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Do people really want more mobile stuff from Nintendo

I think Pokemon GO is enough

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Not really. They basically did something they should have done for Sonic 4....hell if this game is decent I will always think of it as the real Sonic 4 game.

Sonic 4: Mania

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If they need a good excuse to bring in young and old Sonic again then I'm going to say either an altered timeline where Robotnik took over the world OR an alternative Universe they've both jumped into.

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"Hey guys it seems people really loved Classic Sonic in Sonic Generations. I propose for our 25th Anniversary we do a full on classic Sonic game with a mixture of 2D and 3D gameplay"

"Nah...too risky, lets just do what we did with Sonic Generations again"


*ignores logicial one*

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"From the team that brought you Sonic Colours and Sonic Generations."

"...the only two good console Sonic games in recent years"


I'm kind of annoyed that they've put young Sonic and present day Sonic back together, so what? It's another time travelling story or something? Guys it was done in the last game, move on.

Why didn't they just make young Sonic the main character and...

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I hope he is

Imagine if him and Cole need to team up to stop Delsin

Even if he's not the real Beast but still a threat brother vs brother would be amazing

Fletch and Eugene would be bosses to unlock each new area

Could team up with Zeke aswell

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And it was shit

Let's forget about it

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If this ISN'T the main game they are giving us then,,

(EDIT: Apparently it's not the main game. Sonic Team still has a game up it's sleeve, put it this way why would they waste 3-4 years on a old school game like this)




Why the f*** did they not just call this Sonic 4. Jesus Christ SEGA was it THAT might be on the right track. Lets just hope it...

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What's up with Wonder Womans face


She looks different to the last game. It's like they tried to do a Gal Gadot and failed.

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Really just depends what game it is

If Gears of War wasn't bought by Microsoft and it was going to be a timed exclusive to the PS4 then I wouldn't like's a Microsoft thing, always has been

Same when it's the other way round like when Tomb Raider was a timed Microsoft exclusive

Obviously Sony has more of an advantage since they have more franchises more assoicated with the PS brand but it's just a thing. ...

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In their defence though they did support it the longest out of all the publishers.

I think they got to Watch Dogs and when they realised with the delay Nintendo wasn't meeting their half way they thought "f*** it*

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Telling people they are sheep while white knighting them by replying to other peoples opinions because they enrage you despite them not actually directing their opinion at you

And you call others sheep


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Oh here we go...someone calls them out and the first thing a whiteknight says is the most generic comeback of all.....the "Oh you're just jelly card". Yeah that's such a good come back *slow claps*

"Just because certain YouTube personalities are rich doesn't make them corrupt lol. I absolutely love VannosGaming, and he puts so much effort into his channel to entertain us. Give them some credit"

We are talking about the ones...

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Because people are idiots supporting corrupt rich personalties who don't give a shit about them

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LOL at the figures you get



Zidane...HUH?.....LIGHTNING?. .......urmmmm what?

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Hmmmm. Don't know what to think.

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Infamous Second Son over Infamous...whaaaa

I'm sorry but apart from a decent soundtrack and pretty graphics along with animations Second Son felt like a step back

Story wasn't as good
Characters were forgettable
Delsin just wasn't as likeable
Delsins "I bloody love my powers" development we've seen more times then Cole's "I don't want this" development
Story didn't have a ...

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Urgh... *shivers*

Don't say that ha

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Well yeah

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer - We really could have used a new full on 3DS game or maybe a Wii U game. Maybe a title where for once we get a little more power. I mean we are Mayor in New Leaf yet I feel we have too many restrictions on what we can and can not do.

Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival - Same as above

Metroid Federation Force - Don't even need to say anything do I?

Star Fox Zero - Alrigh...

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