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I'm not trying to say this game deserved higher but they criticised it for having "Limed Content" when they gave Evolve a free pass. What's worse with Evolve is the obvious cut DLC aswell.

Evolve - 9.0

Splatoon - 7.9

Really IGN /s #2
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Hmmmm....if Sony does get marketing rights or whatever then that means the new COD will be at their E3 conference instead. Damn...time wasted on a run down, crappy franchise. #3
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I hate it more that the Batmobile edition which is like £169.99 dosen't even include the bloody season pass

Games today should spilt up the game for pre order crap but if you get a Collectors edition you should get everything included.

Like a Master DLC code which basically lets you download all the DLC for the game. #9
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Hey if you like paying for MT and the like fair enough but don't hate because someone speak the truth about it.

Online has ruined many great games in the past #3.1.1
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Pretty sure they try to force us towards DLC and Microtransactions in GTA Online

What happened to their great single player DLC

Oh yeah too busy doing silly little things for the online #3
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Exactly. It became an Uncharted clone with Hubs replacing chapters instead of an actual Tomb Raider game.

I don't see how her actions in the reboot made her "Lara Croft" and wanted to make her raid Tombs as Tombs were hardly even in the game.

There are so many QTE or life threatening moments where Lara gets hurt then there is in Uncharted entire trilogy. #1.7.1
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The same if someone like Cliffy B made a PS4 exclusive game

Nothing wrong with it....it just feels out of place for the person #22.2.1
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Sad to see the Sims 4 doing so well still....it's a rip off still and EA's practices towards the game shouldn't be supported #1
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X-COM :|

No Bioshock then

What a let down #2
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Would Kojima be involved though? Would it be the same without him?

I mean I can't see Kojima working on an Xbox only game...he has a big connection with Sony and the Playstation, even friends with people within Sony Japan. #22
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Pretty sure they could get their own little event for just their VR. Should have done the same thing for the PSV years ago

Same goes when they talk ages about TV shit #1.2
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"There Are More Male Gamers Than Female"

Take away all the mobile and shovelware crap and I'm pretty sure you'll see that's true. #1
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Excited to see this. I gave the first game the benefit of the doubt for being the first one but if they continue on the path of trying to make it into something it's not instead of an actual Tomb Raider game...not Uncharted on steriods, then I'll be a little disappointed.

I want them to capture the old Tomb Raider games where it was about tombs, platforming and exploring.....shooting stuff came second #2
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I think people scoffed at that mostly because they didn't want it to happen....no one said it wouldn't

Mobile is a cancer to this industry.

Just recently a founder from Remedy left for mobile. He could have opened a new studio which would of been like Remedy to run along side them....but no, we didn't get that, we are going to get some shitty mobile game #7.1
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They literally said nothing

"We have nurtured them with care over many years since their inception"


MGS is only still around because of Kojima the guy you fired and Silent Hills has been trash for a while but when people were excited for it again....you cancel it #3
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I wouldn't really say Halo 5 and Uncharted would head to head material.

Tomb Raider on the other hand....since they are similar. #4
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I'm going to learn from the Crews mistakes since it's always online

...don't buy it

Simples #1.4
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That's good though isn't it...I mean they had another team or something working on that version so now they can spend those resources/money on the Xbox One version. #11
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Then you obviously didn't like what the original Tomb Raider games were

What you like now isn't Tomb Raider, it's a new IP trying to be similar to Uncharted with Tomb Raider slapped on the box. #1.5.1
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See this is the time when swearing on here should be allowed....

What are we supposed to say



"Well Shiver my Timbers" #1.2.2
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