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This stuff hardly seems dealbreaking. If the bugs and glitches don't get any worse than this, then it's whatever. What's more, this stuff will likely be patched. We'll see though, maybe people will encounter some bugs that are more serious than these - it is an open world game after all, and they're pretty bug prone.

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You can't pin ALL the blame on rabid consumers when there's an enormous industry (advertising, PR) whose purpose is to MAKE them rabid.

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Is this worth getting? I was planning on getting it on Steam for myself for Christmas (among other games). I wouldn't bother asking if it weren't so expensive.

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No, I didn't play it, but I read about it and I know that there's a stealth option and that's fine, but it doesn't change the fact that it's an action-oriented game rather than an adventure-oriented one.

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It certainly looks pretty impressive. Shame it's used for more of the same though. How about more open world games that don't revolve around shooting / killing people? I'd like to see more adventure-oriented open world games rather than action-oriented ones.

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Jeez... And the Ps4 Pro version will likely be even bigger (the inevitable PC version bigger still).

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Hmm, well I was thinking about getting it on Steam during the xmas sale. Should I? It's pretty pricey...

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Eh, I'm not that interested in that. In that same interview though, he mentions that while they have no plans to put Noctis' Versus XIII outfit in the game, they might if people want it. More interested in that than this tbh.

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Well the ad is definitely trying to make gaming seem not-nerdy and socially acceptable to people who don't play videogames (i.e. people are afraid to do anything that isn't regarded as trendy), but I'm sure Nintendo won't forsake people who are into videogames.

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I thought the XIII games were good in all aspects except story and to a certain extent characters. Most of the characters felt too anime-ish, and the story was just kind of meh. XIII had the best story of the three, but with each game the story got worse. Also, the games suffered from a lack of world-building. Audiovisually though, they were fantastic - incredible music, art direction and visuals - and the battle systems in all three were pretty fun. I think LR had the best battle system.

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What's with the snowy mountains next to the desert in that last shot?

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Wow what? That's huge. Seems like maybe it's going to be a mix between the classic Pokemon games and Pokemon games like Gale of Darkness. I welcome that to be honest. It'll be a nice change of pace.

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Nope. "Could be" isn't the same as "will be" obviously, but it still creates expectations, albeit not as inflated as "will be". Still, I feel that the "True Horror Masterpiece" is what will register with people.

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It's hyperbolic headlines like this that ruin games. They inflate people's expectations, and cause them to be disappointed when the game arrives, which in turn leads to them completely panning it. Let's save this kind of stuff for when the game comes out.

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I'm probably going to wait. What's one more year?

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I hope this is true and this turns out to be as good as it looked. I also hope that they bring it to PC if it turns out to be good. Seems pretty likely they will if they own the rights.

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I've been replaying this recently, and I'm just about finished. It's still really good, but there are definitely a few small things about it that could be improved. One thing that stood out to me was how Cait Sith joins the party - it's the least convincing thing ever. They bump into him in the Gold Saucer and immediately he just says "I'm coming along and there's nothing you can do to stop me", and nobody complains,...

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I'm sure it will have a few problems and flaws, but I'm certain the good will outweigh the bad.

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I know, it's just that the car seems like a big part of the game, so how often are we going to be listening to songs from other Final Fantasy games? Could potentially be quite often.

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Wow, I wasn't expecting that! Hopefully the game also has as many original tracks as any FF game and doesn't just rely on all these old songs.

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