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It's awesome!! #18
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Wow that's a misleading title & a half..

In all honesty I didn't believe or understand the reported light bar issues until I visited someone recently who's child had their ps4 setup in a tiny bedroom sitting directly in front of the TV & it all made sense to me. It was horrible & I completely understand why people hate it so much.

Remember people just because you don't have the problem never write it off as non existent.
... #10
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@KarmaV12 Please with your knowledge of such things, explain to us how game development works. Then why don't you also explain your beliefs on why the shift in direction to promote inaccurate footage is now suddenly acceptable & why developers/publishers now think it's ok to do this & follow it up by NOT allowing journalists/reviewers to reveal the truth until after the game has released to the public.

We're all waiting for an interesting comment from you.... #1.1.3
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Looks like it may tie into some network infrastucture upgrades or new wifi firmware. Over the last decade of Sony consoles its never registered my broadband speed as above 22Mbps at the very best. Compared to the full speed I get on LIVE. I've just run a test & it's now gone up to 36Mbps for the first time ever.

Seems like all our complaining for #BetterPSN has maybe worked. About time!!

If it is this then it's a great update!! #19
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I would like to know how the guy initially thought the PS4 would be getting a hardware upgrade lol #12
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Silly comment & stupid headline!

It's the biggest game they've ever built since Forza 5 & then again since Forza 4.

In the same way Witcher 3 was CDPR biggest game since Witcher 2 & again Batman Arkham Knight being Rocksteady's biggest game since Batman Arkham City... #4
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Like I said though you can play all the content available within an hour. The replayability in ace'ing that content is whatever you make it to be.

My point is it's a demo. Nothing more, nothing less. Absolutely in no way the fully fledged game it was promoted as.

It's a perfectly good racer just tarnished with more than your average corporate BS. #12.1.1
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I'm in UK, been a PS+ subscriber since the beginning this is the first I've heard of this. Haven't received any email. Mind you didn't receive the one that went out for people that bought 1st gen Vitas either after Sony lost their court case. #4.3
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I still have absolutely no idea what the NX is. In fairness it's no where near released yet but already Nintendo seem to be having an identity crisis.

From what I understood it was a handheld/mobile device running on Android. Is it now a fully fledged console?

I hope so that would be a much better option. I really want I high powered, quality, Nintendo console!

Diddy Kong Racing 2 would be a BIG HITTER too! #18
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I completely agree. Admittedly I've already gone from being someone who planned to be a day 1 purchaser to someone who decided that after all the BS I could'nt justify giving them money until I'd tried it myself so wait it out for the PS+ version.

Now that it's eventually out, the wind is definitely out of my sails. To be fair that's likely due to the sheer amount of time it took to release but even then the PS+ version is just a demo, nothing more. You ca... #12
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I'm not a big Fallout fan. I never even played Fallout Vegas but even I can say that Fallouts presentation section was the best of E3. It gave & gave to its fans everything they asked for and more.

Yes it may not be my thing but I'm not stupid enough to pretend it didn't exist & childish enough not to give credit where credit is due. #3.1.2
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With both Batman & The Witcher 3, at least we have eventually got some quality games this gen. HOORAY!!!! #1.2
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So.... "What we're basically saying is its going to be a damnsite more expensive than we assured you it would be" #36
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Click bait title. #15
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It's been shockingly slow for the past 2 days for me. Batman 3gb patch took 13 hours, DriveClubs taken 11 hours so far & after just checking it's progress it's now saying it's got another 35 hours left. #19
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Tried that already seems to have been like it for 2 days now. Tried rebooting the router & everything. It's just on PSN.

*edit* Sony have just made a statement there is an issue with PSN network #13.1.1
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..and PSN is already crashing, it's telling me it's going to take 24 hours to download lol would usually take an hour tops. #13
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Does anyone know what the hell is going on with PSN?

Bought the game yesterday & didn't want to play it without the day 1 patch. It took 13 hours to download a 3GB patch that would usually take 10 mins.

Also started downloading DriveClub PS+ edition this morning says it's going to take 24 hours. It's so slow, everything else is running fine.

...on the plus side though the game looks stunning on PS4 & runs flawlessly. I'... #13
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The mobile gaming sector is the cancer of the gaming industry. Not only is it an embarrassment to the industry but it is also ruining it from the inside-out. #3.1
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@Redempteur DriveClub PS+ Edition was very much initially proposed as the "Full game with absolutely nothing stripped out" back in the reveal. It was said live on stage. It was also later publicly stated that they would In fact be stripping it down.

Let's just choose to forget the massive up-roar this caused at the time shall we?? #1.1.16
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