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That looked like some kind of crappy f2p third person shooter. Yikes.

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Still looks like a VHS player I see!

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I've seen these kinds of things before. Gross and cruel.

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"one scene where he was hanging like a bat and then flew off when he found out that he was actually someone else or some shit"

That's the part where, under the thrall of Sephiroth, Cloud hands the real Sephiroth (who is generating a new body for himself within a materia cocoon, and needs Jenova cells to complete the rebirth [which is what the final boss is]) the Black Materia. At that point, Cloud has become convinced by Hojo and Sephiroth that he was artifici...

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Some things should be cut I think. I played it recently and it's great, but there are definitely a few moments that detract from the experience.

- The CPR scene with Priscilla is just a lame excuse for a mini-game and is kind of creepy. Also, the character of Priscilla is just shelved immediately - why dedicate a mini-game to her? I almost feel they should just rewrite that enter Under Junon section.
- Using a dolphin that jumps like 40ft into the air to boost ...

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Nah, I'd say more gameplay this year, but the game won't actually release till late next year or maybe even early or mid 2019.

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Honestly, I'm expecting something to be shown at e3. I can't imagine SE want to fall back into the habit of making people wait more than a year between updates. I mean they must have SOMETHING more they could show us at this point.

So far, all they've showed this year was two new screenshots, and that CG key art. They've got to at least show us a few more screenshots or something.

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Who the heck is disagreeing with me? Who wants to have to pay for 20+ characters? Who doesn't want to be able to unlock them by playing the game? smdh...

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Well no one's saying just 20. Most are saying that the initial ps4 release will have over 20 characters, i.e. the ones revealed so far plus the few that will be revealed in the next couple of months (Cloud of Darkness, Golbez, Gilgamesh, Ultimecia, Jecht, and Gabranth). Noctis is also going to be in the game from day one.

But yeah, the fact that they said they're aiming for over 50 is why I'm cheesed off. That's like 20+ DLC characters. I ain't paying fo...

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It's BS that there'll only be a little over 20 characters in the game. Make the rest unlockable, not paid DLC. I want to be able to get extra stuff by playing and enjoying the game, not by making a transaction on a digital store. The latter doesn't involve gameplay. Costumes and weapons as paid DLC? Fine. Not stages and characters. At least find some other way to generate the funds necessary to develop extra characters and stages and make them free DLC. Don't fund DLC developm...

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Sheesh, next thing you know, Gabe himself will leave.

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Zwei II Plus! Sweet.

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Wow, that's pretty reasonable. Wasn't it the same amount to get on greenlight though? I'm not sure if this will stop junk games from getting through...

Edit: Nevermind, it's 100 per game rather than 100 for as many games as you want. Still, some are saying the app store has a similar thing, but that it hasn't managed to curb chancers. Perhaps it should be a tiny bit higher? 150 or 200 maybe?

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*Tom Clancy's new IP

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I think this is pretty likely.

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Maybe things aren't as bad as they seem. Maybe they aren't even bad at all. But if we don't see anything fairly substantial from it this year it might be time to start worrying a bit.

It's just hard to imagine that this will be a repeat of XV and KH3. It's a remake, so a large part of the work is already done, and judging by the material they've put out so far, they seem to have a pretty solid vision for it, i.e. they know how they want it to look an...

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No, I'm using simple logic. Tell me, why do they want these negative depictions to be removed from the game? What are they afraid of? What do they think will happen if these things aren't removed? If they believe fiction is harmless then they have nothing to worry about, but people who believe fiction is harmless don't sign petitions like this one. It's obvious that they're afraid of the beliefs, attitudes, and perceptions the game will create in people, and they're sc...

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The hypocrisy of this is just too much. These are same people who would say that fiction has no impact on reality - that it cannot shape perceptions, beliefs, and attitudes. What are they worried about? They're worried that attitudes will be shaped by this game, because people ACT in accordance with their attitudes - they ACT on what they believe. Somehow though, all of the above is only true if the fictional work in question is depicting THEM in a negative light. If something is sexist, ...

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I was expecting a LOT more from a game that takes place in the same universe as El Shaddai. There are already a lot of games like this.

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