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Still not as weird as the first Ad.

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Your comment reminded me of this.

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Agreed, i mean the console version of BF3 didn't stopped me from playing it, so i think i can deal with this,... Happily.

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Cannot wait to get my BF4 launch bundle from Amazon.

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Seems like it is. I'll know for sure once i have my BF4 PS4 Launch Day Bundle along with Ghosts & Shadow Fall.

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lol,... Same Here.

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Exactly, and there were people complaining how how there was too much focus on Indie at Sony's Gamescom Conference.

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For me, Second Son takes the crown without any competition.

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Simply love it.

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I'm 100% sure they knew this wasn't going to be the name, but the idea of hopefully getting a reply from MS, so they can make a story out of it was just too damn sweet.

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PS Vita, now SAUCE BAUSS Approved.

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I cannot believe Forbes actually felt the need to contact Microsoft about this.

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Call Of Duty is to Gaming what iPhone is to Smartphones industry. There are far better options out there, but i'm buying it because everyone at my 'School,Work,Community' ; has it.

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I want the awesomeness of Joel to be present in the next Game as well.

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Hey i'm not afraid to admit i loved GTA4 & played it for over 200 hours.

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Not only that, I'm also officially recognized as the Most Loved individual on News Boiler Network.

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If it's Dec 15 for Saudi Arabia & Kuwait ( Where I Live ), it has to be sometime in November for US & UK.

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Sense Here > None.

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This was the first Playstation Title i had ever bought, this brought back so many memories.

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Like Charlie Sheen Would Say.

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