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Well they made these maps alongside the main game they should be free

Just seems like a PR move to try and improve EAs image

Guess people are easily fooled...good grief #1.3
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LOL are you for real

You brought up Sony in your post above,

You didn't have to mention them or Sony fanboys but you did...stirring the pot like you are criticising others for

I'm probably speaking to a brick wall here #1.9.3
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No I mean they make her sound like a 14 year old girl at times...not a young woman #1.7.2
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Basically got a head in the profession because she's Terry Pratchetts daughter

She Jayden Smith'd her way ahead in life #1.1.3
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She's a terrible voice actress though

"Oh I hate tombs"

Still makes me cringe today

Speaking normally she's fine but screaming, shouting, in pain, grunting, angry....just sounds off. She makes Lara sound younger then what she is #1.7
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"good example of why SONY fanboys are the embarresment to the gaming community"

What about those Xbox fans who still defended the shit Microsoft was trying to do with the Xbox One? Then state now how proud they are with Microsoft's new "gamer" now...something they wouldn't have had since they defended what the Xbox One was originally going to be

See what I did there.....

Point is, it goes both ways, not one #1.9.1
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QI and not a single shot of Stephen Fry #1
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Oh goody....you can imagine ha

"In this point and click game you'll point and click yourself into another point and click adventure. The pointiest and clickiest game we've done, not very different from the last except for a new franchise we are doing which already has a loyal fanbase we can exploit" #1.3.10
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Oh another pointless post from you...how...surprising.


Versus is FF15...it just changed it's name because they didn't want it to be related to FF13 with how hated the game is to the majority of FF fans. Same game they set out to make...sorry, at this point, could have made. #1.1.4
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Well if Tabata wasn't trying to change the game so much so he can leave his mark on it then maybe we could have had the game released sooner.

It's arrogance. He should have came in, finished off Nomuras work, get the game out sooner, make gamers happy and we can finally look forward to KH3

Instead, with all his interviews, it's like he dosen't know what he's doing. Adding this, removing that, changing X, Y and Z only to change Y back while... #1.2
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MGSV is the highest rated game this year and it was a complete let down

It's a terrible MGS game and a pretty average game.

Only good thing it has going for it is the gameplay but I'm sorry gameplay alone can't save a game.

I mean I can't even be arsed to finish it, it's pretty boring.

If that won GOTY I'd give up on gaming. #1.1.1
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It's really not

We were promised Airships when it was still Versus...you know something people have been going on about for years, since FF13 failed to have that feature or mostly any others which made it feel more like a FF game

I mean the game has been in development for years...even underwater combat

It's ridiculous...free or not

When I buy a game I want everything to be there day 1 otherwise by the time it comes I... #1.1
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This is looking better then Minecraft at the minute #2
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I don't think she knew she would end up doing Star Wars when she left

The way I've seen it through reports is that she left and THEN got a job somewhere else.

She never left ND because EA dangled Star Wars in front of her. She wouldn't just throw ND under the bus and leave U4 with development troubles for someone like EA, she has a lot of friends at ND. #1.1.2
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Bugs me aswell.

With how much she loves Uncharted and the fact she was one of the main ones (being creative director) which helped create Uncharted it was more or less her "baby". I find it highly unlikely she would wake up one day during 8 months of development of Uncharted 4 and go "F*** it...I quit, I want to do something else"

I really would like to find out after Uncharted 4 releases her version of Uncharted 4 and what they changed. T... #1.1
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Course it could...it has the multiverse in it's story which allows them to do different sequels and can easily bring in new changes. #3
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Oh boo hoo DeTox...cry me a river

Joined 31 days ago....yeah you know me alright

Your comment history

Bad language. Trolling, immature and so on #1.3.4
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" which get referenced throughout they're stories "

Yeah because that makes a cartoon good alright ¬¬ #4.7.1
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The UK does but unfortunately the Boomerang we have is filled with crap like Cartoon Network aswell

Even instead of Looney Tunes, Scooby Doo or Tom and Jerry we get the new versions of those shows.

Our Boomerang is kind of pointless actually. #4.5.3
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Focusing on calling a user before giving evidence to back up your own point on how last years VGA was "amazing"


Besides I'm just agreeing with the guy above and some others. You call me a pessimist then others are aswell.

Think before you write a comment and show yourself up again #1.3.2
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