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This dev is brain dead and/or delusional.. Ever since the REBOOT of TR it has copied and ripped of UC since drakes fortune..

Pre Reboot TR you could say that, but ever since they butchered TR and changed most of everything.. somethign that was once unique is now just a wannabe..

TR reboot has more in common with UC than older TR, FACT!!!!!!!!

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2020 same engine book it

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Eh w/e the kid actually seems to be peace lover / tree hugger hippie if you've seen anything on his twitter.. Is it fake? who knows, why so quick to fucking judge

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Why do people always hate on others? Its not easy being born and raised under your dads big shadow.. Especially if your dad is will smith.. Obviously charisma doesnt carry over to your children but honestly how many teens have the charisma of Will Smith anyways?

Give the kid a fucking break, I actually thought he was good in karate kid..

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HK is a master creator and in love with what George Miller did with Mad Max FR at the age of 70+..

I think Kojima has another 20 years in him

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DAMN KOJIMA A GENIUS.. Every time he finds songs I never heard and the fits the mood and trailer SO GOOD..

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This guy makes a bunch of B movies that get panned hard? WTF get a real hollywood writer

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Loved HR but this looks pretty bad.. Level design looks dreadful and a slap in the face to the DE name.. Thief 4 was garbage and now I have zero hope or faith

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This arrogant prick RUINED DmC then spit in the faces of the fans.. GO FUCK OFF!!!!!!

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This is a joke right? xb1 lineup is a disgrace and no reason to own one if you have a pc

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another clown knowing nothing about TLoU keep up the good work TC

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yup after watchdogs, rainbow six and this fuck ubisoft.. NEVER again and I mean it.. their games have shit replay value, extremely casualized, and lacking soul

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yup, mgs v and bloodborn vastly superior

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dumb click bait article

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Sick of dbags saying mgs v took 80 mil and 5 years when half that time was purely making fox engine.

Wahwahwah games not finished yet it's howlongtobeat is longer than F4 and TW3 all while also having two online mp modes

PS know wtf your talking about get rekt. Entitled generation is the death of us all

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MGS 3 says hi

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LMFAO NO, I liked it but not with an ending like that..

MGS 3 is perfection from the moment you enter the disc until you eject it

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Actually the old Lara games played nothing like the first 3 uncharteds..

Uncharted is its own beast until the reboot lara and rise came along..

Reboot Lara ripped of Uncharted not the other way around.. anyone who says otherwise hasnt played a lara game pre 2009

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and it starts.. they going the way of circuit city and raidoshack

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