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No, I blame lazy studios for constantly picking him.

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The description is a bit sensational. You don't have sex with them or anything, and they don't give birth. It's kind of like Persona or something. You mingle your energies with the girl characters by having the both of you put said energies into a matryoshka doll, which produces a Persona-esque familiar. I suppose it's sort of like a weird evasive metaphor for reproduction.

Seems kind of stupid of you ask me though, and sort of sexist. You'd be better of...

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God, the developers are at it now too. Such juvenile fetishism.

None of this shit matters. If games like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI can be made on a 16-bit console, then I think we have enough power now.

Vision, imagination, and creativity are all you need.

Tech is just eclipsing all of the above- hence most game experiences these days are just shallow graphics showcases.

The more we fixate on pushing technological b...

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It sounds counter-intuitive but in a way it kind of makes sense.

Instead of all the hype and teasing and build-up from months of marketing, some dude just happens across the game on psn and is hugely surprised and excited. Then, it gets spread like wildfire and you have concentrated excitement all over the internet. It's almost like they didn't even have to wait for the game, because they weren't even aware it existed until they saw it for sale on psn. I'd ima...

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Meh, All-stars is dead in the water at this point, and I doubt we'll ever see a sequel.

Real shame. This game could have been so much more.

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Goddamnit such a spoiler. This is a surprise I would've liked to have found myself in the game. Ah well.

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The Ps3 didn't have plentiful exclusives compared to the Ps2. It only seems otherwise because Ps3 games cost more and were therefore more singular purchases, and also because Ps3 had bigger production values. These things blinded people to the fact that there actually weren't that many games. Another factor is that most of the exclusives were just sequels or iterations in franchises, not standalone, unique experiences. The playstation 2 had over 2.5x more exclusives than the Playstati...

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Hehehe I'm actually so proud of myself because I fully 100% understand the story. I'm so ready for the final game!


Phi will definitely be in the next game. After young Sigma's consciousness lives those 45 years and is sent back to just before the Nevada incident as soon as the AB game starts again, Phi's consciousness (who played the AB game and did all the jumping with Sigma) also goes back with him. They're both going t...

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I hope it's something original, they're better at that. They didn't know what they were doing with DmC. If they can make a world as beautiful as enslaved but improve the gameplay tenfold, that'll be a good game. They don't strike me as particularly good at gameplay, they're definitely more interested in their game's cinematic qualities. That's not a bad thing- it's no small task to merge the two in a convincing way, but I think at this point they need to pu...

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Best games. Cerebral as heck.

Cannot wait for the third and final game.

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Anything? You should try this then:


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Er, a lot of people can't afford to pump money into an internet subscription with the bandwidth limits required to have an always online console.

What you're saying is like calling a homeless person stupid for not having a home or going out and looking for one.

If they implement this they're alienating their less well-off customers- pretending they don't exist even, all just for the sake of stabilizing and controlling their console to a fasci...

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Sad. Well hopefully the Vita will pick up this year and encourage them. Too many Tales games we don't get a chance to play in the west.

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That logo is awesome. Very 80's. Like a John Carpenter film or something. Screens look impressive. I like how no one could have predicted this.

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"It seems like these journalists wanted Bioshock: Infinite to be something it was never meant to be."

Well said, but on the other hand, do you not see how the game itself plays against what it wants to be? It tries to be artsy, but just jettisons all that during gunfights and violence. The game CLEARLY wants to be taken seriously and CLEARLY wants to create a believable and powerful world. The crazy violence is just incongruous and detracts from the experience. It&#...

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I actually kind of like the graphics in this game.

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Oh yeah because violence is so macho and cool.

And this article is barely an argument.

"You really think fans of the series would be happy with a genre change? There is something to be said about the limitations on a narrative within the FPS framework but since the series is already established in the genre, changing it for the third entry would have been absurd."

There would have been outrage ONLY because lots are gamers are close ...

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100% agree with this. This game fails as art because of it's caving in to genre expectations- no, to video game expectations. If videogames want to be taken seriously, they need to be more subtle in their craft.

The violence that interupts the artistic aspects of this game pretty much screams "okay, that's enough art stuff now, lets kill hundreds of people now videogame style".

People seem trapped in the idea that videogames NEED to be viole...

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Jesus what are MS doing? This has to be the stupidest decision in the history of videogames if it's true. I mean did they learn nothing from the Sim City debacle?

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So he's basically saying don't buy an Xbox 720 if you don't have the internet / if you have unreliable internet.

Selling it well I see.

The concept of always on is just a money making scheme and it disempowers consumers. As if we weren't disempowered enough. Most of the people who buy every iteration of Apple product pretty much have had their agency cut in half. This guy's just a dick.

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