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@zeeshan Sony's E3 conference will be all about PSvita, that's why they're announcing the PS3 games right now I think.

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I buy a fifa game every two years. I get to see more improvements & spend less money. (still playing 11 & waiting for 13) All good.

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Would be a day one for me if it's anything above 15 hours. I just can't spend 60$ on a game I'll finish in 5-7 hours.

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According to this list, far cry 2, saints row & burnout are better open world games than San Andreas. this is bullsh.t

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15% of N4G comments are C-C-C-C-Coooombo breakers!

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Dishonored; They've just revealed the first trailer.

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How about THIS list :

10.Dead Space 2
9. Journey (Downloadble game but worth mentioning)
8. Gran Turismo 5
7. Infamous 2
6. Little Big Planet 2
5. Heavy Rain
4. Metal Gear Solid 4
3. Uncharted 2 (best in the series imo)
2. God Of War 3
1. Red Dead Redemption

& Switch order depending on your taste.

(withought even mentioning the other exclusives such as Motorstorm, Kil...

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There's pretty mush a lot that can be done with a little imagination. Just look at the metal gear series. it could even be a new character/new setting.

/sorry dor the double post.

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These Mass Effect articles are getting old.

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@smooch "Yes, the driving was more fun in GTA IV, but that doesn't mean that it was necessarily fun"

lol wut?

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heheh. san andreas's release date! would make a perfect date for GTA V.

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Current rumors are complete bullshit IMO.

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Wouldn't buy it for 5$.

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I'm starving for some new GTA V details. Easily my most anticipated game, hoping it gets released this year.

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You do realize he's not interested into buying one too, right?

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You do realize MNR came out in 2010 right?

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Didn't buy Skyrim for its story.

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He would probably just rip everybody's head off.

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STFU, seriously.

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