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What's with the snowy mountains next to the desert in that last shot?

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Wow what? That's huge. Seems like maybe it's going to be a mix between the classic Pokemon games and Pokemon games like Gale of Darkness. I welcome that to be honest. It'll be a nice change of pace.

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Nope. "Could be" isn't the same as "will be" obviously, but it still creates expectations, albeit not as inflated as "will be". Still, I feel that the "True Horror Masterpiece" is what will register with people.

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It's hyperbolic headlines like this that ruin games. They inflate people's expectations, and cause them to be disappointed when the game arrives, which in turn leads to them completely panning it. Let's save this kind of stuff for when the game comes out.

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I'm probably going to wait. What's one more year?

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I hope this is true and this turns out to be as good as it looked. I also hope that they bring it to PC if it turns out to be good. Seems pretty likely they will if they own the rights.

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I've been replaying this recently, and I'm just about finished. It's still really good, but there are definitely a few small things about it that could be improved. One thing that stood out to me was how Cait Sith joins the party - it's the least convincing thing ever. They bump into him in the Gold Saucer and immediately he just says "I'm coming along and there's nothing you can do to stop me", and nobody complains,...

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I'm sure it will have a few problems and flaws, but I'm certain the good will outweigh the bad.

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I know, it's just that the car seems like a big part of the game, so how often are we going to be listening to songs from other Final Fantasy games? Could potentially be quite often.

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Wow, I wasn't expecting that! Hopefully the game also has as many original tracks as any FF game and doesn't just rely on all these old songs.

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I think it was the character designs that bothered me - just kind of ugly. Great game otherwise though.

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Tell me, what exactly is wrong with enabling people (users) to delete / downvote into oblivion idiotic troll comments? Nothing bad would come of it, it would only be a good thing, so why not implement it? Why protect something when nothing good comes from protecting it? Why not remove something when nothing bad would come from removing it? Unless you're one of these trolls yourself. And, I'm 100% sure their games are rubbish, but that doesn't warrant telling them to kill themselve...

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They're overreacting of course, but Steam should meet them halfway. It should be possible for users to downvote nonconstructive, hateful troll comments out of existence or something. Maybe it should even be possible for developers to remove troll comments, though some might abuse that.

I just hate the way the trolls always win - they never get punished. It's always "there's nothing we can do, just put up with them." It's always "grow a thick s...

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Wasn't it confirmed that the game is divided up into regions with load times between them? That could mean that vast amounts of space are implied rather than actually traversable. Still, I like the idea of it having a more realistic scale than other games - that is, IF it has a more realistic scale than other games. Also, while a bit of scenic "empty" space is nice, I hope there's loads of secrets to find. I like a mix of empty and dense, rather than super dense or super emp...

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Chicken MacNugget

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I think 1 and 3 are better than 2, and 4 is perhaps the worst one from the classic series, but I still liked it. Crash Bash and CTR are sort of different kinds of games.

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Getting some Mighty No. 9 vibes from this one.

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As much as I want to say XV, I'm pretty sure Persona 5 will be the better game. Persona games are just so well made, and they have great music and great characters with great voice work. I have a feeling XV will have a lot of problems. The voice work is already a problem, and I have a feeling that the battle system, the game's performance, and the camera are all going to draw criticism despite the extra work being done on the game. Having said that though, I'm looking forward to X...

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That's cold. The guy put so much time into making it. I remember stumbling upon it when it was like halfway to completion roughly 2 years ago.

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The Legend of Dragoon is a poor game. I don't get why people like it. Flat characters, amateur music, cringey names for people, places and things, poorly translated or poorly written dialogue, frustrating unreliable battle system, and Final Fantasy VII copying. The graphics for the environments are good, but that's about it. Anyone who likes that game should play it again when they get the chance - I think you'll get a shock.

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