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Your original comment was that negatively was only on N4G. It's not hard to go to reddit, NeoGAF, and PS Forums to see the fans that are upset with Sony's consumer choices. This is not just "N4G trolls"

Again, it's okay to be critical of Sony about these things.

What we know is that Sony has been restrictive with some features in the past this gen, and that mod support on PS4 was something people wanted. Whether that's on Sony o...

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No 4K Media despite releasing a premium console that is focused on 4K. The "We're focused on games!" PR line is a convenient way to justify the lack of 4K media support, from the guys that pushed BluRay on consoles to begin with. It's also going to confuse consumers who buy a 4K PS4 and realize there is no 4K media support. Making a premium device and not putting in expected features like 4K Media is going to get negative feedback from consumers.

PS+ price...

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Well, they aren't wrong. Pretty opportunistic to take advantage of the negative PR by Sony this week

I'm not 100% sure if it's Sony's fault, or Bethesda's, but MS is being given free ammo, and it's amusing to see them take advantage of it.

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Im excited for Pathway.

Turn based RPG set in 1930, releasing 2017!

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Come on dude. Either you werent around for all the build up, or you are forgetting the facts.

Sean and company constantly lied about features. There is enough evidence on this. We were given a much different game than what was carefully described and shown

It's NOT the fault of the media or fans for buying into the grand hype. That fault lies squarely on the team for disastrous PR in which they lied, or led people on. ...

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One of your criticisms is that reviews should hold off media PR.

This game promised and lied about things, and expecting people to sweep all that under the rug despite it being used to sell and hype the game is an unreal way to let devs make promises and break them

You absolutely seem to think low reviews have it wrong and try to bash sites for not being popular enough, as if you know that they gave it a low score for attention only. You dont know that. Y...

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this is such a nonsense way to say something off topic and distract from the review. Stop complaining about xbox fans and trying to make an excuse for something you dont like to see.

realize that this game has a lot of buzz, so negative reviews are going to interest more people after all the hype. After all the promises and hype, low scores are going to attract attention. People are allowed to review the game as-is, right out of the box. That is, after all, what is being so...

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If you are upgrading a console every 3 or so years, the PC is still a much more viable, cheaper, and friendlier way to customize your upgrades while still maintaining a more powerful system than the console.

Not to mention free online and much cheaper games which add up over the years.

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You do realize Sony is removing the generation cycle too, right?

Everything available for Xbox Scorpio is available for Xbox One. This is how things are now.

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6 Teraflops. Wow. Wonder what the pricing will be.

And they called it the most powerful console. With generations now kind of dead, it's interesting to see these companies try to outdo each other.

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What I disliked about 2 was the puzzles and boss fights. The puzzles were way too easy and clearly there as buffers for the action. "Look in the book, and follow what we laid out". Lazaravich and Yeti boss fights were both "run in a circle and blindfire"

UC4's final boss fight was not only very fitting, but the villain was the best in the series. The puzzles also felt like it required more thought.

Pacing in UC2 is top tier, next t...

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This was a bug that was supposed to be fixed for a while now. No big deal.

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At the end of the day, the studio closes because it is not successful.

It's not Sony's fault, and they can't keep a studio alive if it's not working out. Nobody wants to close a studio.

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Don't forget that Motorstorm Apocalypse sold below expectations as well.

Two back to back games that didn't sell so well + investing in a new next gen engine and IP = lots of money spent. Driveclub's price was also cut down very fast after launch.

Props to the team/Sony for supporting the game and trying to get it to turn around. The post launch support was strong, but the industry is just too competitive and racing is a tough genre.

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Ah, I see. You would think he would know better. Probably didnt think much of it, but I imagine Ubisoft wasnt pleased

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Taking someone's artwork is not needless controversy. In this case, the work was made for Ubisoft's property

The fact that people still dont get this when ND felt necessary to edit this asset is just stubborn ignorance

Instead of calling it what it is and admitting that a company like ND/a worker can make mistakes, some people would rather bash the media for daring to report news. And yet I see people in the original article blaming the websites...for...

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I imagine whoever they outsourced this to/used the asset is in some trouble. They even edited the person out of the original picture.

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^ Again, it's not an "easter egg". Especially considering that they flat out edited out the person in the original picture.

Either it was genuinely taken without permission, or it was licensed, or the artist reused his own image that was originally used for Assassin's Creed (In which case, it is most likely that Ubisoft would own rights to art that is made for their property). But it's hardly likely that Naughty Dog decided to pay a tribute to Assassin&...

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This is an art asset that came from concept art. It's hardly an easter egg.

It's not unlikely that ND outsourced this aspect of the work and that somebody decided to take someone else's art work, or reuse it. To pretend that this isn't someone else's work that is being used directly in a game trailer is really turning a blind eye. If it's someone else's artwork, they have a right to not have their work taken like that.

This is a mi...

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It's not a separate mode. It's built right into the core game, sort of like kickbacks.

You basically have to "buy" it with in-game currency (like in Last of Us when you buy armour and weapons).

You have a small store where you can buy accomplices, power weapons, and the mysticals. You have to equip these things when you make a loadout, so you can actually mix and match what you want.

They sound like killstreaks, since you ea...

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