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VII is easy to understand on paper. The problem is that the translation for the original version of the game was kind of dodgy, and this made the plot harder to understand at times. Sephiroth's rebirth, his control over Jenova cells, Jenova shapeshifted as Sephiroth, Jenova's parts mutating into boss monsters - these kinds of things were hard to understand purely because of how the script was localized. Again, on paper, the story is easy to understand, and isn't overly complicated...

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I'm fairly sure they're going to be having events throughout the year. This was just an opening ceremony.

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Keep that stuff out of it I say. Neither Tron nor PotC should have been in it either.

They should have stuck to classic Disney films all along. Would've made the game more cohesive I think.

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SquareEnix should localize this and bring it to Steam like Mobius Final Fantasy.

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Wait where is he getting his money exactly?

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YES! I wasn't expecting this.

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I love this game. Good story, great music, good characters and voice work, fun gameplay, and it was great to get to go back to Spira. Can't wait for the inevitable X-3.

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Most graphics are good in their own way regardless of how powerful or not-powerful the technology behind them is, just so long as heart and soul went into making them.

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Looking for shiny ideas to thieve no doubt (joke)

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Looks like good fun, but those humans look pretty crap.

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I'm glad I decided to wait for the PC version.

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Meh, just means people freed up to work on NieR. That and Okami 2 sooner than later.

Was anyone really hyped for this game? Didn't look like anything special. Also, games with "bound" in the title need to go away. Same with games with "fall" and "craft" in their title.

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I'm sure we'll get release dates for Kingdom Hearts 3 and Shenmue 3, and we'll at least get a couple of new trailers for Final Fantasy VII.

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Super excited for this, but there are a number of things that can't see making the cut.

Hojo sunbathing at Costa Del Sol surrounded by bikini-clad women. I'm fairly sure that part's not even optional - it advances the story. So weird and out of place.

Resuscitating Priscilla in Old Junon. That was just weird and kind of unnecessary. Square seemed desperate to insert mini-games wherever they could. Maybe Cloud will resuscitate her, but it won&#...

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I was worried there wouldn't be a separate theme from her for KH3. This is good news. Can't wait to hear it.

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Yeah this always annoys me. Big sales figures don't necessarily mean that everyone who bought something actually LIKED whatever it was they bought. Sales don't accurately reflect a thing's popularity or quality, they reflect the number of people who were compelled to buy said thing by it's advertising campaign.

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Oh yeah woops. Looks good.

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Amazing trailer, but I don't think any of that was in-game.

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Dear God. That was incredible.

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Seems like it has. Though let's give it a few days. Many people initially loved MGSV, but once the excitement died down and they could reflect on the game, they decided it was the worst in the series.

I personally can't wait to play this though, and I know I'll love a lot about it (I'm holding out for a PC release btw).

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