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I'm interested in picking up the new Xbox if it's as good as the rumors suggest, but they really need to bring in Games, that's what will really push me to get 1.

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Meplay! Is a very popular Middle East equivalent of Gamestop, they obviously aren't gonna get promotional material before the game is even announced, which is probably why they're using an old image.

There are very high chances that this is correct, because they do get details ahead of time similar to other retailers like Amazon & Gamestop, but will this be the final release date, seems unlikely.

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What Chris said, lol.

And i'm always here, just don't sign in or contribute as much.

I'm always here guarding the North from Trolls, the 'N' in 'N4G' stands for 'North' now. ( Sorry, I'm In Game of Thrones mode right now, saying stupidest of things ).

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1. Gaming News Story of the Year
Sony reintroducing The Last Guardian/Announcing Shenmue 3.

2. Best New Studio
Not sure? Didn't play many new studio games.

3. Best New IP
Until Dawn ( I haven't Completely Beaten it Yet, But I Already Like It More Than Other New IP's I've Played This Year )

4. Best New Video Game Character
Evie Frye ( From AC: Syndicate )

5. Best Single Player...

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Ahhhh, what happened to you guys, being all mature and stuff, this place used to be fun.

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This is so big, it's not even funny. "No Pun Intended"

Xbox Has No Studios.

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How an article about Women following their passion despite their 'Cultural Oppression' turned into a bashing of Religion 'Islam' is unbelievably surprising.

I read something, one day, and say to myself that's it, humanity can't be more stupid than that, but then i get on Internet the very next day to be proven wrong.

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Is it? or is it so relevant that it blew your mind.

LOL, Seinfeld Reference.

Either way, was that comment relevant 'Maybe Not', was it true 'Absolutely'.

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Looks nice, might have even picked it up if i hadnt sold my second Xbox One month and a half ago.

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I remember the good old days when i used to win them every month. People hated me for that. HAHAHAHAHA

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PSN, I'd love to play this game, either by buying it or getting a free code.

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I've never played any game made by 'PixelNAUTS', but that will change soon when the 'Lost Orbit' comes out.

Wishing the Devs best of luck for the future, which i'll be keeping an eye on. :)

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Looks quite good TBH, plus the Developers are Canadian which tips the scale towards 'Must Buy's'.

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I just read this blog and now i wish i hadn't.

Since i am not good at typing up my feelings, i'll keep it short and simple.

You have been one of the most Kind, Patient, Understanding and Gentle person that i have had the pleasure to know, you have always been there whenever i needed help with the smallest and stupidest of issues, you were patient even when i was saying to myself 'Man, She Must Be So Annoyed'. THANK YOU

I have ...

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The real question is, how effective the bans really are.

If a regular guy like me can just go to a shop in Kuwait and pick up both of those games with ease, then these bans are of no concern at all. Specially not worthy enough to be posted on N4G.

In fact I own both version GTAV for PS3 and PS4, also own The Order:1886.

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I'm totes not lying, i totes chose not to write.

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Just so everyone knows, i can totally write but choose not too.

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It defined my childhood as well.

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Like i said earlier, it's a neat idea that could work very well ( If Funded ).

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That's a neat idea.

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