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Yes, there is a Zelda track, plus an animal crossing and F zero track #1.1.2
as level 2? i thought it was only possible to go into crucible until like the 3rd of 4th mission? (which makes it impossible for you to be level 2)

I would really love to see those screenshots.... #1.3.6
honestly, its like everyone reporting this story is not even looking at video.. C´mon now, you dont even need to look that hard to see that 95% of the kills he is getting are with someone else from his team also damaging the enemy. (not to mention in the first video, most of the time the guy next to him has a Vex Mythoclast)

This videos are not proving anything because you cannot judge how much damage he is doing by himself. Just because he gets the kill means he is solo... #1.2
i find that whole video that sparked the controversy complete BS. If you look closely, not only is he 90% of the time with someone else next to him, but that other player has a freaking VEX MYTHOCLAST.

No wonder everyone dies so quickly.... You can even see in the later parts that a rocket launcher to a campers face doesnt kill him #1.4.1
I dont know if he has any other videos posted, but that is complete BS.

The entire video he has another person next to him with a freaking Vex Mythoclast.

Of course he is tearing up people, its the other guy that is destroying them and he just sometimes gets the kills. #1.1.1
constant tweaks? are you kidding me? if you want to pretend that you have played the game, there are better reasons to make up why stopped playing the game. This is only the 2nd update (which they both let everyone know in advance) #2.2
Soda Popinski is the western wimp. Lets bring his brother and real warrior Vodka Drunkenski!

http://members.tripod.com/m... #3.1
do you know how you can help a story not be on top? not going into it... you know... just ignore the stories about games you dont like.. i've head its not that hard to do. #10.3
the farming spots will probably be fixed by hot fixes, not necessarily patches. So there is still very much a chance they will get nerfed. Not that it should matter since they increased rewards for other activities #1.1.3
i wouldnt mind some trash talk that at least mentions something happening these days, not events over a year old and with no relevance anymore #1.1.1
plus the fact that a smash bros pic of the day would in no way whatsoever discredit any kind of rumor of an upcoming game. #1.3.1
im cryptarch level 15 and i have about 20 blue engrams waiting to be decrypted, though ill probably save some for my hunter class once he gets to 20 #1.1.2
they actually already are, the summoning pits one for example is part of an exotic bounty.

The strike is the same, its just higher levels and with another boss besides Phogot #1.1.1
there's a mistake in the article. You dont need to complete the weekly on the hardest difficulty right away, since it doesnt award players only once.

It awards 9 coins max. If you do it on 28 you get all 28 right away. 3 coins on 22 and 6 on 24.

However whatever coins you are given after completing are substracted from the max you can get.

Example: you do level 22, get 3 coins. If later on you do the level 24, it wont give 6, just 3. Or i... #4
it is, especially during that last fight #7.1
the only problem i see with matchmaking is that progress is only tied to the fireteam leader. So unless you somehow magically get the same leader next time, there wouldnt be a way to track where you are supposed to start.

The only fix i can think of is that bungie keeps track of the checkpoint of every single player instead of just the leader, and then when you go into matchmaking they set you up with people of your same level and same checkpoint.

Which is en... #5.2
weird though, because i have done the exact same thing and im already rank 2 in Dead Orbit, Vanguard and New Monarchy. By the time the loot cave came up, i had already purchased all my legendary gear #4.2.2
quite the opposite, i've found that just choosing any of the 5 factions and leveling them up by playing all sorts of game modes to rank them up and buy the armor is MUCH easier, faster and fun.

People are assuming that just because you can get 1 legendary engram per hour and a bunch of blues shooting at a cave for an hour, you will actually get stuff faster, when its just the opposite with that damm cryptarch.

Seriously, just do some bounties per day, do... #4.2

Magazine clip is not that big of a deal, the guns that have a large one also have a high rate of fire but minimal impact.

More than just those stats, its the extra skills in the SUROS that make it very worthy #1.1.4
if you look at the dev notes, this is all part of several changes to the loot game.

Besides this, they are adjusting the cryptarch and making Strikes and Crucible give better rewards.
All of that sounds great IMO #7.1
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