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Red-haired guy? I don't remember him. Do you mean the purple-haired guy with the umbrella and the fedora? He's Ardyn Izunia.

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Greg Berg playing a character called "Gregory", D.C. Douglas, who played Albert Wesker, playing a character called "Weskham Armaugh", and Emily Roya O'Brien reprising her role as Y'shtola, from Final Fantasy XIV. Seems very dubious.

Having said that, there ARE characters we don't know the names of yet, such as the Assassin's Creed looking guy, and the guy who looks like Regis (both mentioned in this article). But there's also another gu...

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You are reunited with the creator, Jaden Smith.

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If you hadn't stopped reading, you'd realize that I was saying it had the best story out of the three games in the Lightning saga.

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I thought XIII had the best story, and LR had the best gameplay, and XIII-2 was somewhere in between. The visuals and music were fantastic in all three. The storytelling got worse and worse, but the gameplay got better and better.

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I don't know who to believe, but I hope this game eventually sees the light of day and is good.

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Well that Rubio guy sounds like a bit of a joker, and if the game shown really wasn't an actual game, then that's just deceitful, but to lose faith in the game because a focus group felt it was boring is simply idiotic. Focus groups are known for being clueless. I suppose the point is to get the people who buy and play the biggest games in a room, and to see how they like it. If they like it, it'll probably sell like crazy. But of course, that's a stupid way to do things - the...

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Dang... Well maybe, if they can manage to make it, we'll see it on PC, which would be great if it turns out to be a good game.

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So is what the player looks like? Or is that an alien?

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I was kind of surprised how not expressive the character models were in the cutscenes. The voice acting is energetic, but the animations are really canned and wooden. Ah well, great series of games and I hope I get to play this at some point.

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Not Sony's, not Ps4 exclusive.

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Is No Man's Sky much bigger than Elite Dangerous? Seems to me that a 1:1 scale Milky Way is probably only a little bit smaller than the universe in No Man's Sky. No Man's Sky doesn't have a 1:1 scale version of the universe does it? The planets certainly aren't real scale, nor are the distances between them. They look big, but as you're entering their atmosphere it quickly becomes apparent that they're pretty small - you can see individual trees from way too high u...

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Thinking about it, I bet the other races will be based on big ships in space, and you'll occasionally encounter them on the surfaces of planets doing various things. The game will be out very soon, and Hello Games have yet to show settlements of any kind. Somehow I don't think their procedural generation is powerful enough to generate big, complex cities.

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Well if there are alien races, they must have settlements right? We've yet to see any kind of built up areas. It'd be sort of lame if they just wandered around the planets.

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The only way you could get through a game like this quickly is if:

A. You used guides a lot, and didn't take time to work out puzzles yourself. You'd also have more appreciation for how cleverly designed the game was if you didn't use guides.

B. You sprinted everywhere.

C. You never stopped to soak up the lovely and mysterious atmosphere and ambiance of the game. This is partly connected to B, because strolling around is also a g...

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Oh and let me just clarify: If someone tried to impose a ban on the depiction of violence and / or sexual violence, I would oppose them. What I am opposed to is material that glorifies and sexualizes those things - material in which the only layers are the sexualization, eroticization and glorification - no critical subtexts. For example you could have something in which we see the world through a deranged killer's eyes, and as a result, horrible stuff is sexualized and glorified. That...

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I'm sure the WICMC would agree with a lot of what SJWs have to say actually. There are SJWs who would agree with this response too. There is certainly a lot of common ground between the WICMC and modern feminism etc. Still like them?

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Griever: But cultures, morally speaking, DO NOT wildly vary. There are no cultures that are okay with rape and murder and torture and so on. There are morals common to nearly every culture.

If there were such a culture, which would be worse, leaving them to their own devices and basically ALLOWING horrific, atrocious things to be done to people, or "cultural imperialism". Not allowing people to rape etc. is a far lesser reduction of freedom than raping / murdering /...

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Who here actually watches this twisted stuff though? Who watches Japanese loli rape hentai, and gore hentai, and other shit like that? I don't care if it's real or not, if you get off to it, you are getting off to the IDEA of raping children, or to god knows what else. Only sickos watch it in the first place. No "leftists" are against portraying sexual violence in anything, or any violence for that matter, rather it's about HOW it's portrayed. In shit like this, it i...

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Smdh... I consider myself a liberal essentially, but this is just liberalism swallowing its own tail - liberalism becoming its opposite. "child pornography constitutes free speech" - give me a break. It's hypocritical to think everyone should be totally free, and then to also condone and allow behaviors that strip people of freedom sharply or totally. You wouldn't fight for collective freedom and also for the freedom to murder, rape, enslave and torture, that'd be totall...

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