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Tell me, what exactly is wrong with enabling people (users) to delete / downvote into oblivion idiotic troll comments? Nothing bad would come of it, it would only be a good thing, so why not implement it? Why protect something when nothing good comes from protecting it? Why not remove something when nothing bad would come from removing it? Unless you're one of these trolls yourself. And, I'm 100% sure their games are rubbish, but that doesn't warrant telling them to kill themselve...

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They're overreacting of course, but Steam should meet them halfway. It should be possible for users to downvote nonconstructive, hateful troll comments out of existence or something. Maybe it should even be possible for developers to remove troll comments, though some might abuse that.

I just hate the way the trolls always win - they never get punished. It's always "there's nothing we can do, just put up with them." It's always "grow a thick s...

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Wasn't it confirmed that the game is divided up into regions with load times between them? That could mean that vast amounts of space are implied rather than actually traversable. Still, I like the idea of it having a more realistic scale than other games - that is, IF it has a more realistic scale than other games. Also, while a bit of scenic "empty" space is nice, I hope there's loads of secrets to find. I like a mix of empty and dense, rather than super dense or super emp...

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Chicken MacNugget

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I think 1 and 3 are better than 2, and 4 is perhaps the worst one from the classic series, but I still liked it. Crash Bash and CTR are sort of different kinds of games.

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Getting some Mighty No. 9 vibes from this one.

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As much as I want to say XV, I'm pretty sure Persona 5 will be the better game. Persona games are just so well made, and they have great music and great characters with great voice work. I have a feeling XV will have a lot of problems. The voice work is already a problem, and I have a feeling that the battle system, the game's performance, and the camera are all going to draw criticism despite the extra work being done on the game. Having said that though, I'm looking forward to X...

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That's cold. The guy put so much time into making it. I remember stumbling upon it when it was like halfway to completion roughly 2 years ago.

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The Legend of Dragoon is a poor game. I don't get why people like it. Flat characters, amateur music, cringey names for people, places and things, poorly translated or poorly written dialogue, frustrating unreliable battle system, and Final Fantasy VII copying. The graphics for the environments are good, but that's about it. Anyone who likes that game should play it again when they get the chance - I think you'll get a shock.

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I know...?

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Haha touche! But no, I don't think I ever had a baseball cap phase, nor have I ever owned one of those sports-looking t-shirts. Also my hair has never and could never look like that. I don't know why, it was just the first thing that popped into my head haha.

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I don't know about this. He moves so slowly. I also think the graphics should be a lot more vibrant, bright and cartoony. There's a distinct lack of vibrancy and brightness. The whole thing just looks pretty unfinished (which I suppose it probably is).

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Noctis looks like an embarrassed teenage kid on holiday with his parents in that picture - maybe at a water park or something.

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Yeah I've got to agree. In some cases it's bad voice acting AND bad flow (Gladiolus and Ignis), and in other cases it's just bad flow (just about everyone else we've seen so far). I never choose Japanese if it's an option, but I think I'll have to this time.

All the lines sound like one-liners, Ignis' voice is just bizarre and inconsistent, Gladiolus constantly sounds like he's doing a voiceover for an action film trailer, and the dialogue in...

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Wormholes and crystal zombies? MGS is weird, but it's not that weird. I think Konami have gone over the top trying to recreate MGS's weirdness without Kojima. It isn't just about wacky, lol random weirdness - there's always a good reason for the weirdness in MGS.

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I know, but he's clearly putting on an accent anyway. I don't think that's his regular speaking voice or anything. British people can do other kinds of British accents badly. I'm Irish and there are many Irish accents from different parts of the country that I'm not able to mimic - I sound silly and inconsistent when I try.

EDIT: In fact, look up Adam Croasdell on youtube to get a sense for his actual accent. Then listen to Ignis in the gameplay. Great ...

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Ignis sounds terrible - sounds like someone poorly putting on an accent. Really inconsistent sounding accent. Gladiolus also sounds terrible - like he's constantly doing a voiceover for some hollywood action film trailer. Also, a lot of the lines sound like one-liners, rather than natural dialogue. Noctis and Prompto sound pretty decent though, and Cor sounds perfect. I think I'll have to go with Japanese voices for the first time though - I don't think I could hack having to list...

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As big a game as Human Revolution was, I think it was a borderline sleeper hit. So it's not really a surprise that this next one hasn't generated much hype. It's failing to generate hype not because it's a bad game, bad because it's a game that's not really on a lot of people's radars.

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Oh right, well true or not I don't really care. I can wait. It'll come out when it comes out.

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Just so long as it's not getting delayed BECAUSE of the VR experience. If that were the case I'd suggest they definitely give the VR experience a miss.

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