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They should continue to overhaul it like they're doing, and then re-release it like SquareEnix did with Final Fantasy XIV.

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Fingers crossed for PC version announcement. I still haven't played this game.

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@nX: I can see it coming to PC like a lot of Final Fantasy games have.

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This looks really fun. Pretty much the same gameplay as the originals but with a few tweaks. I feel like the ability to sidestep combined with the fact that you can tell when opponents are targeting you AND when they're about to attack you is enough to prevent the game from becoming an unplayable mess. I reckon if you get used to the sidestep and those indicators you can avoid getting ambushed from out of nowhere. I'm sure guarding can be put to good use too.

Well, ...

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If I was an Xbox owner (and I'm not), I wouldn't see this game as a strong argument for me to get a Ps4. Looks like another David Cage clinker.

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But remember how far along the original BG&E2 seemed - that Jade gameplay video.

If it is far along in development, they should just call it something else and remove all the BG&E references from it or something. At least make it only spiritually related or something. This game really isn't like the original at all by the looks of things.

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Hmmmm, he only played three rounds. Sounds like gameplay that you have to get used to, and playing just 3 rounds at e3 probably isn't enough. You can't really expect to be good at a game when you first play it. I remember the original Dissidia games having a bit of a steep difficulty curve at first and being really frustrating, but then becoming fun. I feel like this game might be the same, despite the fact that certain things from the previous games have been carried over. You have t...

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I'll admit that this looks pretty cool, but how long is it going to take to develop? Are we going to be waiting another 14 years? And in that time will this vision for the game be scrapped like the last one?

Also, how close to the final game is this? Will they really be able to pull this off? I won't be surprised if they run into serious problems during development that force them to downsize the game.

In a way though, I'm kind of glad that th...

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Speak for yourself, pal. I'm excited.

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This game is going to tank. Guaranteed.

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David Cage's games are just bad films with minimal and clunky interactivity. If they were films being shown in cinemas, most people would think they sucked. Film critics certainly would anyway. It frustrates me that he's put on a pedestal as some sort of auteur when he's really just a hack. He reminds of me of Christopher Nolan a bit - his stuff APPEARS intelligent and deep, but it's actually not. Pure pretense.

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@TheOttomatic91: They might have been genuine tears, but maybe they weren't tears of joy...

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This game is shaping up to be less and less like Beyond Good and Evil by the day. I feel like it might just be a totally different game with the Beyond Good and Evil name slapped on it to help sales, and probably with some BG&E stuff superficially shoehorned into it to appease fans of the game's namesake.

They should just remove any references to BG&E from this, slap a different name on it, and then make the ACTUAL BG&E2. If Ancel wants to make this game, th...

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Make it happen!

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This looks like a lot of fun. The seamless cutscenes are very well done. The only thing that irks me is the web effects - I feel like they could be improved a little bit, You get a good look at them during the cutscene where he first shoots web on the helicopter - they look kind of crappy. Other than that though, this game looks great.

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THIS. People aren't thinking straight.

If I'm honest, the trailer gave me the impression that the developers don't quite get the original game. The visuals are too rugged or something, especially the giant bridge. Adding more detail isn't necessarily a good thing - it changes the overall impression that the game makes. This remake looks a lot less dreamy or something. I don't think these new visuals preserve the vibe of the original game very well, they ...

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I own and have played the game many times dummy. I know full well that it's great, but it didn't need to be remade.

You not criticizing the fact that Fumito Ueda and genDESIGN don't seem to be involved with this remake proves YOU don't know much about this game.

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Seems like a lazy remake to me though. More than a remaster, but not quite a remake. It's like a super remaster or something.

Eh, I don't know. I love SotC, but this remake just seems pointless. And genDESIGN isn't involved so...

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[Deleted. Double post.]

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Is Ueda involved with this all? It looks like the video game equivalent of a shot for shot remake. Everything seems the same, but the textures and lighting are more detailed and advanced. I don't know... why is this being made? Did anyone actually want this? Seems unnecessary.

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