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Are you serious?

There's s bloody demo of it...the whole point of a demo

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I really want the official ones they were doing but dear lordy lord they were so expensive...and some of them had small details which made them look different to the ones in the game

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Then why plaster him on everything? It's like "play our game, we are diverse we have this black guy"

So the collectors edition has a statue of a no name ha

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I thought that black guy on the front of the cover was the main character or something. I didn't see him much in this

I mean he's on the front cover, the steelbook art, the promo stuff and there's even a statue of him...strange to not see him as the focus.

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Anti Nintendo lol

Sure man...sure

Maybe, just maybe the core problems outside this article is that Nintendo bring it on themselves and they don't have a clue what they are doing most of the time. I mean you know this I'm sure but will keep blindly defending them anyway.

For others it's called tough love.

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You know what that's called...exploiting an IP

We need new franchises, not old ones turned into new games where they look completely different

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Why didn't they just create a new IP to focus on VR and leave RE alone...hell even a spin off of Resident Evil would have been enough.

I bet like RE5 the early stages concepts were better then the main game. Who could forget this stuff which came out after RE5 showing us they basically jumped on the co-op train at the last minute.


I wasn't fine with Sony doing it that's the thing

Plus I'm not a huge fan of Street Fighter anyway

If it was on the PS4 and Xbox One they will be able to do more

I've been waiting for this bloody game for years I want it to be the best it can be. Not dumbed down with a gimmicky controller

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Hopefully it's not a Nintendo exclusive. I'm sorry but I understand Bayonetta with Sega not wanting to go through with it but Beyond Good and Evil 2 is something everyone has been asking for years for. Ubisoft are more financial stable and have enough money to do it themselves. Would be a slap to the face for gamers to wait years for it only to be restricted to a Nintendo console which lets face it is most likely not going to have a good enough controller to play it with. Then you hav...

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Hopefully true

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Yeah I mean I'm all for staying as true to the source material as you can possibly can but imagine watching a 1 hour and 45 minute film only to see it's just his paranoia and everything is easily explained as a big misunderstanding. "Oh yeah there's no killer, the two girls were found, there's no Government secret camp conspiracy and the guy stalking the place is just a lost soul who's son died and couldn't bring himself to embrace the outside world again". I...

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Is this all they are doing now with Anniversary's? "Oh lets release a crappy Amiibo" ¬¬

Game collections, statues, replicas, special artbooks, lithos etc

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Yeah I mean we almost had the Nintendo PlayStation at one time

They can do the console stuff, Nintendo can continue their handheld

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It comes out in bloody six months....SIX


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Well I'm not defending Sony here and blaming Bethesda completely buuuut all they have to do is prove to Sony the mods are secure and have enough security behind them.

Hell why not just allow the legit ones by bigger, more trusted modders.

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It really didn't

A fan theory managed to blow that ending out the water

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Really? Because I thought the reason was people like you saying stupid shit like that which makes developers f*** us all over...since you know thanks to you guys they think we don't mind.

All you guys are doign is making shit like this PART of the industry, like it's the "norm". Well I'm sorry to say it's not and shouldn't be.

Jesus comments like that make me feel sad...soon younger gamers will grow up to believe it is the no...

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Meanwhile at EA

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Yeah they will not miss the chance to port Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 again on the PS4

There is a reason they didn't call this 2.9. This will be 2.8, we'll have 2.9 with everything included on the PS4 and then finally Kingdom Hearts 3. It would look silly to have 2.8 then 3.0...they'll fill the gap. It's Square Enix, they love money.

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Yeah it was like that a lot last gen

I mean Portal 2 is another example...their closed platform made Gabe Newell come onto Sony's stage at E3 to show off Portal 2 despite what he had said in the past about the console.

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