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Once you begin to think positive about corporations, it's already over. They are not deserving of your happiness or optimism. #13.2.1
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Do you REALLY think that giving up their bonuses hurts their own position in the slightest? If they do that, they do it from a position of the utmost financial security, not to mention a position of immense financial superiority over their employees. It's just another of these "nice gestures" which means absolutely nothing in the long run. #47.2
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You're missing the point. Tretton would never openly avow that this is for PR. He's airing this decision of his trying to make himself look like a really good guy - he's blatantly disguising the ulterior PR motive.

No matter which way you look at it it's bad. What if he were to admit he was doing it for PR? In such a case, he'd be admitting that he didn't do it out of the goodness of his heart, but rather as a means toward the end of PR and therefore p... #49.1
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Oh come on. It's not like he couldn't get a replacement one for himself like immediately. A ceo selling his 400 dollar console? Cry me a river. This is actually pathetic, and a complete insult to the intelligence of consumers everywhere. Do people actually think he "cares" because of this?

The sick thing is, he and others probably engineered this little "stunt" confident that it would get a positive response. That's how stupid they think we are... #60
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Finally people are starting to call this shit out. #15
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Also better than having any of the following words in the title: Requiem, Revelations, Origins, Evolution, Reckoning, Rise / Rise of, Darkness, The Return of, Revenge. #2.1.1
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What the heck is cyborg Raiden doing in the eighties? #8
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I don't really think people should be getting paid for let's plays though. Those feckin things are totally clogging up youtube. Hours and hours of video of some guy or gal playing a videogame, in his or her room talking to him or herself. I've never been able to see the appeal. Play the damn game yourself. #22
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Se7en. We won't hear anymore about this tomorrow. #3
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It definitely looks pretty excellent... I'll probably grab it someday. #8
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Just for people who haven't read it, Sony are buying this plant to manufacture chips for their smart phones. They're NOT involving themselves with Nintendo in any way. Title is borderline flamebait. #27
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Dammit. I don't think we'll ever see the Vagrant Story sequel now... #2
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This sort of looks like a flash-game or something, and the art-direction is kind of sketchy.

Not to say the Dreamcast isn't great, but this game... I don't know. It's on my radar anyway. #3
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It was the Ps4 that helped Knack to outsell it, not the game itself. Knack is a pile, everyone knows that. It's fairly obvious that Mario 3D World blows it out of the water. #58
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So many people are saying this is cool, and while I'm not an MS fan, they panned this very same idea when MS said they were doing it.

If a thing is shit, it is shit. Stop letting corporations control your damn minds.

Sony aren't keeping games as a focus. They're focusing on them just as much as MS. They both had like the same amount of launch titles (which all sucked), and will probably have roughly the same amount of games owing to multi-platfor... #18
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"fully open world 1080 60fps"

God this is all I hear out of people these days. Do you think your own thoughts? None of that crap is necessary for a game to be good. You've got to have a more open mind. #37.1
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Lol, pretty much ALL gaming hardware owes a debt to Nintendo. To say nothing of their games.

Playstation Move? Wii Mote.

Vita / Smart Glass as a touchscreen gamepad that conveys extra information? The Wii U. (Funny that one. People hate the Wii U but seem to enjoy the very same feature on their non-Nintendo consoles. Corporate thralldom.)

Handheld game consoles in general? Nintendo

3D platformers? Mario 64

Ma... #39
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Oh... eh, are you sure? I didn't realize that. The guy who wrote it made a pretty serious comment below it. Pretty sure it's not a joke at all.

I agree with his general sentiment of equality, but he doesn't seem to realize that it's necessary for women to muscle in to a degree, or else real equality won't be achieved. The games he describes are all from like the last two years and he feels marginalized. Yet, women have been marginalized for centuries. How... #2.3.2
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And another thing. These guys always have so little scope to their arguments. Most feminists are what we call "intersectional," in that they are part of a general representation movement that seeks to counter all the negative discourses that hav accrued to all marginalized demographics. However, with guys like this, they still can't seem to look beyond the binary of male-female, and that's counter-productive. The very fact that they do this perpetuates this debate as some ki... #2.1
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Oh ffs give me a break. The moment women actually start to get some real results after centuries of patriarchal oppression and deeply ingrained sexist assumptions, some whiner comes along and acts like men are the victims. I'm not denying that men are abused by women, but such a thing is greatly outweighed by the opposite, and not just nowadays, but throughout the history of western civilization. This is just a gamer playing up his unwarranted sense of victimization.

He t... #2
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