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Just explain stuff in the game. Easily done.

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Lightning Returns is easily far more "bizarrely executed" than the first two games.

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Not a SquareEnix game. They're publishing it. Developed by Milestone S.R.L, an Italian developer.

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Perfectly fine if the journey is fun and enjoyable, but if something is too difficult it can go from being fun to the very opposite. If it's not about the destination, then make sure the journey is fun, because if it isn't you're really getting nothing out of it - no fun, no reward. Not accusing Cuphead of this - I intend to buy the game on Steam, but I'm just commenting on overly difficult games.

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When games are too difficult, it often doesn't feel worth it when you finally beat a level. I just feel like, "what? That's it? That's all I get for doing all that?" I feel like overly difficult games can never adequately reward the player. The reward is never able to make up for the sheer struggle. I haven't played Cuphead yet, but I have a feeling it might suffer from this a bit.

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Does this person know what the term de facto means?

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Soulstorm is a remake / re-imagining of Exoddus.

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Read the article mate.

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Actually, the writer DIDN'T know exactly what they were getting into. I quote: "When I tried out the upcoming installment of Bandai Namco’s PlayStation VR conversation sim, Summer Lesson, at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, I expected a calm, cutesy palate cleanser. What a fool I was." They didn't deliberately try it out knowing they'd hate it. In fact, the writer expected it to be casually enjoyable.

Secondly, the writer actually praises the part she play...

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It's not even an "SJW" article. It's about how the game instills horror in the player (perhaps unintentionally) by having one of the characters get "too close for comfort" - in other words, up in your face, invading your personal space. The person just wrote how it was really effective as horror.

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Well it does affect combat indirectly, because the harder the difficulty, the less money you get from stuff, which will probably make it harder to be well equipped. That, or it will take a lot more grinding to afford to able to be well-equipped. Cartman says, "Don't worry, this doesn't affect combat. Just every other aspect of your whole life." Well if it affects every other aspect of your life, then that's bound to have a knock-on affect for combat. If anything, it'...

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I'm not a fan of South Park anymore, but this is hilarious! Satirizing videogames and making a point about society in one fell swoop. The difficulty slider doubles as a skin tone slider - just genius on several levels!

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I hope they don't remake 8. Just doesn't seem necessary. I'd like a sequel though.

They should remake 5 and 6, and of course finish the 7 remake, and then they should stop remaking stuff.

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This is such a mistake. Kojima should be directing this.

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I don't play this game, but my impression of it is that there are countless possibilities for spin-off games based on it.

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People really need to go and read Marc Laidlaw's tweets about this for themselves rather than forming their opinions based on doom and gloom articles like this. It's obvious that what he wrote was just one potential story outline for Episode 3 from the past. It's not a "leak" of Episode 3's story, it's just a bunch of ideas he had for it that obviously didn't end up getting used.

As for Half Life 3 being "no more", the Valve News ...

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Am I the only one who much prefers the look of the characters in the latest video? The one's from 2015 look like bad fan-made models made in Unreal or something. The new look actually looks more true to the original games.

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Definitely needs some polish, but it looks like it could be fun. I feel like the fonts for the numbers and letters should be changed to something more stylized - they make it look like an android / iOS game or something. In fact, this game looks like a smartphone game in general. The graphics really remind me of "modern" games on smartphones - trying hard to be impressive, but sketchy. Also the sound seems lacking in some places. Still, it's not out till sometime in 2018, so the...

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Well, I own a laptop that's about as good as, if not a bit better than, a PS4 Pro. Also, most of the console games I want are either available on PC, forthcoming on PC, or bound to come to PC eventually. I don't know, I just didn't bother with this generation of consoles. I might end up buying a PS4 or a Switch some day, because there are a couple of games I want to play that won't ever get released on PC - games like The Last Guardian and Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

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4K specs are high, but I don't really care about 4K. I really want to know the 1080p specs.

So glad this is coming to PC though. Huge FF fan and I still haven't played this because I don't own any of the consoles.

As for first person mode, it seems like a weird inclusion for a Final Fantasy game. I think the devs must still be obsessed wiith Skyrim. I'll probably mess with it for a bit for the novelty of it, but not during any important pa...

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