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Have it on Pre Order and cannot wait to get on it.

Despite this being a downgrade, and the Titanfall 1 was clearly better, I'm still looking forward to it as I enjoyed the Test Run.

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Indie games barely capture my interest, but Outlast was the one Indie Title that did, really enjoyed it and will most likely buy the upcoming Outlast 2.

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I apologise. :)

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When is it necessary to add Site Name/Initials to the Title or Description?

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If something like this came out, it'll have dozens dying every week.

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Yes, me have high Cranks, but they don't mean anything as, a while back N4G put a limit of 50 posts on Submissions in place, so be it 50 or 500 Crank, you are only allowed to post 50 submissions per day.

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'I'm the king of the world'. Lol

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I was really excited to finally see a Sony Bend Game, and i liked what i saw.

And the fact that they reduced the threat & volume of the Zombies for the Demonstration got me even more excited.

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I was genuinely shocked at how good the Sony Conference was, so many games that i was actually excited to see and will probably Pre Order.

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Dishonoured 2 and Prey were the highlights for me, I know we've seen next to nothing so far about Prey but that trailer intrigued me.

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EA is smart on trying to capitalize on the recent poor reception of Call Of Duty, with TitanFall. Battlefield was always going to Sell as it has a huge fan base as it is.

Releasing it this early will give the TitanFall franchise stronger legs to stand on.

With That Said, Day One. Really excited for this.

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Roger that.

But i didn't mean it like that, IGN was just a random example.

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Question: I've seen this happening before, sites like IGN'S would post a recently announced news and it'll be explained in a 2 line paragraph with 'More To Follow' under it.

Am I allowed to submit those?

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Thank you for the update.

I know I'm not perfect in Submissions or Approvals, but I'll be doing my best to 'unofficially' help out as properly as I can.

Good luck.

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Am I the only one who got an InFAMOUS Second Son vibe from this.

Seems they ditched everything that was in the first game. Good.

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I've got more reason to believe that it's accurate ( Cough The Trailer Rating Cough ) than you believe it's not.

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I think it's time.

It's time to finally reveal the next game in the franchise, sadly I missed the Ascension but will definitely pick the next one up.

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This is EA.

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One of my most anticipated game of the year. Cannot wait to see the stream.

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No, they won't.

But Looking forward to what Microsoft does with the Xbox.

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