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I'm sure the WICMC would agree with a lot of what SJWs have to say actually. There are SJWs who would agree with this response too. There is certainly a lot of common ground between the WICMC and modern feminism etc. Still like them?

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Griever: But cultures, morally speaking, DO NOT wildly vary. There are no cultures that are okay with rape and murder and torture and so on. There are morals common to nearly every culture.

If there were such a culture, which would be worse, leaving them to their own devices and basically ALLOWING horrific, atrocious things to be done to people, or "cultural imperialism". Not allowing people to rape etc. is a far lesser reduction of freedom than raping / murdering /...

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Who here actually watches this twisted stuff though? Who watches Japanese loli rape hentai, and gore hentai, and other shit like that? I don't care if it's real or not, if you get off to it, you are getting off to the IDEA of raping children, or to god knows what else. Only sickos watch it in the first place. No "leftists" are against portraying sexual violence in anything, or any violence for that matter, rather it's about HOW it's portrayed. In shit like this, it i...

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Smdh... I consider myself a liberal essentially, but this is just liberalism swallowing its own tail - liberalism becoming its opposite. "child pornography constitutes free speech" - give me a break. It's hypocritical to think everyone should be totally free, and then to also condone and allow behaviors that strip people of freedom sharply or totally. You wouldn't fight for collective freedom and also for the freedom to murder, rape, enslave and torture, that'd be totall...

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I wish they'd just make a third person, free camera, open world Pokemon RPG. It could have battles like Ni No Kuni - maybe real time. This series is absolutely ripe for that kind of treatment. I'd buy that in a heartbeat. You could include the bike, you could even add in jumping, and I'm sure you could add in areas that would only be accessible with HMs. And of course, there's be nothing stopping them from adding a multiplayer component too. Until they make a game like that, I...

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100% agree. Gold, Silver and Crystal just blew my mind, and no Pokemon game has had that impact for me since.

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Pokemon T and A.

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What I don't get is why people rush to defend this stuff. Why does it upset you that paedophilic material is being banned? How does that impact you in the slightest unless you're a paedophile. It's like outlawing murder - that doesn't bother me because I don't want to kill anyone, nor would I ever want to. If we lived in a chaotic world where the only way to live was to kill and cannibalize people, and then some government outlawed killing, then I'd be uncomfortable, b...

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Who really gives a crap about exclusives? If all the games are coming to all the platforms, what does it matter which platform you bought?

I mean yeah, why'd you bother buying the xbox one if you can get everything it has on PC or Ps4? But then again, if you can get every game on every console / platform, you could make that argument for each console / platform. It barely matters which one you bought. No exclusives is better - it means we don't have to shell out for m...

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Danganronpa is on the upcoming games list on Steam.

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Every main Final Fantasy game is on Steam with the exception of X, X-2 and XII, and the HD versions of the former two are rumored to be coming soon. I'd say XII hasn't been released on Steam yet because SE are prepping a HD version and would rather release that on Steam rather than the current version.

So, I wouldn't at all be surprised if XV was released on Steam eventually. Couldn't be too hard to do either, given that it's being developed on a PC. My on...

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Oi! I won't hear a bad word said against Ms. Anderson!

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The second picture you linked is of the character Gentiana.

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Dragoon Lady! I thought we'd never see her again. Nice to have names to put to those other characters. The Assassin's Creed looking guy from the earlier trailers (DKS3713 Trailer, Advent Children Complete Trailer, e3 2013 trailer) is still a mystery though. Glauca reminds me of that big armored guy that the Assassin's Creed looking guy talks to in the 2013 e3 trailer. Maybe he's one of the "captains" that serves under Glauca. Then again, the AC looking guy was talkin...

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I wonder what stopped them from simply making Luna a sister to Stella? I mean god knows the cast could use a few more women. What have we got so far? Luna, Gentiana and Cindy? Meanwhile we've got tons of dudes: Noctis, Ignis, Prompto, Gladiolus, Cor, Regis, Idola Aldercapt, The purple-haired fedora guy with the umbrella, the Assassin's Creed-looking blonde guy, the old disgruntled-looking guy with the metal tiara, and the guy who looks like a scheming version of Regis.

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What's absurd is how angry you seem to be getting.

Sure I didn't know much about the character, but what they did release was highly suggestive of their relationship / dynamic and what kind of character she was - there were strong "vibes" I guess. It's not like I'm going off nothing. The early stuff was designed to give us a SENSE of what the creators were going for, not to leave us knowing absolutely nothing. The early stuff conveyed a feel for the...

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I miss Stella, and I miss Noctis' old outfit. The dynamic between Noctis and Stella was so much more interesting - or what we saw of it anyway - and Stella seemed like a more original character than Luna, who seems a bit too familiar to me. Also, Noctis' old outfit looked so much cooler - hopefully they'll include it in the game, maybe as an alternate costume or skin or something. The outfit they've settled on annoys me for some reason - I think it's the combination of the...

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Strong feeling this is a smartphone / tablet game. It's the animation and layered 2D stuff that gives it away. Doesn't necessarily mean it won't be a good game though, and the music seems nice. I'm just sad that, once again, it's not Spyro.

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There are no easy answers. The whole thing is a capitalism problem - a double-bind inherent to capitalism. Filesharing wouldn't be a problem if we didn't need to earn money to live - people would have no problem with people having what they made for free. Creative stuff is it's own reward - people only ask for monetary compensation because they need money to live in this system. On top of that, if they couldn't get enough money to survive doing what they liked doing, they'...

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Man they didn't even TRY to look visually different from No Man's Sky. It seems to play differently to NMS at least, but it LOOKS identical. Really it should have been different in both departments, not just one.

The whole No Man's Sky genre is going to be oversaturated by the time NMS comes out. This, The Solus Project, Lost World Zero, some others I'm probably not aware of, and many more in the future. Enough already!

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