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That's because N4G is the Sony shill site :)

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Damn, I guess that means that Microsoft or Nintendo is going to "win"

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I'm hoping that he'll announce that the next MGS isn't so emo...

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Reading this article won't help dissuade anyone with phrases like:

"The the CPU is more than just the Wii’s version times three. For starters, it uses a newer technology from IBM called 45nm SOI process"

Really? Can't someone just talk about the consoles' strengths instead of trying to disprove all the negatives with this crap?

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Just give us a dark mansion with zombies again already. ><

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While I don't want to downplay the horrific events that took place in Norway, this is just another typical knee-jerk reaction to a tragic event.

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I think it also bears mentioning that this is EXACTLY what happened with the original DS...the first year was painfully dry. Hopefully, Nintendo knows what they're doing this time around.

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The Sun is the UK's version of the Enquirer. In case no one noticed, it's common for blood pressure to rise during ANY normal gaming, 3D or not. I'm amazed this got approved.

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I think you have it backwards; if Gearbox had spearheaded this project, it would have likely been done right (and on time)

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Sure it is, their husbands finally have incentive to clear out the living room...

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I can understand the comments about the gamepad, this game definitely follows in the tradition of XI in that it's really designed for pads and the PC version definitely isn't as mouse friendly as most of the post-WoW MMOs.

I'm glad the challenge is back, but while I didn't experience much lag, combat seems to be a pretty busted. I mean, I get a pop up telling me the creatures are defeated even before I've fired off the last shot? And the broken targeting? ...

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Let's see if they tease gamers with even higher-res footage of FFVII...

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Yeah, the trailer was all CGI, although the official word on the game's cancellation was in part because Sony wants to move towards online enabled games and this didn't fit that strategy. I think there's more to the story though; everything coming from that studio has been plagued by problems, missed deadlines, and ultimately lower quality than was expected.

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Not sure how seriously to take this article; sure most of these games have been eclipsed NOW, but hindsight is always 20/20 and some of the games called out here were nothing short of revolutionary in their day.

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Hmm... comparing the two trailers I see on one hand a game that is truly v2.0 of a very powerful and flexible engine with what appears to be now limitless depth... and a knockoff that seems to lack most of the charm and innovation of the other. I don't think Media Molecule need worry, and really it's great that EA is bringing this sort of game to all platforms, though I only hope that they don't gimp the HD versions on account of the Wii's last-gen hardware.

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I hate to break it to you guys, but this article has it all wrong. This isn't even really intended for games...it's primarily for use in film work where super high rez textures are needed (higher than 4k).

While there's nothing to stop game artists from using it, game models still will likely always need UVs and artists aren't likely to use this method because it creates a fragmented UV map that you can't paint on in something like Photoshop....there'...

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I think it just means "hasn't been done on 360".

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Umm..."don't be at this show?"

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Predictions about the state of the industry? Or subliminal ad for OnLive?

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weren't we getting Pikmin 2 for the Wii?

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