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I barely understand this.

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@Neonridr: These sites can't really win can they? If they rate a game highly, they've been bribed, and if they rate a game poorly, they're drawing attention (and hits) to themselves with controversy.

You do realize that sometimes, people are giving their honest opinion? Journalists get paid to write reviews among other things - what they write in the review doesn't really matter except in those cases where money's exchanged hands, or where a publication is...

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I think they'll stay on UE4. It's a tried and trusted engine, unlike SE's proprietary ones. I think they'll be able get what they need out of UE4 without any hitches.

I strongly disagree with the Diablo-esque isometric setting though. Too monotonous and homogeneous. The original game was filled with diverse locations and diverse camera angles. I don't want a dungeon crawler.

Take a look at the Dissidia trailers - I believe the Midgar stage...

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I just don't know, because on the one hand, a good bit of the work is already done - it is a remake after all - but on the other hand, SE are probably going to be really careful making this game. Also, it's not a straight-forward remake, so I'm sure there's an awful lot of work to be done nevertheless.

I just hope they've gone into this with a strong vision for it, because if they haven't, god knows how many times they'll find themselves starting f...

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Old news. There are already videos like these for Vaan and Lightning.

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It's not the Paramina Rift, it's Narshe from Final Fantasy VI - you can tell because of the lights of the settlement on the cliffs in the distance. But yeah, easy mistake to make.

They haven't actually shown any stages from XII yet, but I doubt they'll use Paramina because of how similar it would be to the Narshe stage. Stages shown so far are Cornelia from I, Interdimensional Rift from V, Narshe from VI, Midgar from VII, Besaid from X, and Eden Expressway fr...

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All of Takeharu Ishimoto's arrangements for this game so far have sounded like bad fan remixes, but the music in this trailer is an exception, it sounds so good.

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I never got into these games - they sound too rage-inducing - but I have a lot of respect for this. People just come to hate once-great things if they're milked for money. It's risky to try new things and not rely on winning formulae, but it shows that this is a guy who wants to make things for their own sake, not for the sake of money. The temptation to stick with what isn't commercially broken is obviously strong when you live in a society where you need money to feed your famil...

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To pre-empt any stupid arguments: There's room for both, so everybody go home.

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Is that the official english name? "Setsuna of Sacrifice and Snow"?? Or is it just a direct translation of "Ikenie to Yuki no Setsuna"?

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I can't get over how cool that view of Midgar is at 0:24 and 0:50. I knew it'd be off limits, but I have a feeling it's a good visual idea of what the remake might be like.

I have a feeling the remake will be an open-world action RPG like XV. SE will take what they've learned from Advent Children and XV and bring it all to the table for the VII remake. For example, we'll be able to wander around the giant town below this Dissidia stage.

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Pokemon Z imminent?

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There's a Firion one too - it seems to have been overlooked.

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Since Okami is part of both options, I'm taking this to mean that a new Okami game will definitely be made, and that's all I really care about.

If Tokuro Fujiwara still works at Platinum Games, I'd love to see a new Tomba game. Maybe I'll ask Kamiya on twitter...

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They'll definitely use Takeharu Ishimoto, the least talented composer SquareEnix has ever had. His arrangements of Final Fantasy songs are dreadful, and his original stuff is just lame. I've never understood the love for the Crisis Core soundtrack - bad metal, butchered arrangements of past songs, and The Price of Freedom, god that song is bad - such a my first acoustic guitar song.

I hope they get someone with real talent to do it, but I feel like the other composers...

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Why don't they just make the game they want to make? Pandering to their audience like this makes them seem like they just want our money, and could care less about making a game. They'll only make what we'll definitely pay money for, and won't take any risks. Their own vision is irrelevant.

It's like they don't have a vision for the game at all. If they had a vision, they wouldn't be asking us what to include and what not to include. They'd kno...

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Not as good as the first game (one of my favourite games of all time), but definitely worth playing. It plays the same as the first one, only the characters are 3D, rather than sprites. It's not as good as the first one in the music department or the general art direction department. Also, the world isn't as memorable or interesting.

God I wish Tokuro Fujiwara would make a third Tomba game though.

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I guess we can add Leviathan and Odin to the summons you'll be able to use, and by god that Besaid stage! New favorite stage.

The only thing that bothers me a little is that they've definitely just used all the old animations and attacks, but maybe there'll be some new stuff in there too.

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I've played both the Dissidia games. The hud isn't as busy as it seems to be in this one. Bit cluttered.

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This looks pretty sick. The HUD is ridiculously busy though, that's my only real complaint.

2 questions:

1. I wonder if that Midgar stage is a good visual reference for how the VII remake will look? Exciting if so. In fact, I'd expect the remake to look even better than that.

2. Where is that snowfield stage supposed to be? In the 20th image of the slideshow, you can see some sort of settlement built into a cliff in the background, do...

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