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There's no way it was the worst game in the Ps2 era. I doubt you actually believe it was though.

I played the whole VII series last year, and DoC is a solid game. The music and the story are both great, and the gameplay is fun, even if it's pretty simple. It's not groundbreaking or anything, but it's fun, and it was fun to get to return to the world of VII. I liked how they expanded on it.

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It could so easily be a Souls / Nioh type game. I'd prefer something more like the originals though.

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Who would even criticize the Nintendo 64 like that though? It was such a great console and with great games. Criticizing the N64 just seems like a weird thing to do. It's just not an obvious thing to have a joke at the expense of. Like, who takes the p!ss out of the N64? It's a pretty beloved console. If the item was called "Atari Jaguar" or "N-Gage" it'd make more sense.

I'm not offended or anything, it just seems like a weird joke to ma...

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I haven't played TLG yet because I don't own a Ps4, but to me that game almost seems like a spiritual successor to Ico (big castle, puzzles, an AI partner). I guess it has a pinch of SotC in there, but for the most part it seems like it's more like Ico than SotC. Anyway, perhaps Ueda's next game could be a spiritual successor to SotC, which would definitely be amazing.

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Could be good. I'm not a fan of any of her comedic roles at all, but she might be good in something dramatic. Having said that, it's kind of annoying when games use recognizable people, whether it's their voice, their likeness, or both. It hurts immersion. Seems like they could save a lot of money by not hiring super overpaid actors too.

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So long as they have a firm grip on reality, and so long as they don't let playing games dominate their lives, then there's no real issue.

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No excuse to not put this on Steam. It's being made free, and it's probably easy to port.

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Looking crisp. Seems odd that they have a separate command for Magic and Materia though. Maybe abilities under Materia are command materia (yellow) abilities like Steal and Deathblow etc. If that's the case, they should change "Materia" to "Command", and "Command" above the menu to, I don't know, "Battle" or something. I can imagine "Summon" appearing as an option if a summon materia is equipped.

Also, I wonder how t...

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VI and VII are undoubtedly better games than V, and deserve remakes more than it, but I still feel that they should just remake V first - just get it out of the way.

That's not to say that V isn't a good game of course - it is, but it's far from the best FF game.

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It's not a theory though... Cloud remarks on how it throws parts of itself at them, and at one point even says they weren't pursuing the real Sephiroth the whole time.

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VII is easy to understand on paper. The problem is that the translation for the original version of the game was kind of dodgy, and this made the plot harder to understand at times. Sephiroth's rebirth, his control over Jenova cells, Jenova shapeshifted as Sephiroth, Jenova's parts mutating into boss monsters - these kinds of things were hard to understand purely because of how the script was localized. Again, on paper, the story is easy to understand, and isn't overly complicated...

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I'm fairly sure they're going to be having events throughout the year. This was just an opening ceremony.

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Keep that stuff out of it I say. Neither Tron nor PotC should have been in it either.

They should have stuck to classic Disney films all along. Would've made the game more cohesive I think.

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SquareEnix should localize this and bring it to Steam like Mobius Final Fantasy.

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Wait where is he getting his money exactly?

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YES! I wasn't expecting this.

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I love this game. Good story, great music, good characters and voice work, fun gameplay, and it was great to get to go back to Spira. Can't wait for the inevitable X-3.

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Most graphics are good in their own way regardless of how powerful or not-powerful the technology behind them is, just so long as heart and soul went into making them.

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Looking for shiny ideas to thieve no doubt (joke)

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Looks like good fun, but those humans look pretty crap.

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