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Highly doubt that. There's too much money involved in triple-A for Sony to not have a pretty big hand in what Naughty Dog gets up to. #36
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I wrote about what form this should take a long time ago if it really HAS to be made. I kind of feel like fans shouldn't be clamouring for remonetised old content though. All the remaking that goes on in this industry has put the idea in people's heads that remaking is a good thing - it's too taken for granted. It's troubling that there's such a clamour for remakes like and not totally new games.

But yeah, instead of running my mouth about how they should... #76
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It doesn't really matter that the PS4 is doing well. The product life cycle of anything like this is going to be based on continually manufactured hype through manipulating perceptions like in this video. That's kind of how corporations work. It's not a good thing, and you certainly shouldn't be defending it. 30 people cheering would have sounded pretty feeble and certainly would have left a rather impotent impression relative to how well we THINK the ps4 is doing. #83
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Well yeah... It'll appear that way anyway. Only because of multi-platform development necessitating that the title look identical on both consoles. Otherwise they'd lose money on the "lesser" version, and probably lose their deal with the company whose console got that "lesser" version.

None of that shit matters though. It only seems like it matters because money is involved.

The console wars are fought by a bunch of brainwashed c... #47
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Well, Konami not to make any money back from the costs of producing the game for Ps3 / xbox 360 confirmed. I appreciate Kojima's honesty though. He's been a bit weird lately but this gesture shows he cares about the experience and the art of the game... I think. That or they expect to make so much from the next-gen versions that recouping on the Ps3 / Xbox360 versions isn't an issue, which means he technically could still care about the money above all. Also, if much of his behavi... #134
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A noble thing to say, but not necessarily said from a place of no security - they pretty much know Titanfall is going to sell well, so a statement like this isn't exactly as self-sacrificial and "we care about the games and the art above all" as it seems. Also, this certainly works as a kind of reverse-psychology sell. "Oh he's such a good, honest guy, I'll give his game a go." It sounds like a kind of manipulative modesty to me. It could even be a way to contr... #47
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I think that's a bit presumptuous. If the first third seems "bad," it could well be intentional and part of the entire vision of the game, and the whole point of it might only make sense once the whole game is completed. In fact, what seems bad in the beginning might turn out to be good in retrospect. #4.1.1
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To me, that's almost like the only real point of a trophy system - to make sure a person really played the game such that they're entitled to an opinion of it. #2.1
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Just review based on your limited experience with it and continually acknowledge that throughout the review, always allowing for the possibility that your opinion mightn't be the best to go by, and that others might have a better time if they give the game more time. Don't just pretend you've played it, and certainly don't talk shit about it if you've only played a third of it - if you do that it's just guesswork at best. Sometimes you'll be right in presuming that... #4
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Actually, the name Sephiroth refers to the Sephirot collectively, not just one Sephirah. And yes the name is directly derived from it, there's no coincidence there.

Which scene in the honey-bee in is this article referring to. There's a really strange one you can listen to if you eavesdrop on one of the rooms that I never understood - the music goes all evil and there's like thunder and lightning and stuff. Maybe I'm remembering it wrong, but I always thought... #4
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There's just no way I'dve said anything about this if it had happened to me, at least not to a high-profile news site. #44
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I sort of agree with you minimur. Kojima's behaviour has been strange as of late. Making big-budget hollywood MGS films with big, obvious actors and rubbish directors. Making Quiet the way she is largely to sell action figures to pervs and to encourage sexy cosplay he can ogle, replacing Hayter with Sutherland and making the game overall just seem really generic rather than mgs-idiosyncratic, and now charging an arm and a leg for a tiny prologue game? It's all incredibly cynical and r... #1.1.5
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Well I don't know about the actual quality of the game, I've yet to play it. I think the previous two are unjustly maligned and I enjoyed them, so I'm personally interested in LR. Nevertheless, you're likely right about IGN saving face with SE - if they stay on their good side they get lots of preview materials and stuff for big profitable "scoops," its all very cynical and corporate and at the end of the day has nothing to do with games, but all to do with money (wh... #1.2.2
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"it sadly ends the trilogy with an muddled and tonally inconsistent whimper"

And yet a 7/10. The above verdict certainly suggests the game should have received a lower score. IGN once more contributing to a culture of atrocious and inconsistent review standards. 7/10 as a quantification of the game's quality should objectively indicate that the game's quality resides somewhere in a far better realm than "sad, muddled, tonally inconsistent whimpers."... #1
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Another year another CoD leak that's probably legit.

Seriously, Activision definitely plans these. Shrewd marketing technique / market analysis all toward the end of maximizing profit down the line. If you actually leaked something from activision that they didn't want leaked they'd sue you for all you're worth. It was definitely an Activision tipster, no one else would care enough / have enough vested interest to leak the information. I know if I got hold of... #18
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Definitely. It's not creative to just reproduce the real world constantly. There's this implicit directive in the videogame industry to thrive for realism realism realism, and there's plenty of room for it, but it's rarely as inventive and imaginative as something that isn't realistic. I think this is tied to the sheer level of technology fetishism that goes on in videogames too. Gamers want machines that render reality, and the better they can do that, the more powerful t... #14
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Well of course. Critics are either paid off such that their opinions aren't a threat OR they make valid criticisms that go beyond the game itself into general corporate culture.

Gamers on the other hand merely provide feedback that enables companies like Microsoft to hone and fine-tune their various profit machines (games, consoles etc.) Everything's a means toward the end of profit, and so each and every project is fundamentally compromised, exploitative and disingen... #32
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The truth is more important than money could ever be, and the truth is that this game was NEVER meant to be big - the moment it became big was the moment it was snatched up by the press and treated like something it utterly was not. Pulling the game is regrettable, because now the guy doesn't have a small source of income, not to mention he now HAS a bad reputation borne of utter ignorance from commentators. However, pulling the game is simultaneously an honorable thing to do, not because... #22.1
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I respect him for symbolically denying the importance of money by retracting the game, and I also think people ripped into him unfairly since he's clearly an amateur developer and an amateur in anything is going to plagiarize at first - it's part of the learning process. It's by no means a special game, and I don't think the creator is under any illusion that it is.

The fact is, the game got lucky - just like many apps before it. It definitely helped that Pewd... #22
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Dubstep, sports tape, swollen Knuckles, hipster Sonic, CryEngine 3...

No thanks. #28
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