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The real question is, how effective the bans really are.

If a regular guy like me can just go to a shop in Kuwait and pick up both of those games with ease, then these bans are of no concern at all. Specially not worthy enough to be posted on N4G.

In fact I own both version GTAV for PS3 and PS4, also own The Order:1886.

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I'm totes not lying, i totes chose not to write.

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Just so everyone knows, i can totally write but choose not too.

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It defined my childhood as well.

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Like i said earlier, it's a neat idea that could work very well ( If Funded ).

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That's a neat idea.

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My Name used to be up there, each and every month.

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I'd say stop everything and give the Controller a revamp, they used to have the best Controller but this time, it just bad... Bad Design, Awkwardly/Needlessly Big, and get rid of the damn batteries ( It's Next Gen For God's Sake ).

Though i love the Thumb-sticks on it.

I don't understand how there's even a competition between PS4 & Xbox One's controllers.

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'I Won' Walter White.

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I'm not sure if they'll hit 33 Million mark, but I'm sure that they'll cross the 25 Million by the end of 2014.

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I submitted it thinking that, then i watched it.

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F* Me, This is Free?

This is the first time I'm hearing this. Going To Google right now.

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So far everything looks awesome to me, cannot wait to get my Pre-Order.

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Awesome, I've had the $80 Collectors Edition on Pre-Ordered since OCT 19th.

Cannot wait for the release.

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Incredibly Hyped for this.

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Nothing but positive Previews.

Will love to be in the Beta, but it's highly unlikely.

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Soon things will be back to normal. :P

Congratulations Everybody.

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Hyped as sh!t.

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I am shocked to see a character in Top 10, that had absolutely no purpose being in the Game let alone in a Top 10 List.


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Hoping it under $600. But i highly doubt it as it's Alienware.

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