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The Longest Journey is pretty great. The sequel's... eh, it's good.

This game looked like it had some serious promise, but I guess it kind of fell flat. I reckon they should just swallow their pride and go f2p. I'd be more inclined to play it that way.

Also I'm looking forward to The Longest Journey 3 for sure. #1.2
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Yeah I sort of regret buying Crysis 2. I mean it was an impressive game, and generally pretty fun, but I felt pretty short-changed buying the Ps3 version. I just can't deal with 720p anymore, and it really hurt the presentation of the game.

Plus the story was just a snoozefest.

I have to say the setting of this game looks super awesome, but I'm just not gonna buy it if it's totally sub-par on the Ps3, which I suspect it will be. #38
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+Respect to Naughty Dog for that one. #30.2
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Looking forward to it. #11
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I'm pretty sure there's a point in terms of resolution where the human eye just doesn't notice any difference or something.

Also for me 1080 is fine. I don't have to play that long to get a headache from it. Any more and my head'll burst.

Then again, presumably next-gen games will be more detailed and will require the greater resolution. I don't know if this shit's good for our eyes... I know 3D definitely isn't. #20
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The L.A. Noire one cracked me up. It looks so perfect but then you look closer and it's like "why would a guy who looks like this be in L.A. Noire?" hahaha so ludicrous. #31
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I'm pretty sure it's ground zeroes. Announcing MGS5 now would steal GZs thunder.

That or it's some sort ot partner game to Ground Zeroes. #4
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I understand his rationale, but I really don't think you should compromise when it comes to anything artistic. I'm SURE they could have come up with an unconventional cover art that turned heads. Maybe the guy and the girl riding that Songbird thing or something. There's an infinite (lol) amount of possibilities.

Every aspect of the game should be an untramelled vision, it shouldn't hold anything back and it shouldn't pander to any popular demographic. Cha... #4
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If this console can defeat both Sony and Microsoft, under Valve's auspices it might usher in a new age of creativity, fun and honesty in the videogames industry.

I might actually buy this instead of a Ps4 if it gets games and game franchises that I like... #91
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That picture is cracking me up. It's like Ratchet's just lost his mind and murdered someone. #5
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It might be that the next Connor game is heading to Brazil, not that AC IV will be set in Brazil.

I mean it's South America. Not too far off North America and all that. Timeline wise it'd probably flow into the whole Portuguese Empire vs. Napolean thing, as well as Brazil's independence. #10
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It hurt HIS arm because he IS Snake! Meaning that it's definitely Snake in the video!

He's also referring to a Phantom Pain he experienced because Snake, his alter ego, has lost his arm! #31.1
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That thumb just screams: "You gon get raped..." #25
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Well no, he has it replaced with a cybernetic one at some point. That's the one he has at the end of MGS4. #6.1.1
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What worries me is that they only just announced Ground Zeroes. I mean, if you're a fan, you'll definitely pick up both MGS5 AND Ground Zeroes, but I can't help but feel MGS5 would steal GZ's thunder somewhat.

I'm not sure but I really think this could be a viral thing for Ground Zeroes, not a trailer for MGS5.

"From Fox, two phantoms were born" & "The Phantom Pain"

The outdoor environment shown (be... #6
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I'm glad they didn't announce anything at the meaningless, corporate mutual backslapping farce that is the VGAs.

Valve have more class than that. If Half Life 3 ever gets announced, it won't be at the shitting VGAs. #41
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I think it's got more to do with that fact that it's interactive. YOU control the character who's doing all these nasty things, and it's perhaps more shocking for that reason. It's a more vicarious experience, and there's an illusion that it's you the gamer who's doing these things, or at least making these things happen. #3
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Amen. #36.1
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What's the old-school thing that Geoff Keighley promised though?? #38
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I don't know, the outdoor environment shown really reminded me of Ground Zeroes. This could just be a teaser for it.

The phantom pain corresponds pretty neatly to: "From fox two phantoms were born", a tagline for Ground Zeroes.

Also it's possible the operation that Big Boss underwent in the trailer was part of the cloning procedure. #8
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