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"You, Yeah You - Add Me As Friends :D"


The universe works in Mysterious ways. #2.1.1
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I won. o_0 #2
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And since you're changing the Setting & Character, please chose wisely this time, i love the AC series but this AC3's setting and character was pretty boring. #2
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I really don't expect much from Feb 20, apart from the announcement of PS4. But having a Tech Demo on display would just make my Year ( Not Day ). :D #2
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I hope this Rumor does not become reality, For the Sake Of Gamer's. #4
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Yes,...Yes i would.

Gladly Even. #3
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That does not seem to be working. #1
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You sir are a 'Skid Mark' on the underpants of Humanity. #1.2
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It's paid for until November Next Year. :D #2.1
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With $38 in my PSN Wallet since August last year, this was just the article i needed. #1
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Cannot wait for this. #1
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So they're basically accepting that PS4 is more powerful. :P #1.2
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Sony is beginning to show signs of distress.
So i'll take it that the writer has never heard of a thing called, 'Affiliate Program', what Sony's doing is not different to an 'Affiliate Program' run by, say... Amazon, Ebay or Best Buy.

Everyone that sells stuff does this.

Sensationalism At It'S best. #5
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Ohh man, look at the spelling and Grammar mistake in my last comment.

Note to Self: Always proof read it all. #1.3
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You think me stop posting will change anything,.... you're wrong.

I stopped posting from Kotaku, after the constant complaining, yet all of their stories make it to the Kotaku.

The Crap, you're talking about will get here, i would just be by someone else. #1.2.1
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Ok, i came of as a Douch'e who just cared for the Contest and didn't took time to send His condolences towards 'Cat'.

FYI - I had already done that, so i thought doing the same here wasn't necessary. :D #1.1
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Hmmmm, $100 for the top News Contributor, i might have to do something about that. #1
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I think this Story deserves a comment from Me. <---- #1.2
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Yup, Video games are not to blame.

But the Media is doing exactly what they did with 'Islam'. #1.1
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Yes i have been submitting a lot from Kotaku, just like I've been submitting from IGN, EuroGamer, CVG, GamaSutra, Joystiq, Gamesradar, GamesIndustry etc.

What i'm trying to say is that, to me Kotaku is nothing more than 'Just Another Website' nothing more.

I could stop submitting from them & still walking away the winner each month, without a single hiccup.

Cheers. #1.3.2
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