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LOL< =]

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Huh, i won something?

Good. Good.

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Now worries at all, hope you all get well soon.

Happy New Year, Cheers.

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God, that looks awesome.

It's sad what happened to Bizarre Creations, but i hope Blur 2 see the light of day under some other studio.

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HAHAHA, you shall try, but failure will be your destiny.

Though seriously, I've been playing the Beta for over 2 weeks now. :D

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It took me 15 minutes before i finally focused on the clothes.

*If YA! Know What I Mean*:

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The beta finally arrives. =]

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Nice article, so many significant Female characters missing from the Cover.

But it's not big of a Deal, is it?

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Look who posted this. :P

Congratulation: Take That Company.

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Ofcourse, but you do get Games extremely cheap, $20 to $25 cheaper compared to the console versions.

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Thank God.

But i think i was also confirmed that footage was indeed in-game. though i hope i'm wrong.

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Really looking forward to the BoxArt, followed by a full reveal.

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I sure hope so, if they do end up going forward with this ridiculous idea. I'm moving to PC Gaming for good.

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I think i should not keep an eye on this, as this would probably be a US-Only thing.

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LMAO, would have enjoyed it more if they happened to me during Gameplay, but i'm 80% done and still nothing.

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Did they announced how much it has sold so far?

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It is sad that professional have their important time wasted like this, but you have to admit, that's 1 awesome trolling.

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I hope it's fake, or else this is new low in Human history.

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Moe, Rage and redDevil can explain better.

I bought it last week during the Holiday sale, will definitely start playing it today, i sure hope it lives upto all the GOTY Awards.

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Says You. :P

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