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Our expectations in terms of quality not sales

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Or how about regardless of skin colour, sexuality or gender the best person for the role gets the job

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I think they need to go back to a traditional Zelda game when it was better

Music, story, memorable NPCs, good sized hubs filled with life along with their own themes (Forrest, field, ruins, snowy mountains etc), amazing complexed dungeons, epic boss fights, better weapons that if you earn it it’s yours they don’t break, variety in side missions

Basically nothing like BotW, more like OoT/MM/WW/TP

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They wouldn’t do that...they can’t

The first Pokemon game on a console, with more power and better tech that they’ve had before and they’d just make what you’d expect to see on the 3DS...I won’t believe they are that stupid

Even the two version bullshit shouldn’t happen anymore. Should stick to the one complete version and use the online to their advantage for events and trading Pokemon

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So many studios under them including Bethesda themselves

All single player focused

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Lol I agree with a point someone made and suddenly it’s like I’ve said “my word matters”

I literally only said “not seen any myself”....that’s it. I say that but you guys getting defensive see “I’ve never seen any so obviously it’s not that popular since my word counts”

Do you guys just see things which aren’t there so you can reply with something

Jesus N4G fanboy talk in a nutshell

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It’s one of those games which could be an amazing sleeper hit passing expectations or a game which dosent live up to anything we’ve been shown off resulting in an awful disappointment

It could go either way. I hope it is good though, I’m liking the look of it.

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Dude chill your bean I’m just agreeing with that point he’s made.

On the attack much...

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“I've not seen anyone take out a switch at work or in town centers“

Not seen a single one myself, I still see 3DS and even 2DS being taken out of people’s pockets

If most people aren’t taking it out like the 3DS then what’s the point, should have made a full on console without worrying about the second screen.

I’d rather see a 3DS successor

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They aren’t even the same core team anymore

They’re dead bro...let them go

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Somtimes you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain

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Thank you for adding it as an update and not turning the game into something it’s not

This game deserves a lot more recognition

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Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Daredevil etc all need games, even ones which have had some like The Punisher or Deadpool need something better developed.

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Not just her look...but entire backstory and personality.

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"Squall and Rinoa in Final Fantasy VIII, et al, always have some degree of awkwardness to them"

Well Squall and Rinoa are teenagers, they actually act like you'd expect teenagers to behave especially in those social situations.

I also think Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher are another couple who get it right, the ending of Uncharted 2 with their little back and forth is a perfect example of it.

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Why they decided to make spin offs on handhelds and the like expand on the main story I'll never know...it was such a stupid decision when they could have used the handheld devices to tell a completely new story about other characters unrelated to the main cast.

New Girl or Boy - Sora

José Carioca or Panchito Pistoles - Donald

Horace Horsecollar or Max Goof - Goofy

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit - Mickey Mouse

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Seems like you’ll only get a good experience if you are playing with friends...the bigger the pack the better.

I mean what if you’re playing by yourself, do a mission, gain rewards and then a huge crew of players obliterate you, take your goods and move on? You’re screwed. There should at least be safe havens at outposts or something unless that’s already a thing

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They always make these gaming shoes or film inspired ones like super limited

Why not just make more...do a limited edition colour scheme or something sure but the entire thing. It's like they don't want my money.

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I'm not disagreeing but that's where they were going in the comic tie in

Florida could be the first level, get on a plane and go North.

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Max Payne 3 was a well made, crafted game but it wasn't a good Max Payne game.

Only time it felt like it's self was in the Flashback levels of New York.

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