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"George Romero Resident Evil Film Script"

I couldn't believe this when I heard about it years ago. I even read the first few pages online, it seemed like it was sticking more to the source material then Paul W.S Andersons version. What the hell were they thinking, it was George Romero...the king of Zombie films.

Heres another interesting fact

Resident Evil 5 could of been amazing...but thanks to added co-op it was ruined.
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Really don't understand the hype over Frozen...and this is coming from a Disney film fan.

I honestly thought Tangled was better. Frozen didn't seem very Disney like at times, especially with some (SOME) of the songs. #2
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My problem isn't if it actually does end up being a letdown...my problem is seeing people blindly falling for another Alien game straight away like they know it's going to be amazing despite the past few games being average to plain terrible.

It's sad to see people blindly get sucked into the hype yet again without any sign of being cautious. If it's good, it's good but after whats happened in the past be careful. #4
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The problem is that it comes off as the studio don't respect the source material if they are going to come up with stuff like that which go against what the film has said.

Why bring her daughter into it? It's different if in the films they said she went into space looking for her but they didn't. Oh and if the corporation was lying, like something the writers were planning then they would of brought it up in Alien 3 or Resurrection but they... #1.1.2
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Isn't most of it copy and paste from Borderlands 2, it looks like one giant expansion pack #2
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Yeah, I understand they were trying to have a Cold War theme to this trilogy as the first trilogy had a WW2 theme to it but why the hell would you allow the Helghast to live RIGHT NEXT TO YOU...not too mention give them so much power and freedom.

I know some of them are just innocent people but after what's happened with the war they should of been more cautious.

I would of preferred it if it was set on Earth and the surviving Helghast formed together ove... #3.2.1
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Don't get me wrong it's a good game, better then COD and Battlefield that year which is why I really don't understand how they got better praise and reviews then Shadowfall while the game was criticized and nitpicked to death.

However with all these military FPS games out these days they need to try and separate Killzone from that. As I've said maybe they should try and move away from ISA and having us play as another soldier. Maybe actually show his face in t... #3.1.1
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Hopefully it's got a better story then Shadow Fall...I honestly don't know what it is about that game but other Killzone games I could get through the story no problem but this game I was half asleep. The online was decent though but I'd still want it more like Killzone 2. It still felt COD-like at times.

I could appreciate what they did with the more open levels but you felt lost at times and those more open spaces felt wasted since there wasn't many secrets... #3
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Did it though...we were just told something by the Outsider. Who's to say it actually happened. #1.2.1
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I always saw the ending as what The Outsider said COULD happen. He exists outside of reality, so maybe he's only seeing one of many outcomes. #4.1
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They had a face model and everything for him thanks to the trailers why not give him a voice

When Emily is tyring to say things to him and Corvo is there being a mute it's kind of off putting. #1.1.1
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New character? Hmmm....I'd rather they bring Corvo back but give him some character development and a voice. #1
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It's not about budget....its abut paying for a game and getting the full package #1.3.1
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"simply due to the scope and detail put into GTA"

Once you get past the hype, the same crap we all got sucked into with GTA4 you'll see that it's not as good as the hype made it out to be. Fantastic game but overhyped.

Take the top half of the map in GTAV...it felt empty at times. It was just huge countrysides and forests etc to give off the illusion that it was big in scope. What's the point of big if theres nothing much to do. Some thi... #1.2.1
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Hmmm that's a shame, seems like they are missing out on some great devs.

If your doing awards like this then you really should be counting everyone in the gaming industry regardless what country they are based in. #1.1.1
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"Visual Arts"

"Use of Narrative"

"Studio of the Year"

I thought NaughtyDog would of won something...at least one of those. The Last of Us was a huge achievement for the gaming industry, even with Uncharted years ago. I think they've proved themselves these days

Studio of the Year...Rockstar despite their Online being broken as hell at launch. #1
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Yeah but they seem to be increasing and with F2P games always come microtransactions...whether they say they'll be limited or not.

It's not about how much we've played, it's the fact people would rather just have a full on complete package.

It's sad to see developers waste their time with it instead of making full on completed AAA games.

I don't want to see this becoming a trend. #1.1.1
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I hope after this is done with he'll make a full on AAA game...I'm really sick of F2P stuff already #1
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But if they were going to do that, then they would of wrote it into Alien 3 or Alien Resurrection.

They didn't, therefore it never happened. #1.2.5
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After the constant lies how do we know they've just turned around and said they are still working on it so they don't get themselfs in more shit, hoping we'll just forget about it.

You know...it's like the boy who cried wolf. They've told so many lies it's hard to believe them. #1.3.2
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