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Very impressive though, I'd love to see an actual game running this tech.

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Has anyone here ever played Nerf N-Strike for the WII?
I swear the WIImote doesn't work with this game, it's complete vaporware!
Anyway, that was just one example of many WII games that make full use of the WIImote and completely fails with it on all levels.
Now with that said, how many consoles have Nintendo sold to date?
I don't know the exact numbers but my guess is a hell of a lot more consoles than MS or Sony!
While some said that ...

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Another KZ 3 fanboy circlejerk.

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Ok seriously now, GT5 is going to flop so hard that its going to make even Allan Wake look good!
It is funny though reading all the tard posts from insecure little fanbabies frothing at the mouths over such nonsense.

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This is flaimbait garbage and according to posters, DFC have been platform bias for quite some time.

----------------------------- -------


"My interesting note. DFC predicted Wii would be in second place. This was their closest prediction!

DFC predicted xbox360 would be in DISTANT 3rd place.
DFC predicted dispite the price of PS3 (when it was high ) it would be in first place!
(this me...

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I agree this guy is a complete twit. I have both consoles and it's a no-brainer that when i want to play on-line i go with XBL. I'm calling shenanigans on this guy, it's just too obvious that he's trying to hard to fail XBL.

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Everyone wants to rush out and wreck thier fukin eyeballs over this overhyped 3D garbage. Lmfao when i start reading about people suing Sony because thier PS3 gave them fuked up mutated looking googly eyes!

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Yes lets compare.. Original Achievements>>>ripoff Trophies

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I would like to see a 360S vs PS3 Slim. I'm confident that the 360S would win because the PS3 Slim gets crazy hot under normal circumstances.

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"I don't know if Move is going to bomb, but at this point, nobody gives a shit. Even Sony fans would rather talk about Kinect."

Ha ha, funny and true.

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I want this fukin game in my 360 bad.

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Bashing MS in anyway is a great way to get hits around here.

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How old are you 12?

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WOOT! Firmware 3.40 come and brick my system baby!!!

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Well i cant really argue with that craptastic list.

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I dont think anyone would want anything else from him. Honestly though, dev's like him (360 too) make me sick. I just dont understand all the BS loyalty vs money.

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This guys fail XBox 360 doom & gloom predictions go way back to 2005--im so sick of this asshole.

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I see a mixed bag of reviews for this game right across the board, and anything less than perfection is going to hurt it badly because of all the overhype.

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Wow! Just when I thought that Kinect couldn't be bashed into the ground any deeper, N4G prooves me wrong! The--anything MS hate fest continues.

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Gears 3, Rage, Crysis2, COD Black OPS, Enslaved, Bulletstorm, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Brink--just to name a few that I feel look as good or better than KZ3. Btw, Rage got best looking game of E3! But you knew that right?

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