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The whole of America has been waiting for this! Well, the ones who own Galaxy S3s and S4s, but that's pretty much everyone :-) #3.1
Should be today -- watching closely, ready for the changes to drop. Nothing yet, but it'll probably happen in US time, later today. #1
Hope BitSummit keeps going each year - Japan needs it. #3
Can't put the damn thing down! #2
Me too! It was a technical masterpiece on the Amiga - the Android version actually plays much better though! #2
Can't get enough of this game's artwork - it's outstanding! #1
JellyFlop is fantastic! Cool to hear about it came about - I'd love to go on an Appathon :-) #1
These guys make superb games. Indies are well advised to follow their lead. #1
These guys know what they're doing - this is excellent news. #1
The artwork on this one is outstanding - really cool to hear how it started so simply, and became such a well-polished game. #1
It's my hope that the Wii U becomes a worthwhile outlet for indies, especially with games like this in the works. Nice. #2
Totally agree. If it was just about causing mayhem and trashing places, it'd just be a pixel-art GTA rip off. But they've clearly got much broader intentions, which will make this an important piece of indie gaming that we'll be talking about for a long time to come. #1.1
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