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Prrrretty much what I said. I still think for the sake of cohesion they should update the character models. Like I said, they could be spritely like in the DS version of IV. I think that in the midst of all the other upgrades, the original models would seem a bit out of place and would hurt immersion and cohesion.

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Ya wouldn't think of reading before commenting? I've thought the same as you for years now, but I think this is actually a pretty reasonable idea for a remake.

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Dugtrio is going to be amazing.

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Cool original opinion bro. I can tell you really gave that one a lot of thought and aren't just reciting the usual prescribed hatewagon slogans.

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Yeah, if they were going to do it. The backdrops and camera angles would have to stay the same. I don't even think they'd have to be in real time- just make them much crisper with a few little real-time elements in them.

Also, I can imagine they'd redo the field character sprites / models in the style of the compilation- THAT would be a mistake. Maybe if it were more in the style of the DS version of IV it'd work though- it'd be less dated for a new audien...

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Of course graphics are important, but that doesn't mean they have to be super ridiculously realistic like Crysis.

It all depends on what kind of game you want to make- not all games have to be realistic.

For instance, the grahpics in Chrono Trigger are lovely, evocative and so memorable, but they're only like 16-bit. Then you have games like El Shaddai and Okami- not as realistic as Crysis obviously, but they still achieve a very memorable and beautif...

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God the music. Turn that shit off. (Well the first song anyway) (EDIT 2: Actually just turn it all off)

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Car modification culture is the biggest load of nonsense ever, but the Need for Speed Underground games were undeniably fun.

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What? Normal mode was just right if you ask me. I hope they don't tone it down- that'd be too easy. You can save anywhere as it is. That really helps. I got through the game on my first time without setting off alarms and without killing people basically because of it.

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That is so awesome. Terra's theme and everything. One of the characters sitting in it actually looks like Terra.

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Haha that was pretty great.

The only thing is, there never would have been a cartoon like that with swearing in it.

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No I agree that this game makes important steps in videogame narrative, but it thinks too rigidly about story and gameplay- it struggles to find a way to make them seamless. And I'm arguing that the reason this happened is because they were too caught up in conventional ideas of what a game is supposed to be. The gameplay of the game reflects that.

It's like they thought, "well, games HAVE to have big, crazy guns and loads of violence and health bars and blah bla...

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I've said it before and I'll say it again. Bioshock games can't help but be torn between innovation in videogames and conventional expectations of what videogames are supposed to be. Thus you get mindless shooting juxtaposed with entry-level philosophical rambling as well as painfully obvious themes. They appease and vindicate gamers and make them feel their chosen hobby is intelligent while simultaneously giving them the mindless entertainment they too readily expect from videoga...

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The hate for him is a little bit extreme. He was just enthusiastic about all the projects that went on in SE- he played all the games they released.

I think he was just a little bit too enthusiastic. It's almost like he was amazed by all those projects because he was seeing videogames for the first time or something.

I also don't think "fans telling him all along that he should move on" is valid. It's their creative project, not yours. H...

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Don't forget The Witness (not an exclusive) easily the most interesting and awesome game they showed.

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I wasn't that impressed by Knack, but I do appreciate them doing this. I like that they're sort of bucking the trend.

I also really like that the specs aren't completely ridiculous- shows that perhaps they're more interested now in facilitating the creation of memorable experiences as opposed to empty 4 hour graphics showcases.

I gotta say, for all the misgivings I had about the Ps3, I really think Sony is doing it right this time.

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I think it's a wee bit more powerful than that. But it really doesn't matter.

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I'd say it's about time for Dark Cloud 3. Followed by Rogue Galaxy 2. I'd personally prefer the latter, but I think Dark Cloud fans have been waiting too long :)

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Yes you're placing an incredible amount of trust in games patches, but even with patch notes, that doesn't preclude the possibility that they've left details out of the notes themselves for whatever reason, or that, even with the inclusion of notes, something has still gone overlooked and still messes your game up.

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Hopefully Rogue Galaxy 2. But I suppose it's likely to be Dark Cloud 3 or something completely new.

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