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oh okay then... shoot... no more non-sense flame wars...

i'm going to miss that... #2.3
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off-topic but new site? damn when was this?
what happened to the open zone!? #2
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Long time since I was here...

Ps3 shortages no biggie, 360 beat by a measly 20k

GoW3 1.1M on one console, on the 3rd place console, on the console noone is playing.
oh hi MLB: The show
oh hi FF13
ugh FF13 on 360? almost double on ps3?

but butubu teh 360! #11
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this the best 360 can offer?

720 2011 confirmed to be on par with ps3 #49
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ohh 5h1t
no need for words

we knew this #94
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wheres the definitive racing game?
oh sh1t
UC2 sold more then a million i wonder how failza did? #19.1
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ohhh 819K?

tell me how ps3 is 710K
and last year 360 was 850K at 199 vs 399

ps3 710K $299
360 820k $199

fuking fail #27.2
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poor bots striving for that 100K difference
not to worry bots

im sure MS will drop the price of the 360 to $59.99 on jan to outsell the ps3 by 100,001 consoles

its okay ill buy one so i can use it for a heater next chrismas #34
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here we go...
Brink looks better then Kz2?

holy crap!! wait...
where's the other articles? umm can't find any...

oh sh1t hip hop gamer
ohhhhh no wonder,

keep walking, nothing to see here. #14
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That was the gaming news now on to GAMERS IN MY HOUSE SEGMENT it features my man Bob and its FIRE."

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no need to ban them M$
they're flocking here anyway
but an extra push is nice kind gesture... #25
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oh yea...
forgot about this game. #5
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PS3 500K


no more to say #16
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no need to laugh
since when MS was reliable? #7
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it's 12:30 AM...

either way

damn 60% M$ must be proud #8.1
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now this time
I will get my ps4 on launch date!

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this coming from a bot?

oh LuLz #5.1
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oh noes
I might have to downgrade for sh1tty costly p2p xbox live

ohhh wait
PSN will be remain free AND have servers
thats just paying Premium for premium stuff
and I can choose!

Kk thanks Sony! #24
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now this is funny
can't wait until bots say

"umm we brought more! hahahha"

oh wait... #21
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halo quiz it! is better

:/ cant wait for spins #11
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