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Oh... eh, are you sure? I didn't realize that. The guy who wrote it made a pretty serious comment below it. Pretty sure it's not a joke at all.

I agree with his general sentiment of equality, but he doesn't seem to realize that it's necessary for women to muscle in to a degree, or else real equality won't be achieved. The games he describes are all from like the last two years and he feels marginalized. Yet, women have been marginalized for centuries. How... #2.3.2
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And another thing. These guys always have so little scope to their arguments. Most feminists are what we call "intersectional," in that they are part of a general representation movement that seeks to counter all the negative discourses that hav accrued to all marginalized demographics. However, with guys like this, they still can't seem to look beyond the binary of male-female, and that's counter-productive. The very fact that they do this perpetuates this debate as some ki... #2.1
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Oh ffs give me a break. The moment women actually start to get some real results after centuries of patriarchal oppression and deeply ingrained sexist assumptions, some whiner comes along and acts like men are the victims. I'm not denying that men are abused by women, but such a thing is greatly outweighed by the opposite, and not just nowadays, but throughout the history of western civilization. This is just a gamer playing up his unwarranted sense of victimization.

He t... #2
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Lol. The moment I saw "cards" in the title I knew this was a mobile spin-off. Pure shovelware. #6
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Hmmm yeah you might be right about that. Although when thinking about development costs, you also have to factor in payment to all the big name voice actors (well, Troy Baker and Nolan North), as well as general higher standards in production technology. Music for instance - a lot of games rely on live instruments and hiring musicians and studio time and whatnot. I'd also imagine that all the technology available for making the games is probably more expensive, as are the wages for develo... #5.1
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Indies will probably sort everything out, but unfortunately I feel like they're destined to become the AAAs of the future, at which point we'll hit another decline like there is now. What's at the core of this trend? Money. Get rid of it.

I think you're right to correllate the shortening length of game and the increasing of graphical quality with all this. I'd also say games are easier too because of this. It's all abou minimizing risk where there are... #7
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My god the videos of that game are hilarious. #1
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I'm thankful to have a roof over my head, clothes on my back, a full stomach, friends, family, and things I'm good at.

I am also thankful in advance for the voucher that N4G will graciously and randomly bestow upon me. #133
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@kurruptor: People keep saying that, but this is a modified version of Linux. Isn't there a chance it'll accommodate for previously non-linux compatible games? That or it'll make it easier to bring them to linux. #24.1.2
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Has that awful flash-game look to it, but it sounds incredible. The perma-death thing is awesome. #1
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Didn't they explicitly say they have no plans for Ps4 / Xbone?

In any case, does both Tales of Destiny and Phantasia being on the page have any significance? Man, I would definitely pick up a game that brought those two universes together. #7
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The games available on Steam offer all the crap you get on consoles PLUS a vast library of ACTUALLY good experimental and unique games. I think I might buy one of these. I don't like DRM, but Valve are the only ones I trust when it comes to it. Although, the moment they tried something funny I'd be out. #39
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That's a pretty significant statement to put on the cover of a magazine. Hope it's true. #4
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I hope the tone hasn't gotten even more light-hearted than Persona 4. I hope they return to the surreal vibes of the first two games. #7
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"Son of Rome might have failed with the critics but it is visually a beautiful game."

I think it's time we stop giving games with good graphics the benefit of the doubt. #3
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I'm just forward looking to Zero Escape 3, and sort of Danganronpa. I've never played Danganronpa before but it sounds pretty cool.

I think I'll get X | X-2 HD for the Ps3. Playing it on the big screen's the way it's supposed to be played.

Freedom Wars looks interesting. Although - and I haven't actually played Valkyria Chronicles - but it kind of looks like it plays the same as it...

I'm not a fan of Monster Hunte... #6
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Uh, where's the source for this? No quotes or anything... #27
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Already disproved; was posted on N4G and everything:


Activision, like EA, are the lowest of the low. They don't care about anything other than money. Therefore, they can't even begin to care about videogame history. They're only going to make things if they can monetize every aspect of them. We&... #35
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@Jsonhenry: She should care. It's not a good thing that she doesn't.

It's just some creepy, pervert gamer being all like: "Look at my girlfriend, I can do whatever I want with her because she belongs to me. I'm not a virgin anymore, look at me." #1.1.27
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Pre-order cancelled. #9
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