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there is already a companion app for iOS and Android, though it does not directly affect the gameplay while you are playing. #2.3.1
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im liking the crucible maps so far, except for the moon one. Vehicles are so absurdly overpowered it breaks the flow of the matches. The only change i saw from the alpha to the beta was the addition of more vehicles to try counter it, but since walking characters still probably will spend 80+% without heavy ammo, its still too much of a disadvantage #6
its kind of implied, but.. unlike Captain Falcon, he has not received a character frame in the smash website. So not confirmed yet, though it would be really weird if he is taken out. They literally didnt even need to redo/upscale anything graphically #12.3.2
Out of that list I would say that we can count as safe:
Ice Climbers
Mr Game&Watch
Meta Knight


Really Hard:

Not gonna happen
Dr Mario #12.2
not yet... hopefully... maybe... lol #10.1
he is not doing the final smash, he is part of Robin's FS. If you look at the smashbros website, you can see its only showing Robin, Lucina and Captn Falcon #1.2.1
the character will be announced live in 40min in the smash bros website. It could be Rayman, most likely its Shulk, though it could be anyone (or more than 1 character for all we know) #9.1
unless you are purchasing FIFA solely for FUT, i dont see what free to play mechanics are supposed to be bothering you.

I've never had a single problem with a F2P mechanic in simple kick off matches, online play or any of the carrer modes. #2.1
Yeah, because Amazon always knows the prices and never put any placeholders... I imagine you suffered a lot paying $100 for the launch PS4/One games....

Besides, you dont even know how much content the game has... in what exactly are you basing the worth of the game? #6.2
same here, in theory I was really liking the concept that bungie was proposing. It seemed like a good marriage of ideas from other games in a single package, but all the trailers and live demos were not doing it for me, they were not pushing me over the edge.

The alpha changed everything, definitely day 1 for me. I was left really wanting to play more of the game, the PvP i didnt really care, but ive never like Zone control modes, so ill have to wait what others they have.. b... #1.3
have you ever seen a Nintendo game been downgraded from what they show? they actually always improve.. #10.2
remember there is a smash roundtable later, i have no doubt whatsoever we will see at least 3 more returning characters shown there #5.2.1
it is actually pretty short. At 3 minutes per game, we would only hear about 10 (3DS and WiiU). Considering its almost guaranteed they will also talk about games already out/that we know of (Mario Kart, Tomodachi Life, Hyrule Warriors, Bayo2, etc), plus whatever time they use for any system related announcements (updates, new features, etc) It would barely leave time for 1 new game announcement per console.

I seriously doubt it will only be 30 min, they have a lot to show #1.1.1
they take a break? Really? You do know its WORK for them, what are you suggesting, forced vacactions for hundreds of people for 1+ month so they dont have to pay them for doing nothing?

Its one thing to be against early DLC, but by now it should be pretty obvious that just because something comes out soon after launch, it doesnt mean that it didnt take more than a month to be developed #16.1.1
same here, though its not like im not interested in the others

In order of interest Nintendo>MS>EA>Ubi> ;Sony

Sony: never been really blown away by their conferences, but i dont mind because either way the games are amazing, ill just have to hold on on third parties for this year + Driveclub and TLOUR

Ubi: Interested in more Division and hopefully new IP and BGAE2, not looking forward to forced awkward comedy attempts
yeah, nothing really far out there. Personally now that they are going to be pushing the NFC thing, I would love a WiiU Custom Robo, that would be an awesome game to match with NFC figures/cards and online play.
And custom robo is such an unknown franchise by many people, it can almost count as a new IP lol #1.2
yeah, i usually played always with cheats so I wouldnt have to worry about most of the boring stuff #2.1.1
that article is just a guess from the author saying that might be skyloft, hardly a confirmation lol #1.1.1
probably #4.1
its also his look in Radiant Dawn, where he was older and much more badass.

It definitely makes him look more like a Heavy character #4.1
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