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lol first they ignore bayonetta 2 for GOTY nominee now they ignore The Phantom Pain which is EASILY one of the most anticipated games last 5 years.

f*** off #3
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SO its wah wah wah I refuse to accept its a good game now b/c once upon a time in life it wasnt working?

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Nah Sorry KojiPro is the industry standard. Games are almost always technically flawless. And they wont announce some fake release date for TPP just to get peoples hopes up for nothing.. thats why it still doesnt have one #1.3
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Looks like Twisted Metal on foot with drawn graphics. LOOKS SICKS. Loved TM 2012 was highly competitive and tons of depth. expect no different #1.6
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of course its going to use F3. ME since 1 has been getting more and more shooter like. #1.1.1
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bought a wii u just for this.. worth every penny #5.1
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No Bayonetta? Obviously they dont own a Wii U #7
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If you bought and plaued the first bayonetta you wouldn't be surprised at all and we could be playing it on PS and Xbox..

Speak with your wallets folks!!!!!!! dont let gems undersell we could possibly never see them again or see them get the exclusive axe.

btw I bought a WII U last friday just for bayonetta #1.8
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IGN is mocking and making fun of MG. A young drebin? Get real ign and go fuck off #1.1
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In response to that trailer

Yes yes yes yes yes yes #1.1
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BS review, game looks way better then gta v. Credibility zero after that nonsense made print #8
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Sorry but MGSV 1080p 60fps and those graphics destroy WD #9
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RZA seems like a cool guy to chill with. Loved the end #5
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no Vanquish? completely fail list. Max Payne 3 is also a better TPS then any Gears #1.4
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A real Socom #14
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Ni no Kuni is not that great.. I wouldnt even rank it a top 5 level-5 game.. Studio G is what brought the hype to that game..

TR was ok but will never replay it again has zero replay value..

MGR is the 3rd best game I played this year.. one of the best action games this gen with tons of replay value #1.7
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Kojipro La and Tokyo are making MGO 3. #2.3
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Stop wishing and start donating. Only way to make this happen #1.2
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Also check off the list no Amy Henning or even Crystal Dynamics #1.1
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Yes IGN one voice actor who was already replaced in MGS4 as BB is changing the whole 25 years history of MGS

Go F*** Off IGN, must be a slow news day #1.3
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