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I don't mean XV though, I mean this demo.

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What's stopping them from just putting it on Steam?? Dammit...

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They shouldn't have spoiled the flying car. They should have just said, "yep, airships made it in."

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I don't understand why people care about this junk. All I care about is the game.

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But LoZ is, like I said, already sort of an action RPG. It's like an action RPG lite - an action adventure with some RPG-ish elements. I think it would be cool to have a party of characters from the LoZ world. I think it could be really special if done right. I also think that an RPG would be closer to the spirit of the series than a game like Hyrule Warriors. HW has no adventure in it, it's just Dynasty Warriors style hacking and slashing - it's an arcadey action game. I think th...

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Is a JRPG really that far removed from the main series genre-wise? I wouldn't consider it a radical leap. I think the world of LoZ is perfectly suited for a JRPG rendering, much more so than Mario.

If LoZ was more whimsical, a game like Tingle's Rosy Rupee Land would have made more sense, but it was kind of daft. On the other hand, I can't really think of a more appropriate alternate genre for a game set in the LoZ universe than an RPG. It's not too different,...

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I would've said the same, and even more so, for Mario, but the RPG series is fantastic.

Let me just clarify: this game would be a spin-off, not a main game.

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The more I think of it the more I want it!

There'd be a Zora party member with water magic, and a Goron party member with earth magic, maybe there could even be a Gerudo party member. I'm sure Zelda would join at some point too, as well as other characters you'd meet.

Dungeons would probably be "Zelda dungeons", but there'd be random or real-time turn-based battles, and there'd be more treasure chests with a larger variety of ite...

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I just can't tell if VR will be successful. Motion control wasn't much of a success, nor was 3D. I think people are happy with a screen and a controller - I know I am.

On top of this, a majority of the VR games in the works are really short experiences, and some justify this by saying things like "any longer would be too intense." I mean, HD makes my eyes burn after a while, and 3D just gives me a headache, so I'm pretty sure I won't be able to take ...

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They should make a Legend of Zelda JRPG. I know the series is already RPG-ish, but it's more Action Adventure. I mean like a turn-based / semi-turn based game with a party and stats and all the rest.

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He wasn't trying to do a convincing, realistic laugh, he was trying to do a fake laugh in character. He does a convincing laugh after that.

It wasn't James Arnold Taylor trying to sound like he was really, genuinely laughing, it was James Arnold Taylor trying to sound like he was pretending to laugh, and the character deliberately does it in a goofy way to cheer Yuna up.

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Yeah I agree. I like the scene. It's supposed to be goofy. The two characters themselves have an earnest laugh about it afterwards.

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I'd say then that optional stuff will bump it up to 150+. I just hope it's not all artificial padding, like grinding and farming. It'd be nice if completing optional stuff in RPGs depended on skill, rather than soul-crushing tedium.

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These days, many reviews are nothing more than another form of advertisement. Not all of them of course, but certainly many that come out of the big sites.

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Red-haired guy? I don't remember him. Do you mean the purple-haired guy with the umbrella and the fedora? He's Ardyn Izunia.

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Greg Berg playing a character called "Gregory", D.C. Douglas, who played Albert Wesker, playing a character called "Weskham Armaugh", and Emily Roya O'Brien reprising her role as Y'shtola, from Final Fantasy XIV. Seems very dubious.

Having said that, there ARE characters we don't know the names of yet, such as the Assassin's Creed looking guy, and the guy who looks like Regis (both mentioned in this article). But there's also another gu...

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You are reunited with the creator, Jaden Smith.

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If you hadn't stopped reading, you'd realize that I was saying it had the best story out of the three games in the Lightning saga.

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I thought XIII had the best story, and LR had the best gameplay, and XIII-2 was somewhere in between. The visuals and music were fantastic in all three. The storytelling got worse and worse, but the gameplay got better and better.

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