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This is getting ridiculous now fake or not...these so called "hackers" need to be found but it's not very encouraging when people like Kim Dotcom for example bend over backwards for them by giving them free shit to stop attacking. Great message that's going to send out. #2
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Which update?.....you mean the one which has been in the making forever.

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You can't blame N4G for articles users submit unless they were submitted by mods or admins #10.1
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Probably because it was the next gen FF game everyone was hyped into buying

Then weeks later most of us traded it in unfinished and disappointed

Sales don't mean shit #4.1.1
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Wonder if those Mega lifetime premium vouchers will work in prison? #1
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When you round up a number and it's over the half way mark (over 5) you go up not down.

So with it being VGChartz they should of had the PS4 at 2.60, they did it with the Xbox One from 2.26 to 2.30. #2.2
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Wish they would make a full on Keyblade replica #2
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I think in five years time when it comes to the 25th anniversary they should do a PS4 anniversary console which looks like the PS1. By then they will most likely have slim PS4s out so I'm guessing they could re-design the PS4 into a PS1 look a like.

Maybe next year they could do a 15th anniversary of the PS2 and do the same thing. Even make the PS Camera look a little like the eye toy...now that would be cool.

If they do the PS1 idea they could do a litt... #2
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He made them a Deal? Is he bloody serious

You are basically giving into them and now more hackers will band together to get more free shit.

Well done Kim ¬¬ #2
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The thing which I don't get is if it limits the Pokemon you can use in the air why does it not do the same anywhere else

I mean even on land when you battling a Fisherman he'll send out something like Goldeen or Tentacool which just floats in the air. If you are underwater you can send out whatever Pokemon you like...so my Blazakin, a FIRE pokemon aswell is going to survive underwater?

It's fine for the handheld games, but I think if they ever mak... #1
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It would probably solve any contradictions aswell to the overall story this game brings

"Fake Snake"...pretty catchy if you ask me #12.1
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It's Mobile so I couldn't give a crap to put it bluntly...I'd rather support them when they bring games to the right platform. #2
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But with some of those games they get boring after a while

I mean Minecraft for example...the updates just aren't enough

However Terraria though, they are nice and beefy which keep you going a little while longer #1.2.5
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I like them, I do but if I had the choice between an Indie and a retail AAA game I'd always choose the later.

I think it's mostly to do with not having much free time in my life, not enough hours in the day so instead of wasting my free time on a small indie games which I might not like or get much from I'd rather enjoy a full on blockbuster game that I like the look of, so I can really sink my teeth into it.

That's not to say you can't do... #1
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Revelations 2....horror game?

LOL...yeah ok then #4
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Come on...how much? #4.1
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I hope they do the Final Fantasy HD remake first though and not a sequel...the game has had it's fair share of extra content for that world it's time to give other FF games a shot

I hope they remake FF7 and then they get started straight away on FF8 and then FF9

Imagine the Garden Battle in HD <drools> #1.2.7
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I don't think the game was worthy enough to be played.

Soon as I popped in another game I was good to go #4.1.1
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I did...and could never pick it back up

It was like Mjölnir #4
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