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Looks like good fun, but those humans look pretty crap.

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I'm glad I decided to wait for the PC version.

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Meh, just means people freed up to work on NieR. That and Okami 2 sooner than later.

Was anyone really hyped for this game? Didn't look like anything special. Also, games with "bound" in the title need to go away. Same with games with "fall" and "craft" in their title.

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I'm sure we'll get release dates for Kingdom Hearts 3 and Shenmue 3, and we'll at least get a couple of new trailers for Final Fantasy VII.

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Super excited for this, but there are a number of things that can't see making the cut.

Hojo sunbathing at Costa Del Sol surrounded by bikini-clad women. I'm fairly sure that part's not even optional - it advances the story. So weird and out of place.

Resuscitating Priscilla in Old Junon. That was just weird and kind of unnecessary. Square seemed desperate to insert mini-games wherever they could. Maybe Cloud will resuscitate her, but it won&#...

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I was worried there wouldn't be a separate theme from her for KH3. This is good news. Can't wait to hear it.

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Yeah this always annoys me. Big sales figures don't necessarily mean that everyone who bought something actually LIKED whatever it was they bought. Sales don't accurately reflect a thing's popularity or quality, they reflect the number of people who were compelled to buy said thing by it's advertising campaign.

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Oh yeah woops. Looks good.

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Amazing trailer, but I don't think any of that was in-game.

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Dear God. That was incredible.

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Seems like it has. Though let's give it a few days. Many people initially loved MGSV, but once the excitement died down and they could reflect on the game, they decided it was the worst in the series.

I personally can't wait to play this though, and I know I'll love a lot about it (I'm holding out for a PC release btw).

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I can only assume the developer's have never heard of... well, you know. I kind of envy them for their ignorance / innocence though.

I wouldn't be surprised if loads of people pointed it out to them and they changed the name.

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This stuff hardly seems dealbreaking. If the bugs and glitches don't get any worse than this, then it's whatever. What's more, this stuff will likely be patched. We'll see though, maybe people will encounter some bugs that are more serious than these - it is an open world game after all, and they're pretty bug prone.

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You can't pin ALL the blame on rabid consumers when there's an enormous industry (advertising, PR) whose purpose is to MAKE them rabid.

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Is this worth getting? I was planning on getting it on Steam for myself for Christmas (among other games). I wouldn't bother asking if it weren't so expensive.

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No, I didn't play it, but I read about it and I know that there's a stealth option and that's fine, but it doesn't change the fact that it's an action-oriented game rather than an adventure-oriented one.

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It certainly looks pretty impressive. Shame it's used for more of the same though. How about more open world games that don't revolve around shooting / killing people? I'd like to see more adventure-oriented open world games rather than action-oriented ones.

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Jeez... And the Ps4 Pro version will likely be even bigger (the inevitable PC version bigger still).

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Hmm, well I was thinking about getting it on Steam during the xmas sale. Should I? It's pretty pricey...

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Eh, I'm not that interested in that. In that same interview though, he mentions that while they have no plans to put Noctis' Versus XIII outfit in the game, they might if people want it. More interested in that than this tbh.

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