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It wasn't perfect, fantastic game but things could have been done better.

And watch the disagrees come rolling in like I've said the game is shit

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You act like everyone bought each game as it released

I still have Graviry Rush 2, Wipeout and Nioh to finish

Then Crash comes out...

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But hypocritical of calling people because they defend actions of a company when you were the biggest defender of MS with the Xbox One reveal and the bullshit that came with it.

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Yeah, I'm over FFXV now. All the stuff they've added so far and will add is cool and would honestly make me rate the game a little higher in my head (the off road car would have saved me so much time and annoyed me less) but I judge based on what we got just like the old FF games where once it was release that was it.

I just want FFXVI...a traditional, proper fantasy world FF game.

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Sony has too many Indie games

Sony isn't showing Indies enough love

Can't win...

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Wonder if it's the release date of the full completed version of FFXV /s

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I was thinking that. I hope they are free though, I expected them to be in the game as unlockables.

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It's nothing was a mod years ago

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With comments and thinking like yours....I think you need to get over whatever it is you've got going on.

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Yes because Square are just going to cancel the PS4 version and p*** off a huge chunk of their audience, cause a huge industry uproar, gain bad press and loose a shit load of revenue over cross play.


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Urm...the majority of the time the US gets the better deal

We pay more for our games in general

When we get collectors editions which are WW we sometimes see the US get an extra goody or two in their edition over ours....take the Ni No Kuni one for example where our gold coin and OST was removed. Not to mention none of our retailers got pre order Steelbook bonuses

Steelbooks usually end up looking better and you guys in the US don'...

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And the way you worded your comment in a nice manner, I respect your opinion

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See you do something it gets sorted

Now if only those same people and more could gang up on Rockstar for the lack of single player DLC and the massive focus on MT for the online

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How is saying one conference was better makes you a fanboy

Good grief....this place man. People want you to pick and side and if you don't you are forced into one based on what your saying about the current state and going ons of the industry

They were both bad...just Sony had the edge for me, especially watching the pre show and seeing GT Sport and Ni No Kuni 2 in action along with the Undertale collectors edition

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And what did Microsoft have before E3?

Sony had Gravity Rush, Nier, Nioh and Horizon with Wipeout and Crash Bandicoot upcoming at the end of this month

I mean one or two games along with DLC for the rest of the year...fine with me. I still have the rest to get through

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No one said it was was just higher then Microsoft

However unlike Microsoft Sony has PSX, their own conference which gives them a better reason if they held anything back. I mean last years Last of Us 2 announcement...MIND BLOWN

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Still hope the next game features Jimmy and Gary comes back for revenge. He doesn't seem like the type to let go

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But Highlander is epic

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For the best

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