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428 and Kamaitachi no Yoru for sure. They never got English releases and I really want to play them.

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The best art is made when there are no deadlines and no budget constraints. Those kinds of pressures make for rushed games, stories with loads of plotholes, and so on. Even if you never release it, make the most of the creative process.

EDIT: Woops, my bad, didn't realize you were quoting the guy.

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ONE guy made this? That is absolutely crazy... Kind of makes you wonder why SE have so many people working on XV.

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I'm just gonna explore, take photos, catalog things, talk to aliens, and of course mine stuff so I can upgrade my stuff. I'm indifferent about the fighting / destroying side of things.

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This is seriously such BS. Has this ever happened in a JRPG? Get money elsewhere and put fake brands in the game. What the heck are they thinking? Have they no integrity? I don't want a bunch of shots during scenes that emphasize some logo. Cheapens the experience and breaks immersion completely.

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Ravus is one evil looking mf. Have they gotten rid of his Assassin's Creed hood though?

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Digimon talk, Pokémon just say their names incessantly. +1 to Digimon.
Digimon names all end with mon, Pokémon names do not and are more interesting as a result. +1 to Pokémon.
The Digimon anime is far superior to the Pokémon anime. +1 to Digimon.
The Digimon games are hit and miss, while the Pokémon games are pretty consistently good. +1 to Pokémon.
In recent years, Pokémon has been ripping off Digimon a bit. +1 to Digimo...

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I know what the writer means. Molyneux likes to go on about how his forthcoming games will be completely revolutionary experiences we've never had before (Godus, What's Inside the Cube? and it's "life-changing" prize). However, I think Kojima is much, much more of a craftsman than Molyneux. If Kojima says his game is going to be something pretty new, I'm inclined to believe him. Kojima has a much deeper understanding of games as a craft and an art than Molyneux does....

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Her name really should have been Cidney in the English version, but then again, it'd be a little bit weird if Cid, her father, called her that. I know people often name their children after themselves, but let's be honest, it's a pretty weird thing to do.

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Well if she works in a hot place, less clothes is understandable and justifiable (Duscae kind of looks alpine though...). However, all the pervy fan-service camera angles are just targeting wallets and are unnecessary - if anything they just make me want to buy the game less because they're so pander-y and manipulative. I also seriously doubt that omitting them would put even the slightest dint in the artistic vision, because the function of that camera work isn't to further the story...

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Is he the hooded Assassin's Creed looking guy from the older trailers then? Cool if so. I'd also say he'll be the main villain.

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The figures in the sky are what save this cover. It would have been pretty uninteresting otherwise, not to mention it would have conveyed very little about the game and made it appear pretty generic.

So what are those giant things? Are they Archaeans? I kind of hope they aren't because Tabata said there's not that many in the game, and I'd rather not have the rest of them spoiled.

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Well the whole Early Access thing is rarely a problem - most games get finished. The real problem is the groups that certain Greenlight submissions affiliate themselves with, which supply steam keys to people who vote the game up and say good things about the game. These are games that people wouldn't vote for ordinarily.

Also, "let the buyer beware" is always too laissez-faire. You can't pin all responsibility on consumers when people go out of their way ...

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The Steam Marketplace is a different thing to the Steam Store. The marketplace is where trading cards are bought and sold. Prices were low before the Marketplace was introduced. Valve can afford to have the Marketplace regulated.

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Poor quality greenlight games make it through because of those groups who reward people with steam keys for voting the game up and saying positive things. Would it really be so costly to Valve if this was prohibited? Surely they can afford regulation in this area?

I also don't really see how regulating the marketplace would be costly.

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I don't really care about how cutting edge the graphics are. I learned a long time ago that graphics don't need to be intense to make a game compelling and immersive. Some of my favourite games are SNES games. You can do an awful lot with very little in any creative medium. Having said that though, I think this game looks beautiful in it's own way - the sense of scale is fantastic.

The problems with the controls seem to just be a matter of improving the on-scree...

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Yeah, what was with that Japanese school and suburb? Was that in Lucis? I thought I was watching a Persona anime. It's kind of hard to imagine a place like that appearing in the game itself. It almost seemed too like our world, whereas the other locations are sort of derived from our world rather than copies.

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I'd buy it even if it didn't have this. Seems like they're appealing to "no turn-based; no buy" kinds of people. But why the hell wouldn't you buy a game like this over something trivial like that? I feel like the game has way more than enough in it to make up for not being turn-based - why deprive yourself of what promises to be a pretty great experience in its own right over something so small? Let yourself get into the game and I'm sure you'll quickly stop...

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Hmm, well I like the graphics, but the story doesn't seem that compelling. I suppose it is just a beat 'em up though.

I hope they bring it and the Platinum Demo to Steam when they inevitably do so for XV.

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The facial animation was a bit sketchy, but I'm excited about this one.

Those five figures high up in the sky... creepy and awesome.

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