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Don't know pegger. How was GeOW2? How about Fable 2; I heard that was a good one. How about Halo Wars?

What's your point? #2.10
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That made me laugh. Good submission. #7
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If reviews sold games, then Enter the Matrix and 50 Cent: Bulletproof would have sold 5,000 copies. Combined. And games like Beyond Good and Evil and Okami would have been blockbusters.

No, reviews mean something only to the hardcore, and we don't make up even half of the market.

I didn't read the article yet, but based on the question alone, this is my answer: no. #4
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I heard it was a potluck. I'm bringing those little hot dogs on a stick. #7.1
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Yeah, well that's BS. I got your back. We Anubi have to stick together . . . or something like that. #2.3
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How the HELL did you lose bubbles? I'm going to do my part to correct that. #2.1
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No shareholder with a brain would sell in this situation. A smart investor looks at the market, and sees that EA is in a mad scramble to get this deal done before 4/29. Two reasons being they want that GTA4 money, and also they know the sales from this game will make TT a lot of money and raise the stockprice due to the new income stream, which would make a hostile takeover too costly at that point.

Besides, no real investor sells when the price is still going up. A minor jump... #3.2
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Damn, that's messed up. I don't know what to tell you . . . my receipt for my PS3 is in the same place as it's been since I took the PS3 out of the box . . . namely, in the PS3 box in my closet. #1
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"Ok if Ive got the casual gamer part wrong then sorry but you have to admit GTA has a strong following and the majority of people buying it will of looked it up on the net.
Most people wanting the game would of pre-ordered it and in anticipation of the game would of been looking it up on the net. Hence they would know about the DLC.
You missed the whole point i was trying to make really"

I disagree. I'd say less than half of the people buying this game wi... #75.3
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Okay, now I've seen it.

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Yup, that's right.
Spin this, and spin it fast. Your entire pathetic world is about to come crashing down around you. #1.7
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Yeah, well, it's pissing me off. I wanna see it! #18.2
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Why can I not get this video to play!? It keeps redirecting me to the goddamn main page!! #18
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@ callahan09
Well said. Bubbles for you. #94.5
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What dreamworld are you living in?
You really think the majority of GTA gamers are hardcore? You don't see a game that has a huge, open world that allows you do do whatever you want as being the ultimate casual game?

I'm not even going to debate with you . . . looking at the sales numbers for the games since part 3 should just prove my point alone. #75.1
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Exactly. I pay it off, walk in on release day, they hand me my copy, I leave.

Beginning, middle, end.

Waste of time? Hell, it SAVES me time. #2.1
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Why some find Resident Evil 5 to be racist.
Because they're idiots. That was easy. #1
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I hate illiterate people.
Pay attention. The reason I submitted this is because it says that this problem is minor, and not widespread, unlike what others would have you to believe. I'm doing this to counteract all the BS on this subject, not add to it.

Pay. Attention.

Actually READING the article may have helped too. #13.1
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By itself? Of course not. Will it help? You better believe it. #37.1
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@ wageslave
"they are doing it to catch up that +8 Million console deficit."

Very true. And it's going to work. #5.2
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