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when the content is worth it

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they already did the equivalent of season passes for MK8, Fire Emblem and Pikmin. Its not really something new and DLC was handled great in those game (really, other than New Super Marios Bros 2, i cant recall a badly handled DLC by Nintendo yet)

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if it were any other company but Nintendo, i'd say thats a very valid idea. Nintendo doesnt really do GOTY editions though, at least not so far.

The closest examples i can think of are MK8 and Hyrule Warriors, but the "complete" editions came out on a different console (and for Hyrule Warriors there is even newer DLC)

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the difference is that the DLC is not coming out for another 10 months. The game just went gold a couple of days ago. They have to continue working on stuff, they cant just sit down and do nothing until the game comes out .

For something like SFV, you could easily tell the base game was pretty incomplete (especially since most of the other characters were already in SF4, they are not designing them from scratch).

Even DLC that comes out like 2 months afte...

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Day 1? its coming out until the holidays. Probably 10 months from now

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well, considering we dont know what it has or does, i'd day it makes a lot of sense that you dont see why its on a season pass.

Once it comes out, then yeah, we'll be able to tell if there was a reason for it not to be a free update.

Its not like they havent done something similar for free before, if its just a "harder" mode. The 250cc mode for MK8 was a free update. Again, we just dont know enough yet and I dont really trust a Nintendo ...

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the game already has that everyday "hard" mode from the start. The Hero mode, which increases damage received and reduces damage dealt.

So we dont really know what this Hard mode is, im guessing it could be something more in line with the Master Quest mode from other Zelda games but just typical Nintendo mistranslation.

I agree it sounds like it could have been a free update too, at least until we get more information on what it does, the "...

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not much that can be determined yet. Nintendo has handled DLC pretty decently so far, MK8, Pikmin, Fire Emblem, Hyrule Warriors, Smash, Splatoon. All those have either been at the same level or better in terms of content/price than other companies, MK8 and Splatoon being the standouts.

The game just went gold, seems to be by far the biggest Zelda yet and the DLC is taking them 10 months to release, so at the very least it doesnt really look like its something that should h...

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considering the WiiU Sales, there's probably a lot of people that havent played it (and they should). Which is kind of the same situation for most possible WiiU ports

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Netflix will come, just as it does to literally EVERYTHING. A couple of months with 1 less device with netflix should be irrelevant to most people.

If anything, most people have always determined the value of Plus and Gold based on the free games. $20-25 a year for a free month rental and finally a decent online infraestructure (which should be the big point to take here) seems like fair deal

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well i think thats probably the point. If the parent is not confortable enough to have the child own (or borrow) the smartphone, then he probably isnt comfortable with him/her talking to strangers online.

For everyone else that does have one, it shouldnt be a problem (just an annoyance)

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they never say anything about RELIANCE, they actually quite directly say that they understand that developers might want to spend the extra power on something other than resolution.

So checkerboard rendering + higher res textures + better lightning/shadows/draw distance


Just native 4k

Qutite frankly, I very much prefer that they are giving the option to devs to use checkerboad and apply the extra power (its not lik...

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Of course they are saying its a home console, they want to kill the WiiU, not the 3DS

I could spent the entire lifetime of the switch without ever getting it close to a TV and yet its not handheld??

Please... its just good business for nintendo to call it a home console that you can take on the go rather than a handheld that has a TV dock

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Seriously, its just good business. The 3DS is still selling really well, pokemon just recently came out and there is still plenty of support from third parties

The wiiU? Completely dead

If you were trying to market a new device as a replacement for one of the above, which would you choose?

The thing can be played its entire lifetime without ever even getting close to a TV, all its components are in the device with the screen.

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They said that full blown FE for switch will be coming out in 2018

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i've seen the opposite, that its actually very cool and you could actually feel things to the degree shown in the presentation video

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for everything that Nintendo seems to be missing regarding online, this is the most absurd of the reasons why people should complain.

Basically you are saying that their PAID service will be garbage because their NON PAID service wasn't as good as a $60 offering from the competition? well no shit... it's not like Sony's service was particularly good when it was free.

Other than how annoying it sounds to use a phone app to do voice chat, we sti...

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to be fair, it only feels like it was announced close to release because it wasnt until now that they showed gameplay, but it was actually since 2014 that it was shown. By the time it comes out in March it will be just shy of 3 years since it's announcement

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my 110h definitely tell how much I enjoyed the game, but it is nowhere close of one of the "finest RPGs ever made".
It definitely (somehow) needed at least one more year of development.
-Needed to sort out the story better, define character arcs, actually develop the empire and Luna. I dont think the plot itself has that many holes, but the story isnt really well told, most of it seems to happen offscreen and the pacing is horrible.
-Add way more cutscenes...

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considering that for many many years Nintendo's handheld business has been its biggest market by far, constantly outselling their home consoles and competition, and even the 3DS which sold less than usual being a complete success, I'd say that "People don't want it as a handheld" is a very big statement to base your point on.

Second, regarding the price, that one has an ADDITIONAL controller and a game, the base price rumor is $200


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