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Then they should start buying games instead of pirating.

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What's with German gamers and all that obsession with technical graphics?

I have a decent PC and the graphics sure are technically better than on consoles but sometimes it seems that many PC gamers care way much more about graphics than the artistic impression.

Red Dead Redemption was one of the most beautiful games that I've ever seen. Fantastic vistas, atmosphere, skies, colors, contrast. It left a far far greater emotional impact on me than when I ...

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The most noticeable improvement I see is the artistic one. Technically not so much but does it really matter anymore? The final result is most important, we've all seen games that look ugly although they use some cutting edge mega-giga-shader-engine-techno logy.

I'm proud of Naughty Dog because they contribute to the gaming industry in a mature and artistic way. Just look at the colors, soft shading of the skin, not using excessive shine like they did in Uncharted1. ...

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Mine too! If only people were buying more of that kind of games. Imagine what they could do with a comfortable budget.

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It's sad that this game doesn't natively support a gamepad :(

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Is this more of an adventure or a shooter?

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What's with that teenage music? WTF? Konami, Silent Hill fans are adults by now.

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:) you don't have to play something just because other people like it. If you didn't finish SOTC then it probably just isn't your kind of game.

That said, Team Ico games are my all time favorite and those games totally ruined my passion for gaming because no other game afterward could satisfy my expectations. They just raised the bar way too far ahead of all the other games for me.

I hope The Last Guardian will be just as good.

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Does Tameen have long nails in this video?

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Yeah, but how do you even notice it? I didn't notice anything unusual. It's only when I read about it that I got to know it's locked at 30.

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How do people even notice such things? I mean, how did anyone notice that the frame rate is locked? I've finished this game and it plays just fine.

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Finished this with my coop friend the other day. One of the best games in a while. Truly hardcore.

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Majority of people is stupid anyway. That's why we cherish minorities in democracies, as opposed to dictatorships.

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Nope, the root of this mess is Sony bullying hackers and clinging to the old ways instead of adapting to a different world.

Nintendo, Xbox and every other console ever was hacked and they find means to fight without suing kids. Those kids are the future, not old rusty people like Stringer who grew up in a non-digital age. They can't understand it. Nor are the sheep who consent to the idea that virtual and physical goods are same and should be treated as same under the la...

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Well, I'm on a side that thinks I should be free to do whatever I want with what I bought. Reverse engineer and hack included.

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Yes, governments, laws and corporations need to evolve together with technology. Adapt or perish.

Music industry adapted nicely, they're not that rich like before but it was a shame anyway, for Madonna to earn hundreds of millions more than some engineers and scientists.

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Or a law that prevents sheep from disclosing their opinion on the internet.

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Don't worry, hackers will also overturn governments if they go too far.

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cgoodno, I think they meant "immediately".

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