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"Sony showed games at E3 that are 2 to 3 years away"


Quantum Break, Crackdown and even Scalebound are the same. Fact is though Sony has games apart from them that will release sooner.

The reason why Microsofts E3 in 2014 was so packed, which got everyone talking was because of those games....yet here they over a year later being shown off still with release dates for next year. Hell you can even include H... #6.1.3
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I really don't get why people keep thinking this

Kojima will NOT benefit from this at all

It's over, it's done, they finished it, they got paid and in the end they'll move on

They won't get anything special for this game shipping so many copies nor will they get anything from Konami for this game getting amazing reviews.

In the end Kojima will have left and Konami will have a party in the back office with... #1.2
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I think the problem lied in the fact the 3 biggest hitters for them we already knew about. They announced them way too early. Quantum Break, Scalebound and Crackdown 3

Only things to be surprised at were Homefront and Halo Wars 2...games which we didn't have any idea were going to be there. The rest seemed like a recap of E3

Sometimes it felt like it was mostly about Windows 10.

Good show but not amazing surprise wise like we were lead to... #4.1
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They did but they didn't really give much info on it.

I don't see Game doing this. Working there in the past they are really tight when it comes to that sort of thing.

At the end of the day they should have just put a disc within the edition. Why make us swap it, we're paying for it they may aswell just do it. #1.2.2
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Yeah it sounds like he isn't explaining it very well

I mean if your Strength was 5 and you wanted it to be 10 then by levelling up 5 times you'd hit your goal straight away

It can't be that easy.

Besides I liked thinking things through at the start of the game, makes every decision feel important.

I liked how in Fallout 3 you could get everything to 10 if you were clever. They should always have max stats as a cho... #1.1.1
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Shame you didn't have the choice to swap out the statue for the gun.

Anyway all that money and STILL no actual game #1.2
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Yeah that threw me aswell. Two Arrows in one go with such precision. What is she the Green Arrow.

She's a young adult who managed to survive the first time round by skill AND luck. It was bad enough in the first game you went from a scared, innocent girl crying after killing her first human being to being Rambo but now she's mastered the bow and arrow so she can fire two shots aswell. Won't be surprised if by a upgrade you can do 3.

Plus the poiso... #1.21.1
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He should just do his Adventure Sphere voice from Portal #1.1
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You can still reboot something and have it in the same style as the old games.

Doom is doing that, Ratchet and Clank are doing a re imagining, Killer Instinct feels the same, Prince of Persia, the Resident Evil Remake and so on.

Not turn it into something completely different #1.9.1
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Oh here we go...the guy who thinks Uncharted copied Tomb Raider because you know....they were exactly alike /s

"Still waiting for you to tell me which was the game that set the template that Uncharted/TR 2013 follow"

It was an evolution of platformer games in general

NaughtyDog took their platforming games they had done in the past and made them more realistic to fit where they were going with Uncharted

If they wen... #1.12.1
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Read what I wrote

"I'm not saying ND came up with those gameplay features but at least they made it their own"

Are most of the people here who are replying to my comment above actually READING my comment #1.7.1
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Talk crap about the game? (sigh)

Good lord...another one

Even with the first game when I criticized it for not being Tomb Raider like I never EVER ONCE said it was a shit/bad game

Good games....just not Tomb Raider. #1.5.2
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I knew it was a risk...but you can't let people silence you

I know *some* will turn this into a fanboy thing but I said roughly the same things about the first game. However I always gave it the benefit of the doubt in the end as they said it would go back to it's roots in the sequel. Yet with all this new info it hasn't

They said there would be a much bigger focus on tombs yet nothing they've shown has showed that. They'll end up being op... #1.6.1
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Really can't wait for this

Time to blow shit up #4
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" i miss the early tomb raider games, hours exploring the tombs, trying to find your way without any map, solving amazing puzzles, to find the treasures "


Best thing Sony can do is get all the PS1 Tomb Raider games back on the PSN store for the PS4 #4.1
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For the love of god

Read what I said above in the end

"This isn't saying the game looks shit, it looks like a good game much like the first one was but as a Tomb Raider game it does nothing for me"

Key line

"This isn't saying the game looks shit"

It's not saying anything about the quality of the game but the fact it looks like a new franchise rather then Tomb Raider
<... #1.1.1
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What did I just see? Was that Tomb Raider?

Goodness. I gave the first game the benefit of the doubt for not being much like an actual Tomb Raider game thinking they would go back to the franchises roots (like they said) in the sequel but it looks like the first one but even more action packed. She just slaughters them.

They borrowed a lot from Uncharted where the first game basically was an open world Uncharted game with hubs instead of chapters now they are... #1
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Really want a sequel to Singularity

It was such a great concept at the...time #7.1.1
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Really? Another game by them

How about they start adding more features in Minecraft

The updates take ages to come out and when they finally do come out they don't really add much. I mean we are just getting dual wielding now in the new update, something like that should have been in months ago.

It's coming to the point now where Minecraft clones seem to update their games more and have included more stuff for you to do. Take Dragon Ag... #1
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The power concept reminds me a little of the TMD in Singularity when you could mess around with time in that #7
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