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This and The Witness are going to be day-1ers for me. Also Reset and Routine if they come out this year, and maybe The Solus Project and No Man's Sky. Also Everybody's Gone to the Rapture if the rumors of it coming to Steam are true.

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Not exclusive. Coming to PC too.

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Piracy is only "wrong" because we need to earn money to live. People would still make games if they didn't have to earn the right to live, just in the same way that people would still make music. These things are their own reward. People only ask for money for them because they need money to live and because they want to be able to make a livable amount of money from what they like doing so they don't have to rely on soul-crushing labour for an income at any capacity; and th...

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I don't think he's disputing the fact that loads of people play games on PC, I think he's just pointing out that very few people who play PC games have PCs that are more powerful than current generation consoles. I'm sure many people who play console games also have PCs, a Steam account and some games on Steam, just not insanely powerful specs on those PCs.

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I suppose games get made in a way that enables them to reach the widest audience possible. If they required super performance, only a small, rich minority of people could play them as they were supposed to be played, and so only said minority would buy them. No one else would buy them if they couldn't run them or if they felt they were going to get short changed. However, this also means that people won't be bothered even buying powerful and expensive gaming PCs in the first place, be...

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These things always begin small.

It's common to see 75%-80% off during summer and winter sales - seems like a good deal to me. No competition necessary. Plus there are week long deals. I'm happy with Steam - the sales are very generous, and I think it would be greedy to ask for even more generosity. Sure someone could come along and undercut Steam, but most Steam users, at this point, aren't going to abandon Steam and risk contributing to its collapse, causing the...

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No no no! Don't spread Steam hate. If Steam ever went bust because people were lead away from it... God, the amount of money I and many, many others spent on games... I know they said that they have a plan to make sure that no one loses all their purchased games should the service fall through, but I'm just not confident they'd be able to make good on that promise in the throes of financial crisis - I think it'd be messy.

That's not to say we shouldn't...

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The difference is that to the untrained eye, this really would look like garbage. Most people won't know what's under the hood of this game so to speak, and none of that is visible on the surface. On the other hand, a spitfire plane has something to offer to the person who knows nothing about aeronautics - it's flashy looking, it's loud, and it does spectacular things.

My point is that it's hard to get a sense of what goes into making something like this...

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If you browse the RPG section of Google Play, you'll find dozens of games that look EXACTLY like this one. Churned out, f2p smartphone garbage. If this HAS to be be a Breath of Fire game, Capcom should consider making it a smartphone spin-off rather than the next proper Breath of Fire game.

Seems like they're trying to get people who don't really play games to buy it - people who play junk games on their smartphones / tablets. But, these people might be turned of...

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There's still nearly 10,000 games on sale, but I've noticed that the discounts seem to be smaller than usual across the board. Lots of 25% and 33% off, some 50% off, and very few 70-80% off. I suppose this is all adjustment to the refund thing - if they're making less money because of the refund policy, I suppose making discounts smaller (together with the removal of flash sales etc.) would be a way to compensate for money not being made. I don't know, maybe doing away with th...

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You're over-politicizing things if you're going to let such a small detail ruin the entire game for you. It reminds me of Hatred coming out - anti-SJW types politicized that game way too much, "It has appalling violence in it?? Then it has to be released! Support this game! Stupid SJW feminazi mangina PC etc.", and of course, quality control goes out the window - Hatred was not only appalling, it was also mediocre. No matter how garbage your game is, it gets greenlit because...

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Looking good. Vague Chrono vibes from it.

But does anyone know what happened to Final Fantasy VII? SE said they'd show it at JumpFesta.

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I'm pretty sure Konami wanted to milk Kojima for MGS games given that it was their most successful series, but I'd say that they wanted to make MGS related stuff at a lower cost to them. Kojima didn't want to make MGS games anymore, that's for sure, and I'm sure he especially didn't want to make cheap, throwaway MGS games. At least with a bigger budget though he had more room to express himself within the confines of the MGS world. Konami we're not only confining h...

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Power to Kojima and his gang - though it still annoying that he calls his company by his own name, it't not like he does all the work.

But come on, that Andrew House guy is an opportunistic suit, just like Don Mattrick or guys like that. He's one more of these people who knows nothing about the industry he's in, but is getting his slice of the pie because videogames are booming these days. It's a problem plaguing most creative industries. None of them need sha...

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Just read Yoshinori Kitase's blog post thing. The sheer size of the project apparently requires that it be released in multiple parts. Needless to say, episodic games aren't typically as big as this sounds like it is. Kitase said that they don't want to condense the original game at all, and instead want to beef it up. Episodic games are typically pretty bite-size, highlight-reel type fares, not games that are much much bigger than Final Fantasy VII

They haven'...

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Confirmed non-episodic. Either going to be several full-sized, self-contained games like the Mass Effect series, or three discs released at separate times.

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This game is obviously coming to PC - nearly every Final Fantasy game is on Steam or is going to be (X|X-2 is coming soon, VI just got released, albeit the horrible version).

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(Deleting a double post)

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This is a cagey answer disguised as an open and transparent one.

They need to elaborate on what they meant exactly when they said that each part will be a "unique experience," and will have "it's own story."

I don't want each disc of the original game made into a self-contained Final Fantasy game, and I also don't want each part to be a condensed, highlight-reel, season-pass type experience, i.e. episodic.


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"What I see as the problem is why can't the multiple disks be a part of the same purchase??"

I suspect that the reason they aren't doing this is that they wouldn't be able to complete all three games until like 2020. People are already sort of blue-balled because of Versus / XV. I just hope we don't have to wait TOO long between the parts.

I wouldn't even think of it as three different games though. It's more as if they'r...

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