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I know...games like Bioshock, Resistance, Halo, the original Prey, Half Life, Doom, Wolfestein, Borderlands, Far Cry, L4D and the like are the only FPS games I can get away with because they have something special behind them, like a good theme or a unique spin like taking us to unseen locations

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Look put it this way if all these websites can arse lick TellTales with their same God Damn games over and over with a different skin on from a huge popular series/film with a cult following then I don't think they can complain about this.

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It's alright but it's not a dealbreaker...no ones desperate for it.

I think this shits too "business focused" for most of us to understand the entire situations, we honestly don't know what goes on behind the scene, just what's on the front.

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I like how Sony's first party studios don't just compete with outside competition but also with the other first party studios.

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I don't think it's over for him yet...I highly doubt Ruvik is going to let him walk away. I think he's get one more game and THEN his story will be over. He'll be dragged back in against his will this time along with Joseph and Kidman, I mean you can't bring Leslie and Ruvik back without Seb, it'll feel like something is missing considering they seem to be related to those characters. They need to take the third game to bring in a new arc or character.

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Unfortunately we don't really know considering they said it underperformed and the last games DLC hit around about now release wise.

There's Sykes and Joseph to do DLC on but I guess you could do them together if they manage to meet somehow. Maybe Joseph was a test subject on the deeper parts of STEM and they manage to work together to get out or Joseph is just what Kidman is to Sebastian in the main campaign, a voice in his ear.

Anyway they will ...

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It's a nice thought in another alternative Universe...where would the Nintendo-Playstation be today? Would Uncharted still exist? Would we still have had Super Mario Galaxy? What new franchises would we have? What would Mario Kart or Smash bros look like with PlayStation characters?

Imagine a Zelda game being pushed to it's limit with the technology available? The things you wish you could see.

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I'd rather have Evil Within 2 DLC

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Honestly I see that happening

They'll move onto a streaming service, will get rid of the competition someway with EA/Ubisoft services, they'll bring out new hardware which will basically be something like a Steam Box and then eventually the Xbox will be the name for a streaming app which will be on everything.

Over time, maybe with the PS6 you might end up seeing a deal where Microsoft will be allowed to put the App on the PlayStation. At first it...

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Why will people buy this and support shitty practices? It means if this does well other companies will follow because in the end they won't have to put as much effort into making newer games, just let people make their own replay value

I love the spin he gives on how solo players can play solo missions...they'll be shit compared to an actual campaign. I don't like COD so I shouldn't care but I know for a fine fact if this is successful other developers will ...

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Of course...because most people are sheep

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Jeez...the disagrees for being honest about the game. I can't believe how many of you still defend the game like it was nothing. Is this a "No Mans Sky" thing or defending it because it came onto the PS4 first like a "fanboy" thing?

Whatever, the point is any game can change if it was bad on release, you judge a game on what you get at launch. End of.


I don't know what's more sad, your comment or ...

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I would have supported it myself to get the skin but at 12,99...sorry too much for me for how little I earn.

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It probably will but still...too little too late.

I know people will go "oh well it's better NOW then at release" but it's not the point. They built us up, promised us stuff, lied in interviews about certain content, showed things which wern't in the final game and made a mess of the game at launch. I bought it, played it, hell was sucked into the hype bought the limited edition and honestly that's what I'll remember from this game, not somethi...

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Buy this guys and you’ll just set a bad example other companies will follow. When COD multiplayer first came out everyone followed their crappy over the top gimmicky gameplay on what you unlocked not your skill.

Other developers will follow if this does well.

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Oh well. I didn't really get any hype from this tbh, seems it was just the Naval combat in AC: Black Flags without leaving your ship.

Now if they did a Pirate RPG like what Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned was supposed to be like

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"Yeah I think the added scope and co-op really got away from them and they weren't able to make it a smooth experience"

That's the issue with Microsoft at the end of the day...they are too bothered about co-op and online multiplayer that they don't really sit back and think "Can this team do that and offer a smooth experience". In this case they obviously can't handle doing the core game and the online on top.


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So basically they'll just end up feeling like the same game with a different skin

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Still hoping for Lilith to be playable again

Not like they can add another Siren considering there's only 6 in the Universe and 4 of them just so happened to be in Pandora at the same time. 4 out 6 in the ENTIRE Universe...a little too coincidental. Lilith, Maya, Steele and Angel

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I'm going to say

New Halo
Fable 4
Gears of War 5
Sea of Thieves updates
Minecraft Stuff
Something about PUBG
Third Party Games -Shadow of the Tomb Raider will be shown
Third Party Games - P7 (Remedy's New Game)
Third Party Games - Anthem
A new game first party

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