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My Name used to be up there, each and every month.

http://37.media.tumblr.com/... #15
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I'd say stop everything and give the Controller a revamp, they used to have the best Controller but this time, it just bad... Bad Design, Awkwardly/Needlessly Big, and get rid of the damn batteries ( It's Next Gen For God's Sake ).

Though i love the Thumb-sticks on it.

I don't understand how there's even a competition between PS4 & Xbox One's controllers. #3
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'I Won' Walter White. #118
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I'm not sure if they'll hit 33 Million mark, but I'm sure that they'll cross the 25 Million by the end of 2014. #4
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I submitted it thinking that, then i watched it. #1.1
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F* Me, This is Free?

This is the first time I'm hearing this. Going To Google right now. #3.1.1
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So far everything looks awesome to me, cannot wait to get my Pre-Order. #3
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Awesome, I've had the $80 Collectors Edition on Pre-Ordered since OCT 19th.

Cannot wait for the release. #1.1.1
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Incredibly Hyped for this. #1
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Nothing but positive Previews.

Will love to be in the Beta, but it's highly unlikely. #2
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Soon things will be back to normal. :P

Congratulations Everybody. #1
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Hyped as sh!t. #1
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I am shocked to see a character in Top 10, that had absolutely no purpose being in the Game let alone in a Top 10 List.

Franklin. #1
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Hoping it under $600. But i highly doubt it as it's Alienware. #1
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I love the Steam Controller,...But i see no point in these PC's/"Steam Box".

I can understand the reason behind a $499 Steam Box ( Will Pull In Tons Of Console Gamer's ), but why Make & Release a $1500 Steam Box? Seem's like nothing more than a waste of Time & Resource.

They Should have just released the Controller. #1
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This is just sad. #2
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We'll I've finished:

AC: Black Flag
Killzone: + over 70+HRS of MP
Battlefield 4: + over 70+HRS of MP

Now I'm bored, so getting this will keep me busy until, infamous & Watch Dogs. #1.1.1
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Missed it on PS3, will get it on PS4, but that $60 price tag is a tough pill to swallow.

I would have get it used for the PS3, but sadly I decided to give it away to my nephew after getting a PS4. #1
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This sounds brilliant. #1
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The only good studio that is actually doing anything good for Microsoft is 'Remedy'.

Alan Wake was Amazing ( The downloadable that followed wasn't as good as the original ) & Quantum Break looks really interesting, I might get a Xbox One for it. #1
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