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im not sure what level you are right now, but once you hit 20, you will be constantly getting loot all over the place, even rare loots are somewhat common #3.3
so you are going to take one very specific spot out of the entire game where this kind of thing happens, as the same thing as the entire +20 game? (that will undoubtely be patched)

Sounds fair... #2.4
I actually solo'ed the Tank without much problem in the Weekly Strike at level 23. You probably didnt have Arc weapons (or a Titan) in you party. A couple of Arc rockets, a grenade and then up close with my Legendary shotgun(also Arc) to the exposed core and he went down in about 5 minutes. I didnt even need to expose the core a second time.

Then again, my titan build was perfect for that specific strike, i would probably had a much harder time with a Void or Solar modifi... #1.2.6
its not actually 8 hours of smash. Smash 3DS (no WiiU) starts at 1PM PT. Before that its several WiiU games #4
the difference (a pretty HUGE difference if you ask me) is that this is not a game that didnt hand out early review copies because they didnt want to show the game. They had by that point already had 2 Betas, one with over 4million people on it... they didnt even deny that there were only 4 planets, they simply explained that while it was true, there was a lot of content beyond that.

They had already shown to everyone what to expect of the game. Sure business wise its not a b... #2.2.1
nope, 35 is for both DLCs. #4.2.1
i think its just that not that many people have reached lvl 20, so within a week or 2 when most people do, its probably gonna be much easier. #6.1
higher class/level weapons will require glimmer and these kind of materials for upgrades.

Think for example the green uncommon ones. When you gain exp, you unlock upgrades automatically for the weapons.

In rares, legendaries and exotics, not only do you need the exp to unlock the upgrade, but materials and glimmer to actually "buy" it.


Certain vendors have some items at the very bottom that you can... #4.3
confirmed locked 60FPS even with 3D on #1.2.1
Im pretty sure the vendor will show up in the basement room by the ship vendor (the one with all the empty sofas)

I remember during the IGN preview the bungie rep mentioned as he was heading down that "it" wouldnt show up at that time, but eventually we would find some great stuff there. #3
the only known issue that i know was for people of certain college campuses, and bungie said they were already working on a fix.

Other than that, any issues seem to be in a very small % #6.2
I honestly cannot comprehend why there is so much hate for this game on this site. Sure not everyone has to like it, thats perfectly understandable, but what with HATING a game just because its not your taste.

Ive heard its perfectly possible to not like something and not have to go around commenting in every post all about how the game sucks for X or Y reason just because you dont like it... you know.. just ignore the game #4
true there is only 1 raid, but thats not the only post level 20 content. There are several strike missions too. And they will probably do some events and stuff like that.

In a sense, its not only about the extra missions, but about actually only being able to max out your character and get the best gear until you are post level 20 #3.1.1
The servers are up since 4 or 5AM PDT today. If you get early a physical copy of the game, there is no need to wait until 9/9 12:01 PST. Digital owners (like me T_T) are stuck waiting #3.2.1
seriously, you only now found out its online??

And yes, it does have a single player campaign, its just one part of the whole package.

Then again, it doesnt sound like you actually didnt know about this, and you are probably just trolling around #2.2
yeah, but that also means that anyone who has preloaded the game will start downloading at the same time, because its done automatically.

I believe they should have let us download it with more time to spare and not automatically, that way the downloads would have been more spread out #1.4.1
this same video shows up in many places during the Planet View thing and none of them seem particularly important based on the name, i dont think its anything big, but who knows. #7
well, that was the whole point of the Moon Mission in the Beta, they apparently recorded the most amount of people playing at a single time in their history. And even then, we only had some slight problems with crucible matchmaking

Considering they have had several Halo launches already, i think they are very well prepared for it, hopefully the PSN servers hold up too #4.2
yes, most of the hype is actually coming in from the people that were left very excited after playing the beta.

Its a very different situation than when all the hype is coming from previews and no one has actually played the game #3.1.1
well, it probably is set IN Old Russia, though obviously it has a different layout than any part of Old Russia seen in single player. #1.4
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