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Noctis looks like an embarrassed teenage kid on holiday with his parents in that picture - maybe at a water park or something.

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Yeah I've got to agree. In some cases it's bad voice acting AND bad flow (Gladiolus and Ignis), and in other cases it's just bad flow (just about everyone else we've seen so far). I never choose Japanese if it's an option, but I think I'll have to this time.

All the lines sound like one-liners, Ignis' voice is just bizarre and inconsistent, Gladiolus constantly sounds like he's doing a voiceover for an action film trailer, and the dialogue in...

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Wormholes and crystal zombies? MGS is weird, but it's not that weird. I think Konami have gone over the top trying to recreate MGS's weirdness without Kojima. It isn't just about wacky, lol random weirdness - there's always a good reason for the weirdness in MGS.

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I know, but he's clearly putting on an accent anyway. I don't think that's his regular speaking voice or anything. British people can do other kinds of British accents badly. I'm Irish and there are many Irish accents from different parts of the country that I'm not able to mimic - I sound silly and inconsistent when I try.

EDIT: In fact, look up Adam Croasdell on youtube to get a sense for his actual accent. Then listen to Ignis in the gameplay. Great ...

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Ignis sounds terrible - sounds like someone poorly putting on an accent. Really inconsistent sounding accent. Gladiolus also sounds terrible - like he's constantly doing a voiceover for some hollywood action film trailer. Also, a lot of the lines sound like one-liners, rather than natural dialogue. Noctis and Prompto sound pretty decent though, and Cor sounds perfect. I think I'll have to go with Japanese voices for the first time though - I don't think I could hack having to list...

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As big a game as Human Revolution was, I think it was a borderline sleeper hit. So it's not really a surprise that this next one hasn't generated much hype. It's failing to generate hype not because it's a bad game, bad because it's a game that's not really on a lot of people's radars.

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Oh right, well true or not I don't really care. I can wait. It'll come out when it comes out.

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Just so long as it's not getting delayed BECAUSE of the VR experience. If that were the case I'd suggest they definitely give the VR experience a miss.

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It's basically been confirmed though hasn't it? Gamestops are getting stickers with the new release date on them to paste over the old date on the displays.

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I don't care when it launches, so long as it does and it's good. Having said that though, I doubt this is true. They committed pretty hard early in the year.

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There's a pretty big difference between the Nvidia and AMD stuff in the recommended specs. Would the more powerful stuff be for VR support or something?

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Yeah, I think in the back of my mind I knew it was a survival game, but only a kind of "lite" survival game, with the real focus being exploration. I did not know it was this much of a survival game, and the early hours of the game definitely sound frustrating and not fun, but I'm assuming it gets easier as you progress. Would have been nice if they'd put less emphasis on these survival aspects though - kind of stressful and distracting when there's a timer ticking away ...

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"there were never plans" - XV has probably changed over the course of its development more than pretty much every other FF game. Numerous "plans" changed, so it's possible they could have ended up making her playable in some way. I'd say many originally planned things were scrapped, and I'm also sure there were never originally plans to add lots of things to the game that ended up getting added. To talk about what was and wasn't originally planned for this ...

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That's true haha. Appearance wise she's gone from strong-looking (Stella) to weak-looking, and she seems to be getting weaker. Very hard to believe she's as stronger character now than Stella was.

I've never gotten over them dropping Stella. She would have made an awesome potential party member too.

I also don't like how they changed Regis' appearance. He looks like he belongs in some generic western high fantasy game or film now. ...

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428 and Kamaitachi no Yoru for sure. They never got English releases and I really want to play them.

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The best art is made when there are no deadlines and no budget constraints. Those kinds of pressures make for rushed games, stories with loads of plotholes, and so on. Even if you never release it, make the most of the creative process.

EDIT: Woops, my bad, didn't realize you were quoting the guy.

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ONE guy made this? That is absolutely crazy... Kind of makes you wonder why SE have so many people working on XV.

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I'm just gonna explore, take photos, catalog things, talk to aliens, and of course mine stuff so I can upgrade my stuff. I'm indifferent about the fighting / destroying side of things.

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This is seriously such BS. Has this ever happened in a JRPG? Get money elsewhere and put fake brands in the game. What the heck are they thinking? Have they no integrity? I don't want a bunch of shots during scenes that emphasize some logo. Cheapens the experience and breaks immersion completely.

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Ravus is one evil looking mf. Have they gotten rid of his Assassin's Creed hood though?

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