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It's not a separate mode. It's built right into the core game, sort of like kickbacks.

You basically have to "buy" it with in-game currency (like in Last of Us when you buy armour and weapons).

You have a small store where you can buy accomplices, power weapons, and the mysticals. You have to equip these things when you make a loadout, so you can actually mix and match what you want.

They sound like killstreaks, since you ea... #1.2
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Hopefully they follow the trend set by other devs and keep map DLC free. #2.1.2
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What a terrible argument. What do you think the beta is for? The reveal at PGW? Don't tell people that they should expect less from a dev, especially when that developer is Naughty Dog.

Naughty Dog stopped being just a single player dev when they implemented multiplayer in every game since Uncharted 2. They may be renowned for their single player, but that doesn't mean that multiplayer is just a "bonus".

People purchase games for different r... #5.4
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Wow that's really condescending. If most people were like you, we wouldn't get half the features we are vocal about and be sitting at 1 gig of cloud storage still. #3.1.2
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I actually like that they added a super-casual mode. Lots of casual fans who may not be big gamers can enjoy the game without worrying too much about combat.

They seem to have something for everyone.

Time trials really excite me too #1.2.1
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They are doing a great job. It's good to see diversity in their exclusives like Scalebound, and it's awesome to see them secure indie games like Cuphead.

The Cloud stuff demoed in Crackdown is phenomenal and promising, and indicative of next-gen design where we are seeing developers think outside the box to do something different and practical. It's awesome to see them use Azure to do something with gameplay that you would not ordinarily see otherwise, and I'm... #2
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When it comes to just considering the Christmas season (which is the only reason why people care so much about talking about Q4 games), Sony may not have any huge exclusives, but it doesn't have to.

It's got the biggest third party games locked down (Star Wars, CoD, MGS). If it didn't have this either, they would have a pretty abysmal Christmas, from a sales perspective.

From a perspective of a fan, I've been playing Bloodborne, Rocket League,... #3
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I really love how MS has both an open world and track racer.

I wish Burnout did the same, or was even around anymore. Stupid EA. #1.1
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Yes, the main issue I personally see, as stated in the blog, is that you cannot expect a consistent or standard evaluation process. I think ultimately, as is the case, it's up to the publisher to release an updated review copy, sort of like an "ultimate edition" or "GOTY Edition" a year or so from now.

I think a good year from release is a decent time to reevaluate a game. If it still has issues, then it's clear that the progress has struggled and... #6.1
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Keep in mind, as stated in the article I used both Driveclub and Halo as examples.

Driveclub may be considered "rewarding" the devs if there was a reevaluation of past scores. However, a game like Halo, which has suffered continuous issues, would punish the developer.

There is also the issue of what a review is for. I think most would argue, as I have, that a review isn't about punishing or rewarding devs. It's about informing the consumer.... #7.2
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I totally agree about that-- some games are releasing in sorry states. However, reevaluating reviews (lowering AND raising scores) could encourage a better response by developers and publishers.

A game like Halo MCC deserved to have taken a reevaluated hit on their scores. It's not just about punishing bad developers for broken games, because like I said, a review should primarily be about reflecting the product for the curious consumer, and games change too much to have... #1.1
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Cuphead is multiplat. Recore was CGI. It means nothing to simply see CGI.

The Last Guardian is made by developers with a great pedigree behind their name. Not saying it's better than anything MS showed, but you can't just dismiss it based on personal opinion.

If you want to talk QB and Scalebound, you aren't even talking about E3 anymore but getting into a list war. Those games weren't at E3.

If Holo-lense and Ocolus cancels... #2.2.7
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While a new firmware would have been nice, I don't see how something like a new pro controller is considered fantastic news, when that controller is $150.00. Nice controller though, but I don't see it as a huge deal

In addition, the biggest announcements MS had was Fallout 4 mods (which PS4 will also get), Tomb Raider gameplay (which will undoubtedly be on PS4), Gears 1, Gears 4 (which personally I thought was shown poorly, but it's still a solid AAA), and backwar... #2.2.1
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Unsurprised. The Order didn't do well for Sony, so I'm guessing we wont see a sequel, at least from RAD.

The team seems really focused on making "Film" games, seeing as they keep throwing around the word "transmedia".

Not sure I'm on board with that direction, but variety isn't bad. Let's just hope they take the criticisms of The Order to heart and learn to improve them. #3
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If Miyazaki is indeed directing this, I am super pumped. Dark Souls' open world made it my favourite of the Miyazaki games. I just loved the sense of exploration: finding lots of cool items, the joy of finding a bonfire after running out of Estus, and opening shortcuts that made the world design feel so clever.

It was so satisfying, and this is in addition to the solid gameplay that we all know and love. #2
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Exactly. People downplaying the lack of multiplayer are missing the point and ignoring the fact that there are a lot of Uncharted MP fans. The MP was far from boring. It was well designed and loved by fans.

The co-op and MP were significant content that was played by fans, and to have them absent from the game is going to be a glaring hole for fans who put a lot of time into co-op and MP. Co-op had 3-4 separate modes that were fleshed out, and the adventure mode even had its... #1.2.1
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It's not coming, it's very clear that "Single player campaigns" is put on the box for that reason. Missed opportunity, but Uncharted 4 MP is hopefully on the right track #1.1.1
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Both have potential, as long as it's directed by Miyazaki. At this point, I want a true Dark Souls sequel from Miyazaki. DSII in many respects was not that.

Since Bloodborne was a bigger offshoot of Demon's/Dark, I feel like its world has more potential to grow as an IP, but both games are distinct enough that we can expect to see something refreshing in both. #2.3.1
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Dark Souls 3 was going to happen either way.

Miyazaki behind DS3 is interesting. Dude is really great, and I loved Dark Souls 1's open and connected level design, so I'm interested to see what he does next.

A Bloodborne successor will be dependent on Sony, but it's way too soon to announce a sequel/successor right now. Bloodborne will get an expansion, that much we know. #2.2
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Pretty bold move to make it PC exclusive, but I am expecting them to really cater to the strengths of the genre on PC. So excited! #2.3
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