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Hmmm, I wonder what his various development teams from over the years think? I'd say they put a lot of work in and are proud of their achievements. But no, none of that was an achievement as far as Kojima's concerned. Also, if he feels this way about everything he's done thus far, he's not going to feel much different after he releases his next one if he's drawing influence from generic stuff like Uncharted and The Division.

I get that maybe being forced...

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Currently playing this. It's pretty much a smartphone mmo with a Kingdom Hearts paintjob. Very light on story, and pretty easy. It's addictive, and the environments can be quite pleasant to look at (Daybreak Town is great, as is it's music), but all the character models have that QWOP, flash-game look to them that you see in every smartphone mmorpg. Honestly, I'm playing it just in case it's necessary for KHIII and also because I've played every other KH game so I may ...

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A stylized world where death doesn't have the same weight? What if one of the main characters died in the story? Would the game just shrug that off? I doubt it - that would be a pretty heavy death. He's making excuses. The enemies are simply dehumanized to create a black and white situation, and to make the hero seem glorious.

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They used a different Utada Hikaru song for each of the two numbered games, so I was kind of hoping, but not really expecting, that they'd do the same for III. However, I'd choose one of the songs they've already used over this every time.

If you really have to appeal to the West SE, first make sure they like what you're trying to appeal to them with.

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If people could put this kind of energy into solving real problems the world would be a much better place. Who cares about one 7/10 review for some brainless, juvenile game that'll be forgotten about in a few months time? Baffling.

Oh and of course IGN blatantly getting bribed to review garbage games favorably is scummy, but the Doom review at least seems honest. If they had trashed it I might have suspected blackmail on IGN's part because Bethesda wouldn't bri...

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I don't buy it. It's fairly obvious that things like this are calculated to build hype and influence future sales. These guys know the technology they're working with, especially late on, and they definitely carefully plan the game before knuckling down to make it (especially the big companies like Ubisoft). I don't buy the idea that AAA games aren't planned well in advance.

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No way! I finished the first one just the other day - finally got around to playing it. Great news!

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So in other words, Sakaguchi's a little bit set in his ways.

I welcome them mixing it up a bit.

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I'm actually excited about Final Fantasy XVI, because it'll be the first genuinely new game in the series for a long time. By this I mean it will have a new world, story and cast of characters. We spent a lot of time in the world of XIII and we've known a lot about XV for many years. XVI will be something totally new, which is really exciting.

EDIT: unless of course Agni's Philosophy is Final Fantasy XVI, but at least we basically know nothing about it.

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Must be Solgaleo and Lunaala - the trademarks that were registered.

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Wow! Why aren't people talking about the rest of the game?? It looks so good! I wasn't expecting it to look so different and to have normal sized characters.

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No Kojima! You're supposed to make something innovative and not generic with your newfound freedom!

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Eagerly anticipating this. I really want to play that game again, but I bet if I play my old copy, the remaster will get announced when I finish it or something, and I wouldn't want to play it all over again. Can't wait much longer though!

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So far those steamdb leaks from last December have all come true. Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, Danganronpa 1 & 2, Final Fantasy VI, Stranger of Sword City, Code of Princess, Guilty Gear Xrd -Sign-, and now Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster - they're all on or are confirmed to be coming to Steam.

Yet to see Steins;Gate, Phantom Brave, Ray Gigant, Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair, and *gulp* Half Life 3, all of which were on the list. It seem...

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@nitus10: There's no real substance to arguments like this: "It's all well and good doing independent studies on the effects of a particular item or thing on the human body or psyche but we all know or should know that people abuse the recommended usage be it drugs or even gaming." I don't know what you're trying to imply. Don't bother studying the effects? It could mean the difference between VR taking off or not. If all the games made for it make people ill, VR...

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99% of people don't? Not a real statistic. I'm willing to bet a lot more than 1% would / do experience adverse symptoms playing VR. I'd say the number is far from negligible.

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I'm not bothered with VR for a few reasons:

1. Most of the games in the works or currently available are short experiences simply because prolonged use of the headset is just a bit too intense.

2. Too expensive. It's a peripheral, not a console. Combined with 1, I feel like it would be a waste of money.

3. My eyes start to burn if I play HD stuff too much, and I get headaches when I watch 3D films or play games in 3D. I don'...

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Guess not. For now anyway.

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Yesss! At long last! This is great news. I hope they remake / localize The 25th Ward too.

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Looking forward to this game. Been following it on greenlight for a long time now. Love the setting and the visuals.

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