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I'm right there with you. For a $15-$20 download I'd probably bite, but it's a no-go at $30. #2.1
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@cgoodno: I agree the first year of the 360 was pretty damned good. The initial first 4 months, not so much (as I recall its best game was Geometry Wars), which is exactly how far we are into this current console cycle.

My point is that it's a bit soon to call this generation sluggish when we're not even outside of the initial launch windows of either console yet. Let's wait until we're a year deep...or hell, at least the first six months. #15.1.4
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@cgoodno: Sluggish? Really? I've never seen a gaming generation that had so many high profile titles coming out in the first six months before this one. #15.1.2
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The Xbox One is the second fastest selling console of all time (second to only the PS4). The Wii U legitimately is struggling, but all of us who pay attention to this industry know exactly why that's the case (hint: it has nothing to do with a declining industry).

Articles like this exist because people who know absolutely nothing about this industry write them. Period. #3.1.2
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This is a great debate? Okay, I'll settle it.


Anything else? #3
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Oops, I meant Shadowrun, not Shadowfall. #12.2
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Jeez, people are acting like Titanfall is the first ever game in the entire history of gaming that's multiplayer only. Was Warhawk, Shadowfall on the 360, M.A.G., or any other of the multiplayer only games that came out a 'sign of things to come?'

Relax, people. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. #12
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When you share a screenshot/video to either Twitter or Facebook, it automatically also appears in What's New. #1.1
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"I think you may have misread my initial post... It is too expensive to keep up with the pace of advancing technology for PC's. I can't afford to build a high end gaming PC, then continuously upgrade it every so many years in order to stay up to date with best that is available.

I am after simplicity, and the cheaper gaming consoles offer me that. I buy a game, I put it in, it plays. No having to worry whether my system can handle it. But again, I haven't sa... #1.5
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I actually agree. infamous: SS will be a great game, but part of the reason they made some of the choices they made with the game was specifically for newcomers to the franchise and a demo would have really helped them to make a choice to buy the game. Both inFamous and its sequel had demos; why not do the same for Second Son? #8
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Good; I hate that shit. #3.1
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Jack Tretton will be missed; he was awesome in the role. All the best to him, and I hope that Layden realizes that he has some big boots to fill! #9
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Actually it only said 'unknown' until you completed the quest; afterwards the character bio identified him as Lane. Having said that, it absolutely doesn't rule out the potential of Valley being behind the mask of this new character, and I think it'd be an interesting take on it.

And yeah, a full-on game doing the initial Hush storyline would be EPIC. #1.1.3
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That's true, but judging from the costume in Batman: AC we're dealing with Michael Lane's Azrael, not Jean-Paul Valley's. #1.1.1
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I honestly don't care either way. I guess Titanfall 2 being multiplatform would be cool, but I still wouldn't be buying it. FPSs just don't do it for me. #12
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@No_Limit: C-H-E-F said the PS4 passed the Wii U in sales (which it did), not the original Wii. You even properly quoted him, which makes your misunderstanding of what he said all the more baffling.

Edit: Nice stealth edit, No_Limit. Guess you noticed that you screwed the pooch. #1.3.6
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About the only thing that would give them any hope at all would be to put PlayStation or Nintendo stickers on the box and hope that fools a few hundred people into buying it.

Japan has already been very clear on this; they are NOT interested in the Xbox. #7
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How is Titanfall a "next gen multiplayer experience" when it's also on the 360? If it's possible on last gen hardware, doesn't that kinda disqualify it? #3.3
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Dude, ALL fanboys are like that. They love what they have, and hate what they don't. Me, I'm just a gamer. #5.3.1
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@FlyingFoxy: I very specifically said that outside of the hardcore (the average gamer is outside of the hardcore) that no one cares. You just proved my point. Learn to read. #23.1.3
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