You, Yeah You - Add Me As Friends :D


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Finally. :D

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You people better shape up.

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That could really be it. I'm gonna try using you suggestion and hopefully find that to be the problem.

Finally someone with a helpful comment rather just attacks. Thank you.

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My HDR is 100% enabled, My TV is good as it gets in Tech right now.

Maybe it's just me.

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I absolutely love this game and find it to be extremely beautiful and Detailed.

Though, I've been playing it on my PS4PRO and LG 65" 4K HDR TV and i fail to see any huge difference between 4K and the regular 1080P TV I've got in my Bedroom.

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I miss you all as well, although I'm lurking over there almost everyday I don't post much, it's gotten way too Political for me.

I will contribute from now on, because like I said, miss interacting with you all. 😁

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It's so bad, it's good. Lol

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Man I feel bad for the guy, I would hate it if my Just Bought gadget got busted like that.

Hope he can get it Switched,... hahahahahaha, get it, 'Switched', like it's the name of the console 'Switch', hahahahahaha.

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I absolutely agree with you, Dishonoured 2 was far superior to UC4 in all the areas that actually matter, from perfect story telling to amazing/addictive gameplay, Dishonoured 2 had it all.

Everyone knows how much I love the UC series and how much I loved UC4, but it will be absolutely sad if UC4 won instead of Dishonoured 2.

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I have countless complains with Destiny but I still enjoyed it, which is why I'm looking forward to this.
And call me crazy but unlike everyone else, I'm actually happy about the fact that we'll be starting greasy and not carrying anything over.

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1. Gaming News Story of the Year
1- Red Dead 2's Confirmation
2- Kojima Partners With Sony
3- No Man's Sky Controversy.

2. Most Anticipated Game of 2017
1- Red Dead Redemption 2
2- Death Stranding
3- Detroit: Become Human

3. Fail of the Year
1- No Mans Sky ( What a freaking let down )
2- COD: Infinite Warfare
3- Uncharted 4 ( Mult...

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1. Best Voice Acting
1- Troy Baker as Sam Drake ( UC4 )
2- Aidan Gillen as Paul Serene ( Quantum Break)
3- Kit Harrington as Salen Kotch ( Infinite Warfare )

2. Best Art Direction
1- Dishonored 2
2- Uncharted 4
3- Inside

3. Best Story
1- Dishonored 2
2- Mafia 3
3- Uncharted 4

4. Best SoundTrack
1- Battlefield 1.
2- Uncharted 4 ( Was Ok ) ...

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1. Best New Video Game Character
1- Sam Drake
2- Emily Kaldwin

2. Best Single Player Experience
1- Dishonored 2
2- Uncharted 4
3- Hitman

3. Best Multiplayer Experience
1- Battlefield 1
2- Uncharted 4
3- Titanfall 2

4. Best DLC
1- Destiny: Rise Of Iron
2- Uncharted 4: Survival


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Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha haha!

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Like myself, people have themselves to blame more than Sony, the Hype/Rumors ( Like Always ) got way out of hand and not that we look at what was revealed, it's actually not bad, not bad at all keeping $399 Price Tag in mind.

Plus, this simply is not an Answer to Scorpio, i am almost willing to bet that a proper Next-Gen system like Scorpio will come Late 2018/early 2019.

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Wrong Post. Mods, Please Delete this display of embarrassment ( AKA My Comment )

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Its easier to win when the Competition hasn't even arrived yet. Lol

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This looks a Borrow From A Friend at best, and this is coming from a guy who's bought every COD game since MW2.

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I feel the Xbox Players Pain, and I play on PS4.

That Freakin Jade Rabbit just won't Drop.

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They're f**king Video Games, just take a moment and breath guys, Damn.

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