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Oh boo hoo, you get killed in a game based on a real war.
Both sides need to STFU.

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There are a lot of awesome games coming out for the Vita.
It's such a shame that Sony won't lift a damn finger and advertise them.

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I don't know what's worse; the game or the article image.

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@ BoNeSaW23
"Dude, check out his avatar.
Your obviously arguing with a
ignorant 10 year old who
probably earns a $5 dollars a
week allowance LOL!, and has
NO clue about the Game
LOL, do you actually think that i give a flying fuck about the game industry?. I mean, seriously?. A game dev hasn't deserved (or got) my money since the PS2. I'm going to keep buying all my games pre-owned and getting ...

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LOL, i bet that last sentence got me all those disagrees.

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Other than a few new bugs in the Dawnguard DLC (which will be patched soon), there are no real issues with the game.
The 360 version runs better than the PS3 version, though.

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Yeah that's right, he found a problem with a Nintendo product so he MUST be trolling.
BTW, all of those accounts you made are going to get banned, if they already haven't.
You're probably the same idiot who has been spamming accounts here for weeks.

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"What's next after Dawnguard?"
Countless patches to fix Dawnguard, of course.

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They haven't upped the resolution of the screen, so yes there will be heavily pixilated images.

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Couldn't give a shit, really. I'm not the one paying those high prices.

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I can't find anything about this game that wasn't stupid.
The story, characters, setting, guns, even the damn box of the game was irritating.
This shitfest made Duke Nukem Forever seem good.
Overhyped shit like this is why i buy ALL my games pre-owned.

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Activision Leeds are already making the iphone version.

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Big waste of cash.
It doesn't matter which side you choose, it's still exactly the same terrible story.
You go to the same places, do the same things and the ending is the same no matter who you pick.

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Guaranteed flop.

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Well i'm 'really' not going to buy that fucked up shit.

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I know that those actors are typecasted and that's exactly the point i'm trying to make.
When a Hollywood actor does a voice for a character on a game and you hear it, you say to yourself 'That's Clint Eastwood' or 'That's Sylvester Stallone' ect, but with games you don't know who is doing voice overs until the credits roll. I dont think that a Hollywood actor would be as effective at expressing emotions through their voice alone as a real voice a...

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Most 'big' actors cant even act properly. Look at Clint Eastwood, Tom Cruise and Jim Carrey. They're the same character in almost the exact same role in every one of their movies. Johnny Depp is a real actor, he can be different in every movie. As for big actors doing voice work in games, i think it's a waste of money. Why would you hire a Hollywood actor who will demand millions as payment when you can get a proper voice actor who will do an excellent job and take whatever pa...

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The same people who talk to the moon.

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It damn well better be powerful or Nintendo can stick it up their collective ass.

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@ StraightPath
"Dont wori about haters n fanboys"
LOL, says the hater and the fanboy who trolls Sony related articles every other day.
Hypocrisy at it's finest.

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