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This is just sad.

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We'll I've finished:

AC: Black Flag
Killzone: + over 70+HRS of MP
Battlefield 4: + over 70+HRS of MP

Now I'm bored, so getting this will keep me busy until, infamous & Watch Dogs.

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Missed it on PS3, will get it on PS4, but that $60 price tag is a tough pill to swallow.

I would have get it used for the PS3, but sadly I decided to give it away to my nephew after getting a PS4.

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This sounds brilliant.

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The only good studio that is actually doing anything good for Microsoft is 'Remedy'.

Alan Wake was Amazing ( The downloadable that followed wasn't as good as the original ) & Quantum Break looks really interesting, I might get a Xbox One for it.

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There hasn't been much 360 support going on for almost 2 years now.

But still a few games are coming out for it, Like TitanFall & The Next COD.

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I have played over 71hrs of BF4 on PS4 so far, and haven't seen anyone do this.

Who are these people, i would love to play with them. :P

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I find it extremely hard to put the awesomeness of The Last Of Us in words, so i'm just gonna say this.

It was F@#king Incredible.

Gaming Industry Needs More Characters Like Joel.

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LOL, TBH, it never froze on me.

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I am thank full for a lot of things & to a lot of people.

But most of all N4G, this might sound like kissing up so I'm going keep it short.

N4G has helped me more that it realizes, & I'm thankful not just for this year, but Eternally.

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Enjoy these sweet rewards, Young Ones.

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The only reason I'm replying to this comment, is so you can read my comment below.

I'm onto you.

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The only reason CoolBeans didn't won something, is to throw us off guard to what is actually happening.

Noble Members of N4G,... Wake Up.

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Huh, and you all thought the day would never come.

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Freakin' Gorgeous.

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Glad it was changed to 8GB instead.

Unleash the KraK...PS4.

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Is that a threat?

Plus: I cannot change image once it's approved, which it was, by the time I found out that this image ( That really isn't saying anything ) is considered a spoiler by some members.

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I know i am.

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This is wrong on so many levels.

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