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I’m hoping the Switch game is one version being on console and not split up into two versions with different content each

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Yes it should for fans waiting for the full experience

Ultra Sun and Moon were complete rip offs and I’m surprised no ones talking about it, the previous one just came out last year

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Considering Iden was boring, bland and had hardly no memorable elements to her character I doubt it.

Oh and the ending twist....yeah didn't see that coming.

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It's people like you Jinger why gaming has turned to aboslute's so toxic with so many anti consumer movements and people like you just sit back, take it, pretend it's fine and rip on others when they try and stand up for something

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Good Grief.

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Well the point is it SHOULD have been at launch. You don't review games months after launch you base it on what you get. Any game could get better over time.

GT Sport was lacking a lot.

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Still it’s MTs whether they are turned down or not

There’s no half measures in this kind of stuff unfortunately

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I don’t know how games like FIFA or any racing game can have MTs and Lootboxes

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Yeah it’s good news but free or not and knowing past GT titles this should have been at launch

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Well the S got off to a great start aswell but with any new's the "in the moment" thing, especially near Christmas

Whether it stays steady of flatlines...that's anyones guess. We'll know in January I guess but for now all we can do is speculate.

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Still...if it gets more serious they might have to develop their online structure different in Europe...and honestly can you imagine how frustrating that's going to be in development. In the end they might just go "f*** it, we're working extra hard here, lets just get rid of lootboxes all together so we can follow Europes laws, it's easier on us"

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Holy shit...this could start something.

Imagine an Overwatch where you just gain coins after a match in the future and everything is in a store menu you can select what to unlock. It would keep Blizzard on their toes and make them quicker in creating content.

Kind of funny since they are the ones who started

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From Twitter/Reddit

Hey guys get this about that analyst who said Gamers were "overreacting" to the Battlefront II fiasco

"In this CNBC piece, the man quoted as saying that "gamers are overreacting to EA" and "games are too cheap" is Keybanc analyst Evan Wingren. Evan is also an investor analyst forーyou guessed itーEA and Comcast (CNBC's parent company). He even sits in on EA's conference...

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Yeah those old articles back when he first said it are FILLED with hope. People actually believed and wanted them to follow though. So when people can go on like this is a biased website look at what it was like back then...the only reason comment sections on site like this turn bias towards one company is when the other companies are f****** up over and over.

What do you expect. It's why even people now like myself who see the bullshit (personally I saw the bullshit ba...

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I agree but disagree

Scarier the better, Dead Space was a constant scare show and was always getting your heart racing yet that worked out just fine.

I didn't mind the cool down moments in Evil Within 2 but I do miss moments where we had to hide under a bed or hide in a wardrobe.

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I loved the train scene in Uncharted 2, seeing Drake get shot aswell just before it really added to it even though you already knew he was injured.

Never really liked playing young Drake, especially in U4 when it became a little tedious second playthrough wise. To be honest I didn't think U4 had as many good setpieces and big moments like the first 3 to be honest. Biggest thing I could remember is either the chase scene or when the clock bell is falling.

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Not a PS fanboy...just calling people on their shit like I usually do

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