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Well the trailer is definitely reminiscent of Advent Children, and that was a dour film if there ever was one. It's just hard to imagine a game with the tone of that trailer containing any wacky stuff. I mean, could you imagine Cloud cross dressing or bathing in a hot tub with a bunch of sexually predatory muscle men in Advent Children? It's very hard to imaginatively fit something like that into a film like Advent Children.

One thing that hasn't been preserved in... #10.2.1
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I'm calling this now: The only thing the remake will have in common with the original will be the story. It'll be an action RPG like a playable version of Advent Children. It will be open world, and it definitely won't have the fixed perspective, pre-rendered backdrops. This might all sound shit, but it could be interesting.

Maybe cloud could ride around Midgar on his motorbike - a Midgar the scale of which could be much like it is in the trailer. I know open-worl... #13
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I hope they haven't shot themselves in the foot by making the trailer so dark and serious in tone. The other Final Fantasy remakes included everything, but the tone of this remake makes me think they mightn't be able to find a way to make certain things fit - things like Cloud cross-dressing and the Golden Saucer.

Honestly, I would have preferred a remake that had pre-rendered, fixed camera angled backdrops like the original, only built from scratch with more detail a... #10
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I'd say they'll include those things in some form. Again, the Compilation of VII isn't over yet, so they haven't exactly abandoned it or anything.

I'd personally like if they beefed up the original game with references to the spin-offs. I'm at least sure they'll include some new secret stuff in the remake, and maybe they'll even include some stuff that alludes to or further foreshadows VII-2. #1.1.6
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SE have gone on record as saying that the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII will officially end on the 20th anniversary of the original game, which is in 2017. So yeah, the remake will probably come out in 2017. Or at least, that's probably what they're aiming for.

However, there are still loose ends, i.e. the massive cliffhanger at the end of Dirge of Cerberus. So, it's possible that 2017 will see both the release of VII, and the announcement of the final game in... #1.1.4
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XII HD hasn't been confirmed or announced yet ya dangus. #1.6
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So wait, have they yet to show everything they bleeped out in that preview video with the remixed Frog's Theme? I suppose the VII remake MUST have been one of those 6 things, but was World of Final Fantasy? Either 4 or 5 surprise announcements have yet to be made, and so they can't really be anything we already know about - none of the games they'll be publishing anyway (i.e. new Tomb Raider, new Deus Ex, etc. which is good because I'm pretty indifferent towards those games).... #8
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What if they're just trying to make us THINK they're being honest? What if the final game looks worse? (Not that this looks particularly bad)

Or, what if this is SUPPOSED to look really good? What if all this footage IS doctored and Bethesda thought it would amaze people?

TRUST NO1. #54
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Yeah I didn't enjoy Fallout 3 either. V.A.T.S was just frustrating and way too stop-start. The game was too kinetic to have such a turn-based aspect to it. Playing without V.A.T.S then was not only way too hard, it also wasn't fun.

Also, all of Bethesda's games are way too similar - they're the very same idea reiterated with a different coat of paint. Even the minutiae of the games are so similar.

However, I like the visuals of this game - the... #17
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Honestly, I think the mantle has been passed onto Skate. The controls are just so much more fun. The only thing I don't like about Skate is the camera. If they made it possible to make the camera angle more THPS-like, I'd probably never play a THPS game again.

Those levels look pretty dull too compared to past games. #44
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That is so genius! The character design might take some getting used to, but the names have "worthy successor" written all over them. #9
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It's SO dumb. The last two films are just cashing in on and milking two of the biggest / most famous Dragonball staples - Super Saiyan levels and Frieza. Super Saiyan levels are already starting to feel stale.

Of course, the crowning dumb thing is the name of the latest transformation: Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan. The milking of Saiyan transformations is even reflected, rather hilariously, in the name of this new one.

I was hoping the Battle of Gods wou... #2.3
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Important reddit comment for all you hasty hype train passengers: http://www.reddit.com/r/pcg... #30
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Trevor from GTA V cameo in that fourth screenshot hehe #19
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Yeah as stellar as this looks, it'll definitely have an improved version. There's no Persona game that hasn't received that treatment. Gonna be hard to wait for it though... Dammit I don't want to give in to Atlus' capitalist bs. #17.4
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Aaaaah, you might be onto something there! Damn that would be cool. It's high time we start seeing some cameos from the original games. #22.1
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Bah, should've called them "Land Ruby" and "Ocean Sapphire." #28
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1. iOS Triple Triad game. People will lap it up; the usual corporate cynicism.

2. Maybe one of the new games in that Deus Ex Universe thing that Eidos announced. Pretty awful name.

3. No idea. #9
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You can put as many "polys" into it as you want, they won't magically make a game good.

These kinds of things are TOOLS - means to an end - not ends in themselves. Quantity alone means nothing. #7
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Reminds me of this: https://www.youtube.com/wat... #4
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