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haha #39
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I got it for a tenner... #5
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I agree with the list. Ps3 has the best exclusive graphics. 360 the better multi-plat graphics while Wii just has the better exclusives... #91
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'tis not human nature. :'( #10.1
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19 years old..... Mammy should really make him make his own dinner. #15
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Well..... burn my bread and call it toast. #21
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One of my favourite stores :'(
Why couldn't it have been HMV instead.... I much prefer Zavvi to HMV. #2
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SCEE still suck... How I hate thee. #12
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No it won't.
It just won't. #94
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€49.99 for a digital version of CoD4 lmao
Why would I buy the digital version when I could get a hard copy for half the price? #9
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I bought a battery charger yesterday which was packaged clamshell style.
However there was an area of indentation on the back which could be easily 'popped'. It made it far easier to open. #27
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I still don't get...
what type of metal they were referring to...
todays rock 'n' roll sucks anyway, it's not like it used to be. #13
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For me, the major advantage of video on Blu-ray over DVD is the vibrancy of the colours. Dvds in an upscaling player seemed washed out in comparison. Still, it's hard to tell the difference in picture quality if you sit at the recommended distance but the vibrant colours give Blu-Ray away everytime. #60
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360 pad + PS3 dpad = a big gold star from me :) #73
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1. an object designed for children to play with, such as a doll or model car
2. an object that adults use for entertainment rather than for a serious purpose.
Hmm...1 or 2? ;) #6
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The PC is the most hardcore machine but also potentially the most casual. Every console can be either hardcore or casual, it just depends how you use it ;). #9
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It only took them a year to get to this...
EEEPC 701 ftw! #1
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And yet I still can't send stuff from my phone... #32
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I wonder how big a religious group would have to be to pull something like this.....hmm.... #9
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