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Wanna know the difference between The Order and TWD?

One is an episodic almost point and click adventure game that knows in its entirely what its supposed to be. It mixes up its simple gameplay with story affecting decisions (which bring replayability) and a diverse cast with an interesting story. It also costs a fraction of what the other game does.

The 2nd game is a third person shooter with some poorly conceived design ideas, and pe... #1.1.4
well, the metascore is not that bad. Its at 71 which is what i guess i would give it.

Its a fun but somewhat limited game. Certainly not a graphical showcase.

The sniping is very good (i suggest playing at least on sniper elite difficulty) and the stealth is competent.

The xray/slow mo kills are gruesomely satisfying (at least for me)

Overall, its a decent game and certainly worth it at just $10 #2.1.7
wow...why not ask them to give away a full WiiU game for every 3 amiibos while you're at it?

The figure is $13, even the cheapest VC is around $5. Why on earth would they give away something that is 40-60% the price of the amiibo for free. A timed trial makes sense, it allows people to see the games and if they like it, they buy it.

As for 3rd party amiibos, im pretty sure thats up to the 3rd party devs and not nintendo. They are not going to license thei... #3.1
I couldnt really get past the controls.. but i've seen that a lot of people are liking it and has overall good reviews #10
i doubt the main market is gamers. This is clearly aimed to a whole other audience, with the possibility of eventually reaching out to the gaming scenery. #1.1.2
its definitely a "safe" remaster, nothing too mindblowingly changed in the graphics department, a few gameplay changes, but most importantly... its priced as such. Good move Capcom, ill definitely get it #3
they are not showing anything that close to such a recent hardware launch. It would basically kill all the momentum out of the New 3DS #1.2
im not arguing whether they are good or not, simply what was shown. If you want to speak about quality wiiU and 3DS games, i can give you a whole different list #9.2.2
Fire Emblem
Puzzle and Dragons combo
Pokemon Suffle
Mario vs Donkey Kong
Story of Seasons
Ace Combat
Mario Party 10
Indie games (blek, elliot quest, gunman clive 2 and another one i cant remember the name)
Xenoblade 3DS
Xenoblade X
Majora's Mask
Fossil Fighters Frontier
Codename S.T.E.A.M
Etrian Mistery Dungeon

Thats 20 ga... #9.2
they showed almost 20 games in that presentation, only 2 mentions of remakes. Majora's and Xenoblade 3DS. The wii games which are not remakes, simply Virtual console titles. #9.1
in terms of exclusives, they certainly had the strongest lineup of games, in terms of quantity and quality, so Im not sure where that sarcasm is coming from #2.1.2
In Europe it does come, it has not been confirmed for the US #4.1.3
splatoon, mario party 10, mario maker, Devil's Third, Yoshi's WW, Kirby, Xenoblade, Star Forx and Zelda this year and you say Nintendo is not supporting the WiiU?? Plus whatever else they release before the end of the year.

Sure not all games might be for everyone, but you really cant fault them for not releasing enough games this year #2.3
i doubt next year we will see another horizon. It has been a yearly cycle so far, but F5 was definitely rushed. Im guessing a break next year.

For this game in specific, i dont think there should be a lack of content, because both studios benefit with the job done by the other one, so every year there is less effort to be made on getting all the cars ready, so they can focus on other stuff #1.2
well, most of the time the recommended card gives high-very high settings, and you need a gen or 2 above to get to ultra settings (in this case 9xx should do the trick) #3.2
Probably some will be just for rupees or nothing in particular, but personally I wouldnt mind seeing certain staples of the Zelda franchise tied to side quests. Certain secondary items, pieces of heart, materials for upgrades (assuming the system from skyward returns), etc. Instead of just finding them in a random cave, why not have a quest attached to it? #1.4
The exclusive content expires in fall 2015 and by then its long enough for preorder content to be included(at least some of it), since its pretty inconsecuential. So probably it will be #2.1.1
well, after DAI my expectations and hope for the game have been rekindled. Considering the scope of that game, to think they can do something similar with smaller areas (but more of them on many planets), the mix between action and tactical combat, the great writing and characters, etc...

Definitely looking forward to this game. #5

That still doesnt change the fact that the title is wrong, a DDoS attack is simply collapsing their servers, it does not in any way represent something that a customer needs to be PROTECTED from.

Sure, its annoying (and not as easy to prevent as people assume), but its not something we need protection from. User and billing info, THATs something they need to keep protected #1.2.2
Other than how the conversation mechanics work, and the heavy interaction with/between party members, its a totally different type of game. A much more traditional RPG in terms of gameplay #9.2
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