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She seems pretty asexual to me, but I suppose I can picture her with a dude. She'd probably dominate the guy.

That or they'd have a sort of mutually respectful relationship that'd be pretty conservative and without much sappyness.

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Heavy Rain just think's it's really intelligent. "Let's put some emotional music over this part so people think what's happening in the scene is seriously and subtly done."

The plot is juvenile and a mess- origami killers and special FBI VR sunglasses, and loads of obligatory stuff like pointless dream sequences and effin choreographed hand to hand combat sequences. It's a damn silly game, but it takes itself so seriously.

And go...

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There's more screens on this facebook page. Some really cool ones. Haven't seen them posted on N4G yet...!...

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Modern fourware? Is that what the title spells?

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There is something slightly uncanny about Joakim... there's no getting around it...

Also I don't see why something like him couldn't be done on a PS4 if L.A. Noire was achieved on a PS3.

L.A. Noire is the game Quantic Dream wish they could make, let's get real.

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Pre-ordering soon. Can't wait to play this.

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Oh man I really hope X-2 includes the Yadanoki Tower. Never got to play it, and it looks so good.

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It's SUPPOSED to be awkward ya nub.

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I'm buying and replaying THE SHIT out of both these games. Damn can't wait.

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Same. Although I think we dislike different things about it. Still, overrated for sure.

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Hmmm, I found Bastion kind of annoying. Didn't like those vocal songs- Sounded like a bunch of hippies with guitars.

Also that narrator was so annoying. So incongruous and cliche.

The graphics and visuals were good and the gameplay was fun, but urgh, this looks like another conceptually confused game with a soundtrack and story that's desperate to seem profound.

It kind of looks like a wannabe jrpg, but I guess it also looks like it ...

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Never heard of that. Don't suppose you could provide a link?

It's a good idea though. Maybe they'll actually do it some day if these HD versions conjure up enough re-hype. I'f definitely play that.

I still really like X-2 though.

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Ah for a second I thought this was the Virtue's Last Reward sequel.

This on the other hand looks... very Persona-esque.

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It's impressive because this is the kind of thing that would have stuttered like hell on a Ps3 or Xbox360. Whereas here it's totally smooth.

I'm sure you'll notice the difference when you're playing, the framerate will be better than you're used to.

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Oh you're so macho and serious and cool (sarcasm)

X-2 is a really good game. Excellent music, intriguing plot, and super fun battle system, and it was a joy to return to Spira.

Plus if it's the international version it might have Yadanoki Tower, been waiting years to play that.

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Really awesome environment and design. Hype increased.

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Half Life 2 Episode 3 AND Versus XIII on the 30th of June???!!

Weird coincidence. Two majorly delayed games on the same day...

Also Versus BEFORE Lightning Returns.

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It really is becoming EA's CoD.

Is that just the thing to do now if you're a giant video game corporation? Churn out military FPS'?

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I suppose it's possible, but think of how much of a pain it would've been to re-write the story around all their assets and stuff they'd developed. It'd mean completely reinterpreting all the stuff they'd made... I mean I suppose that'd account for such a huge delay, but I just can't see them doing something like that... it'd be hellish for the writers.

If Versus is XV I think that'll be the only change- a nominal one- kind of like Agito XI...

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Yeah, it is sort of annoying. All my friends that have PCs just refuse to buy games.

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