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I wish people would stop putting potential spoilers in the damned titles of the articles. I don't want to know anything about who may or may not be appearing in the game; I just want to play it and be surprised.

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This would be fantastic news, mainly because of Crytek UK, who used to be Free Radical. Hoping against hope, maybe that would mean that I could finally have a new TimeSplitters game, and maybe even a squeal to Second Sight!

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I played Warlock in the Alpha, I'll do the same during the beta, and if I end up buying the full game, I'll play Warlock for that too.

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I agree with just about all of this. The only class I played was Warlock, and if I end up getting the full game that's exactly what I'll play then as well; I loved the glide ability and the Warlock special is awesome.

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Never heard of The Last Guardian Thoughts before. Is that some pre-release DLC bullshit for The Last Guardian? I hate when they do that.

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Dude, Notoriety is the ranking system very specifically for the online play. If you're not playing online, it doesn't concern you anyway. It's not going to take away the upgrades and whatnot from the single player game; that has nothing to do with this system.

Here, get some knowledge in you:

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Who says that you can't enjoy the game offline? Start the game, turn the feature off, and play the game. Quit making a mountain out of a molehill.

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Getting games added to my Instant Game Collection every month is a punishment? If that's the case, Sony can go ahead and punish me some more.

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Sorry for the spoiler, but here's the end result of your protest:

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@DefenderOfDoom2: You know what they love even more? Page hits and views on YouTube. THAT'S why they're talking about this.

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Why does this even matter? Some game that nearly no one is going to play doesn't have a feature that only about 7% of the entire world's population would even use. So what? It's their game and if they don't have to have homosexual relationships in it they don't have to.

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I don't need to lie. I've beaten the entire trilogy already, played all the additional content - there's simply nothing left to do. What, I'm supposed to buy it again just because it now looks better? Not a chance. When there's a NEW Mass Effect, count me in.

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Then prepare to not be buying a LOT of games.

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Wow, you're butthurt on a whole different level. What the hell does this have to do with DRM or a camera?

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Well, it had to happen eventually. There's not a single title on this list that I don't either already own or am simply not interested in. Not a complaint - it is what it is. Fortunately I still have plenty of games on my PS4 to keep me busy as I never got around to finishing AC4, Outlast, or Strider. Not to mention that Mercenary Kings co-op remains as fun as ever!

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For real, man. Every single new console launch I keep hearing the same whining all over again. The PS4 has had an absolutely fantastic launch - I've never seen a console so young having so many games. I remember at the same point in the PS3's lifecycle I owned five games. On my PS4 I own 16. That is incredible, but STILL you have people that want 50 AAA games on day one. And if they got that, they'd STILL complain.

There's just no pleasing some people. ...

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Absolutely agree. It totally draws me out of the experience with that character I'm controlling seemingly ignores being spoken to and never reacts to anything going on around them.

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Silent protagonists don't do a thing for me. I have no connection with them, and it seems like they have no answer for anything that is happening to them in the game. Their seeming disinterest in what's going on usually directly turns into my own disinterest, and I usually don't bother finishing such games. Might as well be controlling a mannequin.

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My PS4 is gathering dust as well. Not by lack of use, mind you - I'm actually playing it right now - it's just that the damn thing is like a super dust magnet! I have to clean it off every couple of weeks.

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"What if it's an old game they just picked up on a bargain or got through Games with Gold or PlaystationPlus? Where the multiplayer servers are no longer in operation or there's no longer a sizable install base actively playing the game and you just sit in matchmaking searching endlessly? Should you be denied attaining 100% bragging rights among friends because you were late to the party?"

To answer that last question, yes. What do I care about someone havi...

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