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i guess it will be all about the balance. I dont necessarily mind the timer, since the cheese spots became too notorious and its ultimately not even a fun way to play, but they were partly needed because of how bullet spongy most bosses were. So as long as the encounters are balanced properly, i dont really mind the extra pressure of the timer (a good example was the timer in the black spindle quest)

Locked loadouts im not that sure of yet, at least not when it comes to sub...

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bought it in the last sale, definitely cannot see why there is SO MUCH hate for it. Is it better or equal to past ME games? nope. Is it a decent AAA game? sure.

Its not as polished in most areas as previous ME games and the story suffers because of the absurd amount of side quests the game has, they do have interesting narratives for the most part, but there are just way too many so unless you purposefully ignore a lot of side quests, the main story/enemy feels like an afte...

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Well from Sony's perspective they probably want for people to see their version as the only console version at the moment.
From Nintendo's perspective, they probably dont want to cannibalize sales of the 3DS version by inviting direct comparisons with the Switch version
And from Square, im guessing its a desire for people (mostly on the Nintendo platforms I guess) to eventually double dip on the game.

Not saying they ...

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Im thinking it might actually be some type of marketing agreement, since the Switch version will likely be based on the PS4 version instead of the 3DS. So for now they can only talk about PS4 and 3DS and once they both come out, then they will talk about the Switch
Because its very weird that they havent said ANYTHING at all

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I dont know about you, but i dont see anything in his statement regarding a full exclusive title being funded by MS, he is talking about taking a portion of a game and holding it as exclusive, which is definitely something Sony has pushed a lot this gen

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its not like native 4k is the only improvement the X1X was going to get. It is getting much higher quality textures and other settings because of the increased memory, bandwith and overall better GPU.

Id much rather have a dev use CB (on Pro or X1X) and use the extra resources increasing things like filtering, draw distance, shadows, etc) rather than just go for a higher native res

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because its not as easy to increase performance vs increasing resolution. FPS is very related to CPU power which none of the current consoles has a very powefull one. Upres is mostly done with the GPU and RAM which is what the biggest improvement is

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I still dont see your point, this is about PC and the possible use of things like CB to maximize resources. Developers dont choose resolution instead of fps in PC, the players are the ones that choose what they want depending what hardware they have.

The thing is, right now if you want 4k/60fps the only way is to brute force it with a very expensive card. What DF is saying is that developers should allow people to use techniques like the ones used on Pro to achieve better p...

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Wouldnt their proposed idea be exactly what is needed to push higher fps in lower cards ??
Use 1800p + checkerboard on a 1060 to get 60fps in BF1 instead of 40-50fps in native 4k with lower quality settings or having to buy a 1080ti if you want native 4k

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The motion controls in Arms are very different than anything found on the Wii, not only because of the actual tech in the Joy Cons being more precise, but because of how they implemented it.

This isnt a game about waggling your arms but rather simple flicks of the wrist. Couple that with the time it takes for the arms to go out and back and its pretty much impossible to waggle like crazy.

I feel the controller layout is not bad, but a bit weird, i hope th...

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even if its not with a Bundle, all it really needs is Pokemon Stars, DQ XI and a new Monster Hunter game. That will make such an absurd explosion in Japan that just the install base alone should attract more third parties. I still dont think we are going to get most western major AAA games ported to the Switch, but it should at least get decent support.

Japanese devs though? thats where i think the biggest 3rd party support will come from. Japan is crazy for handheld gaming...

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the suggested retail price is only $10 higher than the price for an Xbox or PS4 controller and it has motion controls, HD rumble, an NFC reader and a much (MUCH in the case of PS4) better battery life.

The problem is that those controllers are several years old now so retailers sell them for less by now, the Pro will eventually drop as well, but part for part, its expensive yes, but not overpriced

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They already settled on a solution. This was more of an explanation about how trademark law doesnt really gives them any other choice but to fight otherwise they risk losing the trademark

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Because they are the ones that own the trademark? And the ones that bought the rights for the IP(even if they ignored the previous game)..

Isnt that more than enough reason?

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a rip off?

Even if the map and hard mode could be in an update, the Cave of Trials and new gear are easily worth $6-7 out of the $20 the entire DLC costs. That leaves $13-14 for the story DLC which is again, much cheaper than practically any other game's story DLC (still have to wait for the length and quality)

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i dont see where he said that Bethesda created Dishonored. He said this game is from the same people that did dishonored, which is true... Prey is from Arkhane too

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Im guessing they could show:
Mario Odissey
Fire Emblem Warriors
Pokemon Stars
Smash Bros
Xenoblade 2
Animal Crossing
Pikmin 4
Fire Emblem Switch
Some kind of party game(mario party or wario ware)
Some new eshop titles

And for 3rd party titles
COD (assuming it gets a port)
Maybe some of those rumored collaborations with Ubisoft like the Ra...

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so a new story campaign, all new MP maps and modes, new weapons and gear... and Splatoon 2 is not a true sequel?? o.O

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the triggers i dont really mind that much that they are not analog, the headphone jack is a pretty dumb omission yeah

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because what he is saying is not actually true.

FIrst of all the amiibo can only be scanned once a day and even then you are not guaranteed to find any gear. Sometimes its just arrows.

Second, the gear it provides comes at the LOWEST defense level possible, and requires one of the hardest to obtain materials in the game (star pieces) to upgrade. And even when fully upgraded, the set bonus it provides isnt even particularly better than other in game sets. ...

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