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Other than how the conversation mechanics work, and the heavy interaction with/between party members, its a totally different type of game. A much more traditional RPG in terms of gameplay #9.2
I dont think its easy by any means, specially when you consider that the game scales up the difficulty when you are playing with more people.

I do think however, that the fact that the raid can be soloed completely does show that certain mechanics could have been implemented/added to actually make cooperation a necessity, since that is the point in doing raids (and VoG had that) #2.3
nope, thats the Gold Wireless. Not sure whats the difference with this one though, better audio quality?? #1.1
it is definitely a mess. Just because some parts are good doesnt mean they are not screwing up in others. Just as they have done in the past, they are introducing changes on how to get certain stuff with a certain currency, without examining how that currency will be impacted.

Example, this week Xur has 3 exotics I would like to upgrade (armamentarium, icebreaker and suros) ad he also has the new titan gloves. If I wanted to get those 4 exotics (3 of which i technically alrea... #1.1.1
as a nice example for what you say.

Take last years VGX, first time Nintendo shows up, everyone saying that they will definitely bring the big guns for something like that

What did we get??? Cranky Kong on DKCR-TF... yep

Gotta learn to control the hype with Nintendo #1.4
probably, that thing will be worth a hell of a lot more in a few years #2.1
seriously, did they even bother to do some QA for this game? at least for a week?

At least they are making up for it, but damm this is too much.

Same with games like MCC and Driveclub, did developers suddenly forgot how to make online games in 2014? #4
well, to be honest, i think it was the correct approach with a game like destiny. Reviewing the game before being able to experience the game with other people, see its performance with thousands of people online(which incidentally Destiny is one of the few games that have managed to do a decent job doing that) and experience the raid, it definitely wouldnt have been a proper review.

Even now, with so many games getting day 1 patches, its probably going to become the norm and... #1.2
its not that hard to grasp when you also see that there are still people who dont like the game and yet still go to every Destiny article to make the same dumb question.

They like it, simple as that.

On topic, good to see its getting some much needed improvements #1.1
pretty much what yarbie said, Assasins games have always been very CPU heavy(for some reason), which is why PC ports are particularly bad.

Hopefully they will patch some of the performance woes, but overall, as long as its the same foundation on the anvil engine being so CPU intensive, we might see more of these issues in the future #1.1.6
ramiuk, parity means they are both the same. Not that one is being downgraded.

Blizzard was going for parity in D3, and they achieved it, both versions are 1080p.

Same with Destiny, both 1080p.

Parity doesnt mean 900p. It means they are the same. Either by extra effort to bring X1 to 1080, or just leaving the PS4 at a lower resolution

Until we know the resolution, its absurd to assume just because they used the word parity, t... #3.1.3
here's the thing, games are not developed at let's say 480p and then start upgrading until they reach a point they are happy.

They start at the highest level possible and then start downgrading to a level where it runs smoothly. Therefore, if the PS4 version is 900p, it means they already went past a point where they could have left it at 1080p.

Im not saying thats the case here, as we still do not know if by parity they mean 900p both or 1080p both,... #3.1.1
same here, Day 1 WiiU, Day 1 PS4 and yesterday I got my Xbox One Unity Bundle + FH2, have my gaming PC updated, happy with my 3DS (planning to get the new one)... overall, good days to be a gamer.

I get not everyone can afford every console, I certainly couldnt when I was younger, but that doesnt mean you cant appreciate what every company brings to the table #1.3
do yourself a favor, go to https://dragonagekeep.com/ and tell me there are no choices to make.

Even having played the 1st one, it took me over an hour just going through all the choices i wanted to have imported to Inquisition #3.3
even though i agree in certain scenarios some additional context would be nice, part of the problem is that you (and some of the people that reply to you)are expecting a good vs bad choice, but thats not the case almost all of the choices in dragon age.

Sometimes a certain character will disapprove one choice but 3 others will approve it.

Something you can choose not to kill one character but it will mean someone else dies.

Its not really a g... #2.1.4
atheon is walking on top of the shield created by the relic, which allows him to pass over the bumpers that bungie added on the borders

Basically you move him close to the hole in the middle but make him move a bit to the right so he climbs those rocks(the same way as before, warlock grenades or supers), after that he will start walking on top of the shield and poof, he´s gone #2.2
nope, i was FT leader last time and got nothing (well Red Death at the end, but i dont care about exotics at this point, i want the raid gear to level up)

There should really be a guaranteed piece of raid gear for completing the Raid, and leave the rest to random #1.3.3
the only problem is that even in the VOG, there is no guarantee you will get at least 1 piece of raid armor. I have already completed 3 times with my friends, and me and another friend have yet to get a single piece of raid gear. That friend actually only got shards the last time we did it...he was really pissed #1.3
i did it with a 29 hunter, Hawkmoon, Rare Arc Sniper and Legendary Arc Rocket Launcher.

My advise, sniper for knights (reds are one shot, yellows 2) and use rocket launcher for Wizards (even yellows will go in 1 shot)

I did notice that when you play with more people, enemies have a higher defense(or you do less damage). So actually solo might even be easier if you take it easy and know where to hide back (1st part, go back to the stair and even all the way to... #1.3
Yes, there is a Zelda track, plus an animal crossing and F zero track #1.1.2
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