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Forgot to mention that, Unfortunatly, I have yet to play games such as Heavy Rain and Fallout: New Vegas. My GOTY is based on games I have played unto now.

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Its a war game not a zombie shooter.

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Good article but you missed a major one...

Sean Bean who plays Martin Septim in ES: Oblivion.

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I dont see how this is a problem.

You have been able to play as terrorists in games for years and kill American/British troops. You could play as Nazi's in games like call of duty 3! It doesn't matter if there called the Taliban or the magical pixie fairies, its just a game.

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The Elder Scrolls novel: 'The infernal city' follows on from the events 40 years after Oblivion. Its a really good book and that would be fun if that was turned into the next game.

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Its John Marston

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Thats crazy, why would they make up some sick thing like that!

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Killing a disabled person for a games console?
How sick are some people!

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I agree with this article, there's been so many games in one year with the title 'game of the year'. It should be awarded to one game, and one game only for being the best in all categories(visuals, gameplay, etc.)

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Why do people argue as to whether XBL or PSN is better?? Sure you have to pay for XBL but it has good features that PSN doesn't have. Same with the new PSN Plus, it has good features that XBL doesn't have.

Some choose PSN, some choose XBL. So what? it doesn't mean anyone is 'brainwashed'.

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