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Haven't been on N4G in a months and come back and instantly see this. At the time of writing this you have 0 Agrees and 1 disagree.

Now I remember why I stay away from N4G.

Fanboyisim of any kind, be it for the PC or consoles is fucking a virus to video games. N4G seems to foster one of the two.

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And you got disagrees for that? LMAO.

I have felt the same way for a long time. They really hit the market hard about a month after I finally built my dream rig. I was so jelly. I really want to build a custom loop watercooled mini ITX. Those systems are so freaking sick.

Won a $2500 build your own PC contest in which I got to semi play out my desires but ultimately had to stick with micro atx and closed loop as raw specs were the most important. I knew it wa...

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You're in luck as it seems to be the most favored one for years now. I guess the Asus ROG really started it.

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As someone in the US with only a Vita atm, I'm jelly. We didn't get one single Vita sale for black friday. :(

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If you're referring to the leaked version, not so true.

There's tons of issues with anti-aliasing and ambient occlusion. Pretty much have to disable them which really makes the overall look of the game have a very "last gen" feel currently. Not to mention it's kicking my 780 in the balls for framerate and vsync issues even with those things disabled (on 1440p monitor prob averaging 30-40fps). Granted that's with everything at ultra with fur and nvidi...

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It's the difference between greed and passion.

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I'm sure you would love to know where and when Morpheus would be Mr. Smith...

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Dude, crazy moment happened to me last night. I'm sitting in my room playing some destiny with the door open. My doorway to my room is literally at the end of the kitchen and my roommates are having some people over and doing their partying thing.

One guy comes in and sees me playing Destiny and starts talking to me about his friends game. First off it's apparent that he isn't well versed in video games. Apparently he had a good friend that he meet working in a re...

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That's a really good deal but if they don't want a false advertising suit filed against them then they should probably take away the "All" from "Plays all games in 1080p".

Arma 3. That would be my evidence. Even if you are in low settings I can guarantee it won't hold 60fps in servers online.

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Coming from the same position, I really wish Halo 2 anniversary would come to PC.

To this day I still don't think I've spent as much time playing a game online as I did Halo 2. And I spent 6 months addicted to WoW...

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Arma 3 is still my favorite reason for having a PC. It's so much fun getting into a ambush and being in a firefight with a few of your friends for up to 20 minutes before you even realize what is fully going on AKA where the shooters are.

And it's freaking gorgeous.

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Arma 3, Metro, Witcher 2, and Crysis are really the only ones that deserve this fame.

The rest are just due to bad optimization(cough Ghost cough) and some aren't' even as demanding as they make it seem, like BF4 for example.

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Ahh, good old n4g. How I've missed you.

I simply said I would enjoy it at maximum force on my PC. I never once bashed consoles in that statement. Hell I've owned every console from the snes to the ps4. I had just sold my 360/ps3 to finance my pc a bit before the release of gtaV otherwise as I said I would have purchased it.

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Yup. I probably would have bought it if I had a lastgen system at the time. Glad I get to get my cherry popped in ultra settings at 1440p. :) Also can't wait to see the mods that come along.

Although Radio Mirror Park won't be anything new. A buddy introduced me to that stations soundtrack and it's been a part of my music library for a while now. Which actually made the new reveal trailer that much better. Gave me shivers lol.

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It's sad to see that you are just getting disagrees to that. Maybe it's cause you said it sucks? I don't quite agree with that but I agree with the fact that it's nothing new. I've been a huge fan of BF since 1942 and have played the hell out of every release since then.

I got really disheartened at the difference between bf3 and bf4. I just knew they were heading down the COD milking route. Now after playing BF:H I can honestly say I will not be buying it...

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Well it's running on the exact same engine as BF4 and looks pretty much like an expansion.

So was this even a question in the first place?

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@ Neonridr

Lol, I saw the title of that gif you linked and thought you were trolling him. Then I went to copy it for myself and realized that for some reason that is actually the name of the gif.

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"Simple reflections"

Well "simple" in a extreme sesnse. Check out this video comparison to GTA 4 (yes FOUR not five). They leave out so much in comparison to a game that came out on LAST gen. Even then, it was only a few years after that gen had started.


Don't get me wrong, I can't wait to sink my teeth into Watch ...

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I guarantee 95% of the people openly bashing piracy on N4G are not actually PC gaming owners, there by pretty much crushing any option to partake in it.

"Oh look, I can't even start to try to pirate something. That means I'm an angel and should let everyone know I don't condone such things."

Good old N4G.

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Well semi-correct. I'll be playing at 2560x1440 at 96fps on my PC. I guess there is Ultra too.

Love my PS4 but I hate articles that try and make the playing ground seem more even than it really is. It will look damn good on consoles regardless. No need to try and make it seem like there is no need for a multiple thousand dollar PC if your in to that kind of thing.

We'll all be playing the same game regardless. :)

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