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Despite all this, this game feels like the least "MGS" game to date. Big name hollywood voice actors and no David Hayter? Mission "challenges" a la Assassin's Creed? Exclusive missions a la Assassin's Creed? Open World setting likely with a effing mini-map? Kojima making Quiet sexy to get money from figurines and so he can ogle cosplayers? Kojima endorsing Spike TV and the general corporate gaming doritocracy? The game even feels more "realistic" than all... #38
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@hokis4ever and BNS94: Uh, yeah, I read it this time. Is that not obvious? Don't tell me you think this "casual" look they're going for wasn't totally a "power of suggestion" thing on the part of their management? It's totally a ruse to lure in these indies. They dress up in a down-to-earth fashion, but it's still gonna be the same corporate bs. I'm sorry but you'd have to be pretty simple to not see that. Simple marketing technique. Their appea... #3.8.5
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lol woops. I probably should have read the article. I thought Sony were sending out pr people disguised as gamers to promote playstation games at expos and stuff. You know, like getting people really hyped and stuff.

Still, I wish these corporate types would refrain from prowling around looking for Indies to absorb. The only reason they're doing it is because their own big triple-A companies with their big stupid games are out of ideas. They need some stuff to steal from... #3.8
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That's really deceitful behaviour. Hate these kinds of corporate machinations. #3
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Man I hope this means something VII related is on the way. I wouldn't be keen about a remake, but hopefully it's VII-2 #18
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I like the sound of that. #44
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Nintendo, and even Sony, re-monetizing their old stuff isn't something you should get behind. That shit had its day. It should totally be free now, but these corporations are too money-hungry to allow that. I'll never pay for a game from the fifth generation or below, it's absurd. You're being exploited if you comply with such repackaging

I have the same opinion regarding old consoles. When the Ps3 gets fully superseded by the Ps4? Let us hack the hell out of... #1.3
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These are all "spoilt" reasons. I can play any classic game without any of these problems. In fact I even prefer classic games.

If those things really are barriers, it doesn't even take long for them to stop mattering. Just keep at the game, and if it's good, it's good.

The videogame industry manufactures what's "good" this week, and that has nothing to do with what's ACTUALLY good. Just put aside all these brainwashed... #11
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Shots fired. But Sony already unveiled, albeit later on, that their console will offer much the same non-gaming services that the One will... #65
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How can someone make a game where you bomb the shit out of Vietnam? How much of a jingoistic pr!ck do you need to be? Like why would you be inclined to make fun and entertainment out of such an atrocity? #1
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Stock response when challenged. Suddenly it's not serious. Come on guy. #1.1
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The way I see it, the cloud probably doesn't offer as much as all the pr speak suggests. So what you've got here is a gimped ps4 version. It's multiplatform and publishers want to generate the maximum amount of profit, so the two versions have to be identical or they'll face losses from one of them.

The Ps4 is objectively a more powerful machine than the One (not like that really matters), so objectively this game and most other multi-platform games COULD look... #63
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I agree. But this is totally hypocritical coming from MS. It's just disingenuous damage control. #41
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MS'll make sure these recipients end up paying it back to them somehow. That or regular consumers will. I'm sure they've got all sorts of damage control plans for such a small loss. People shouldn't interpret this as meaning they care about anything else but money. This doesn't make them good people or something. #67
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Microsoft made this game thinking it would appease those who accuse them neglecting Rare. So what did they do? They had a studio which ISN'T RARE develop it, and pretty much abandoned the look of the previous games. And then they made the audacious claim: "We listened." Not only that but they turned the game into a mess of microtransactions and p2p.

I'm sorry but this game is just an example of MS being completely out of touch and not caring at all for the h... #13
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CoD players need to wake up and admit that they're idiots for playing these games. #24
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Great piece, and yes, tokenism or gender essentialism is undesired. However, the problem with allowing leeway for "hyper-sexualization& quot ; is that such a thing still largely takes place in the matrix of patriarchy. In other words, a lot of women hyper-sexualize themselves to attract the male-gaze, not because of their own self-determination. Many women, because they've been immersed and implicated in a patriarchal power dynamic for centuries, have internalized their "rol... #1
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Ubisoft have completely lost the spirit of experiment. They just churn out modish crap these days. #3
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It not "cool." There are MANY legitimate reasons to hate it. It's churned out, it's jingoistic, every game only makes the most incremental of changes, and every game glorifies and fetishizes war, not to mention makes entertainment out of it. Also, the CoD community is among the worst in the history of games; up there with LoL.

It's corporate exploitation. Boycott CoD. It's holding back the medium. #10
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No MattyG, post game content is being able to go back to flippin' Kanto in G&S. My mind was blown by that way back when, and it's still one of the coolest examples of post game ever. It's like a full other game after the main game. I don't know why Game Freak never did this in any of the subsequent games. No post game content thereafter cut it for me. I mean there was good stuff, but never as good as in G&S.

The whole online competitive component is ju... #1.1.4
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