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IGN is mocking and making fun of MG. A young drebin? Get real ign and go fuck off #1.1
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In response to that trailer

Yes yes yes yes yes yes #1.1
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BS review, game looks way better then gta v. Credibility zero after that nonsense made print #8
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Sorry but MGSV 1080p 60fps and those graphics destroy WD #9
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RZA seems like a cool guy to chill with. Loved the end #5
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no Vanquish? completely fail list. Max Payne 3 is also a better TPS then any Gears #1.4
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A real Socom #14
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Ni no Kuni is not that great.. I wouldnt even rank it a top 5 level-5 game.. Studio G is what brought the hype to that game..

TR was ok but will never replay it again has zero replay value..

MGR is the 3rd best game I played this year.. one of the best action games this gen with tons of replay value #1.7
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Kojipro La and Tokyo are making MGO 3. #2.3
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Stop wishing and start donating. Only way to make this happen #1.2
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Also check off the list no Amy Henning or even Crystal Dynamics #1.1
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Yes IGN one voice actor who was already replaced in MGS4 as BB is changing the whole 25 years history of MGS

Go F*** Off IGN, must be a slow news day #1.3
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What would that be? DMC and NG the former kings of the genre are complete jokes now?

At least I wanna try this. NG3 was just awful wouldn't have touched 4 if it kept the same path #1.1
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this would work with most games but this will easily hit 18 mil. #1.2
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Only 19 million with that Behemoth GTA 5 around the corner?

Gee I wonder if the CEO of Take Two is shaking in his boots #1
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This, it may be bellow expectations but 84 million is a success and a sequel is sure to follow..

Oh and it should have dropped before Iron Man 3 if it wanted to hit it big.. #4.1
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Everyone missed the point.. A Spyro game cash-in is probably in the works.. Demand seems lukewarm for Spyro so Acti green lighted a Spyro game.. Even if its something like a psn/xbl title.. #1.1
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agree but skyrim had a shit story too #1.1
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It's actually $50 and yes imo a laughable price for a side scroller.. No matter how good this looks and does it ever look amazing.. $50 for a sidescroller in 2013 is ridic #1.3
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What a Joke review.. He starts out by saying this is a cash in on Borderlands 2?

LMFAO this game has been in development for 5 years..

this is an awesome MMO and even at launch I wouldnt rate it lower then 8/10

He also says PvP feels tacked on? ya right, he must be getting smoked.. Theres like 4 different maps and pvp modes.. The combat is surprisingly balanced to a degree


lo... #8
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