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As games become more realistic visually, they become more convincing. It's all well and good to say that games aren't real, but when you're playing them, if they're doing their job right, you're immersed. For the more impressionable, this isn't exactly a good thing. There's a connection between when you press the button and the gun fires on screen, and there are definitely those who are disconnected from reality enough to think this is like the real thing. Not onl...

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Pretty. But milked? We get a Kingdom Hearts game like every couple of years, not every year. That said, looking at those logos together makes the game feel like some sort of brand. Still, my favourite one's the green chi one, shame it's being used for some lame browser game.

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Sounds like another Guerilla games lie for the start of a new console generation if you ask me...

But if it's true then I guess that's pretty cool.

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Great start! Although I can't figure out why companies who are definitely making games for the Ps4 aren't on the list... It's not like they can do much to hide that fact at this point, having announced their titles at a high-profile conference that like 700000 people watched.

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That was so funny. So awkward.

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God the terms you use. You speak in PR speak, not gamer speak, "System seller".

And why are you so fiercely loyal to some big company? So belligerent. I bet you'd kill a man if Sony told you to.

His IQ is low? Killzone is a common denominator game. It deals broadly with broad themes in really accessible ways. I mean the wall between the Helghast city and the human city? The guy actually TALKING about the Berlin Wall before the video? I mean how ...

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I do sort of get where you're coming from. The conference had that sort of big empty, corporation-ey sort of feel to it. Like there was this veneer of "we love games", when it was actually "we like huge sums of wealth and expanding our consumer base and yadda yadda yadda." A lot of the games seemed really cheesy and broad and lowest common denominator. The Ps2 had more heart or something, it was a smaller, more niche thing back then.

Having said that, ...

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Why does it have to be a war? Let's just have fun.

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This is sort of cheesy.

Also, kind of funny how the Infamous guy says, right to the camera: "You are not... in control", almost like he's saying it to us, despite the fact that part of what Ps4 is all about is giving power to the player. Then again how many people are actually CHOOSING to buy this console? Most people are just enthralled by the hype and the media coverage and the advertisment, and it's not a matter of choice.

Also the Witnes...

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ANOTHER character voiced by Troy Baker by the sounds of it. Yawn. He's a good voice actor, but game developers don't seem to be even trying to look for other talent. It's all just Nolan North and Troy Baker.

Also that Sucker Punch bloke had no idea what he was talking about. Just another paranoid conspiracy nut, and the game reflects that. It's all like "Ooooh cool I have super powers, fight the system duuuuude, soo edgy and subversive, oh man I'm so ...

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I'm worried... People should know that this will likely be shit. It'll be some cash-in / completely missing the point / the usual stuff.

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It's consumerism gone mad. How could you possibly care about this stuff that much to go and orchestrate such extreme piracy? Just wait. The console's will come out eventually, and you don't have to buy them if you don't ending up wanting them. Absolutely ludicrous.

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Sounds like another incremental addition to the game to me...

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Don't even think about DLC until you've released the game, and if you're thinking about while developing the game, include it in the game. It's as simple as that. Otherwise it just breeds extortion.

And this whole "love letter to the fans" thing, god. Just one of the many ways mid-development DLC is disguised as something good when really it's a cash grab. I'm not demanding DLC, but if they're going to make it, develop it after the game h...

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This seems like way too big an event for it to just be another Connor game. It couldn't actually be ACIV could it? ACIII's only been out for like 4 months.

I remember thinking how original, reserved and cool the first AC game felt, and while it wasn't perfect and warranted multiple games to be perfected and explored, I never thought it would become what it is today.

Generally the games are good so I can't complain too much about milking if the...

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Hahaha Square-Enix' part was so funny. So impromptu. They just showed footage we'd all already seen, then Shinji Hashimoto just rushed on and said "other hashimoto was not my brother hu hu hu arso new Finaru Fantaji in deveropment for Ps4 thank you bye"

I'm sure this will be a good year for SE announcements nevertheless and I'm looking forward to seeing where they take Final Fantasy next.

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Absolutely fine. 1080 gives me a headache after an hour anyway.

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I really don't care either way. If Versus XIII and The Last Guardian turn out to be Ps4 exclusives then I simply have to get one.

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Yeah I think it probably was too soon. Unless it's Versus they're referring to.

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No I just don't care about tired generic sci-fi FPS', tired generic knights and fire breathing dragons rpgs, and edgy paranoid "cool" teenage superhero nonsense.

The Witness I care about. That looks like an intelligent and intriguing game, made by an intelligent person. That's the current in gaming I'm going to follow- the actually unique games. YOU clearly don't care about games if you're willing to settle for the same old tired BS made by ...

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