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Okay fair enough, thanks for that. Like I said, I'm not in any real position to judge the game. #1.3.1
I haven't played Tomb Raider, and I probably never will because I have zero interest in it and games like it, but my impression of that game is that it was sort of vicious. Lara was the oppressed woman, and her foes were the lecherous, sexist, misogynistic crowd (symbolically, metaphorically speaking), and her solution is to brutally kill them (symbolic of oppression) which hardly makes her better than her oppressors. Makes her the same as them, and if it's okay for her to do it, so t... #1
I hope "visual guidance" doesn't mean intrusive glowing arrows hovering around the place and the like... #4
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Reaching information saturation point. Time to just release the game I think.

I'm purposely going to ignore all information released about this game from here on in. #4
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This casts doubt on the inclusion of an airship if you ask me. If the whole 700 square miles were seamless, I'd see the need for an airship, but if there's loading between regions, an airship seems silly. You could only fly it seamlessly within regions rather than between them - that's too much speed for such a small space. Honestly though, because of this, I wouldn't be too bothered if they didn't include an airship. #4
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The concept art they initially showed should have been exactly what the final game looked like. This just looks like about a dozen platformers I've seen on Steam. #4
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As for Quiet, well, I'm still deciding how to interpret her, but consider this: Sexualization is often cynically relied on to guarantee sales, and I think Quiet has definitely served that purpose, regardless of whether or not Kojima intended her to be some kind of meta-commentary. In the end, it doesn't look any different to any of the "sex sells" type stuff out there. The problem is a systemic one. When you need to earn money to live, it's tempting to do what's goin... #8.1
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Few issues with this.

Does this mean we can't tell people who offend or harm others that they can't offend and harm others? What sort of philosophy is that? Sounds like protect the victimizer and ignore the victim. If your philosophy is "don't tell people what they can and can't do" then don't tell people they can't be offended or harmed. We contradict our own principles - it's not okay to tell creators what they can't do, but it'... #8
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Strongly disagree, but I do like the XIII trilogy. Lightning Returns is really cool, I just wish it had more in it - it felt foreshortened. #2
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No going back now. I bet part of them wishes they'd never announced it. #9
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I'm sure Stephanie Joosten is pleased that her likeness was used for something like this. #11
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No, let it die. Stop spoiling stories by making contrived continuations of them for purposes of profit. Allow them to have a beginning, a middle and an end. Now is really the perfect time to put the series to rest - let it go out on a high note. Kojima has wanted to end it for years, but corporate pressures forced him to make more. Luckily, because he's Hideo Kojima, he was able to respond to that pressure with a series of consistently good games, but he's made it clear now that he... #9
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It's not necessarily better, but a sense of scale can be really sublime and can enhance the experience in its own particular way.

Secondly, would you rather the world was absolutely crammed with stuff? A bit of negative space is important. You need room to breathe. You need to have places that aren't as busy.

I personally welcome the less busy areas, just so long as they don't comprise most of the game world. Balance is important.

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What's disagreeable about my comment? Did I get my facts wrong?

I feel like if you disagree on N4G you should be forced to comment too. If you don't comment after disagreeing, your disagree isn't counted. #10.1
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That's pretty enormous. The Duscae demo is like 1.16 square miles, and the full Duscae region is like 10 or 20 times that I think (11.6 or 23.2 square miles).

I think Just Cause 2 was 400 square miles (Just Cause 3 is the same), and that was flipping enormous. Heck, Grand Theft Auto V was only 100 square miles, and Metal Gear Solid V is only like a 3rd of GTA V in terms of size.

Finally, Skyrim is 14.3 square miles (a quarter of that can't be traverse... #10
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I thought maybe it was going to be because she had naturally octo-camo skin, which would be useful because she's a sniper. But then, that wouldn't make sense either because her clothes and other stuff would stand out.

I think Kojima just wanted an excuse to have a big breasted girl in a thong bikini slinking about. He came up with this dumb reason for it so he WE'D feel ashamed of ourselves for suggesting she wear more clothes. But I don't feel ashamed, becau... #15
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They pretty much just tacked on the Breath of Fire name for commercial reasons. This isn't a Breath of Fire game. There are small things that sort of remind me of the series, but other than those it's barely recognizable as a BoF game. Not that change should be discouraged (Dragon Quarter is cool), but this game is blatantly a cash-in. The gameplay, the graphics - all of it reminds me of those games that are advertised via pop-ups on the internet. I doubt much passion fueled the creat... #4
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I KNOW I've played games of Japanese origin without reams of exposition. None of the Final Fantasys have it bar the Lightning saga, I don't remember the Chrono games having it. I could go on. Final Fantasy X has very elegant exposition I think.

In my experience, the best JRPGs often have their characters express or explain the plot in a more simple and human way.

Honestly I think it's a Kojima thing, but some writers share it. Hey, have you seen I... #11.3.1
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I don't know, that's pretty different. #11.2.1
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I think he's pretty poor at "showing not telling." There's nothing worse than endless expository dialogue. It just screams "look how complex my storytelling is!" The tools of storytelling are just that - tools - they are a means to an end, not the end in itself. I don't care how complex your narrative is - it needs to have an emotional core. I'm not saying MGS doesn't have this, but I think the emotional core that it DOES have is negatively impacted upo... #11
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