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lol at that phrasing, "has confirmed." How can you "confirm" something like this?

EDIT: I personally thought Caius was a great villain. He wasn't really evil so much as he was tormented and trapped. He did what he did out of love. #33
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I don't know, maybe it's just me. My eyes get stingy if I look at HD stuff for too long.

Also, just as an addendum to my previous comment: There's a video somewhere of a guy playing a VR horror game, and he's literally in tears by the end of it - almost as if he thought it was real. That's not fun, that's just unpleasant. I honestly think there's potential for VR to mess up a person's perception of reality. #9.1.1
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Nah. VR, like 3D, is a headache. I don't think it'll really catch on. Honestly, even HD is sometimes too much - my eyes dry up and start stinging slightly. #9
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If Crackdown 3 had've been ready for the Xbox One reveal, people probably wouldn't have rejected the always-online nature of the console so readily. There was outrage because, at least implicitly, gamers felt they weren't getting anything in return for the console being always-online. It was an inclusion that seemed to serve Microsoft only.

Now, with Crackdown 3, gamers think they're getting something in return, and they're more willing to embrace always-o... #16
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That would make the full Duscae region 10x bigger than the demo. That's pretty big I guess.

But didn't they say there might be loading between regions? I think this would hurt any airship gameplay. You wouldn't be able to travel very far in the airship before a loading screen popped up. If you wanted to avoid that you'd have to confine yourself to a single region, but travelling around a single region with the airship seems kind of redundant. #8.1.1
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I don't see the need for an airship. Is the world of the game really that big?

I know it's supposed to be 10 times the size of the full Duscae region (as opposed to the demo Duscae region), but we don't really know how much bigger than the demo version of Duscae the full version is. Tabata has gone on record as saying it's a lot bigger, but he didn't give any precise measurements. #8
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Has anyone managed to preserve this game? Or has it been lost forever? #18
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@Ratchet: Not if the price for "losing" is financial ruin it isn't. With rules like that, competition stops being about innovation and creativity, and starts being about the end of both of those things. The point of competition in such a case is to win and monopolize.

Think about it, if your competitor innovates and starts attracting capital AWAY from you, that's money you need to live slipping away - money you need to be able to pay your employees so they c... #12.2.2
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God I hope this comes to Steam. The only thing that might stop it from happening is Sony. #10
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They're not going to be able to pull off the tv stuff. It's not a bad idea - there's definitely lots of potential that hasn't been explored in the whole area of mixed media - but this is going to be corny and badly executed. We've all pretty much known this since the game was announced. #46
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That was a great read, thanks for the link.

I thought I was reading an interview with myself when he got onto the points about taking the easter egg elements of games and stretching them into their own game. These parts of games that there are no signposts to - they're just out there and no attention is called to them, you've just got to explore and piece it all together yourself. Even the stuff about people making giant wikis for this stuff - I think I'm on the e... #1.4.3
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Okay cool, this is the kind of thing I'm talking about. I mean for all my complaining I was probably going to get the game anyway, but this is encouraging.

I don't suppose you could link to me to where this was said? #1.4.1
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@reallyNow: Ay? There are no questions in narratives? Why do you think people like to avoid spoilers??

Obviously narratives are pretty linear, but they're not without surprises. And of course, you can return to them years later and pick up on stuff you missed before.

Of course you can't find something if you've already found it, but there's no such thing as a narrative that gives everything away straight away.

Sure, there'... #1.1.3
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The credits.

The journey is definitely the point of the game, not the destination. #1.3.3
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By things to "find" I don't mean upgrades for your spaceship and other tech-wank, I mean things that relate back to an overarching narrative or mystery. Hello Games have explicitly said the game has no narrative. So yes, I know there is nothing to "find" on these planets.

There's nothing exciting about landing on a planet and knowing the only thing really lying in wait is an upgrade for your ship, or some minerals to sell to buy upgrades for your s... #1.1.1
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It looks pretty, but what annoys me is that there's nothing interesting to find on any of these planets - nothing that adds a piece to a gradually unfolding narrative. Yeah there's lots to explore, but not really anything to find. Finding different species of flora and fauna is cool and all, but I feel like that should be a given rather than a central part of the game.

The idea of already knowing, when you land on a gigantic planet, that there's nothing really of... #1
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This is probably really mundane stuff. It definitely doesn't mean they're going to incorporate Just Cause type gameplay into XV.

I'm pretty sure game developers trade technology and code all the time. Wasn't there something about the ice tech in Uncharted getting passed around or something? Like that's how mundane this stuff usually is I think. #7
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If a Ps4 and an Xbox One can run this game, then a PC can. I think this game will come out for PC, so I'm going to hold out for that.

Lots of Final Fantasy games are already on Steam anyway. IV, The After Years, VII, VIII, XI (and expansions), XIII, XIII-2, Lightning Returns, XIV (and expansion), and Type-0 HD. I wouldn't be surprised if XV follows suit. #8
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Thanks for coming. #16.1.1
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"Next Final Fantasy 15 delay announcement confirmed for 2016." #16
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