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No point pretending. Linkin Park are a terrible band. But it's still sad when someone is driven to suicide, no matter who it is.

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Honestly, I hope it goes back where it came from. Games that are meticulously hand-crafted and which are labors of love will always trump procedural generation. I feel like you just can't get that detailed with procedural generation - It's easy to tell a procedurally generated game from a hand-crafted one.

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The Valve News Network interviewed Gabe and some of other Valve guys recently, and in that interview Gabe confirmed that Valve are working on three fully-fledged VR games. In an AMA earlier in the year, he was asked the questions "Any chance of a new IP that takes place in the half-life/portal universe?", and "Is Valve still working on any fully-fledged single player games?", and he said yes to both. Just worth keeping in mind.

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If he created another series alongside KH, he'd be dividing his time and resources between two massive projects and both series might suffer for it. I mean, part of the reason KHIII has taken so long to release is for exactly this reason.

Either way, he has to end it eventually.

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I suppose they should include him as a superboss for old-time's sake. Man, I hate those fights though.

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I don't really buy that. I played Spyro 1-3 recently, and they were all really easy, despite being old-school. Like, much easier than I remember them being. Not all games back in the day were super challenging. I'll admit that a greater percentage of games released nowadays are easy, but there are still lots of tough games being made. There were easy, hand-holdy games back in the day too, they weren't all masochistically difficult. I think this whole notion that most games these d...

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Cool. I feel like it's been a long time since a fighting game that wasn't a sequel in a series came out.

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Eh, I think they should finish it with 3 and move onto something new - a new series.

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It'd be nice to see Jungle Book, Sword in the Stone, and Black Cauldron worlds. Probably gonna get Frozen though.

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That Toy Story world looks incredible.

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God this game is so good. Can't wait for it to come to PC (and it definitely will eventually).

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Been waiting for them to say something about this. They should remake it.

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Games are going to get too big if technology accelerates too fast. Download speeds and storage won't be able to keep up. I say cool it with the power race and focus on being a platform for good games. Games don't need to be ultra-realistic to be good, everyone knows that.

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Wumpa Warfare

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Uh oh, Crash of Duty incoming.

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No Ueda, no buy. Simple as.

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Yeah, I mean I don't care what age they are so long as they can tell a good story and make a good game. They probably will employ some new, younger talent in the next few years, I just hope they're good at what they do.

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I suspect Nomura's been sitting on a TWEWY sequel for a while now. Wasn't there some hidden ending with a new character in the smartphone version?

Also still waiting for a follow-up to Vagrant Story, but I feel like it might not happen. That game was like hard - almost Souls-like in a lot of ways. So, so good though.

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Well yeah, it would be cool if Nojima, Sakaguchi, Uematsu, and Nomura all worked together on something again, I'll give you that. Perhaps SE could commission Mistwalker (Sakaguchi, development), Smile Please (Uematsu, score), and Stellavista Ltd. (Nojima, writing) to create a new FF game together haha, and perhaps Nomura could lend a hand too in the writing and art departments. All easier said than done though I'd imagine, and they're all getting on in years.

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Maybe someday SE will commission Mistwalker to develop a Final Fantasy game. Still, I'll take Kazushige Nojima stories over Sakaguchi stories any day.

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