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i find this very dumb. Based on the challenge of getting this exotic (the discovery plus the actual difficulty of the mission), this exotic shouldnt be lower than 300.

Besides the raid this has been easily the most challenging thing (next to the 2nd phobos mission/end boss) i have done so far, and the reward should have a higher attack than the rest of exotics.

Sure maybe not 310, but 290 is too low #4
thats a pretty strange comparison.. considering that if you were buying it for the first time now its just $60 and if you already bought and played the first expansions and vanilla for $95.... well you already bought and played them, its not like TKK is gonna make you do it again, you are just paying $40 for the new content #7.1
so just having the chance to buy the weapon is more rewarding? #4.1
to be honest, as much as it would have helped, most of the problems were with design ideas. Having the Dark Below or HoW (which i wouldnt exactly bet that HoW would have normally been fully ready for launch) wouldnt have helped with poor currency design, bad loot mechanics etc.

Not to say more content wouldnt have been nice at launch, but i think a bit more investigation into MMOs would have helped them a lot, the rest was always bound to happen, its the type of game that wi... #1.1

i am definitely enjoying the game for what it is, i wouldnt say i´d give it a 9.3 or have already 50 hours and just on mission 18 so far.

We are simply discussing some of the areas that it could do better and that have taken a bit some of the Metal Gear feel to it, but again, its not like im not enjoying what the game is trying.

If you look at the things you mention, you arent really listing anything that makes it a compellin... #1.1.10

the thing is, you are not really giving much freedom in regards to when to do your side missions. Unless they open up in the side ops list menu, you can navigate to the place where the mission will take place and nothing will be there. You wont trigger a mission by getting to the location, you need to wait for the game to decide to add it to the list so then you can take a chopper to the location.

The map may be open, yes, but you are still bound to... #1.1.7

Im sorry, but thats not an open world, thats just a well designed level in an slightly open area. I could just as well be picking up the mission from a menu and have 95% of map locked behind an invisible wall and i wouldnt notice. Having well designed areas and stealth mechanics that allow me to approach a mission however i like is not being open world (i.e Dishonored or Splinter Cell Conviction)

As for the missions, I have done more than one side... #1.1.5
I havent beaten the game yet, but so far i dont think its about cutscenes, its the mission structure, at least for me.

I dont understand why so many reviews praise the open world in this game, when i dont even think its an open world.

You see games like witcher, fallout or gta, the games are packed with side missions and collectibles, however you unlock/complete them as you navigate through the map in a specific progression based on the story

... #1.1.1
Does the autor even know that these weapon balancing patches are not hidden behind any paywall?

Just because the patch comes out at the same time as TKK doesnt mean you dont get the patch if you dont have it, just as it has happened before. #5
Gun balancing fiasco? How on earth is balancing the terribly balanced guns a bad thing?

Or are you one of those that dont care about horribly OP in games so long as you have them?

Gun balancing has been one of the most requested things for quite a while now, and they are clearly putting a lot of effort into this next balancing patch

When you take that, plus the fact that this will come with the new weapons of ttk(which you havent used), plus... #2.1
nobody saw that coming... #2
true, though to be fair in this game i've only been overburdened twice in around 200h (and it was at times where i knew i was pushing it). Its easy to get the saddless and the alchemy and crafting stuff thankfully are practically weightless.

Its easy to avoid being overburdened up until the point where you want to carry around all the mastercrafted witcher gear lol.

More storage would still be nice though #6.1
well if you just want "to get this expansion", you only need to pay $40 (which considering we dont know how much content it has, i think its a bit early to say if its too much or not). No one is forcing you to buy a collectors edition version of DLC

As for the change rate from dollars to pounds, its not like Bungie is to blame, even Activision. This has been the case for as long as I can remember, i dont really know why (probably more taxes or something like that) a... #4.3
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Why is it that so many people are acting as if the only way to fund in kickstarter doesnt actually gives you the game?

Those complaining about Sony measuring the response through KS, whats the problem? It can help us get games publishers might be reluctant otherwise. The people who backed it are still getting the game, its not like you are just giving away your money, you will get the game...
And if the KS fails, you get the money back

Simple as that #1.1.17
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The smash ballot is running until October.

These additions were planned before that #1.2.1
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so... im guessing Messi on the cover again.. -_- #4
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well, this specific DLC doesnt include (at least according to the article), it says its just new "skins" for some of the cards #1.1.1
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aww damm, i thought we were getting new cards.

They should really make a full version of gwent, addicting as hell #1
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yeah, with so many ways to get high level gear in this DLC, its no so much about getting to the cap, but taking the chance to upgrade your best old gear as well #2.1
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seriously? they basically communicate several times week, give incredibly detailed updates, etc

and right now they are saying they found a critical bug in the update so they delayed it, how is that cryptic? #2.2
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