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What the fuq?? III wasn't nearly as mental as THIS was it?

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The main problem is that despite the fact that these characters are empowered women in positions of royalty, they're STILL kidnapped and require rescuing by pretty normal guys. A plumber and some adventurer. Like they can't hold onto their power. You're absolutely right to point out that she has enormous power, but it's almost like the designers weren't / aren't comfortable with it on some level, and have to dethrone her for most of the game's durations, being resc...

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That's a very difficult question. It depends on what gaps the game creates or encourages for the personal creation of meaning. Most of the time, I'd consider gamers as competitors or "players" more than artists.

I think that to some degree, a technical game like Street Fighter has an art to it, and real masters are probably partly artists, but they're also "players" and I'm not sure if you can really separate the two despite their intrinsic...

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If the trailer didn't have Clair De Lune playing over it, it wouldn't have nearly as much of an effect. Seems like a cheap move to me. Compose your own music for it.

It's like they're saying "if we play Clair de Lune over it people will think it's profound!!"

I hope it has an original soundtrack that's good, then I'll excuse it.

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Yeah that's sexist... You're obviously not used to or comfortable with empowered women. Which is eeehhh, not really a good thing to be. You should probably play it anyway. You might find you really enjoy it- enjoy the characters.

Although I will say, that picture- seems like another hypersexualized female videogame character to me...

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Well I know it's not held that highly in critical regard, but I'd still like to try it having not played it myself...

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To bo honest I think it was kind of cool of them not to show the console. They cut to the more important stuff- the exact bang we're getting for our buck. I think flashy appearances have a tendency to mislead and mesmerise.

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Please don't be something I'll really want... I don't own a WiiU...

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"yet every day they are given more and more rights over men, are occupying more and more positions of power and influence. "

They are and it's wonderful, but it's no thanks to people like you, trust me. Have a good life.

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I agree with your first paragraph! Come on guy! Games ARE art insofar as they contain those very artistic elements we BOTH identified. I'm saying the mathematical and competitive sides of a game aren't strictly artistically minded, BUT it depends on how they're represented and dealt with, and what attitude the game takes towards them. The mathematical side is involved in an interplay with the creative and artistic side, but isn't necessarily art itself. You also need to distin...

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Games have elements of the artistic - The music, the visuals, the narrative, the writing. But the gameplay itself is more akin to sport- you play to win and to be rewarded. Games are a synthesis of art and sport and you can't really escape that. On top of this, games are made of math- they're programmed, so you have to factor that into their design too. Occasionally, there are games that very closely tie the gameplay and the interactivity to the other artistic elements- reflecting the...

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This is what happens when you gaze into the future too much. You just lose the plot. Your mind houses time paradoxes and you just start breaking down.

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If a woman rapes you and you get laughed at it's only because of a sexual hierarchy that exists in society in the first place.

When did I ever say I condone violence done to men? All I ever said was that I don't condone the oppression of women. The power relations between women and men are asymmetrically in favour of men, and so men somewhat deserve a derisive treatment and representation to dissolve the exploitative and oppressive power of patriarchy.

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Women are oppressed by culture and society - encouraged to eat a certain way and look a certain way, and generally shaped by men's aggressive interests (in mind and in body). Until only recently many men believed themselves superior to women- secretly believed they'd a God given role to be the strong leader figure, and that women are mere meat to provide pleasure and afford reproduction to continue a male legacy, which is a completely backwards cultural construction, and still persist...

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I can't believe the ignorance on N4G. 100% missing the point.

Pretty much nobody in these comments understands the nature of representation. You have to step outside of the world of the game and realise that it's a game made by other people- other humans. Humans bring their assumptions and preconceptions to everything they do and these manifest themselves in various ways. Games aren't free from ideology and power. People who make games inadvertantly reproduce and ...

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PCs already currently outperform the PS4, and that gap will widen for the next decade. It's the (presumed) price point that makes the Ps4 good. Also the stability of a console- No fidgety patches and compatibility issues and effectively getting sold short because your PC can't run the game at max settings. All Ps4 games will work and run identically on all Ps4s, and that's a plus in my book for consoles in general.

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Oh damn, I didn't realise this was well underway. Finally.

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You don't know what you're talking about unless you've fought the Coliseum fights or any of the optional / super bosses in either of the games. All of those require a lot of concentration, micro-managing and precise timing. To be honest, if all the fights were that hard, the game probably wouldn't be enjoyable at all, but they should make the main story fights maybe a little bit harder (which it is possible to do)

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Oh diggidy damn! This just screams classic Crash! I hope this is real. There was already a classic Spyro hoax that was debunked a few months ago. Some guy started a twitter for the company who made Enter the Dragonfly claiming that they were working on a new Spyro that would return to the roots. Man that was disappointing....

EDIT: Just realised it's Vicarious developing it... sceptical.

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Em, well I've played like every Final Fantasy games thus far and consider myself a huge fan. In fact I've played tons of rpgs, and I still think the XIII games are decent. They're not the best FFs but they're still amazing in the visual and audio departments. They lack the meat of the previous games, but for what they are, they're certainly not bad.

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