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"Since when do pixels being shown on a screen impact reality unless you let them?"

But what about the script, the dialogue, the narrative? These are all things created by REAL people, and they all in their own way express a central theme or two. Most narratives are a meditation on life itself, how could they not be? All narratives take baggage from reality, and they certainly reproduce many things from that reality regardless of how alien those narratives might seem... #8.1
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To answer the question: No, we're not paying too much attention to gender. It might seem forced at first, but this is only because of the complacencies that have congealed within us. The first step is realizing how wrong we've been. The rest will come naturally. The goal is real human solidarity as well as promoting an understanding of the radically open nature of huamn beings. Right now this is kind of the duty of art. Only when people truly understand and internalize this fact can n... #12.1
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There might come a day when we can justify characters based on the demands of the narrative, but not yet. Too many narratives are comfort-zones for creators and writers. These are comfort-zone narratives that certainly contribute to a grander culture, and in turn to people's understandings of a whole range of things.

When things begin to congeal as stereotypes and dogmas, subversion must occur. There are too many ingrained ideas in people's heads about race and gender... #12
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The line between state and corporation grows ever more indistinct. Not surprising though. #75
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Well there will always be games to cater to that for you. In fact, most games these days cater to that for you, it's not like you're lacking choice. You're acting like you're underepresented and marginalized, but that's not really true. The debate about games as art has been ongoing for a very long time, but that doesn't mean there have been a ton of artful games. We're only really starting to see that.

The fact is that games have an enormous poten... #7
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I don't read manga but I'd probably read this. Great game.

A sequel game would be great though. I'm not sure if the game covered the entirety of the Book of Enoch, but if not, there'd be plenty more to draw upon. #11
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I'm among the minority of people who think X-2 is / was a superb game - strongly disagree that it's "fucked up."

I'd also add that an executive producer doesn't really have that decisive an input in the creative process. Hironobu Sakaguchi is great and all, but I'm pretty sure he didn't have much to do with what we all love about X. #22.1.1
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Both him and Kitase were pretty involved with both the X games, I don't know why everyone's flipping out. I don't see any problem with him being involved so long as he's kept in check by Daisuke Watanabe and Kazushige Nojima. I think when left to his own devices he loses the plot a bit (The 3rd Birthday is a better example of this than the XIII saga) #22
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Clearly a ruse to make people buy a piece of crap iOS game. A cynical tease. Seriously people, just ignore this shit.

I mean, when Capcom decide to churn out fob off a few dispassionate, cynical butcherings of some of their most famous works (Onimusha Soul, Breath of Fire 6), I just think, this is a company who doesn't care about the stuff they made. It reflects badly on their entire oeuvre and it makes me feel stupid for playing those games. I play games, watch films and... #13
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Exactly. Don't people realize that this is pretty much a textbook strategy for a corporation wishing to assert a form of total control? To reach a state at which the same thing can be sold, repossessed and resold without protestation from consumers is pretty much the ideal of corporate power everywhere. Your consent is manufactured. You think that you think this is a good idea, but that idea was quite literally implanted in your head by marketing and advertisement - the sweeping rhetoric... #27.2
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How long before it's the ONLY service? How long till playing old games is JUST a service? I will resist any attempts made to remonetize old games. HD remakes are in the same vein as this kind of thing - sometimes they're warranted, but other times it's just profiteering dressed up as something "new" and "essential." #10.1.1
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What? Are you for real? What ever happened to the option of buying and owning or not buying and owning? These corporations have really done a number on you. #6.1
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Remonetizing the past rather than putting emulator software in the machine that'd cost nothing to implement. I refuse to pay for a ps1 or ps2 game, those consoles are done (PSP games are pushing it a little bit, but the PSP is still big in Japan so...). It's clothed in all the bs rhetoric of "the future is now!" but it's just a cash-grab. #10
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Valve are weird. They're all about openness, and yet they've more or less monopolized pc gaming. All the while they've gotten away with a pure DRM service. I appreciate the openness of the Steam Machines, I think it's a step in the right direction, but I just hope such a monopoly doesn't mean a lot of cool stuff goes unnoticed.

At this point, Half Life 3's delay must be a creative thing. They can't claim they don't have enough money. #30
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Not surprising. Nvidia are all about gratifying adolescent tech boners. They're definitely all convinced that processing power and graphical complexity is what makes a game. They're part of this technology push that focuses on the tech and nothing more, to the exclusion of equally if not more important elements. I'm sure they get along great with Crytek. #37
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I only care about The Witness, Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes (Sort of), Final Fantasy XV, Kingdom Hearts III, Mighty No. 9 (sort of), New n' Tasty! Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee, Pavilion, and Soma.

Most of them don't have release dates, so I can't see myself bothering with a Ps4 for a long time. I can see The Witness and Soma coming to PC, and they'll probably be superior on PC too. I'm not interested in mmos so A Realm Reborn, while a Final Fantasy game,... #32
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Probably won't because of how negative most SE fans are. Shame really, it could very well be OUR loss. I'd love nothing more than a chance to return to Spira. #22
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Wow, I don't think people would be very happy if it was just trolling or leading on. #23
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It's things like this that have something to do with why the Half Life games have yet to be truly surpassed: http://www.gamasutra.com/vi... #19
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I could never feel that way about Bioshock. Never. There's just something about all the Bioshock games that feels off to me. I've never really understood the hype. I've played all of them, but there just feels like theres this gaping hole in the middle of them, as abstract as that sounds. #3.3
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