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No one official has said that this is related to Okami. No reason to be disappointed.

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They seem like they mean well, but I just want confirmation that the games will have the same soundtracks. I hope the music in this video and in the trailer isn't representative of the actual soundtrack. Surely they wouldn't change the soundtrack though, right?

Also, and I've said this elsewhere, the game kind of looks like Skylanders. Everything is really chunky and rubbery looking, and seems to have been stripped of it's subtle Asian style. If you look at ...

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Eh, where's the original music?? There's a little bit at the start and at the end, but I hope that other song isn't representative of the soundtrack. The music is an integral part of the original Spyro games. If the devs got rid of it, they have no idea what they're doing. Also, it kind of looks like Skylanders visually, just with cute Spyro instead of killer Spyro. What happened to all the subtle Asian influences? Everything looks rubbery and putty-like. I'm going to temp...

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Jaw = dropped. Completely different visual style though... Was kind of hoping for something that looked more like the old games. Everything looks really chunky and rubbery / putty-like.

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It won't bode well if we don't get any major announcements about it this year sometime.

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But so many resources go into making graphics super sharp. A lot of games have become "look, don't touch" because of it. There aren't any resources left over to give their worlds more depth.

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PC?!! Heck yes! Delighted.

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I'd love if they remade Tomba for the reason you mentioned, i.e. it could create interest for a new Tomba game. One of my faves of all time. I wonder how good a remake would be though. I'd be kind of peeved if they ditched the sprites for 3D models.

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I'm not sure I'd like to be a studio that just remakes old games by other people. They clearly know what they're doing, they should make an original game.

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Well, at least this could potentially help to make VP3 a reality, and it's a good, proper game (as opposed to a gacha pos), so the more platforms that it's possible to play it on the better. Overall, I'd say this is good news.

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I'd be more excited about this if Chet Faliszek, Eric Wolpaw, Marc Laidlaw, and Jay Pinkerton were still working at Valve, but nevertheless, here's hoping that they finally make both Half Life 3 and Portal 3, and that both games are good.

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That sunset video is actually making me feel seasick, wtf.

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This game is looking mighty good. Looking at it though, it's hard to believe it's running on a Ps4. Seems more like PC footage.

Also, I think they've shown enough now. Save some for the players and just release it asap.

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Strange title for a Harry Potter book.

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Yeah, I think the benchmark is an older build or something, so we can perhaps expect the game itself to be a bit smoother, especially with, as you say, driver support.

As for SLI though, I'm reading things about it worsening the game's performance. Tabata sort of talked about it here: http://www.pcgamer.com/fina...

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There's always the ini. As far as I've read, high quality has all that Nvidia bs turned on (hairworks, etc.), which almost always significantly negatively impacts performance.

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Mine can get a score of 3200 with standard quality fullscreen 1080p. Bit disappointed, but it nevertheless looks good and smooth with those settings. No SLI support though, which I possibly could have benefited from. Oh well.

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@badz149: Yup.

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Consumer demand also forces companies to improve.

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Nah, I'd say Steam is here to stay. Also, these competitors ought to consider the consequences of toppling Steam for gamers. If Steam went bust, everyone would lose all the games they bought. No physical copies. I don't have faith in Valve's strategy for that eventuality, it'd be a total shitshow.

I say leave Steam be. Don't try to compete with it. Just come up with some other idea - this one's taken. If Steam ever needs improvements, let consumers ...

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