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New xbox cant play used games. Tee Heee... also again with the dvd drive enjoy changing 10 disks to play a game.

Oh timed dlc, etc.. lol

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Ummm no Wii U is dead

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I hope this is true. Make is so Microsoft.

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Its beautiful

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4 new ips all kinect games lol. no thanks.

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New Xbox that has to be online, cant play used games, specs lower then PS4, DVD drive again time to swap 5 discs, kinect 24/hrs on big brother is watching you and who else is watching.

No thanks.

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Good Riddance

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Wii U still around eh...

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EA is Dice. derp derp...

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Thats what E3 is for idiot.

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Hahaha Kinect and online has to be on always cant play used games LMAO. Enjoy the new xbox they will be watching u 24hrs everyday also included dvd drive again. lol

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Crysis 2 was so boring i didnt even finish it. :/

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Can it be fixed?

No its f*cked!

Wii U looks to the average consumer to be a handheld gaming system just by looking at the controller.

Nintendo should have named it Wii2 or another name.

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Its already a flop.

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I give it a 0.5/5 thats being generous.

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Wrong!!!! Its delayed cause Wii U version is the worst version of the 3.


According to a Sega Tester its the worst. Also Gearbox used the funds that was suppose to be for this game instead they used it to make Borderlands 2.

There might be a lawsuit pending as well.

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If they cant deal with sexism then go back to the kitchen.

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Wii U is going to be another DreamCast. It will be obsolete when PS4 comes out.

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PS3, PS4. PC is all you need for a complete gaming experience. Why get a Wii U with no games also Xbox has no games and u play online for that lol.

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Wii U is a failure. They either need to rename it cause most consumers thinks its an add on that isnt necessary on a Wii. Or the consumers finally realized Wii U is a gimmick :P

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