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Definitely. It's not creative to just reproduce the real world constantly. There's this implicit directive in the videogame industry to thrive for realism realism realism, and there's plenty of room for it, but it's rarely as inventive and imaginative as something that isn't realistic. I think this is tied to the sheer level of technology fetishism that goes on in videogames too. Gamers want machines that render reality, and the better they can do that, the more powerful t... #14
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Well of course. Critics are either paid off such that their opinions aren't a threat OR they make valid criticisms that go beyond the game itself into general corporate culture.

Gamers on the other hand merely provide feedback that enables companies like Microsoft to hone and fine-tune their various profit machines (games, consoles etc.) Everything's a means toward the end of profit, and so each and every project is fundamentally compromised, exploitative and disingen... #32
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The truth is more important than money could ever be, and the truth is that this game was NEVER meant to be big - the moment it became big was the moment it was snatched up by the press and treated like something it utterly was not. Pulling the game is regrettable, because now the guy doesn't have a small source of income, not to mention he now HAS a bad reputation borne of utter ignorance from commentators. However, pulling the game is simultaneously an honorable thing to do, not because... #22.1
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I respect him for symbolically denying the importance of money by retracting the game, and I also think people ripped into him unfairly since he's clearly an amateur developer and an amateur in anything is going to plagiarize at first - it's part of the learning process. It's by no means a special game, and I don't think the creator is under any illusion that it is.

The fact is, the game got lucky - just like many apps before it. It definitely helped that Pewd... #22
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Dubstep, sports tape, swollen Knuckles, hipster Sonic, CryEngine 3...

No thanks. #28
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Oh is this the sequel to Moon on the DS?? Cool if so, but it's a shame that it's a darn eshop game. Also it looks very similar to the original game which makes me think this is some kind of port...

EDIT: Scratch that. It's an "episodic remake" of the original. Count me out. #2
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Surveillance program malfunction. #36
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Not a huge leap. If you told me Second Son was a Ps3 game based on these shots I'd certainly believe you.

Not that realistic graphics are even close to being essential, but the notion that this is a huge leap is a bit daft - it whips up false hype. #33
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Emulate. I'll never pay for cynically remonetised content. Don't believe the hype. PSX or epsxe, and pcsx2 - get those emulators and be happy. #9
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lol. Greedy cowards. #32
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Wait this guy has only played Dream Drop Distance?? Why would you do that? At the very least play 1 and 2 first. #25
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We already sort of knew that from the footage. It's clearly more of a Kingdom Hearts fare. #14
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Well, we might see the return of some good games, but with Nintendo not at the creative helm, I'm not sure they'll be great. I feel like only Nintendo knows how to make Nintendo games.

And isn't Hyrule Warriors kind of an example of this already? Also Fire Emblem x SMT. #56
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@Conzul: Well yeah, obviously total unity is a bad thing (that's pretty much what the Borg in Star Trek were all about haha), but my real point is that there is a great imbalance in most developed countries between the individual and the community - tilted of course, in favour of the individual. That're more or less a cultural product of libertarianism and capitalism. You have to strike a balance, I agree. However, my point still stands.

"Japanese girls grow into... #27.3.1
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I get the impression that Japanese women have internalized the idea that they're expected to do this shit shamelessly - to be utterly objectified and to be pure sex objects for men. Cultural difference is superficial here. They only think this is right because they've been told it is, likely by men, and by other women who have received similar cultural conditioning. Needless to say that doesn't make any of it right.

Objectification ignores the fullness of another... #27
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Some of the environments could use touching up, as could some of the scenario direction and the musical arrangement, but damn I would play that!

I like XIII and XIII-2, don't get me wrong, and I don't think this would necessarily make them any better. I just think it'd be a fun experience.

lolled at "Caius became Triple Bahamut" #8
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There's always a chance that they'll take those IPs off the shelf if things start looking up financially. They were also probably concerned with restoring the reputation of the Final Fantasy series - the brand name alone which they'll probably be depending on for many years to come (and have been depending on from pretty much the beginning). We might see all that new stuff that got shelved in the future either as it was or in a new shape or form.

SE are disgusting... #1.1.7
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Sometimes it's just creative and imaginative laziness. Other times, leaving space for the player's own meaning-creation can be really tastefully done. Shadow of the Colossus does this well for instance.

But yeah, very few games have much in the way of messages, and if they do, they're usually without sophistication or subtlety, and are really ham-fisted.

I think we're living in a time that does such a good job of disguising itself as the pinna... #1
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Well, yeah. Sucker Punch are owned by Sony after all. Not like they had the choice to try and make it for any other platform.

Pretty sure PCs from a couple years back could have made this game had Sucker Punch not been in bed with Sony. #42
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It's not about protecting intellectual rights, it's about protecting profits.

Secondly, more and more I'm seeing this gradually warming towards drm. What was "f**k drm" yesterday has become "most users share a (at times a bit exaggerated) dislike for any use of DRM." STOP caving to it people. It's not the future, it's corporate exploitation. Apologists go home, you're going to get us all killed.

In any case, vigila... #14
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