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A mouse is SOOO much better for aiming, but for movement the controller will always top the keyboard.

I wonder, maybe they could introduce a kind wii-mote like controller for the left hand for moving, and then you could retain the mouse in your right hand for aiming / looking...

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You're not wrong. People are pretty much enthralled by consumerism these days. Not only that, but nobody even recognises how grave the situation is. Nothing is serious, everything's a meme. It's apathy and docility instilled in people by consumer culture. Everything's about being trendy on the side of the consumer, and monetisation / the market on the side of corporations and companies. Critical value is nullified by this- seriousness and sincerity gets jettisoned in favour of...

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Gaikai is a big thing, but nowhere near as big as Ps4. If Sony have actually started believing that all these services that they churn out every couple of months are what we care about, then all hope is lost. Games please. That's all I care about. You have enough extraneous stuff now.

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Yesssssss! Can't wait!!

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I'm not a fan of Bungie's style. They name everything with these big, pretentious, empty, ham-fisted, obvious, think-they're-being-profou nd references. Flood, Halo, Destiny, Traveller, Arbiter, Spartan etc. And the story just seems such like one of those really broad, sweeping kinds of stories for morons, like Avatar.

Plus they all have this same tired sci-fi cum WoW aesthetic. Super colourful and sterile. I know Halo games play pretty well, I don't own any,...

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Watching this video makes you realise that while the Ps2 era had games, the Ps3 era had in the place of lots of games, loads of other things. It had PSN, PsPlus, the Move, Cloud Saving, downloadable titles. And yet, speaking in equivalents, I don't think the Ps3 has done as well as the Ps2. There's been such a rush to innovate and introduce new ideas. The Ps2 was simple and unadorned and was one of the best consoles ever made, with one of the best game catalogues ever.

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Race is an illusion. It was a psuedo-scientific idea constructed by Americans to justify slavery / exploitative labour and legitimate the exceptional idea they had of themselves (during their expansion)

Human beings, regardless of skin colour, facial features etc. are in fact the least genetically diverse species on planet earth. People of different races are only like 0.5X different genetically- the amount of genetic material making up superficial, cosmetic, visual differenc...

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Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy X-2
Final Fantasy XII
Dragon Quest VIII
Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts II
Persona 3
Persona 4
Shin Megami Tensei III
Digital Devil Saga I & II
Xenosaga I, II & III
Rogue Galaxy
Valkyrie Profile 2 - Silmeria
Musashi Samurai Legend
Shadow of the Colossus
Beyond Good and Evil
Zone of the Enders I & II...

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Hooray!! Finally some new types. Sound is an awesome one if you ask me. Why are people so hostile to new types?

I always thought magnetic should've been another one, or gravity. Spirit, Time and Space should've been types too for the Platinum, Diamond and Pearl guys, and they could make others.

I thought of wood once but I suppose that's not that far from plant... Then again it's not like Ground is that far from Rock.


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It was generic because underneath everything it was just another western high-fantasy rpg with goblins and wizards and trolls. Also because of the whole Norse vibe, which is sort of done to death.

Still, it was a good game. Think I preferred Oblivion though...

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Biscuitlover's obviously a big Cod player...

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Yes it absolutely will. Is this guy on another planet? I'll admit though, I was a lot more excited for the Ps2 and the Ps3 when they were about to be announced. I was also much younger then though.

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Kweitstorm - Yeah that's annoying too. There's a passion and a beauty to dance, but this latest crap is just empty parody. It actually verges on the offensive that someone would reappropriate the name for this vulgar tripe.

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I'm talking about people in general, not just these guys. People just talk in memes nowadays, it's interminable. Nothing interesting to say and so desperate to be up on what's trending, meme's are perfect for this. It's just spoonfed, shallow, unsophisticated humour.

The video's meant to be funny btw. I suppose it's not much different, but it's edgier. It's disguised as an informative segment about a tourist destination, but then *SPOILER A...

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Another dumb meme for lots of insecure people to latch onto so they can communicate to one another...

Plus this came first and is much better:

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You'd be hard pressed to find someone who "hates" VIII, but I'll admit it's not perfect.

I wish the "Squall is Dead" theory was true though. It would make the story so much more ingenious and would resolve it's many weirdnesses.

Still, I love all the diverse locations and the music, and the story is good for all it's convolution.

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I'm game. Like Brotherhood was superior to II, a second Connor game could be superior to III, which would be good.

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I'm loving this controller. I wonder if the buttons'll be clicky like the vita or pressure sensitive?

I'd kind of prefer if the analog sticks were completely concave though, maybe with less of a defined, sharp rim around the bottom. Ergonomics.

Also is that a headphone jack on the underside? Wonder what that's for... I wonder if that touchpad is actually a screen, like the dreamcast or something?

Also, excellent that they'...

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The author is a woman.

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I want to play Dragonborn. I'm really excited about getting to visit Apocrypha. Don't care about the previous two though.

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