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I think we'll have another Gen where 1 console ruled them all, not all will cross their Predecessors, but 1 certainly will.

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F* YEAH!!!

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Exactly, that's why you call it an error.

Not to stomp you're beliefs, but i too can make mistakes.

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Use your brain people, if i had any idea that mine was actually duplicate, would i have reported this to the Mods,... No.

It was just an honest mistake.

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This is a Duplicate, reported to the mods.

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This article is SOOOO 2010.

But yeah, COD has to die for the greater good.

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I waited a full month to make that comment.

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Cool beans- won the user blog Competition, what a surprise,....NOT

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The huge quantity of quality Exclusives.

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7.inFamos: Second Son
8.Killzone: Shadow Fall

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Thank you. :)

I know this would sound cocky but here it goes, it's amazing how easy being on top has become.

In June I submitted stories for like 16/17 days and yet came out on top.

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The Last Of Us had everything, Story, Graphics, Enjoyable Multiplayer, Characters,... but the 1 thing that out-shinned them all was,... Joel.

I absolutely loved him, it actually felt like that he has SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS...................... ............................... ........'Survived 20 Years Of Apocalypse'.

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It's only their own fault.

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We're talking Console, aren't we.

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All right, this removed all my doubt's. She is an opportunist.

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Again, for the sake of my kind 'The Gamers', i hope it does.

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On 1 condition,.The 6-Pack is on you.

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