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Metroid deserves a mention.

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Niko is awesome. One of the few things I enjoyed about GTA4. I do think Trevor will be possibly my fave GTA character ever. Too early to predict, but I already love his antics.

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Yeah and I'm Jesus trapped in a ginger man's body. I don't have my own soul, so took it from Jesus instead.

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Screw that. It's not scored criminally low and a majority of us haven't even played it to voice an opinion against her. I wouldn't say anything negative about someone scoring TLOU 9/10 or even if they scored it 9.8 etc. Generally speaking, an amazing games score doesn't matter too much as long as it is above a 9. The .2's or the .5s are not really as important because we all know (generally speaking) it's a big free for all as far as quality games are concerned as to w...

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Not all DLC is bad and I honestly think it's a great idea. It's a shame I can barely support it since most DLC is garbage, but the Dark Souls DLC was money well spent and I think a lot of people can agree it was done right.

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The games may not have been made for touch screens, but I have no problem enjoying them on my Galaxy with a PS controller hooked up to it. We live in good times :D
I wish there was more native support for controllers on phones because I seriously have a blast gaming on mine. Heck, I even like a bunch of the touch only games when done right.

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There are some brilliant examples that show how amazing mobile gaming can be. Final Fantasy 3 etc are kind of great for mobiles. The games controls don't hinder the experience because of the combat system. I can only enjoy GTA Vice City on my android with my PS3 controller connected, but games like Plants vs Zombies , Rayman Jungle Run and even Minecraft show how fantastic mobile games can be even with the controls.

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Indie games are a big deal for me now. I have friends who say there is no creativity in gaming any more yet they refuse to buy indie games because they view them as a lesser experience. I must say the indie push from Sony is a big factor in me getting a PS4.

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I'm going to be gaming on 2 consoles. PS4 primarily and WiiU (when it drops to a crazy unmissable price) as a secondary.

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I'm quite bad for keeping hold of my game related stuff. I don't even really take care of the stuff I don't use. It's just there lol. Always good to come across things because it brings a smile to my face. As long as I don't go full hoarder mode I will be fine. Good console choices btw.

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Yes, it was with opmuk

Pushy was the little blob that moved blocks if I remember correctly. I enjoyed that. I also enjoyed the haunted maze. Had me on the edge of my seat as a kid. Good times, eh?

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Rocks n Gems was a fave of mine. A game called "pushy" (I think), haunted maze and terra incognita. Net Yaroze was awesome.

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Terra Incognita! Awesome soundtrack, hilarious translations and pretty fun to play. Net Yaroze was awesome. I have a demo disc still to this day with many games on it. Used to be one of my fave parts of getting a demo disc with my magazines.

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DDR is fun, Rock Band not as good as GH so I didn't play much, The Bouncer is awful and I played a friends copy when I was younger, House of the Dead is easily playable in the arcade and I really don't see the point in the list.

I'm not on the CoD hating band bandwagon, but if you're appealing to internet users then CoD is most likely one of their guilty pleasures that they don't like admitting.

I would say WoW was my biggest guilty pleasu...

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Bioshock should be number 1. Jeez. Dark Souls should also dominate the list, but the story isn't really told to you. The lore is awesome, though.

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3DS by the looks of things. Not bad for a console that was labelled "dead" by a very vocal crowd online. Nice to see it pulling in fantastic numbers. Easily the best software for a handheld console at this point in time. Very deserving of these sales.

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I got it on PS+. Awesome stuff!

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All have bugs. Very popular with the speed runners.

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This is going to win some serious GOTY awards this year. Naughty Dog are going to have to take a back seat to Rockstar this year.

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