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Was I joking? NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!
Edit:I hate M$ and Nintend'oh! but if my above comment was about them,N4G would give me 10 bubbles.
@Silly gamer
Does every comment have to be funny and original?

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How many more times are we gonna get a look at this? We've seen it,move on.

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Sony iz soooooooo smart.Day iz teh smarterest people evar!

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No,next fucking question please!

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Sounds good to me! That "kill the British" part make it GOTY in my book. And whats wrong with offing a few cheeseburger eaters along the way?

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What I mean is,only Americans think that time was exciting but really it was boring as shit.

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A developer is a shoe and the publisher is the shit it stepped in.

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Yeah,sure it is...

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It looks really boring compaired to Monster Hunter.

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Uncharted 3 was shit.Even Golden Abyss was better.

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Cause Americans lost interest in the AC games.So to get them back they based it in an American setting that,to be honest,seems like it will bore the hell out of every non-American.Assassin's Creed,just like Resistance should never have been set in America.

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Well according to that disagree you got,You're NOT waiting for it or All Stars.

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The only EA games I like Dead Space 1 and 2.

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MoH looks EXACTLY like CoD.

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LMAO at Destiny Bond and Self Destruct!

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Oblivion shits on Skyrim!

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Here was my reaction to this news:
"*YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWN*.... .. ...can someone make Dark Sector 2 please?"

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Goat?! Are you making fun of me?!
@Stuntman Mike below
I DO NOT have a Goatface!

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