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Probably won't because of how negative most SE fans are. Shame really, it could very well be OUR loss. I'd love nothing more than a chance to return to Spira. #22
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Wow, I don't think people would be very happy if it was just trolling or leading on. #23
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It's things like this that have something to do with why the Half Life games have yet to be truly surpassed: http://www.gamasutra.com/vi... #19
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I could never feel that way about Bioshock. Never. There's just something about all the Bioshock games that feels off to me. I've never really understood the hype. I've played all of them, but there just feels like theres this gaping hole in the middle of them, as abstract as that sounds. #3.3
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Alethian, Randian Libertarianism is best summed up as follows: "Let people do as they will regardless of who gets hurt." It is a violently and aggressively individualistic political philosophy that is incompatible with the actual nature of the human experience. It's a total denial of the fact that to be human is to live among other humans. Time to shelve Atlas Shrugged methinks, the only people whom that book does favours for are the sociopathic assholes of the world that compri... #1.2.14
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What? That looks like one of those generic jrpgs that show up in ads in browsers all the time. The art style is just generic anime too, wtf? And character portraits? gtfo. Is this for real? I guess that's the end of BoF. #14
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This has been obvious since they released that excerpt from the audio drama at the end with the new characters. The new characters reference Tidus and Yuna and stuff so it won't be a prequel.

All the same, count me in. The thought of going back to Spira is so exciting. I love X and I love X-2, eff the haters, and eff the gamers who think they're too "intelligent" or "macho" for X-2, get over yourselves. #31
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The people who make Gran Turismo know nothing about people, only cars. #25
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Can no one think of a future for videogames that doesn't involve guns and simulated violence? #4
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Yeah I agree. F2P have that sort of indefinite thing going on such that they're blatant money sponges. Games need to evolve but the industry is holding them back - capital is holding them back. F2P is really cynical, as is P2P. #5
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Yeah, pretty sure he's just crying because he's about to make a ton of money.

I wouldn't be surprised if this was another bit of pseudo-emotionalism like with Jack Tretton. Funny how these two things happened so close together, and during the shortages (on-purpoose shortages being a common business strategy in the first place).

Just to clarify, I'm neither a PC gamer nor pro anything, I just kind of dislike the corporatization of games in gene... #18
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Once you begin to think positive about corporations, it's already over. They are not deserving of your happiness or optimism. #13.2.1
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Do you REALLY think that giving up their bonuses hurts their own position in the slightest? If they do that, they do it from a position of the utmost financial security, not to mention a position of immense financial superiority over their employees. It's just another of these "nice gestures" which means absolutely nothing in the long run. #47.2
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You're missing the point. Tretton would never openly avow that this is for PR. He's airing this decision of his trying to make himself look like a really good guy - he's blatantly disguising the ulterior PR motive.

No matter which way you look at it it's bad. What if he were to admit he was doing it for PR? In such a case, he'd be admitting that he didn't do it out of the goodness of his heart, but rather as a means toward the end of PR and therefore p... #49.1
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Oh come on. It's not like he couldn't get a replacement one for himself like immediately. A ceo selling his 400 dollar console? Cry me a river. This is actually pathetic, and a complete insult to the intelligence of consumers everywhere. Do people actually think he "cares" because of this?

The sick thing is, he and others probably engineered this little "stunt" confident that it would get a positive response. That's how stupid they think we are... #60
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Finally people are starting to call this shit out. #15
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Also better than having any of the following words in the title: Requiem, Revelations, Origins, Evolution, Reckoning, Rise / Rise of, Darkness, The Return of, Revenge. #2.1.1
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What the heck is cyborg Raiden doing in the eighties? #8
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I don't really think people should be getting paid for let's plays though. Those feckin things are totally clogging up youtube. Hours and hours of video of some guy or gal playing a videogame, in his or her room talking to him or herself. I've never been able to see the appeal. Play the damn game yourself. #22
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Se7en. We won't hear anymore about this tomorrow. #3
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