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It's not actually a server overload, from my understanding.

It's an issue that with the programming of the game's code, so Evolution is now fixing and rewriting a lot of it, which can take a long time. #1.5.1
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Drinkbox Studios, repping Canada! #60
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^ It can be considered in bad form because Insomniac created the font.

jstevenson, who works for Insomniac as Community lead said that the font was created by Insomniac.

A fan then went on to create what he/she figured the rest of the alphabet would look like, based on the existing letters in the "SUNSET OVERDRIVE" font. Insomniac had no issue with this, as it was done with their blessing.

But then, someone at Sony then used the fan... #1.1.4
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Funny enough, Insomniac made a little poke at this

http://a.disquscdn.com/uplo... #1
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There is zero proof for the conspiracy. Just because it sounds like it makes sense doesn't change the fact that there is no evidence for this.

And it sounds like you misunderstand the server issue:

They delayed the PS+ version purposely, as it is strictly online: the priority should be on those who pay the game and buy it, not on the mass of users who download the free version.

How does that not make sense? How is the conspiracy that Sony... #2.2.2
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The first shot isn't from a driveable car in the game, it's a car that is in the background scenery on one of the tracks.

It's not actually real, probably like your "brother"

Dynamic weather is already free #1.3.4
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But Sony is the publisher...

They didn't pull it because they are afraid, that's silly.

They said it was networking issues/something to do with servers, which seems much more plausible than some baseless conspiracy. #3.1
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You need to set the time to be automatic in your settings. Had the same issue, but I think by default there is an internal clock in the PS4 that is just incorrect. Set it so that the clock is set through your wifi/internet/region.

I've had this issue with the friends list for a LONG time. We pay $50 for PSN, I am really hoping Sony can make it so that we experience much smoother networking than what we have now.

I mean, even Drivecl... #1.1.7
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It's coming..relax. #1.1
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All you have is baseless grasping at air. You DONT know that MS would do that with Tomb Raider, sorry. Also, we all know how most people on this site would react to that. People would lash out at MS. Of course, calling DC a Forza killer was met with acceptance.

This is an ugly double standard. They advertised the launch trailer with a really stupid comparison, and you can't suddenly blame others for making comparisons that suddenly don't go D... #1.5.4
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If by career you mean a single player/world tour componen, there is one. You play through events that have challenges in which you rank up stars to level up and unlock cars.

It seems more likely to me that if he meant career mode, he would have said career mode. He's not necessarily complaining about it though, just pointing out that he wishes the game had more content, but I don't think a story mode is worth much in a racing game. #2.2.1
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Good review. One thing though: I understand that the game lacks any extra content and is pretty straightforward with the modes, but I don't think a lack of a story mode is something that should seriously be considered a negative.

Not that I think the review docked points for a lack of story, but it was mentioned, which I find a bit odd. Perhaps the presentation is not on par, but story isn't necessarily the way to do it in a racing game.

More modes wo... #2
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Wow, what a false equivalence. http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...

Thanks for avoiding what I said: you initially purposely misconstrued what was being complained about, and then your best response is "but, but Forza"? Get the desperate conspiracy theory justifications out of your head when you have no evidence other than jealousy here.

This is not the... #1.1.10
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Wrong. You are only telling half the truth and twisting it to imply that they are whining without cause.

The complaint is about A.I, not collisions:

"AI vehicles prefer collisions to deviations from the line, often smashing into you from behind and sending you careening into the vehicle in front of you, or sliding onto the shoulder, simply because you took the path most appropriate for your car."

"s... #1.1.7
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Almost all the complaints about Destiny were very valid. Of course people review what the game has/does not have, what else would they do?

I have a lot of fun playing wrestling games when I have lots of friends over, but that doesn't mean the game is objectively any good. In fact, sometimes the fun I have comes out of how broken and glitchy the game is.

In the same way, "fun" doesn't ride you up to 9/10 scores. If... #1.2.4
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^ It's funny that you use IGN, who I find tend to review games way too high. None of those Gamespot scores are "pessimistic".

Using just one website to compare it to does not really make much sense, as you are only proving that IGN scores games higher than Gamespot.

7's and 8's are not bad scores, and IGN I find, throws around 9's way too easily. I don't see how any of those scores from Gamespot are "Stupid" #1.1.5
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The "Forza Killer" thing was definitely uncalled for, even if they weren't the ones to say it. Quoting it just attracts unwanted attention and comparison, and they have to eat their words. Live by the media, die by the media.

I'm guessing the game would have scored a lot higher if it came out at launch, when most games were more leniently reviewed.

I'm a bit upset that the weather, replay, private lobbies, and photo mode aren't alrea... #1.2.2
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^ I think people are surprised when reviews use the whole 1-10 range. Games like Destiny definitely deserve their 6/10.

Some games just look really good and have a lot of polish, which makes people think that they are too good to be scored low, but that should never be the case. There's the saying about a polished turd still being a turd, and I was actually happy to see reviewers not give Destiny the pass just because it was a Bungie game/big title. If your game lacks the... #1.1.3
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I am aware of what I said, and already clarified it:

LBP across both versions is by and large the same. It's different with Forza, as there is content cut out of the 360 version. As far as I know, weather, drivatars, and the engine are different on 360.

To be equivalent, the PS3 version of LBP3 would have to cut out gameplay content that is on the PS4 version. But that is not the case, as both titles have the same content. I'm... #2.1.12
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Just ignore him. You are right: this is a console issue. Presumably, if the PC version is held back due to console limitations, it's Ubisoft's fault for not optimizing PC. That doesn't make it the fault of consoles.

In the same way, even if Xbox can't match PS4, it's still Ubisoft's fault for not optimizing PS4. Case closed. We have lots of games where developers optimized the PS4 version in spite of Xbox.

Ubisof... #1.2.2
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