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Push it to next year so next E3 Phil can say something about how they've been delivering great variety in games since the start of the year.

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Not a bad sign but it does show how the Xbox One X doesn't seem very planned

You'd want this to release alongside it with the way they've hyped the console up.

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It still means you'll have to grind extra hard in the single player top try and give people that "push" to buy them

They've gotten greedy with this. The first one was a huge success and they thought they could ramp things up for the sequel by trying shady things like we would fall for it.

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A Main game not a spin off on a handheld hardly anyone cares much about

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Yet they've never done an Assassins Creed game with JUST a female character. A first class woman turned Assassin during WW2 where all the men have gone to war and she works behind the scenes to avenge her husband who was set up to be made out to be a German spy then killed. Her classy life in ruins she continues to train and snoop around behind the scenes where she finds out her husband was on the verge of exposing the templars using the war to manipulate events for the future.

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Chloe and Cutter/Sully/Rika Raja....





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It needed to...but it was revealed in June 2014 and it's the biggest exclusive they have which should have been a priority. Yet here we are.

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A Sega game still rejecting Nintendo all these years on XD

"Guys guys stop...we won...we won with the fall of the Dreamcast"

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It's a big world but future titles will never have the impact without Nathan Drake

Chloe is the best person to lead newer games but she needs a better partner that's all and I still think with Sully being around he could easily cameo still.

Only other way I can see them continuing is if they or another studio continues the world "unofficially" and just passes A Thief's End like it never happened. The 4th game will officially be the ...

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“I hope we get to see more of them.”

One of them anyway...

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Stop...Giving....US...Online.. .Focused...Games

Not hard Ubisoft. You keep doing it and all you are doing in the end is hurting yourselves. Splitting playerbases between your games.

Wouldn't they rather have a big online based game which suits the franchise so everyone can pile onto that. Split people between games and it means less money...the weak will die off.

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Doomfist I can handle...Hanzo still p***** me off

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Yeah but if they do them I want a full on game, not obvious patches within a game where you are like "Oh goody...that's going to be DLC"

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I don't know why these lists always include Uncharted 2 because it was only made for a competition, that's why only 200 were made. I would have bought it if they actually sold it at retail....WHICH THEY SHOULD HAVE.

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The mini map is gone ?

Hope it's not going to be an annoying "pause-unpause-pause-unpa use-pause" and so on

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Well we just don't know because it's EA and like past games or any other game made by other developers it's very easy to say "We've fixed X, Y and Z, please buy this new game it's everything the first one should have been" only to get screwed again.

Different if EA were perfect but they aren't

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Well maybe we're just a bit sore after you guys f***** us with the first game.

We wanted it like the older games and now it just seems generic like any other online game.

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Don't be an ass and call people ignorant because they don't share your opinions

I've seen plenty and it's still got those same vibes as it...the problem is Overwatch is huge and if people are going to sink their teeth into something it's going to be that or something else like Counter Strike. Lawbreakers is too little too late

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Bayonetta please :)

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The game is average and has low numbers because we've got enough of these type of games on the market. It's the reason why the hype for this game was hard to generate because we were all sinking our teeth into other games similar...if not better aswell.

His personality obviously didn't hurt Gears of War so I don't see his point. Maybe he should step away from shooters after this, I hope he does an RPG, Survival Horror or Platforming game something ...

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