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It's funny because of how well disguised as a genuine news article it is, while at the same time it's totally ludicrous.

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It's going to be Molyneux Meatspin, followed by the injection of a phone bricking virus that propagates across all your contacts and all their contacts until all phones are bricked.

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He's been speaking a bit more sense recently I have to concede. Still sort of sour about him using Kickstarter though.

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Rrrrright... maybe you don't belong in this comments section?

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I love their attitude. For them it's just about immersing yourself in a beautiful game world- soaking it up. It's not about constant action and constant reward- just your own personal meaning creation and experience. As well as appeciating the world as it is in all it's mystery.

I'd love a game in which you were just plonked in a world to explore it and gradually uncover it's many mysteries. Fetishized violence wouldn't be necessary, just a really spir...

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I pirate the heck out of old games. I think once a console's hit the end of it's cycle, there's no reason not to pirate it's games.

Funny though, America was basically settled by use of a disguised piracy, and yet we loathe it in all it's forms. Good little consumers aren't we?

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He sounded like he was making so much of those Godus features up as the guy asked questions haha

Actually I think he made a good point about the Kinect (and by extension the Move and all that). People expect immediate gratification, but humans aren't machines, it's difficult to be creative when you're harried by deadlines and budgets. You can't expect developers to get the absolute most out of the Kinect and Move technology as soon as it comes out, and doomin...

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Well, at least the Ps4 will provide more unique games. Seriously, the next Xbox is becoming more and more of a capitalist's wetdream everyday, not one thing to do with it seems conducive to providing unique and enriching entertainment experiences. Nah, I really think Sony have got the right idea this time around. Like, they seem to be doing everything right in my book.

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It'd look a hell of a lot better if the edges of the televisiona and the furniture weren't so obvious. It's really distracting. In fact, overall, this just looks really distracting.

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This game didn't seem to come close to topping 3. Sort of an anti-climax.

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Of course "we're animals too", but the fact of the matter is that we have brains, and we can conceive of many different ways of doing things. Our "nature" is malleable. We're not hardwired like animals.

If you own a pet and eat meat, it's still fundamentally hypocritical. All that's going on there is a selective blindness- an arbitrary delineation between what you keep as a pet and what you eat. When you eat an animal, you deliberately turn...

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Why though? Why do you need that simulation? What about it intices you so much? Maybe it's fun, but that's a twisted illusion. Violence and animal cruelty shouldn't be represented as something fun. Representation is how mass culture and belief are formed, and it's always illusory and exploitative.

Everyone here has this naive view that they're games are free from politics and society. They desperately want to be relieved of responsibility because they'...

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Such a hypocrite. The only reason you eat meat is because you're isolated from the meat production process. Meat profits by hiding this information from us- it makes it easier for us to detach the meat from it's source when it's packaged like any other product and sold in parts. You're wilfully turning a blind eye for the sake of gratification.

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Pretty sure it's been done before NukaCola.

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They've already remastered the IV soundtrack for the DS remake... I wonder how this'll be different? I also wonder if they'll use the remastered V and VI soundtracks for possible future 3ds / Vita remakes?

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Of course they don't, but they still largely are. It's an oversaturated market- the industry is in serious creative doldrums at the moment because they've become money crazy- they try as best they can to eliminate the financial risk, and innovation and creativity falter because of it. Games these days are largely safe and convervative relatively speaking- they completely feed into all the expectations of what games should be rather than shifting the paradigm and experimenting. Thi...

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The best tv show ever.

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This video only becomes more and more true.

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Just read and understand my comments very closely, I cannot stress that enough, because you just aren't getting it. You accusing me of things I'm simply not doing and which I directly addressed in my comments.

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