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No Chrono Break?

If people forget about the Chrono series, not only will we never see another one, but it's also a crime to JRPGS to forget it.

Also Vagrant Story 2 and perhaps Valkyrie Profile 3.

Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, SMT / Persona and Suikoden are all kind of givens.

I'd probably play Legend of Dragoon 2 because in this day and age I'd expect it to be a LOT better than it's namesake. Legend of Dragoon...

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Okay those are awesome screenshots, but he looks like Jared Leto in the 4th one (where he's striding out of the ocean)

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Video's been made private... what gives?

Okay saw it. So it looks like we get to play as another complete psychopath, only this time he can dive underwater and swing between boats. Still the usual use of jump cuts and slo-mo parts that are so in vogue and so determined to make violence look cool, is this series ever gonna grow out of these childish things? And don't even get me started on the portrayal of women in this thing. Trailer makes it look like such a blockbu...

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One of the characters is a long-haired blonde girl called Idea?

Not that I'm not looking forward to this game, but from Soma Bringer:

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These are actually spot-on the places I wouldn't want an AC game to go. Also kind of Victorian England.

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Exactly. I was searching for a way to say it but I think you've nailed it.

This article just wants Valve to bend to the status quo way of doing things- to take part in the dominant part of the games industry where it's aall about money and sales over games and creative content.

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It is true that if Crysis 3 had been released a few years back it probably would have been received better, and fatigue / jadedness towards videogames is a definite phenomena, but if want it to go away, you've gotta be more innovative. We're at a point where big companies have just latched onto really derivative, safe ideas and are just churning out the same shit over and over to get our money, and that induces jadedness. If you want your game to succeed, all you really need to do is ...

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Probably because he's in on this big games industry ponzi scheme. Valve are the only guys in the game industry who actually have a noble and forward thinking vision for the future of the games industry.

Plus Valve don't plan to, nor do they rely on the heavy use of micro transactions. EA have just come forward and unequivocally admitted that micro transactions are going to be a huge part of their future business plans, when everyone knows that they're just cash gr...

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It's not gonna be a good movie. I'm not being pessimistic, this is a fact. It's going to be an overblown, stupid action-packed cash-in blockbuster mess that'll miss the point altogether and will have zero subtlty. Despite the fact that it's a good game, and often quite an intelligent game, the moment it hits the big screen it'll lose everything that makes it great. Just taking the plot of a game and making it into a film rarely works and that's usually because the ...

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They should probably just cut their losses and make the shooting like third person cover shooters or something. I really don't think what they've currently got works at all.

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Don't know why'd they change the name for the WiiU version. It's gotta be a new Deus Ex, and I can't wait! HR was my game of the year when it came out. Better than Skyrim.

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Tired of game companies doing this. Being honest and noble would actually encourage me to buy your game to support you. Why the lies?

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It's been 4 months to be precise.

That's got to be a record.

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"New Era. New Assassin."

Hmmm, I think we probably complained when they released Brotherhood and Revelations before III, so perhaps releasing IV so soon is an effort to avoid that backlash. Still, ONE more Connor game would've been fine. It would've made IV feel like a bigger occasion. That or they could've just held back on releasing it. Unless it's something really special and has been in development for like 2-3 years by another team (It is being ...

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F2P Final Fantasy XI on the Vita maybe????? I can finally play FFXI!!

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As are most games which make claims to being "mature".

However, while I haven't played this game, it seems to me like it's making a point about videogames in general, not just itself.

I suspect the violence and gore is disturbing, and this guy is just having a hissy fit disguised as intelligent argument because his soldier game didn't let him kill hundreds of people and then reward him for it. The worst games let people forget about comp...

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Waitaminute blonde hair? The guy in the screenshot had brown hair...

Anyway I'll be pretty stunned if this game is actually good. See, it's obviously the case that Ubi has several teams working on several different AC games at once, which explains the frequency, but part of that is to with the fact that they use the same engine over and over again. I wouldn't have a problem with that if there were only like a trilogy of games, but there's much more than that. ...

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I suppose in a way if Sony had designs on spying on us all and controlling us, the best way to disarm any suspicions would be to promote two different games with anti-surveillance themes.

We think we're being subversive playing and understanding the games when in reality we're being monitored heavily.

I doubt all of this though, despite how corporate and empty the Sony conference felt (with the exception of The Witness).

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I gotta say, looking at the world map images, I'm sort of psyched for 1715 Cuba. It's no 19th century S. America but it's close enough. It could make for a pretty beautiful game world, and I suppose if they've had a separate "all new team" working on it (for who knows how long?), it could be interesting, especially since they've had time to respond to complaints about III.

I don't know, I'm not too buzzed about it being a numbered title a...

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It's annoying how ubiquitous the idea of the hipster has become. People need to realise that not everything artsy = hipster. Hipsters are all surface and have nothing interesting to say. The best artists create works of great depth and complexity and have an enormous amount to say.

Hipsters are all about pretense and surface. It's insecurity and social desperation. It's a pandemic and it reflects badly on actually sincere and intelligent people, renders them indet...

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