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Nice. The voice acting is really good. I'd buy a japanese copy if I know how to read and understand them texts. #1
I want Drake to play as Fillion. :P #14
a spoiler in a racing game? :D #3.1
Justin = Rufus :P #2.1
EPIC!!!!!!!!! This will be remembered throughout the years just like the famous Daigo Evo 2004 comeback against Justin Wong. #1
Zelda HD. #2
Dead Rising and NMH for me. #3
You dont have to read his whole username. Just read the numbers. lol #2.2.1
1100+ degrees in just a few hours.
. #4
Oh wow.
Poor gal. Is her hand okay? xD #1.1.1
"just don't ask me to beat the final boss."

You're joking, right? #5.1
I can see it now. Uncharted 3 set in Atlantis with a special cameo appearance from Kratos. #2
Hahaha good one. #16.2
Time Crisis Razing Storm for me. #4
Sakura is that you? #1
ur late. just look at comments 1.1, 1.2 #12.1
Just like Dudley. :) #4.1
NOOOO! I got HHG Roll'd! xD

So HHG, tell us about your experience about the skin-tone detection issue. People here http://n4g.com/news/639731/... have been waiting for you since yesterday.

So I get disagrees for simply asking a question? Okay. #2
forget Wada. :D #1.1
People expected a Final Mix. That must be it. #5.1
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