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Bah, should've called them "Land Ruby" and "Ocean Sapphire." #28
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1. iOS Triple Triad game. People will lap it up; the usual corporate cynicism.

2. Maybe one of the new games in that Deus Ex Universe thing that Eidos announced. Pretty awful name.

3. No idea. #9
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You can put as many "polys" into it as you want, they won't magically make a game good.

These kinds of things are TOOLS - means to an end - not ends in themselves. Quantity alone means nothing. #7
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Reminds me of this: https://www.youtube.com/wat... #4
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Bahahaha!! And how will they PROVE this exactly??

There'll be no evidence of this claim if the stuff really has been omitted from their show. It'll just be a normal e3 presentation.

Come on people, you don't actually buy this do you? It's clearly marketing hype! It's a way to make people invest in an Xbox One by promising to reward them at some point in the future. It's just a way of saying "we're gonna have a ton of stuff on... #54
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That's triple-A for ya. Where money is involved you get stagnation, minimal effort, zero passion, stasis and a hefty price tag. Money is not a guarantor of quality, it militates against quality, as well as innovation, newness, and open-mindedness.

It would be more correct to expect poor quality from triple-A titles. All style no substance. #4
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Wonder if this would've been made when it did if the Oculus Rift never happened... Ah, Sony. Not a single idea they can call their own.

I'm not a fanboy of any kind, but it's pretty obvious that Sony is just cashing in on another pilfered idea here. No doubt they'll pay zero tribute to the Oculus Rift guys for the "inspiration," and I'm also expecting some cheesy, disingenuous "for the gamers" marketing when really, as mentioned, this i... #26
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There IS some pretty questionable child sexuality in the game. Like, little girl characters obviously designed to pander to the male gaze. It's pretty weird.

Gravity Rush had a similar problem, was that banned in Saudi-Arabia?

In any case I think banning it was probably wrong, but Square Enix should have the sense and decency to not put "sexy kids" in their games in the first place. Buncha creepy middle aged men. That whole moe culture in anime... #12
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Could be the Wild West. Black duster coat + revolver.

Mexican-American war and Civil War to be featured? Maybe some postbellum stuff too?

Red Dead Redemption meets Assassin's Creed?

In any case, I don't care. Done with Ubisoft, done with Assassin's Creed. #1
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Probably something to do with the mind. "MIND-boggling" + "something everybody uses every day."

Or something to do with toilets. #52
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The doge meme has life in it yet! Best ones I've seen.

lolled at "All the moral choices" #27.1
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That's triple-A for ya. #15.1
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Yi-Long: I agree that if you're going to have violence in your game, represent that violence in all it's awfulness, but it's a very different story if that extreme violence is made to seem entertaining and thrilling. The only way violence ought to be represented is as awful and disturbing.

Making it entertaining is no better than self-censoring - both distort reality. Not that games should all be realistic, but if you're AIMING for realism (like Watch Dogs sor... #1.1.4
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In fairness, Barret is just as stereotyped as Sazh.

Squall develops well toward the end of VIII, but god he's DREADFUL in Dissidia. Terrible script, terrible delivery.

Tidus is awesome. Fuq the haters.

Vaan is sort of bratty and annoying, but he's not the worst character in a Final Fantasy game that's for sure. Weird that he was marketed as the main character in XII though.

And I don't know, I think Vanille is... #1
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Guy comes across as such a condescending, money-crazed a-hole.

His patronizing remarks about Nintendo in general are, ironically, the height of immaturity. Not to mention that Nintendo's games are really good and for all ages unless you've got some deluded idea in your head about what constitutes maturity. FPS games do not equal maturity. In fact, most triple-A games are utterly juvenile, and yet they try so hard to have this veneer of "adults only."
... #1
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No problem with this, the guy was clearly a big phony. People fawning over corporate CEOs is probably one of the worst things about gaming culture. He doesn't and didn't ever care about you. The guy replacing him will necessarily be the same idea all over again. #83
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Kojima going full-western on that marketing overhype.

I'm also thinking that the "meat" on this game will be the same kind of frivolous time wasting stuff like in Assassin's Creed and GTA that makes the mini-map look like a pizza. I don't want to collect 200 (insert random object here). I'd also wager that there'll be a lot of repetitive mission types and that sort of thing. Like: "You've completed 6/10 of the escort missions in the so... #36
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Well all things are formative of culture whether you like it or not. I'd argue that games are having a big cultural impact, but not necessarily a good one because of their particular content. CoD is culturally influential, but that game is poison no matter how you look at it.

Looking at sensitive things isn't enough if you look at them in a juvenile way. Still worried about Kojima's portrayal of child soldiers. He comes from a background of games as entertainment... #3
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I blame the games industry itself and the pressure the SE execs are probably putting on its creative teams to follow the capitalist, corporate model. It's not like XIII is the only bad game (I don't even think it's bad), pretty much every triple-A game is complete garbage. At least the Lightning saga took some genuine risks.

The more corporate the games industry becomes, the more the japanese industry will suffer as they try to compete with the rampant, cynical,... #5
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Don't pay for this. Emulate it. There's a fan translation. #5
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