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I'm not going to get my hopes up, it's not being made by Sony but a crappy Activision studio and lets be honest the best Activision games out there are average at very best. I think the last one I really enjoyed was Singularity

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GTA: Whales Vagina

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Ah shame

But I suppose the second team is working on something though

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New game?

Heavenly Sword 2 would be great alongside this.

Either that or do what GG is doing with Horizon Zero Dawn and make a new game which is completely different to they usually do.

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Maybe publishers should look into counting the UK as region 1 now and get us the same release dates and priced which are in the US. Maybe even a choice in the collectors editions we want if they are different in the two regions. Only reason we had problems with delays and localisation was to translate the game for other countries within the EU but now we are out I don't see why we need to wait.

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Aren't these the fun kind of "What Ifs" which would make you want Ricks portal gun from Rick and Morty so you could go into another parallel world where they did and watch the outcome...maybe buy a console and bring it home.

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They look slower from Nomuras version which was faster paced and had the Kingdom Hearts styled menu.

Not to mention you could change characters on the fly.

This looks clunky and before anyone gives me their excuse of "Well you might need to unlock more things" I'm sorry but we've seen combat spread out all over the game and I see no difference despite their level.

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It's still going to be the same, they probably just mean the story or graphics or items used will not be a representation of the real game

They are not going to show us something like this then give us a third person survival horror game like the older games. What would be the point of the demo.

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Holy shit awesome

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These new fans probably aren't even fans just PT fans who want a game like it or people who don't know the difference between horror and survival horror

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Then go away


Awwwww...exaggerations get you no where in arguments princess

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How is saying it's not good means you grew up on the new games

I grew up on the old ones and still hated this as much as I did with RE5 and RE6

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Guess with the disagrees people just can't admit it

This is going to be another situation where people who speak out are personally stacked and disagreed to death but when the game comes out more people will realise we were right

There's a difference between something being good and wanting it to be good


For the last time there is a difference between horror and survival horror. RE was not just a t...

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Hope there is costume unlocks, the white on that suit is just not doing it for me

Imagine if you could create a new suit....DAMN that would be awesome

Create your own colours and materials along with upgrades

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It wasn't just for that. It was an example relating to video games since we are on a video game website.

I have lots of good reasons why I wanted to leave, I just chose one which was relevant.

Oh the country is on fire? No that's what YOU guys like to think but it's just another day except people are over reacting because they didn't get their way. Sore losers.

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And when the Resident Evil 2 Remake sells better and does better review wise people will see this.

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Oh get out of here

We left and suddenly everyone is a bigot or narrow minded...hell you going to say we are racist aswell and go for a hatrick

Immigration was out of control. I'm not saying close the boarders and stop anyone from coming in but it had to be controlled. The way we were going was not going to do that. Yes let people in but carefully select who gets in...people who are going to be a productive member of our society. It's bad enough we...

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He was the chosen one...he messed up and Sora become the new chosen one.

The keyblade didn't choose it's master, Terra was the one in Birth by Sleep to pass it onto him while Aqua looked at Sora but Terra didn't believe he was strong enough

He was wrong.

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