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Cant be arsed? It dosent matter where you go in a fight, enemies will find you most of the time. Plus checking stats is a pretty much given if you need to see what gin is right for you

Not to mention previous enemies who you've killed but have quickly respawned could end up creeping up on you

So no they aren't viable solutions, they are basically "no other choice" second best tactics #2.1.1
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The main thing i don't like about it is something they will never be able to fix...I keep going to pause during fights and forget its online. Even changing equipment during fights...its annoying

Surely they could add a mode where you can play through the story offline #2
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Shame Ellen Page wasnt 13 years younger

I don't understand why Sony let Neil write the films script but they didn't get Amy Hennig to do the Uncharted one. Neil is in a very lucky posistion, all he has to do is condense the games script and remove the gameplay sections while adding something in its place to move the film along. If he creates something fom scratch and its totally different then hes blown his chance. #2.1.2
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Whoops....double post #2.1.1
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Hmmmm...Ellie is a tough one to cast in a film. Most teenage actors are crap these days.

The only one I could see playing her who is fantastic is Maisie Williams. Arya Stark is quote tomboy like in Game of Thrones so she probably could pull Ellie off no problem.


Then Joel...but he's an easy one

... #2
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If Wario returns I don't see why they haven't added Waluigi yet as a playable characte #1
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I think it was mostly because (dare I actually say this and be screamed at).....wasn't actually a good Zelda game

It was a total step back for the franchise, this isn't just my "opinion" on it by the way it actually was. It wasn't as open, it restricted you, options were limited, freedom/choice etc

It was very repetitive, I think people got sucked into the hype with that one...especially reviewers saying it was good if not better then Tw... #2.3.1
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I think that's exaggerating it a bit...it wasn't horrendous. I know people didn't like it as much but I thought it was great.

As I said though I liked the gameplay in Wind Waker more. Travelling to islands by boat was fantastic. #2.2.1
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Hope it's a pirate IP...something like Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned #1
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I don't think it really matters, it's the gameplay that counts but I can fully understand peoples frustration with the new Zelda art style when they thought it was going to be like the Wii U's tech demo. #2
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Oh how silly of me...the biggest thing they did wrong

Oh but they still kept Situational Awareness in the game and then had it in three different forms in Uncharted 3 ¬¬ #6.1.3
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Naughtydog always do this with their online

One step forward, two steps back

Uncharted 2 was good it required skill

Uncharted 3 didn't...people complained

Last of Us take a step forward

Future DLC takes a step back

I'm honestly scared for Uncharted 4, if they've listened then it will be like Uncharted 2 but I doubt that would of happened. #6.1
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I really want a new Bioshock game, they had a fantastic concept going they introduced in Infinite...

"There's always a lighthouse, there's always a man, there's always a city"

It meant new Bioshock games could take us anywhere, new city, new theme, new setting.

I hope they move away from Rapture though...Burial at Sea wrapped it up nicely UNLESS they decide to continue Jacks story someway since he was an under developed... #4
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Why don't they just either give us different variants of the weapons which are the same stats OR let us customize our guns so we can make them look different.

Least then your giving people something new and shiny but it won't make the game unbalanced.

They have to keep remembering this isn't COD. That's the same mindset which ruined Uncharted 3 in my opinion. #3.1.1
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Why do they keep adding new guns, they had a nice balanced set of weapons going. More guns means theres more chance of the game being unbalanced. Look at what they did to Uncharted 3 #3
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Way more to do I reckon, plus I like the single character buying everything. #2.2.1
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Guilty of what...being the victim of a massive online hacking group

Every service/sites security is breakable if you attack it enough and with such collaboration. They were determined after Sony had the balls to bring Geohot down.

Sure they aren't completely innocent but it's not like it was fully their fault. #2.1
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"Peter Dinklage’s voice work has been significantly improved"

No it hasn't...it's just a voice effect, hiding the problem. Not fixing it.

I think for me the lacking part is the customization to your character. Very few choices to choose from, in a game like this people like their character to try and represent them. I hate when you get weird hairstyles but normal ones are never there. #5
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I was hoping this was going to get dropped, obviously not.

The guy is going to "tell his own story", stray away from the source material and turn it into something which looks/feels nothing like Uncharted

The only people who could save this are Nolan, Emily and Richard. The cast is what makes the Uncharted games so good. Long as they are in it least you can go "Well it's different but look it's Nolan and co...the cast are the same"... #3
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If this was still the 90s #1.2
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