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But like I said a lot of things within Uncharted is cliche, it's based on action adventure films and I don't say this in a bad way it's actually a good thing.

Plus you have the typical, boring long lost brother storyline and you even have the friend who turns on you with Flynn in Uncharted 2. So I don't see why him being a villain and let the game have it's first villain with an emotional connection to Nate.

The story Nate told Elena e...

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It's not perfect, come on. Uncharted 2 was nearer to perfect then Uncharted 4

Why do people say this is "cliche" yet say nothing over the typical "long lost brother" storyline who then "magically turns up alive" when we have never heard one peep out of him. Drake says he's an only child in Drakes Fortune, Among Thieves nothing, Drakes Deception Marlowe has his family files, even knows his real name yet no brother.


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I mean a full map, not a small section

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Would be nice have a title with a little more green in it. Either a main game or DLC where you are within a forest like area surrounded by mountains/hills which have shielded the place from the bombs

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Seriously it's like they haven't been playing enough. It's MGSV all over again, they will play enough of it, everyone will and realise how repetitive it actually is.

They don't let the game sink in enough

I mean better then Uncharted 4 by their

Same happened with Evolve.

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Well if you don't get CE and are getting the normal edition then of course you don't care

Doesn't mean it's not an issue

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"Elena finds Nate with Sam and Sully in Madagascar, but the game doesn’t entirely go into how she found them. A DLC focused solely on Elena would provide some context in that regard, potentially playing up her strengths as a reporter as she hunts for the truth. And even once she gets to Madagascar, she can’t have gotten past Shoreline and found her husband without running into trouble herself, thanks to the Drake Curse. Plus, when they finally reunite, it would be a good time to see the...

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Go off the evil ending in Second Son

Delsin is revealed to be the real Beast, John was something else they thought was the Beast

Second Son is revealed to be a Beast Origin story

Cole is resurrected either by himself or Zekes rebel group to take the real Beast on

This closes Cole's story for good

Infamous 3

The End

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We know more about the DLC then the game ¬¬

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That's my point

If you are paying that much then a digital code is not going to loose you money because you don't need to make anything physical to put inside it.

It's greed plain and simple. They can put these codes in and they wouldn't loose money because the extra cost of the CE will make up for it

In my opinion they should be "Master Codes" - Like Season Passes but they unlock all content out with pre order...

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Basically a game Minecraft should have evolved into by now

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That's f******* bullshit that. Typical Ubisoft

When you do more editions and it gets more expensive you add onto what you already have. You don't mix and match them.

I want a collectors edition but I need to get a limited edition for the Steelbook

Steelbooks and Season Passes SHOULD BE INCLUDED in the main collectors edition. You are paying a lot for it

Jesus man

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QTE or not it's p*** easy to do. There's hardly any challenge in it at all

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If it did then the industry would then be a joke

So many better games this year. Witcher had it's fun last year lets give others the chance

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How is it epic?

It was such a let down.

Circle or Triangle

They should have had a proper sword fight with a melee system. You start of the top of the ship as it sets alight and you end up falling each floor as it catches more on fire, until the last part where you fall into the treasure room.

Would have been even more epic if it flashed to Henry and Thomas fighting to replicate the fight Nate and Rafe was having. Basi...

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Yeah I think a lot of people disagreeing simply never played the original

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I'm guessing it won't be the Arkham series as that's came to a close.

Wouldn't mind the Gotham by Gaslight game or Batman Beyond

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If it's the one we saw with the bounty hunter then I hope not

I want a proper Prey sequel, that looked great but looked like a brand new game

I want Tommy as the main character and I want it to pick up with him exiting the portal he was shown going through in the last game

They had a great, well built up native American character and they changed him for a bald headed, generic space marine. I just....I don't....urgh

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The Witcher needs one

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"Here we go again"....ON MY OWN...dum dum dum dum

But no seriously yeah it sounds a lot like a sly transition back in the TV stuff without actually making it obvious they are doing TV stuff.

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