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Sounds good to me. I don't need a big show or anything like that. I just want to go to where I pre-ordered it at midnight and for them to put the ish in my hand so I can leave.

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There can be 100 comparison articles and videos on here for all I care. I won't be here; I'll be too busy playing the game.

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I'm not loving the name.

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Ok, on that I certainly agree with you. Some people get out of hand with the whole thing, and that's out of line. Overreacting is not the answer. We DO have to remember that this is something that Sony is offering for free, but man . . . I am tired of being told a release date for the open beta and it not happening. If they don't know when it's going down, they need to honestly shut the hell up about the whole thing. Get at me when they have something concrete.

Edit: @ . . ...

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It's getting there, but it has still got quite a ways to go. I gotta admit though; Sony is on the ball here. they are very close to reaching the point that XBL took 5 years to get to . . . and PSN hasn't even hit year 2 yet.

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Rumor? They ****ing said the open beta would be in the Spring! How the hell is it a rumor it IT CAME FROM SONY THEMSELVES!?

Edit: @ sonarus: I agree to a point.

"Anyone thinking home will arrive in perfect condition is living a pipe dream. It will be fvkd at first and more features will be added on as we go."

I'm with you. This is what I expected.

"If they delayed it to add these features i wouldn't mind but trust me when i...

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Man, i feel what you're saying, but they need to get this out. They can't afford to wait "until it's perfect." They just need to get it out.

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I'd prefer the goddamn beta being out NOW. Hell, I've been using gmail for damn near two years, and THAT'S still technically a beta. Sony needs to get his out, in some way, shape or form, ASAP.

Edit: @NDN_Shadow : I get that. Trust me, I do. But they need to get this thing out, in whatever form it is in, now. Thursday would be good.

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Ok, I'll just go ahead and say it. This is nice. The only retarded thing is that they are also offering this bundle in the Arcade pack. If their big thing is DLC on GTA4, isn't that kind of stupid?

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WTF happened to Spring!?

Man, to hell with it. If they were going to put out the open beta in July, I might still care. At this point, I really don't. I love my PS3, I think it's awesome, but they are dropping the ball HARD on this whole Home thing. They had advertisements up for it last year holiday season, and now they're saying that most of the members of PSN won't even get a taste until this fall.

Now I'm at the point where when it comes, it comes. I'll enjo...

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I'm more or less done reading about it starting tomorrow. I don't want to risk any spoilers.

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Christ's sake man . . . I got two paragraphs into that mess before I decided that if you don't care enough about what you're saying to use basic punctuation, capitalization, and spelling, then I shouldn't care enough to read it.

Edit: See? iiprotocolii gets what I'm saying. Very well written, everything in a way that makes a post a pleasure to read. Bubbles for you, iiprotocolii.

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Good post, man. Bubbles for you (as if you need them, but it's the thought that counts, yeah?).

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A perfect 10, of course.

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Good review. Party mode sounds really interesting, and that's probably where I'll spend the majority of my online time.

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This sounds awesome! I really can't wait. I like the early story elements as well.

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I agree. I'm not going to try to change anyones mind on what console they decide to get this for either, but a stupid argument like this just HAS to be broken down. It's totally absurd.

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This article is soooooo funny.

"Sony just released its rumble supported DualShock 3 and it pales in comparison to Microsoft's Xbox 360 controller, which not only feels great in the hands, but also allows us to use a rechargeable battery pack or two standard issue AA batteries. Furthermore, the cord that tethers the controller to the machine is long, letting us sit comfortably on the couch. It's a hell of a lot more convenient than the short USB cable Sony gave us. Sorry, but...

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Starting tomorrow, I'm not looking at any info on GTA4 whatsoever besides the official R* website, and for damn sure NOTHING AT ALL FROM YOUTUBE. No fear of spoilers for me.

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I was wondering when Sony would finally make this happen. Hopefully they make music a part of this too.

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