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Because Nintendo still owns 30% of that company and the publishing rights

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the biggest difference is that the DLC will be free. Im ok paying for a MP only game (assuming its good and has enough content, 12 maps and 20+ characters is good enough for me) as long as there isnt a season pass involved.

Thats why the likes of Battlefront, R6 and Evolve lost me

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overall, its bad news for Nintendo games for the rest of the year and probably a weird E3, but for the NX I really see all these news as something very possitive .

- Complete lack of games for WiiU this year means that they shifted focus internally a while back , so hopefully (coupled with the rumors of a unified development and consoles), we should see more games at launch and the first year.

- It gives devs more time to port games and we already see so ...

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im not being harsh, just because its free doesnt mean it has to be enough to bring me back.

No matter how you look at it, pretty much everything is reskinned content.

There are no new areas, the strike is in the same areas of the moon as before, they didnt even add new rooms for the new PoE.

Most of the "new weapons" are revamped year 1 ones.

The problem isnt really about getting new armor or weapons, is that the ac...

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ill just wait for the proper expansion, too much reskinned content to pull me back with other games like Zelda TP, Quantum and Ratchet to play.

The actual "story" in it looks like it can be completed in less than an hour and the rest will be mostly grinding the new version of PoE, Trials and the Hard Raid.

Might give this content a chance a couple of weeks before the expansion, to kind of ramp up for it

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Wow, whats with the disagrees? I know its a demo but its pretty damm unpolished

Lots of lod and pop in, especially the shadows

It has no antialiasing whatsoever, i cant remember the last game i saw with edges so pixelated

Some water reflections are really weird, especially in the town portion

And the one i actually cared the most, the framerate is not looking even remotely close to a locked 30fps, i can definitely see more a...

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well, first of all the patent wasnt leaked, thats public information.

2nd, patents usually include the most basic design possible for whatever device its supposed to be about, so it can cover the most.

The fact that it looks EXACTLY like the patent image could actually be seen as a negative point in regards to the credibility

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its really not that complicated. If you want to return a game (digital or not) its because you dont want to play it anymore. If you have plans to play again, you keep it.

Right now, if you dont want to play a digital game anymore, you delete it from your HDD and never touch it again, or see any money for it.

Now, MS is offering to give you 10% for something that you never want to play again... and its a ripoff because????

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really? The Division is not even a month old and you need an example of a game advertised and covered to hell and beyond by IGN?

Do you remember the score they gave to that game?....

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I dont know about you, but thats pretty close to a thousand bucks unless the rest of the components are pretty crap (plus the $600 on the vr device).

So im not sure what you are disagreeing him for, its not like he was being dismissive in his statement

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Yet here's the thing. If they are getting a bunch of day one sales "before people find out about X", those are sales for people who already had the game preordered and didnt care for reviews anyway

You are assuming that the amount of people that was going to cancel their day 1 copy based on reviews is somehow bigger than the people that are cancelling their preorder because they would rather wait and see.

Either way they lose day 1 sales, so its...

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Option 1:if you were planning on waiting for reviews, so shouldnt bother with Day 1 reviews either way, so just give it a week or so after launch and see proper reviews. In that case, it shouldnt affect you that they didnt give review copies.

Option 2:If you already preordered the game, then you dont care about reviews and made your decision already, so the lack of review copies is also irrelevant.

Chances are that if you fall into a middle point between thos...

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Up until the last 10-15min, yeah i'd say it was pretty amazing. Probably even better than ME2, then the ending happened...and it was all dissapointment at such a horrible conclusion. They clearly didnt know how to finish the story after the rewrite.

Still, probably one of my favorite franchises and the 3rd game is 95% great haha

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yep, or sometimes if I saw that there were 3 or 4 people, I would wait until they were extracting and not killing each other before going out. If it looked suspicious i would just run like hell and come back in a few minutes or go to another extraction zone

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well, considering the underground areas, inside of buildings and more importantly, that story missions can take place inside separate areas, Im ok with that map size.

Im more worried about how much things can be put on a map to make it feel full of things to do and find, rather that one big pile of nothing, especially considering that there are no vehicles and fast travel is only to Base camps (and not at all in the Dark Zone)

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so the fact that its a loot based gameplay, with tons of not only RPG, but also MMO elements is not something they share?

I dont even understand why you are making the association as a negative thing.

I dont even recall saying that someone who played borderlands is gonna play that game (not that borderlands has MMO elements mind you), but yes, everything else IS similar.

And considering how similar Borderlands is to Destiny, i fail to see ho...

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the division is quite a lot like destiny, not sure why say otherwise.

Shooter/RPG= check
MMO elements= check
Loot based gameplay= check
Focus on coop= check

For better or for worse (depending on your preferences), the comparisons are pretty valid. Then again, just because it has a common groundwork doesnt mean it can do a lot to further differentiate itself, or just make those common elements better

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to be honest, they did insist several times that the Division was an RPG more than anything, but yeah, the enemies do seem to be soaking up quite a lot of damage.

In the alpha (lower levels though) it wasnt the case, certainly still RPGish, but not that much.

Then again, thats the whole point of alphas and betas, react to fan feedback and make the necessary changes

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in the alpha they werent that much of a bullet sponge, then again it was very early on and well, an alpha.

The mission structure and story wise did felt like it could be much easier to play solo than for example destiny.

I guess we'll have to wait and see for the beta and actual release

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well, i wouldnt really say its awful, but compared to the book its kinda poor. Not that i was expecting anything more than that, since it is a very short "movie" for an entire book, there was no way it gonna be as good as the book

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