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The dubstep RUINED it. I mean I know he made the dubstep joke, but the use of it at the end seemed in earnest.

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I hope this isn't the beginning of another videogame trend getting run into the ground like the FPS before it. Just because Dark Souls was challenging doesn't mean that all subsequent "challenging games" have to take the form of a Dark Souls type game. Sometimes the games industry suffers from a severe lack of imagination / gets a little to enthusiastic about cashing in on trends. More games with unique visions need to be encouraged.

That said the concept o...

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Sounds pretty clever to me. This guy needs to let go of cowboy myths.

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The water and the clouds look amazing...

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The colours in this game look a little washed out or monochromatic, sort of like GTA IV. Lots and lots of greys...

Also the main character looks like some kind of weird middle class sex offender.

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Never got to play this since I only own a Ps3. Can't wait.

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This is going to be superior to the original by miles with thechineseroom developing it. I can't wait to see how they handle a full narrative game with actual gameplay.

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Bravo. *sniff*

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The PSP was more novel when it released. Loads of people I know bought one when it came out just because it was a portable playstation and how intriguing that idea was. Out of all those people, I'm the only one I know who owns a Vita. People just don't care as much. I think it's down to smart phones and the previous lack of games on the PSP.

As for the 3ds not doing so well? Well I'd put that down to smartphones too. (As well the point about the WiiU below) <...

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Honestly it just looks like Final Fantasy VII if it had been made by a bunch of amateurs. Nevertheless, this is more or less what I'd like a remake to be like, I'd imagine it'd obviously a lot better than this of course.

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Oh jesus... what were they thinking? And how many other corners did they cut in this manner?

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Well I appreciate your civility. I was dreading a bunch of fanboys foaming at the mouth awaited me when I saw the notification.

As for a comparable game: L.A. Noire. I honestly think it trumps Heavy Rain on every front.

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But doesn't mean that all "experiments" should be like Heavy Rain. I just hope this doesn't encourage other developers to "experiment" and make loads of Heavy Rain type games. One of the most overrated games ever, and it's not even the gameplay that bothers me. Dreadful writing and voice work, hackneyed use of soundtrack, and overall really juvenile even though it wants to be "mature".

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You're just embracing the corporate dilution of gaming in #6 and #9 (the part about mobile phone gaming). The success of CoD is nothing to be happy about.

Downloadable content is by and large just another of those things that game companies make us think we want and need, but we don't, they're just a sly grab at extra revenue.

Definitely had more of backlog on previous generation consoles. The Ps1 had 2,418 games, and the Ps2 had 3,857 games. The ...

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Definitely intentional.

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The atheism of today in large part is just a cultural phenomenon that's accompanied modernity, capitalism, and industrialisation. These things instil utilitarian values in people, and people start spouting scientific dogma. In this postmodern society in which the individual is the measure of all things (relativism), we are freed from a transcendent order that encompasses us all, this however engenders disenchantment with the order of things (all things animate and inanimate) and thus the ...

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Gotta be Project Zwei. A new call of cthulhu game would be ace though.

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It's like Dynasty Warriors mixed with Monster Hunter and maybe God Eater.

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Stop talking about "religion" when all you're really talking about is christianity. Christianity, as a set of principles isn't such a bad thing, it's the people who build ideology out of it and distort it's meaning to justify terrible things that are bad. (i.e. european colonialism / Puritans / American Slavery etc.)

What about Buddhism and Hinduism? Both fine, and both highly spiritually enriching. As far as I'm concerned, there's nothing w...

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