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She's the best of the bunch

Great young actors are hard to come across these days and I think with the ones we have Maisie in the best of the bunch.

Now we just need Hugh Jackman on board #2
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Yeah I don't think he cares....he's loaded, he's got his money/"fame" #2
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I think they should remake Resistance Fall of Man then after that make Resistance Fall of Man 2 telling an alternative story to the other sequels.

Calling it Fall of Man 2 will easily allow them to get away with it. #7
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If they don't then...well....game over really since it's going to be the last Uncharted game

I want to play on the multiplayer for years like I did with Uncharted 2 #2.2.1
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God I'm so excited but terrified of what the multiplayers direction is going to be #2
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These are the guys who think RE6 was good... #2
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" He is comedian "


If he is then he's a crap one #1.1
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I just find it funny how we mostly all cry for Gamecube games or N64 releases yet we get this...something which was already released as it is on the Wii #5
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Game shouldn't have them anyway

You support this then it will get worse.

It's like seeing a weed in the garden and going "Meh it's not bad I'll do something later" only by then the entire garden is invested with them. #3
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Oh goody...now we can see her bitch about male characters now. #1
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They were so bothered about making like Uncharted with big set pieces, explosions and running/gunning that they rushed her development.

Her voice isn't that good, she sounds way younger then she is and she sounds like a 15 year old girl. The screaming and crying doesn't help her.

You can't beat the older voice actors Lara had

I mean that "Oh I hate Tombs" bit with her voice....CRINGE #1.1.1
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Can't they just leave gaming alone.

Jeez I mean Sony are trying their best with the PS4 after the rocky start they had with the PS3 but they have to keep dealing with this kind of shit being thrown at them. How can they continue to improve to benefit us as gamers when they have to deal with said people like this bunch #1
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Her development in the new games wasn't that good.

One minute she's crying over her first kill then she's killing dozens of people without a care.

They should of slowly built up to it in the beginning after each new kill.

Doesn't help when her voice sounds so out of place. #1
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It will always be known as the best example of how you take an alright game (Assassins Creed) and with the sequel expand on everything to make the series worthwhile.

Ezio was fantastic and his character development was great to watch as he grew and matured.

This is a problem with newer AC games, the main characters are usually crap.

I mean compare Ezio to Connor...how to do a character and how not to. #1.1
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It's a matter of opinion but for me it's Final Fantasy VIII

Great story, fantastic (yet different for a FF game) music, Squalls character development was awesome. Loved the worlds, the summons, the designs. Theme song was really nice aswell. Oh and the Garden Battle...imagine seeing that in HD <sigh> One day I suppose

It was just a good FF game. Such a shame people shit all over it...probably people following the crowd even though at the time it... #3
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Ken is back :)

Shame he's not continuing Bioshock though


The whole "Multiverse" thing he introduced in Infinite could of introduced a number of different, interesting new "takes" on the "Lighthouse, man and city" scenario.

Didn't really like what they did to Elizabeth in Burial at Sea Episode 2 although it was nice that she was the reason who started the fall of Rapture a... #2
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Yeah that's what I was thinking, it would be a cop out if they did that

Lilith, Maya, Angel, Possibly Steele, they'll have to use Lilith again

I mean I just thought the whole point of not playing them in the sequel was so we got character development EVEN THOUGH other games have featured main characters with a load of characetr development. It would of been nice to continue on from the first game skill wise like you do in Mass Effect.

... #4.1.1
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The ugly got uglier

I really hope no one buys this straight away, if you really want it wait till the full edition comes out then when it goes down in price

You are not going to "fix" Capcom by supporting silly shit like this...especially the horrible direction the series is going in. #1
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Main thing I want is to see the old vault hunters return


With the way Borderlands 2 ended it gave us a hint they were going to leave Pandora to find other vaults across the galaxy.

Besides the past two main games have included a Siren class, in the game it's stated only 6 of them exist in the ENTIRE Universe so they'll have to bring Lilith back since they can't really add another Siren.

Would be a... #4
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" I get annoyed with people like you who are negative about nearly everything. 90% of your comments are of the negative, hateful variety "

Because you only look for those comments so you can make an argument. Anyone can do that, people do it all the time to different people so they have something to say to them in an argument.

Besides says the guy who's just been marked recently for a "Personal Attack"

Salty Salty Salty #7.1.4
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