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Capitalism is the problem, not file sharing.

Furthermore, "piracy" (read: file sharing) enables preservation of software that would otherwise be lost to history.

Finally, emulators aren't illegal, just like virtual machines aren't illegal.

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SE are only publishing it, Tri-Ace are developing it. See my comment below, Tri-Ace's two other smartphone games are pretty good - or at least, they're certainly a cut above most of the garbage.

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Well it's not true that the video had nothing in it. There's some artwork of what's likely the main character that can be seen at the end.

Also, I have a feeling the main character is the fusion of Lenneth, Silmeria and Hrist.

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It has a pretty epic feel for a probable mobile game. But then, Tri-Ace's other two phone games, Chronos Ring and Heaven X Inferno are above average quality-wise, so I'd expect an even higher quality treatment of one of their more established series.

Also, the fact that they have a pretty serious Japanese playwright writing and directing is promising to me. Why would someone like that agree to contribute significantly to this if it were just a smartphone money generat...

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It's not like R&C really went away. The last game came out about 2 years ago.

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I think it's good. For a while I thought that art with Sigma sitting in the chair with the gun to his head was going to be the cover art, so I'm just glad it isn't. It made the game look like some sort of snuff film or something, yuck.

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Also, there's no mention of the following key people on that teaser site, which worries me:

Yoshiharu Gotanda (Director / Designer of VP1, heavy involvement in the programming of VP2)
Sokuhon Masaki (Designer of VP1 and VP2)
Shigeru Ueki (Lead progammer of VP1 and VP2)
吉成鋼 and 吉成曜 (Character designers for all three VP games)

Only the producer and the composer are involved, so I guess the music might be good - Motoi Sakuraba has got...

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Square HAVE made high quality smartphone games in the past, but somehow I don't think this is going to be one of them... It OUGHT to be, but I don't think it will be. Reeks of a wave-based, flash-animation, f2p, gold purchasing, cash grab smartphone sh!t fest. Bet it's a money generator with a VP paintjob. I hope I'm wrong though.

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Do kids play Skylanders because of Spyro though? I feel like most kids who play that game have no idea who Spyro is. I think Spyro was used by Activision to get Skylanders off the ground, but he's outlived his usefulness in that regard. I think Activision can afford to let him go. On the other hand, it's hard to imagine them relinquishing the rights to such a big videogame character that they could make a lot of money from.

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I played Spyro 1, 2 and 3 back to back this year. They're still great, even if a little bit too easy at times. I'd love a new Insomniac-style one with a Stewart Copeland soundtrack, that'd just be glorious.

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World maps might be described as proto open world, but there's a big difference between them and the open worlds of today - a huge difference. Especially technically and in terms of scale. Also, in terms of the amount of "tiles", world maps were only the size of a couple of dungeons put together. It takes the same amount of time to run through a dungeon as it does to run from the top to the bottom of a continent - sometimes less.

Also this: "He continued by...

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It'd be crazy if that was the actual size of the world. Makes me think SE are biting off more than they can chew, especially since this is their first truly open world game. Open world has sort of matured past "big for big's sake" - more or less anyway. I hope SE got that memo.

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Hmmmm, I don't think world maps count as "open world" really. I don't think people think of the world maps in old Final Fantasy games when they think of the term "open world", they think of GTA. There were hardly any diversions besides battles in the space between towns and dungeons. Also, there wasn't even that much distance between places of interest, given the scale. Open world only begins to effect the story when there's a lot of ground to cover to get ...

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Well a bit of negative space is okay. It'd be a bit overwhelming if every square inch of the game was dense with stuff to do.

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Story is one of the biggest things about Final Fantasy. It's hard to tell a story in an open world game, and this the first time SE have really tried it. I hope they pull it off, but I can't help but think the game didn't need to be as open as it is. It's a road trip type story, so a certain degree of openness would certainly complement it nicely, but I don't know. XIII got criticized for being too linear - I wonder if XV will get criticized for being too open? There defin...

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I'm looking forward to the PC version, but I'm a little bit worried about it for several reasons.

1. They said they're thinking about upgrading it somewhat for the PC version. I'd honestly be happy with it the way it is though. The more demanding it gets, the fewer PC owners that will be able to play it. My laptop is better than a Ps4, so I think I'll be alright - or at least, I hope so, but I'm still a little bit worried. I think they should just rele...

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You need to calm down. Your whole argument hinges on me having said "If the DLC is currently in the process of being made," which is not what I said at all. "If the DLC is already made", is what I said.

If the DLC is already completed, and they're just withholding it, that's bs. Surely you agree? To me, that's like ordering pizza and fries, paying for both, getting the pizza, and then some time later getting the fries and being asked to pay for...

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If the DLC is already made, put it in the game. If not, make it and talk about it after the game has been released.

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If each game is self-contained in a Mass Effect sort of way, then that sucks. The original was only on 3 discs because of the limits of CDs, not because it was 3 separate games. It was supposed to be thought of as a single game. If Square had the technology back then, they would have put it on one disc.

This is better than episodic obviously, but it's not perfect. I think they should just put the game on three discs again and release each disc one after the other.

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Pretty negligible. Nothing to get worked up over, hardly a dealbreaker.

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