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even if its not with a Bundle, all it really needs is Pokemon Stars, DQ XI and a new Monster Hunter game. That will make such an absurd explosion in Japan that just the install base alone should attract more third parties. I still dont think we are going to get most western major AAA games ported to the Switch, but it should at least get decent support.

Japanese devs though? thats where i think the biggest 3rd party support will come from. Japan is crazy for handheld gaming...

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the suggested retail price is only $10 higher than the price for an Xbox or PS4 controller and it has motion controls, HD rumble, an NFC reader and a much (MUCH in the case of PS4) better battery life.

The problem is that those controllers are several years old now so retailers sell them for less by now, the Pro will eventually drop as well, but part for part, its expensive yes, but not overpriced

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They already settled on a solution. This was more of an explanation about how trademark law doesnt really gives them any other choice but to fight otherwise they risk losing the trademark

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Because they are the ones that own the trademark? And the ones that bought the rights for the IP(even if they ignored the previous game)..

Isnt that more than enough reason?

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a rip off?

Even if the map and hard mode could be in an update, the Cave of Trials and new gear are easily worth $6-7 out of the $20 the entire DLC costs. That leaves $13-14 for the story DLC which is again, much cheaper than practically any other game's story DLC (still have to wait for the length and quality)

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i dont see where he said that Bethesda created Dishonored. He said this game is from the same people that did dishonored, which is true... Prey is from Arkhane too

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Im guessing they could show:
Mario Odissey
Fire Emblem Warriors
Pokemon Stars
Smash Bros
Xenoblade 2
Animal Crossing
Pikmin 4
Fire Emblem Switch
Some kind of party game(mario party or wario ware)
Some new eshop titles

And for 3rd party titles
COD (assuming it gets a port)
Maybe some of those rumored collaborations with Ubisoft like the Ra...

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so a new story campaign, all new MP maps and modes, new weapons and gear... and Splatoon 2 is not a true sequel?? o.O

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the triggers i dont really mind that much that they are not analog, the headphone jack is a pretty dumb omission yeah

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because what he is saying is not actually true.

FIrst of all the amiibo can only be scanned once a day and even then you are not guaranteed to find any gear. Sometimes its just arrows.

Second, the gear it provides comes at the LOWEST defense level possible, and requires one of the hardest to obtain materials in the game (star pieces) to upgrade. And even when fully upgraded, the set bonus it provides isnt even particularly better than other in game sets. ...

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Guardians WERE too tough at first, then I got better gear and weapons, learned their patterns, now I completely wreck them. Even when I was under equiped as hell, I learned about the perfect guard and could 3 shot kill them.

Same with the Lynels, first one I encountered? I got absolutely destroyed, had to run away in the end (and it was just a Red Mane). Now I take down White Manes without getting hit.

Rain is annoying? seek a place with cover and light a...

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true, you still need to actually have enough consoles to get the software sales though.

Zelda on Swith cant possibly sell anywhere close to what Horizon does if it barely has a 2 million install base.

Just because Skyward Sword had a very low attach rate (for whatever reasons), doesnt change the fact that BotW sales, being a launch title, are definitely tied to its install base.

The WiiU can give it a slight boost yes, though as with S...

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they havent been underwhelming on the 3DS though, with plenty of Japanese Dev support. So assuming those dev move from the 3DS to the Switch, it could still get that type of support which can move a lot of units in Japan, since they now pretty much prefer only portable stuff

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that connectivity thing definitely has to be some hardware related issue because just as you, I havent experienced any issues, from around 3-4meters (even putting the controller behing my back) and no issues whatsoever. And I mainly play with the joy-cons detached so I should have seen the issue by now if it affected consoles.

Then again, its clear the issue is very real, who knows what the affected % is

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true, i hope they patch it the ability to use the SD for save back up soon. Im guessing once they start charging for Online they will offer a cloud solution, but we shouldnt have to wait that long and it shouldnt be the only one.

You could backup saves in previous consoles, no reason for the feature to be missing from this one

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its used to hide the sd card slot, which doesnt really have any other place to be internally, so being on the side was basically a design compromise

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based on pictures of the internal components, the battery is as big as it could possibly be without making the device huge. Its easily bigger than any cellphone battery.

Unfortunately its not really something that can be magically improved, its just limitations of the current battery technology.
The really long charge time is kinda weird though, not sure if there is a technical reason/benefit to such a slow charging rate

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when the content is worth it

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they already did the equivalent of season passes for MK8, Fire Emblem and Pikmin. Its not really something new and DLC was handled great in those game (really, other than New Super Marios Bros 2, i cant recall a badly handled DLC by Nintendo yet)

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if it were any other company but Nintendo, i'd say thats a very valid idea. Nintendo doesnt really do GOTY editions though, at least not so far.

The closest examples i can think of are MK8 and Hyrule Warriors, but the "complete" editions came out on a different console (and for Hyrule Warriors there is even newer DLC)

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