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Well, at least this could potentially help to make VP3 a reality, and it's a good, proper game (as opposed to a gacha pos), so the more platforms that it's possible to play it on the better. Overall, I'd say this is good news.

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I'd be more excited about this if Chet Faliszek, Eric Wolpaw, Marc Laidlaw, and Jay Pinkerton were still working at Valve, but nevertheless, here's hoping that they finally make both Half Life 3 and Portal 3, and that both games are good.

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That sunset video is actually making me feel seasick, wtf.

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This game is looking mighty good. Looking at it though, it's hard to believe it's running on a Ps4. Seems more like PC footage.

Also, I think they've shown enough now. Save some for the players and just release it asap.

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Strange title for a Harry Potter book.

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Yeah, I think the benchmark is an older build or something, so we can perhaps expect the game itself to be a bit smoother, especially with, as you say, driver support.

As for SLI though, I'm reading things about it worsening the game's performance. Tabata sort of talked about it here: http://www.pcgamer.com/fina...

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There's always the ini. As far as I've read, high quality has all that Nvidia bs turned on (hairworks, etc.), which almost always significantly negatively impacts performance.

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Mine can get a score of 3200 with standard quality fullscreen 1080p. Bit disappointed, but it nevertheless looks good and smooth with those settings. No SLI support though, which I possibly could have benefited from. Oh well.

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@badz149: Yup.

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Consumer demand also forces companies to improve.

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Nah, I'd say Steam is here to stay. Also, these competitors ought to consider the consequences of toppling Steam for gamers. If Steam went bust, everyone would lose all the games they bought. No physical copies. I don't have faith in Valve's strategy for that eventuality, it'd be a total shitshow.

I say leave Steam be. Don't try to compete with it. Just come up with some other idea - this one's taken. If Steam ever needs improvements, let consumers ...

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I wish Tetsuya Takahashi would just make Xenosaga 4, 5, and 6. That, or remake Xenogears and make the second disc properly.

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No confirmation yet, but a lot of things point towards it, and Motomu Toriyama might be directing it. See here: https://www.google.ie/amp/s...

Toriyama has been working on a game for ages now, and no one knows what it is.

Edit: There's also what Shinji Hashimoto said in late 2016: 153d ago 2 agree0 disagreeView comment

Those aren't really new. Non-colored versions are seen in the audio drama included in the HD remaster. That's how they're both supposed to look during the audio drama, which is set after X-2 and possibly Last Mission. Still, cool to see it colored. Fingers crossed for X-3!

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Well the excuse that a fat character wouldn't be able to do anything without tiring out is silly. Most characters we play as shouldn't be able to survive the amount of punishment they receive, and yet they do, because the vast majority of games are highly unrealistic in almost every way, including the resilience of the player character. So, if we make thin people unrealistically resilient and athletic and so on, and if we don't have to be realistic when it comes to them, why do we...

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Like he'd ever criticize loot boxes. The company that employs him are currently running a dozen or so f2p games with gacha systems in them. Heck, he was likely involved in the creation of two of them: Justice Monsters Five and King's Knight: Wrath of the Dark Dragon. There's also A New Empire, which he probably had at least some involvement in.

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Tifa or Gabranth is probably the returning character. Can't imagine it's Yuna, Laguna, Prishe, or Gilgamesh.

Maybe the other five are villains for XI, XIII, XIV, XV, and Type-0 or Tactics? One of those villains would have to be female though... Aranea? I haven't played XV, but Ardyn is the main bad guy, right? Also, they definitely wouldn't pick Jihl Nabaat over Caius.

I personally want to see Leon, Xande, Zemus, Faris, Celes, Ultros, Vinc...

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Fake as f. There's no way they'd try to make Versus XIII again.

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That looks like Mono on the altar - white doves and all. Are we sure that isn't just some old SotC artwork? Granted, she is sitting up, and I don't know what that thing on the right is...

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That just looks like SotC artwork of Mono on the altar with white doves around her (which appear as you defeat colossi). She's sitting up though... SotC sequel? Maybe this is why they're remaking SotC.

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