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If you ask me, consoles peaked at the Ps2 / Xbox / GC / DC generation, and the magic has been slowly slipping away since then. It wasn't that bad during the Ps3 / X360 generation, but it's become more noticeable with this latest generation. People will hate me for saying this, but as far as I'm concerned, PC is where the magic is at these days.

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Somehow I completely overlooked the possibly of the old Spyro games getting remakes now that the old Crash games are. Man I hope this happens.

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Where were you for like the last decade of video game history during which the vast majority of video game protagonists were white males? If under a dozen games with black protagonists is a sign of creative stagnation, then thousands of games with white male protagonists MUST also be a sign of creative stagnation - an even more certain sign of this in fact.

Perhaps you want Ubisoft to go against market trends rather than pander to them, which is fair enough, but I suspect ...

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I called this! TLG is like Ico 2, so now it's time to make SotC 2. Exciting.

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Well, if you ask me, Valve is about as friendly as a big corporation can possibly be, and as for Steam, well it has an incredible library that's growing everyday (I reckon there'll come a day when nearly every game is available on Steam), and the summer / Christmas sales are undeniably the best sales in the gaming world. I mean Valve certainly aren't immune to criticism, and they should definitely be called out when they mess up, but come on, Steam is pretty darn great - I don'...

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Such a cool game. I hope there's something new in the works.

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I think you're probably right. It's not going to be as different as they're making it out to be. It seems to me that this so-called open world is basically just a dozen or so stages merged into one. It'll be as empty as those stages, only much bigger. Open worlds aren't really these guys' bread and butter.

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I don't quite understand why it needs to be open world though. Making it open world enables them to do a lot more stuff, but to be honest the gameplay doesn't sound any different to the previous games. It's the same gameplay, but in an open world rather than in various open stages. They don't really seem to taking full advantage of the open world setting. In a way, what it seems like is that instead of having separate stages, they just merged them all into one giant stage. Oth...

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I feel like the reason they did this was more out of a fear that male trolls would fake their gender and ruin the whole thing. It's a shame that trans folks have to go through this because of trolls. If there weren't trolls, it would be safe to assume that these people were the genders they said they were. It's sort of like how, if it weren't for people historically making deliberately fake rape accusations, rape victims wouldn't be questioned and interrogated to ensure th...

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Maybe they did that to make you THINK that they're too dumb to do manipulative things.

The whole point of the NES Classic was to cancel it and make Nintendo look dumb and clueless so that it could get away with constraining supplies of the Switch to create the appearance of huge demand, i.e. people would think they were too clueless to do something so devilish.

The NES Classic was never meant to be a product in its own right, it was always totally par...

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lol here we go. I don't own a Ps4 so I haven't been able to play this yet, but I'm kind of glad because it means I can hold onto my money until the inevitable ultimate version of the game.

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Sorry but read the article. The guys he played with acted like a-holes. Don't let your politics blind you to that fact.

He joined a game and informed to everyone that he'd had dental surgery because of a genetic disease, and that it had messed up his speech. He was apologizing in advance just in case they thought he was some troll. The first thing those people said was "annoying", and, "you're muted already". That's just disrespectful, pl...

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Well it makes sense. The world knows very little about what the Remake is going to be like. Hard to be super hyped about something you know next to nothing about. Trails of Cold Steel III however is part of an established series. People loved the first two games, and the third is going to be more of the same greatness, so it's hard not to be excited.

I feel that once we know more about the remake it's likely we'll all be a lot more excited than we are right now....

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Well actually I think a lot of the FF characters that make an appearance aren't actually from FF worlds. Tidus, Wakka, and Selphie are from Destiny Islands, and Squall, Yuffie, and some of the others are from Radiant Garden. In other words, the Kingdom Hearts versions of these characters have totally different histories.

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Pretty much all the non-Disney worlds in the game are supposed to be Final Fantasy-esque. Hollow Bastion and The World That Never Was are good examples.

And yeah, Kingdom Hearts has always had a heavier, more serious side to it.

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Well most people aren't like you mate, I guarantee that. I suspect you have some other underlying problems.

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Yes, but it's extremely important to remember that addictions like video game addiction are behavioral addictions, not chemical addictions. Chemical addictions are obviously much more severe and much harder to reverse.

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There are only like a dozen PS4 games out of the 100 exclusive / 390 console exclusive games that I'm actually interested in, several of which are pretty much destined for Steam some day, because the developers / publishers behind them already have games on Steam.

In a lot of cases, vocal fan demand like mine isn't to blame for formerly-exclusive games coming to Steam, it's just the business decisions of the publishers who recognize that Steam is huge right now....

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Daaammiiiitt. Please bring Persona 5 to Steam Atlus. I'm a longtime SMT / Persona fan who has moved to PC, and I'm sure there are many more like me.

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