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The ones which aren't going to get him into shit and create more negative vibes for the Xbox One #9.3
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Coward #3.1
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No that's what YOU'RE saying to make it look like i am so you have something to use as a counter argument, seen it all before mate, obvious tactic. How you precieve a comment online without seeing any form of expression or what have you by the person your speaking to is your fault.

Why do you to be one of those guys that swoop into the comments then try to start an argument over something you said you're not even bothered about, something so small..if you are that... #1.4.1
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Double post #1.3.2
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Don't be that guy and tell someone what he does or does not know...it's highly arrogant

How can can it be an origin tale if they are CHANGING most of the origin backgrounds. The main screw up is most of the villains know each other, look it up in the early reviews.

Not every "Batman" fan needs to see something which isn't being handled correctly and something they've already seen because unlike the mainstream crowd peopke actually re... #1.3.1
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Yeah and my point is Gotham before Batman was boring as shit.

Bruce is a little kid who will be crying for most of the episodes and being depressed with his parents death. Not to mention child actors these days...not the best are they.

The villains are not villains yet, not to mention the back stories being changed.

The story was originally supposed to just feature Bullock and Gordon but with them being scared by low ratings they added Bruce... #1.2.1
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I liked the fraction idea but some of them were a little silly...I mean the Great Khans and the Kings lol.

It made you scared to do the main missions because if you did the main missions and chose the wrong path it could mess up side missions.

It got a little complicated #1.2.1
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If you've been keeping up with the show news you'll know they are changing things around so in a way the origin stories to these villains won't be the same. Kind of defeating the point

Look at Posion Ivy to Ivy Pepper, totally unneeded. Then we have hints of Selina Kyle and Bruce will become friends when they are younger. #3.2
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Problem is if you made Claire a main character to a game that possibly could lead up to RE6 people are going to wonder why the hell she was in Resident Evil 6, especially a game which featured Sherry

Honestly I don't know why Capcom would do another one of these, the best thing to do is hold off a while and do a reboot after they release the Resident Evil Remake HD game.

Knowing them they'll probably infest Revelations 2, if it is being made, with unk... #1
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"revealing an entirely new chapter that has never been told"

Pretty sure it has.

Who wants to see a show about Batman without Batman, where it relies on villains before they were villains to fill the gaps. Really should of done a series on Bruce as he just gets back from training all over the world. #1
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However Activison isn't making money from Skylanders because of Spyro, he was just a gimmick, an old school gaming figure to get the franchise started. Using an old successful brand to market another.

Skylanders has become so big (god knows why) without Spyro so they could sell him to Sony. They don't need him anymore #1.2.5
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Yeah they did and it's one of the best things about Fallout 3. The unique weapons send you on a scavenging hunt to collect them all, it's just a shame Bethesda has never incorporated this into a unmarked quest in the game and they give you a check list of all the unique pieces of weapons/armour it has. It would be even better if they let you unlock a house where they house display stands for all of them.

It's a shame the Elder Scrolls don't really do unique we... #1.1.1
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It's a good game but compared to Fallout 3 it's always going to be beneath it

New Vegas was smaller, it didn't have that charm the wasteland did, the Vegas strip was dissapointing, gaining a perk every TWO levels wasn't fun and the fractions...while good did end up causing more problems if you wanted a certain ending only for you to accidently stumble acrosss a mission you didn't actually know is for another fraction. The amount of times I had to revert ba... #1
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I love that guy #7.1
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Am I the only one who thought of Giorgio Tsoukalos when they read the title... #6
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I just want to see him rage....so much he'll explode :) #4.1.1
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When a multiplayer is unique and different from all the other shit out there it's fine

Just because I don't want multiplayer in most games these days dosen't mean I can't deny multiplayer in games which have had the feature before

My problem is games getting multiplayer forced into them these days when they don't need it.

Last of Us is basically the only multiplayer I like...that and Uncharted 2 but they screwed that up in... #15.1.1
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They've been brain washed by years of people going "FF8 sucks" despite the fact that the core people saying that were ticked off FF8 was a different story, not a direct sequel to FF7

I find it hilarious because at it's core FF8 is more improved then FF7 in almost every way.

Think about all the "Top great game" lists or even "Top best Soundtracks, Weapons, characters, villains"...they all have FF7 on and hardly give a thou... #4.2
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Hmmm...I was expecting a full on Metal Gear Online successor :| #15
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I really wish someone would make a game similar to Fez but call it Zef Two...would love to see his reactions over that one. #4
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