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No confirmation yet, but a lot of things point towards it, and Motomu Toriyama might be directing it. See here:

Toriyama has been working on a game for ages now, and no one knows what it is.

Edit: There's also what Shinji Hashimoto said in late 2016: 1d 4h ago 2 agree0 disagreeView comment

Those aren't really new. Non-colored versions are seen in the audio drama included in the HD remaster. That's how they're both supposed to look during the audio drama, which is set after X-2 and possibly Last Mission. Still, cool to see it colored. Fingers crossed for X-3!

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Well the excuse that a fat character wouldn't be able to do anything without tiring out is silly. Most characters we play as shouldn't be able to survive the amount of punishment they receive, and yet they do, because the vast majority of games are highly unrealistic in almost every way, including the resilience of the player character. So, if we make thin people unrealistically resilient and athletic and so on, and if we don't have to be realistic when it comes to them, why do we...

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Like he'd ever criticize loot boxes. The company that employs him are currently running a dozen or so f2p games with gacha systems in them. Heck, he was likely involved in the creation of two of them: Justice Monsters Five and King's Knight: Wrath of the Dark Dragon. There's also A New Empire, which he probably had at least some involvement in.

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Tifa or Gabranth is probably the returning character. Can't imagine it's Yuna, Laguna, Prishe, or Gilgamesh.

Maybe the other five are villains for XI, XIII, XIV, XV, and Type-0 or Tactics? One of those villains would have to be female though... Aranea? I haven't played XV, but Ardyn is the main bad guy, right? Also, they definitely wouldn't pick Jihl Nabaat over Caius.

I personally want to see Leon, Xande, Zemus, Faris, Celes, Ultros, Vinc...

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Fake as f. There's no way they'd try to make Versus XIII again.

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That looks like Mono on the altar - white doves and all. Are we sure that isn't just some old SotC artwork? Granted, she is sitting up, and I don't know what that thing on the right is...

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That just looks like SotC artwork of Mono on the altar with white doves around her (which appear as you defeat colossi). She's sitting up though... SotC sequel? Maybe this is why they're remaking SotC.

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Mario 64 is obviously great, but I do feel like Banjo Kazooie one-upped it. Still, no Mario 64; no Banjo.

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@Cyro: I played both Banjo games for the first time during the ps3 / xbox 360 generation and loved them both. Timelessly good. Haters need to give them a proper chance.

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The people who like his games wouldn't like them if they used their brains and thought critically. Or at least, they certainly wouldn't like them as much as they do.

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Smells like David Cage has pushed out another turd. When are people going to realize that his games are just bad films with a tiny bit of interactivity? They always have dreadful writing and terrible scripts

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Then I shall look forward to PC versions of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT and The Zodiac Age.

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It almost looks like the Mighty No. 9 concept art, i.e. what Mighty No. 9 should have looked like. Pretty cool. Not sure about that running animation though...

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Jeez, I'm glad I've waited for the PC release.

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Well X is probably my favorite Final Fantasy game, but you're definitely not giving X-2 enough credit. Great music, great battle system, good story, good voice work, and an excuse to return to Spira. I'm no weeaboo, but I love X-2. Sounds to me like you might not have given it the chance it deserves. I've played it to 100% completion like twice. It's not as good as X, but it's still good.

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X-2 rocks, and Shinji Hashimoto has already basically said that they're going to make X-3. Also Motomu Toriyama has been working on something for ages which might just be X-3.

As for XVI, there's rumors that Hiroyuki Ito and his team have been secretly working on it for a long time. If this is true, an announcement next year would make perfect sense.

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I play a lot of RPGs, and I hate the grinding / farming. However, the story, the world, and the music often make up for it - sometimes only just about though.

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Grinding is fine if the grind is actually fun, the problem is that no gameplay can sustain its fun-ness after hundreds of hours of doing it. It's also kind of just padding. Too many RPGs are tiny when you remove the grinding / farming, and that's kind of ridiculous. There's about 10-15 hours of original stuff, and the rest is just soul-crushing grinding. What's more, no reward feels worth it if you have to do too much work for it. I can't count the number of times I've...

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I feel like they say this every year...

Anyway, hopefully this means VII Remake details, X-3, and XVI.

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