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Great piece, and yes, tokenism or gender essentialism is undesired. However, the problem with allowing leeway for "hyper-sexualization& quot ; is that such a thing still largely takes place in the matrix of patriarchy. In other words, a lot of women hyper-sexualize themselves to attract the male-gaze, not because of their own self-determination. Many women, because they've been immersed and implicated in a patriarchal power dynamic for centuries, have internalized their "rol... #1
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Ubisoft have completely lost the spirit of experiment. They just churn out modish crap these days. #3
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It not "cool." There are MANY legitimate reasons to hate it. It's churned out, it's jingoistic, every game only makes the most incremental of changes, and every game glorifies and fetishizes war, not to mention makes entertainment out of it. Also, the CoD community is among the worst in the history of games; up there with LoL.

It's corporate exploitation. Boycott CoD. It's holding back the medium. #10
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No MattyG, post game content is being able to go back to flippin' Kanto in G&S. My mind was blown by that way back when, and it's still one of the coolest examples of post game ever. It's like a full other game after the main game. I don't know why Game Freak never did this in any of the subsequent games. No post game content thereafter cut it for me. I mean there was good stuff, but never as good as in G&S.

The whole online competitive component is ju... #1.1.4
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Most game these days are hand-holdy, and super-easy. They're pure power-fantasies. To merge narrative with challenging gameplay is something that hasn't really been explored enough. I really think the results could be quite potent. I personally think all war games should be super difficult, and highly disturbing. In no case should war be glorified or fetishized, and everytime it's portrayed in such ways it only contributes to a false understanding of war, and dare I say it, it cre... #1
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The cloud in general is deeply suspicious to me. It takes too much power away from the consumer, just as digital downloading and licencing do. I don't like the idea that my data is no longer really mine on my own personal memory device.

All these "breakthroughs" feel more like corporate power grabs to me.

This: http://www.theguardian.com... #7
I thought this was really poorly scaled until I realized how small the trees were. #2
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I HATE to say it, but I think it's possible Nintendo could become the next Sega... #5
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No no, it came from an abbreviation. Xbox = Xb. Xb + One = Xbone.

Voila, a dick joke. It's was a good way to make Microsoft's initial failures seem even more pathetic. Plus "Xboner" will likely overtake "Xbot" in popularity. #1.1.2
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Technology should only ever be a means to an end- in this case that end being art and creativity. For those things are what shake the status quo and broaden and enrich our minds- the humanistic possibilities and potentialities are enormous and shouldn't be stifled; we can't be distracted from them. Of course enjoyment is important too, but even this is made subordinate to PC power fantasies.

Of course I don't mean to tar everyone who's ever built their own PC... #5
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3. Tech-fetishism

Now, I understand the desire people have to see their game running well. Framerates, major visual indiscrepancies and glitches- these can all detract from how a particular game was meant to be experienced. However, for many, it seems like that experience in itself is kind of throw-away-kind of secondary and unimportant. Rather, it seems PC gamers and even some console gamers see their games as a means to the end of demonstrating the power of their PCs. The g... #4
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They've also had a certain idea of what constitutes "fun" ingrained into their heads. This is only because they haven't been shown any alternatives. Ideas and preconceptions about what games can be have been ground into their minds such that the alternatives don't even need to be created or developed - a stable platform for profit exists because a stable, fixed, idea of what a game should be exists. There's no real exposure to alternative ideas. This is certainly cha... #3
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2. The Narrow Notions Gamers have of what Constitutes “fun.”

If games want to be taken seriously, they need to become more mature, and they need to treat their themes with the complexity, sophistication, and reverence they deserve.
So as not to glorify bad things, the game should punish those things if they are committed. That or make them as hard as they are in real life. The Last of Us, owing to the fact that the main character was an aging man, made the aiming for... #2
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It's a giant advertising ceremony whose purpose is not to present any meaningful awards for creativity or art, but to present awards in order to boost sales. Thus these award ceremonies are basically just the media telling you what to like, telling you what's cool, and what you should buy. By collectively buying these things then, you stimulate the economy, and perpetuate a system of money, as well as enrich a corporation. Fitting in socially, as I've discussed before, really mean... #1
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Nah, I've never liked it. Every joke just piles it on way too thick, and the punchline is implcitly always the same. It's just "oh that's funny because he made he a nerdy pop-culture reference or some rudimentry reference to science when he could have just said something normal. That's so zany." It's not funny to me, it's the same joke over and over, and it's poor a substitute for well written and consistently funny dialogue. #2.4
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A woman's choice to be "sexy" like Quiet isn't necessary free or individualistic. It can be a direct pandering to the male gaze. In other words, deciding to look a certain way not because of self-determination, but because of how men want to you look, and because looking that way keeps you in men's good books so to speak. If you want a good life as a woman in a patriarchal order, you need to fulfil all the critieria the patriarchs look for, which needless to say are pret... #2
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It's always been like this if you ask me. Each generation fails to recapture the highs of the previous generation. The Ps2 was good, but the Ps1 was better, and the Ps1 couldn't quite deliver as much highs as say, the SNES, though it came close. The Ps3 then, was nowhere near as good as any of those predecessors, like, by a huge margin. The margin between Ps4 and Ps3 might be smaller, but there's a real possibility the Ps4 won't be as good in the long run. It's seems not t... #11
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I kind of feel the like next logical place for an Uncharted game to go is outer space. #26
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I expected the exact reverse of this. #63
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The bubble system, when used right, is done so only for trolling, spamming and offense. There are some elements who like to silence other opinions though. I've seen many, many comments which I've disagreed with, but I've never voted them down a bubble. It's sad because anyone I see whom I agree with usually has a paltry amount of bubbles, and those who I don't have almost the maximum amount. It's kind of telling. Now I know that doesn't mean those with less were vo... #3
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