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Game had lots of hype, looked damn good, had a great history with Demon's and Dark Souls, and scored top scores all around. Sony also did a solid job advertising it.

All the right ingredients for a really successful launch and sales.

I still remember buying Demon's Souls and how it had some good buzz, but limited attention from most of the media/gamers. Its great to see how far Miyazaki's vision has come. #2
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Id like to end my career on 10 bubbles, thank you very much #41
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Good luck with your future/being a mom!

Your duties will be missed :) #22
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If it makes you feel better, that reference would be lost on me anyway haha.

I wonder if she named her kids after any video game characters... #1.1.3
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Nice, and I didn't you had a child! Congratulations Cat. #1
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Beautifully written. Its interesting that you think what you think in regards to Youtube personalities. I've noticed also that some personalities tend to be sponsored by publishers, which can come off as ironic since this defeats the novelty of gamers voicing interest over publishers/website media. #2
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Wonderful :)

Yes, I wanted to cover gaming now with how it can be applied to learning. Especially since, like you said, we have new tools with Wonderbook, AR, and VR. The technology these things offer are very practical compared to what we used to have, and they can open up important social and practical skills related to developing children and aiding/inspiring a positive learning environment

Thanks! #3.1
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I dont frequently experience maintenance time, though that's likely due to the hours I sign on.

What absolutely frustrates me though, is PSN messages take ages to send, receive, and refresh. It's a massive buggy experience that makes it incredibly frustrating to send a few back and forth messages.

I just want to at least Sony hear acknowledge this issue.

It's no secret that Sony isn't an OS company, but it becomes an annoyance... #1.1.3
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Then it wouldn't be ADS. It would be zoom-in. However, I am inclined to think that if sprint is in the game, ADS would not be far off, considering that precision aiming would exist to help target sprinting players.

You can also see that when ADS'ing in the video, there is a slight, slow move to the right. If it was zoom-in or cosmetic, you would think the player would MOVE like it was zoom-in/cosmetic.

We've seen how Halo... #1.1.12
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You really can't tell the difference between zoom and ADS? It's not the same thing. #3.2
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This is absolutely not true. There is a difference between adding in new mechanics that serve Halo's style, and checking off a list of common tropes seen in many other games.

Most people would have no issue with a solid new entry that went back to basics and focused on good maps and good design. Fundamentally changing the game is a screwup, plain and simple. You don't NEED to add sprint and ADS. Those are not "new gameplay designs" and they dont help Halo.... #1.3.2
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Dude, it's a huge issue. It's so annoying to me when people who dont know what Halo is about say "this is fine, change is good, it's time to evolve"

None of this is good. ADS and Sprint fundamentally change Halo. I am sure they will bring the loadouts and perks of Halo 4 too. These things ruin the game entirely. It serves to the "run sprint, die" ADHD crowd who can't stand getting familiar with something new.

You don't... #1.1.8
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Im here for Destiny #111
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Nice. #122
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It's not actually a server overload, from my understanding.

It's an issue that with the programming of the game's code, so Evolution is now fixing and rewriting a lot of it, which can take a long time. #1.5.1
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Drinkbox Studios, repping Canada! #60
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^ It can be considered in bad form because Insomniac created the font.

jstevenson, who works for Insomniac as Community lead said that the font was created by Insomniac.

A fan then went on to create what he/she figured the rest of the alphabet would look like, based on the existing letters in the "SUNSET OVERDRIVE" font. Insomniac had no issue with this, as it was done with their blessing.

But then, someone at Sony then used the fan... #1.1.4
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Funny enough, Insomniac made a little poke at this

http://a.disquscdn.com/uplo... #1
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There is zero proof for the conspiracy. Just because it sounds like it makes sense doesn't change the fact that there is no evidence for this.

And it sounds like you misunderstand the server issue:

They delayed the PS+ version purposely, as it is strictly online: the priority should be on those who pay the game and buy it, not on the mass of users who download the free version.

How does that not make sense? How is the conspiracy that Sony... #2.2.2
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The first shot isn't from a driveable car in the game, it's a car that is in the background scenery on one of the tracks.

It's not actually real, probably like your "brother"

Dynamic weather is already free #1.3.4
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