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I think it'll feel pretty fresh given that there hasn't really been a game like it for a long time. I just hope the genre doesn't take off and lead to oversaturation again.

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The Longest Journey Home is the next and possibly final game.

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Dude, the sales they get don't come from people who post comments in places like this. Most people who are really into games think sh!t like this is lame. All their sales come from people who just play games as throwaway entertainment and don't research it at all.

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No Yoshitaka Amano illustration in the logo; no buy.


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I like the crispy pixels of the original. If they were to remake it, I'd like the graphics to be pretty textured and detailed, rather than having that smooth ps2-look that a game like, say, I Am Setsuna has. In other words, I'd want a remake to be pretty up to date. Also, I'm not likely to play the original again for a while, because I've played it several times, but I'd definitely play a remake in a heartbeat.

More importantly though, I think a remake c...

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This looks great.

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This is almost as ridiculous as people sending death threats to Kotaku and Hello Games over the No Man's Sky delay. If Pokémon matters that much to you, you need to ask yourself some very serious questions.

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I don't think the guy's looking for sympathy. I think the point of the article is really to say "can you believe that people are sending death threats because of something like THIS?"

Also, are people really this excited about No Man's Sky? It looks good, and it's certainly doing something new, and I myself am looking forward to it, but I'm not desperate for it or something, I can wait.

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Or, ya know, people could NOT send death threats if a game they want is delayed, rather than developers having to put up with and expect it.

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The original article was the most dispassionate, unobjectionable thing I've ever read - nothing even remotely inflammatory in it. These people have got to just be bad trolls or something. If not, then they must have mental, emotional issues. What about this could ever compel a person to send death threats? Bizarre.

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So edgy.

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Ah, I feel kind of bad knocking it after watching that video. It sort of humanizes the people behind it. Still, I just can't help but not be that enthusiastic about this game. The environments are very bland.

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It looks mediocre and uninspired. They really should have tried to make the game look like that original piece of art they showed ( The game as it is now just lacks colour and vibrancy, and looks really bland. They should have taken a Rayman Origins approach with the visuals I think

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This is what happens when you try to design something based purely on the analysis of market trends, and when you care not about what you're making, but only about the money you can get for it. If the world wasn't already saturated with this kind of thing, it might stand out and seem novel and original, but this just reminds me of too many other things, and also doesn't really capture the essence of Mega Man. It kind of looks like a character you might make with a character creato...

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As does MGS3.

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Hmmm, I wonder what his various development teams from over the years think? I'd say they put a lot of work in and are proud of their achievements. But no, none of that was an achievement as far as Kojima's concerned. Also, if he feels this way about everything he's done thus far, he's not going to feel much different after he releases his next one if he's drawing influence from generic stuff like Uncharted and The Division.

I get that maybe being forced...

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Currently playing this. It's pretty much a smartphone mmo with a Kingdom Hearts paintjob. Very light on story, and pretty easy. It's addictive, and the environments can be quite pleasant to look at (Daybreak Town is great, as is it's music), but all the character models have that QWOP, flash-game look to them that you see in every smartphone mmorpg. Honestly, I'm playing it just in case it's necessary for KHIII and also because I've played every other KH game so I may ...

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A stylized world where death doesn't have the same weight? What if one of the main characters died in the story? Would the game just shrug that off? I doubt it - that would be a pretty heavy death. He's making excuses. The enemies are simply dehumanized to create a black and white situation, and to make the hero seem glorious.

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They used a different Utada Hikaru song for each of the two numbered games, so I was kind of hoping, but not really expecting, that they'd do the same for III. However, I'd choose one of the songs they've already used over this every time.

If you really have to appeal to the West SE, first make sure they like what you're trying to appeal to them with.

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If people could put this kind of energy into solving real problems the world would be a much better place. Who cares about one 7/10 review for some brainless, juvenile game that'll be forgotten about in a few months time? Baffling.

Oh and of course IGN blatantly getting bribed to review garbage games favorably is scummy, but the Doom review at least seems honest. If they had trashed it I might have suspected blackmail on IGN's part because Bethesda wouldn't bri...

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