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@Grown Folks Talk: Extra missions are exactly that: "extra." As in, in addition to the actual game.

Let me back up to be a bit more clear. I've been harping on the time it takes to complete this game as justification for calling it a demo, but that's not my main point.

With an actual game that has a strong story element, you get and entire story. A beginning, a middle, and an end. This story is capable of standing on its own. Examples:... #5.2.2
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See, at least you can be sensible about it and call a spade a spade. #5.3.1
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It has exactly one story mission. That takes 90 for an even halfway competent gamer to complete, much less for a better player. And then there's a final cutscene, and then there's the credits, and then there's a trailer for The Phantom Pain.

It's a demo. And I really wish that people would stop trying to claim otherwise. #5.2
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So instead Konami had him make a demo, and because Konami has their heads up their asses they decided to make people pay for that demo.

And thus was born Ground Zeroes. #3
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Dude, I was starting to think I was the only person that was hyped about The Evil Within! It's almost as if Shinji Mikami knew I needed a great horror game and made this with me in mind; it's everything that I wanted to play in that genre. #3.2
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Right there with you. Third person action/adventure games and RPGs are my bread and butter. First Person games in general just don't do it for me. #40.1
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I'm not into FPSs. Sorry, but I honestly don't care about Titanfall. Quantum Break on the other hand I'd love to be able to play on my PS4. #44
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Um...for a story based game, that's EXACTLY what completing the narrative means; you've beat the game. #9.1.1
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And we care about Insiderp's numbers...why? Based on what exactly are we trusting that they have access to this information?

What I think is that these numbers are making people happy, so they WANT to believe them, even if they're completely made up.

I don't trust VGChartz at all, and I trust this crappy looking cheapass site even less. #1.1.9
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Okay, seriously. Who or what in the hell is Insiderp and why am I supposed to believe that they have access to this information? I refuse to take a site as shitty looking as this one at their word. Anyone have a REAL source on this information? #21
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I've never even heard of this site before. Who are they and why in the blue hell should I trust numbers from them? #14.2
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Well, that depends. Which platform holder was the first one to have an original show on its network?

Hint: Google "The Tester." #4.1.1
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1, 2, 3, and probably 4 are one update.

5 and 6 are in a later, separate update. #13.1
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@Back-to-Back: As someone who actually uses Windows 8 and 8.1, I honestly have no idea what you're talking about. Both were/are fine. I think the thing that people were whining about mostly had to do with the fact that people for the most part don't like change.

Besides, you can not like Microsoft all you want, but the simple fact of the matter is that Sony is a hardware company and Microsoft is a software company. That's a fact. You can't disbelieve a fa... #7.1.2
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Count me in for Skyrim and Demon Souls. Add the first Mass Effect, Dragon's Dogma, Dead Space 2, Darksiders 2, Metal Gear Solid 3, and both Borderlands games.

And trust me, you NEED to finish season one of TWD. #2.1
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"do you really think that most of those gamers buy games only to never finish it ?!"

Absolutely. I know that we tend to forget because we kind of surround ourselves with each other, but I think you have to remember that the vast and overwhelming majority of gamers just aren't the hardcore that we are. There are far more gamers who get a game, spend a few hours or so playing it, and then rarely touch it again than there are of us.

If you have a... #1.5
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Wow, you just go from zero to arrogant jerk in no time at all, don't you?

Metal Gear Solid is absolutely not a remake of Metal Gear. it was a continuation of that series, yes, but it also sparked the beginning of it's own series. That's why it was "Metal Gear Solid" and not "Metal Gear 3: Solid." You know, like how Metal Gear Rising and Metal Gear Acid aren't Metal Gear Solid games.

And as far as stealth games go, anyone... #2.3.4
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Metal Gear =/= Metal Gear Solid. #2.3.1
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I agree. Sony is better at MS when it comes to hardware, but software is MS's bread and butter. Sony will likely always be slower on the software side of things. #7.1
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Why the hell would I want to play it on last gen if there's a current gen version? That's no choice.

On that subject, why the hell is it that the last-gen version gets it for less? What other game launched on both generations that arbitrarily decided to make the current gen version more expensive? That's just dumb. #1.1.3
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