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Wrong post.

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Sorry but you fail, Castle Wolfenstein, originally available on the Apple II in 1981, employed stealth elements as a focus of the gameplay. Tenchu: Stealth Assassins was released several months before Metal Gear Solid, making it the first 3D stealth based-game.

Google is your friend : )

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I have never seen that much money in my life : )

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HHG might just be right about the Metal Gear FPS. Didn't Kojima give praise to Modern Warfare 2: http://n4g.com/News-415357....

As much as many of you might hate MW2, maybe Kojima enjoyed the game and was some what inspired. Plus I am sure Kojima is willing to give the GEM/WAND some attention, after all he is fascinated by new technology and a 3rd person would not work as well as first person game with motion controll...

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In the words of Martin Luther King, Jr: I have a dream that my 3 game consoles will one day see graphics as superior as the almighty PC.

Did you guys see how much money Bill Gates has, it almost reached into space.

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R.I.P Snake.

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The begging reminded me of SAW. Just from the trailer you can see that the story in this game is going to be deep. I honestly was turned of by the tutorial demo they should, but this trailer just put heavy rain on my must buy list.

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on N4G that works from 8:30 am - 5:00 pm, and has school 3 times a week - plus try fitting in your social life.

Where do you guys get the time to play all these kick a$$ games-Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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Holly BBQ souse!!Were the hell have I been - This game is what I have been looking for. Thanks for the video Nuri and your description of the game was spot on.

Now I am really excited about this - hope they release it in the USA.

I can see Micro and Cap will use some Natal implementation in this game.

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Is it an RPG or a pokemon like game where you collect monsters?

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Never mind.

Admins delete my comment please - not worth the trouble.

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I think I have some mild A.D.D. case - I tried playing GTA 4 but my attention went from 10 to 0 after the first few stages. Same for Fabel 2 and Infamous I could not complete those game to save my life.

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You will be missed little guy.

On topic - Bioware deserves all the credit they are getting. I have only completed about 18 games since the xbox360 and PS3 era, here is my list to name a few:

Bioshock - Completed twice
Metal Gear Solid - Completed
Gears of War 1 & 2 - Completed
Modern Warfare 1 - completed - Could not complete MWF 2
kILLZONE 2 - Completed
Demon Soul - Currently playing - Will complete by tomorrow.
Resistance 2 -...

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People please read this interview. I do not care if your a Halo fan only, COD fan only, uncharted fan only, Killzone fan only...PLEASE KEEP THIS GAME ON YOUR MUST BUY GAME LIST - AT LEAST TRY THE DEMO OR RENT IT. If this game is as good as it sounds on paper and it does not get a sequel, I am going to be pissed.

Hopefully it does well on the 360 and PC so the developers make a PS3 version - every one needs to play this game!!!!!

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PS3 is bounced back.

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too lazt to google.

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Will be using a heavily modified GEO-MOD engine, the same that was use for Red Faction.

Saints Row 3 was 10x more funner that GTA 4 , the only thing I hope they fix is the pop in and out of buildings and cars, the graphics need an update as well.


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Is a gamer just like me and you but I see why he uses the over flamebait headlines goes he wants hit for his site.

What many of you do know is that HHG gets his bread from his website and and man has to do what a man has to do to survive.

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FEAR 2 was rubbish and the controllers felt a little off.

The AI was ok but not as HHG makes it out to be.

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