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well yeah, they are edited, but usually to give a better impression, not the opposite.

I gotta say, I really want to like this game, the premise sounds very interesting, but the gameplay demos have done nothing to convince me.

Im hoping they show some more variety, less linear gunfights (some parts of the demo you practically had only 1 place where you could take cover) and much better AI #1.1.1
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great that the 1st expansion is also coming up relatively fast, should help keep up the momentum through the holidays. Hopefully its big enough in terms of content too, since im going with the Digital Guardian edition, im expecting a lot from those 2 expansions #12
i dont understand all that bashing of MS buying timed exclusives, exclusive content, etc...

I doubt anyone can realistically deny that in terms of 1st party, Sony is the best (they have definitely overtaken Nintendo recently IMO in terms of variety of IPs), but out of all that 3rd party content showed, only 2 games were ACTUAL PS4 EXCLUSIVES...the rest was timed exclusive, exclusive content or even timed extra content... im pretty sure none of those companies are doing that... #25
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you did notice that Hellblade is not really an exclusive.. right? its a timed exclusive. The sony guy said so, out of that whole 3rd party segment, 2 games were completely exclusive (cant remember which ones), the rest are timed exclusive or have exclusive content #22.1
well, all those studios didnt show anything at gamescom so i dont see the need to bring them out in your comment.

I really like the conference, they showed some really great games, but he does have a point (somewhat), out of the third party stuff shown, only 2 games were actual (not timed exclusives). Which in the end shouldnt even matter, no gamer will ever benefit from exclusivity, i´ve never understood people who take pride somehow for this kind of stuff #18.1.1
you have definitely never played a Wticher game. No one that has would call the Witcher a linear game. There are dozens of choices (real morally grey choices, not your typical good or bad) that shape the story and the ending that you get #1.2.2
pretty much guaranteed that it wont carry over, which is a real pain (it would be my 3rd start since i was in the alpha), but from bungie's perspective it makes sense. They want everyone to start on a level playing field.

The only thing they have mentioned would carry over is the emblem if you played during the event on Saturday #3.2
i believe they are not transferable. They are supposed to be linked to your steam account. Unless you give him your account info #7.1

So your thought process for this being a bad thing is that in your imaginary future EA will stop releasing games individually and only do it through a subscription service...?

I dont recall anything thinking that when PS Now was announced #1.1.2
well the Raids thing is kinda lame. There is no reason as to why not include some type of matchmaking system. Sure it will be harder with strangers, but at least you can try it. Instead of adding random people to your PS Friend list in case you dont have 5 friend that you can count on.

Then again, they seem very open to feedback so far, so there is no reason to think they cant fix this #3.1.1
well i dont think that many people are thinking its going to really change the gaming landscape, because its not really innovating that much, its just a really good game that is taking the best parts of many other games and combining them smoothly into a fine package.

I for one am REALLY looking forward to it, but i still see it as just another game doing its own thing, kind of like Evolve #1.1
also, even on the beta in Old Russia the maps were pretty big and there were several areas that we still couldnt access.

Same thing on the moon(which is the smallest of the areas). In the 2 hours i had to explore there were 2 large structures to explore with several locked areas #25.1.1
yeah, the snowy map is supposed to be Europa (the moon not the continent lol) #9.1.1
Why smaller and smaller?

32 missions at 20min each (without counting possible replays on harder difficulty), thats 10 hours. Definitely more than your average FPS, and asumming later story missions wouldnt take longer, which is almost a given.

23 Strike Missions at 40min each = 15h+ hours (and those are definitely replayable.

2 Raids at lets say judge on Bungie comments, 4h each. Thats 8h... (again, highly replayable for loot)

there is already a companion app for iOS and Android, though it does not directly affect the gameplay while you are playing. #2.3.1
im liking the crucible maps so far, except for the moon one. Vehicles are so absurdly overpowered it breaks the flow of the matches. The only change i saw from the alpha to the beta was the addition of more vehicles to try counter it, but since walking characters still probably will spend 80+% without heavy ammo, its still too much of a disadvantage #6
its kind of implied, but.. unlike Captain Falcon, he has not received a character frame in the smash website. So not confirmed yet, though it would be really weird if he is taken out. They literally didnt even need to redo/upscale anything graphically #12.3.2
Out of that list I would say that we can count as safe:
Ice Climbers
Mr Game&Watch
Meta Knight


Really Hard:

Not gonna happen
Dr Mario #12.2
not yet... hopefully... maybe... lol #10.1
he is not doing the final smash, he is part of Robin's FS. If you look at the smashbros website, you can see its only showing Robin, Lucina and Captn Falcon #1.2.1
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