lol.... Nice work.

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