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Ah KH2 Agrabah was good. But god they re-used KH1 Agrabah so much. It was alright the first time, but it was far from the best world - something SE didn't seem to realize. The music drives me mental too.

EDIT: Olympus Colosseum was overused too - that music is just torture. Thankfully KH3 has a much more interesting Hercules world. #4.1
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Kingdom Hearts should've just stuck with classic Disney. No Tron, no Pirates of the Caribbean, no Tangled, and DEFINITELY no Star Wars or Marvel - none of the modern stuff.

Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, The Jungle Book, The Lion King, Fantasia, Pinocchio, Bambi, Dumbo, Peter Pan, 101 Dalmatians, Winnie the Pooh, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Pocahantas, Hercules and Mulan. I don't think they should have gone beyond any of those.
... #13
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I think I had my fill with Oblivion. I notice that a person's first TES game is nearly always their favourite. Mine was Oblivion, and Oblivion is my favourite. I have three friends whose first TES game was Morrowind, and its their favourite, and I have another friend who only got into it with Skyrim, and yeah, that's his favourite one - he couldn't get into the previous ones.

I believe this is because the games are ultimately pretty similar, so when you play your... #15
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I just wish there was more of a background narrative to No Man's Sky. It'd be cool if, over the course of your explorations, you stumbled upon all kinds of weird things and could piece together a huge mystery. No directions or missions, just gradually accumulating pieces of the puzzle. The whole idea that the centre of the galaxy is the goal is just too simple. Spore did that and it was so disappointing.

They should include weird artifacts and ruins and dungeons and s... #4
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The battle system is not the main event in Final Fantasy VII. The story, the music and the world are. Let the battle system be whatever they want it to be. So long as it's fun and not tedious I'm happy with it taking whatever form SE want it to. The battle system in VII was nothing special - pretty standard turn-based stuff.

But lets get real, the game is going to take cues from XV and Advent Children. It will probably be more open than the original, and the battle sy... #7
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I can see this being playable Advent Children with an open-world like XV. They've learned a lot about open-worlds making XV, so they could probably do an even better job with VII. I know open-world games are over-saturated, but I gotta say, if you could freely roam around a Midgar as detailed as the one we saw in the trailer, I'd be sold. Also, cruising around the whole of Gaia on Cloud's motorcycle. Maybe the rest of the gang could be following you in the pickup truck, and maybe... #11
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I can't imagine they'll include the snowboarding mini-game. The compilation games are definitely more realistic. It's hard to imagine Cloud whipping out a snowboard from nowhere and arbitrarily popping balloons. The original game could get away with that kind of cartoonish discontinuity, but with the Compilation, the world of VII was made much more realistic and grounded (relatively speaking), so those kinds of videogame-y asides kind of wouldn't fit. I'm not saying those... #3
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There's so much silly stuff in the original that just wouldn't fit in a game with the tone of what we saw in the trailer (which is to say, a game with the tone of Advent Children) without coming across as surreal and weird. It's very, very hard to imagine them including a lot of stuff from the original, which is sad.

I think they may have shot themselves in the foot by draining the cartoony-ness out of the world of VII with the Compilation, but hopefully they can... #7.1.2
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They'll definitely use the established voice cast if they can get all of them to return. It's annoying though, because I know when I first heard the voices they'd given Cloud and Sephiroth I thought, "wow, that's not what they sounded like in my head at all," but at this point, those voice actors are so established that I've kind of forgotten exactly how I'd originally imagined them to sound.

Actually, I have this problem with most of the ch... #10
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I don't think it's Sephiroth. Compare with this:

It occasionally sounds like Matt McKenzie, the voice of Auron from X, but other times it sounds nothing like him.

I don't recognize the voice from anything to do with VII, so I'm not sure what character is supposed to be talking, unless of course they replaced one of the voice actors.
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Hmmm, I definitely agree with the point about the voiceover - terrible stuff. I don't know who wrote the script for it but it's so amateurish, and the voicework itself is pretty daft. I am interested to know who it's supposed to be though. I'm assuming it's a character talking and not some guy who does voiceovers for hollywood film trailers (hope not).

What cut to the audience is he talking about though? I don't think that's part of the actual trai... #6
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Well the trailer is definitely reminiscent of Advent Children, and that was a dour film if there ever was one. It's just hard to imagine a game with the tone of that trailer containing any wacky stuff. I mean, could you imagine Cloud cross dressing or bathing in a hot tub with a bunch of sexually predatory muscle men in Advent Children? It's very hard to imaginatively fit something like that into a film like Advent Children.

One thing that hasn't been preserved in... #10.2.1
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I'm calling this now: The only thing the remake will have in common with the original will be the story. It'll be an action RPG like a playable version of Advent Children. It will be open world, and it definitely won't have the fixed perspective, pre-rendered backdrops. This might all sound shit, but it could be interesting.

Maybe cloud could ride around Midgar on his motorbike - a Midgar the scale of which could be much like it is in the trailer. I know open-worl... #13
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I hope they haven't shot themselves in the foot by making the trailer so dark and serious in tone. The other Final Fantasy remakes included everything, but the tone of this remake makes me think they mightn't be able to find a way to make certain things fit - things like Cloud cross-dressing and the Golden Saucer.

Honestly, I would have preferred a remake that had pre-rendered, fixed camera angled backdrops like the original, only built from scratch with more detail a... #10
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I'd say they'll include those things in some form. Again, the Compilation of VII isn't over yet, so they haven't exactly abandoned it or anything.

I'd personally like if they beefed up the original game with references to the spin-offs. I'm at least sure they'll include some new secret stuff in the remake, and maybe they'll even include some stuff that alludes to or further foreshadows VII-2. #1.1.6
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SE have gone on record as saying that the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII will officially end on the 20th anniversary of the original game, which is in 2017. So yeah, the remake will probably come out in 2017. Or at least, that's probably what they're aiming for.

However, there are still loose ends, i.e. the massive cliffhanger at the end of Dirge of Cerberus. So, it's possible that 2017 will see both the release of VII, and the announcement of the final game in... #1.1.4
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XII HD hasn't been confirmed or announced yet ya dangus. #1.6
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So wait, have they yet to show everything they bleeped out in that preview video with the remixed Frog's Theme? I suppose the VII remake MUST have been one of those 6 things, but was World of Final Fantasy? Either 4 or 5 surprise announcements have yet to be made, and so they can't really be anything we already know about - none of the games they'll be publishing anyway (i.e. new Tomb Raider, new Deus Ex, etc. which is good because I'm pretty indifferent towards those games).... #8
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What if they're just trying to make us THINK they're being honest? What if the final game looks worse? (Not that this looks particularly bad)

Or, what if this is SUPPOSED to look really good? What if all this footage IS doctored and Bethesda thought it would amaze people?

TRUST NO1. #54
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Yeah I didn't enjoy Fallout 3 either. V.A.T.S was just frustrating and way too stop-start. The game was too kinetic to have such a turn-based aspect to it. Playing without V.A.T.S then was not only way too hard, it also wasn't fun.

Also, all of Bethesda's games are way too similar - they're the very same idea reiterated with a different coat of paint. Even the minutiae of the games are so similar.

However, I like the visuals of this game - the... #17
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