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I'm a huge R6 fan, have been for years.

That said, I have no problem with them putting all their effort into a new IP that looks so promising first. #1.1
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Good call author.

That siad, my thoughts personally are "meh". I never use skype or have it open when gaming. That's what steam calls/vent/TS are for.

The only time skype is ever opened on my PC is when I'm video chatting the parents.

Besides, not sure how bad this would effect my 4.8ghz 3930k anyways. :) #1.3
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Because it was a basically a new S-IPS 120hz 47" edge lit TV that I got for $150.

I couldn't really be picky about matte or gloss selection. That said there are defiantly major reasons to pick gloss over matte. For example the clarity is much sharper on gloss than matte. I have a 1440p matte monitor in comparison and even though the res is 80% more than the TV, I can defiantly see how the gloss sharpens up the picture when comparing images.
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I believe most people are bright enough to say "Hey, I'm watching a TV show and there is a glare from the controller. Let me just turn that around real quick."

I think the complaints are originating from the only situation that requires you to have the controller pointed at your TV.

I've seen some "glossy" TVs that still aren't nearly as reflective as others so it all depends on what situation you are in... #1.1.9
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Is that a joke? The front of your controller will always be pointed at the TV unless you want kinks in your neck.


That's what I use but it's pretty tacky looking. For $3 I would much prefer one of the stickers from the article.

But at the end of the day Sony just needs to let people dim the suckers if they aren't using the camera. Not sure why they are so against it. It's not hard to do.
... #1.1.7
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Yes it was although it didn't come out until 2007.

The modding community for it was amazing though. Same with Halo CE (Halo 1 PC). #1.1.8
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Oh god... I just hope I can still get them to replace my OLED screen if anything happens to my original one.

My Vita is OLED and my TV and monitor are IPS/PLS (all three are similar technology). If I have to game on a LCD Vita it might be the end of Vita for me personally. #2
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Hmm that's interesting. Since I don't have a AMD GPU I never really looked into the technical specs of Mantle.

I wonder how helpful it is on CPUs that are already beast, like my 3930k at 4.8ghz. Is there a ratio of performance or does it degrade towards the enthusiast level of CPUs? #3.2.2
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It does look cool but have you been in a situation that mimics the reason people hate it?

It defiantly becomes a eyesore on my 47" high gloss IPS TV when in the dark. The glare even bleeds through on the screen even when images aren't completely dark. #1.1.1
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That's pretty awesome, especially for the simply (non-permanent) solution and price. #2
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This is a joke.

They close down H2 servers for the original game. Then they close down the H2 servers for the PC version (which I'm still pretty upset about since the servers could have easily been funded by the community).

But don't worry, you can buy the anniversary edition to start playing again... #1.1.6
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I do have a PS4 and a Vita. I also love the devices but I would still prefer to play a large majority of games on my PC any day. #10.1
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Haters gonna hate. I use my gaming PC for all sort of things and all the time. It gets much more use than my PS4 or my Vita as of late.

But just to make you more jelly, check the September winner...


To stay on topic, I'm pretty indifferent on these games. Still I hope it works out for the people that w... #1.1
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Jesus Christ. Try it the haptic feedback touchpad before you judge it people....

How else is innovation ever supposed to happen if you make assumptions off of previous technology? #1.1.5
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Or you could get the one that I was suggesting that would be just as nice as both (if not better) for much less. :) #2.1
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Good article but IMO one major display was left out. Not to mention that IPS and other variations of that display technology were not mentioned nor discussed. They can be easy to miss if you don't know about them since manufactures and sellers tend to simply list them as LED for some reason. This is essential since IPS is probably one of the best looking LED display technologies that you can currently purchase.

I just picked up a 47" LG 47LS4500 for $400 (even though... #1
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It's sad that Colonial Marines was a flop. That is really the only thing I wanted to see in a game from the franchise. It was always my favorite part of AVP and AVP 2 on the PC back in the day.

Not to mention Aliens with the colonial marines is by far the best one.

That said this game looks like it will capture the essence of the original Alien pretty well via that type of gameplay. #2
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:/ #2.2.2
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I agree with your reasoning about music but if we are going that route.....

Hotline Miami. Enough said. #6.1
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This guy defiantly deserves more bubbles! #2.2
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