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If each "episode" is really just discs 1, 2 and 3, I wouldn't mind, because stuff carried over across the discs.

What I really don't want is for locations in disc 1 to become completely un-revisitable in disc 2, or for stuff gained to not carry over between discs. You could revisit places in the original game because disc 1 events weren't coded into the same locations in disc 3, which freed up space, I think. The same could be done with this game. Perhap...

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I don't understand this google translation at all. Could anyone give me a few bullet points?

Questions about this seemingly episodic approach though:

Will levels and equipment etc. carry over between episodes?

Will locations become inaccessible across episodes? Will all the locations visited in the first episode be utterly un-revisitable in the second?

What does it mean that each part will provide a "unique experienc...

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I just can't make sense of the google translation of this article. Can anyone sum up what was said?

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Wow... that's like popping a balloon with a pin. I guess this won't be the massive game I hoped it would be...

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The entire avalanche crew were instantly recognizable, as was the music. The atmosphere of Midgar was pretty much spot on. To me, it's as if they've made the pre-rendered areas real time, and given you free control of the camera. I also instantly recognized that scene where Cloud gets surrounded by ShinRa troops in the more privileged part of Midgar.

I surprised they showed gameplay WITH English voicework though - they must be further along with this than we thought. ...

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"The Witness Beta Comp" is in there too.

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I thought that Evan kid was Esther for like the entire video. Looks good though.

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Seems recognizable to me - pretty faithful, proportionate versions of Jessie and the other Avalanche guys. Definitely captured the Midgar atmosphere too. And god that music - such a fantastic arrangement of that song. I was wondering how they'd handle the music, and I feel like they're going to knock it out of the park.

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Hahaha, seriously man, is it really that big a deal? How do you handle REAL problems if you can barely handle stuff like this? I'm sure if you just lightened up you'd really enjoy the game.

I personally think this game looks wonderful. It's what I expected - it seems to have a XV type combat system and and open world - but it's also so much more. I really get the sense they've managed to "fill out" the game. I was worried they'd have trouble ...

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For me, an announcement of Rogue Galaxy 2 > Ni No Kuni 2 > Dark Cloud 3. But let's get real, they're all pretty similar games, just with different paint jobs. There are a couple of features they don't share in common, but there are strong similarities too. Dragon Quest VIII, also developed by them, is also very similar.

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I just want this guy to show us what else he can do. No more MGS. You can tell he was trying to be as free as possible within the limits imposed on him by Konami, i.e. "make an MGS game for us. You finished making it? Okay, now make another one for us." But the guy's so obviously full of ideas that I honestly think it's cruel to demand more MGS out of him. Let the guy spread his wings - we don't know what we're missing.

That said though I WOULD like ...

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I barely understand this.

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@Neonridr: These sites can't really win can they? If they rate a game highly, they've been bribed, and if they rate a game poorly, they're drawing attention (and hits) to themselves with controversy.

You do realize that sometimes, people are giving their honest opinion? Journalists get paid to write reviews among other things - what they write in the review doesn't really matter except in those cases where money's exchanged hands, or where a publication is...

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I think they'll stay on UE4. It's a tried and trusted engine, unlike SE's proprietary ones. I think they'll be able get what they need out of UE4 without any hitches.

I strongly disagree with the Diablo-esque isometric setting though. Too monotonous and homogeneous. The original game was filled with diverse locations and diverse camera angles. I don't want a dungeon crawler.

Take a look at the Dissidia trailers - I believe the Midgar stage...

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I just don't know, because on the one hand, a good bit of the work is already done - it is a remake after all - but on the other hand, SE are probably going to be really careful making this game. Also, it's not a straight-forward remake, so I'm sure there's an awful lot of work to be done nevertheless.

I just hope they've gone into this with a strong vision for it, because if they haven't, god knows how many times they'll find themselves starting f...

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Old news. There are already videos like these for Vaan and Lightning.

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It's not the Paramina Rift, it's Narshe from Final Fantasy VI - you can tell because of the lights of the settlement on the cliffs in the distance. But yeah, easy mistake to make.

They haven't actually shown any stages from XII yet, but I doubt they'll use Paramina because of how similar it would be to the Narshe stage. Stages shown so far are Cornelia from I, Interdimensional Rift from V, Narshe from VI, Midgar from VII, Besaid from X, and Eden Expressway fr...

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All of Takeharu Ishimoto's arrangements for this game so far have sounded like bad fan remixes, but the music in this trailer is an exception, it sounds so good.

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I never got into these games - they sound too rage-inducing - but I have a lot of respect for this. People just come to hate once-great things if they're milked for money. It's risky to try new things and not rely on winning formulae, but it shows that this is a guy who wants to make things for their own sake, not for the sake of money. The temptation to stick with what isn't commercially broken is obviously strong when you live in a society where you need money to feed your famil...

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To pre-empt any stupid arguments: There's room for both, so everybody go home.

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