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that was funny #1.5.1
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And if nothing works, at least Sony lowered the repair price. Went from $149 + $30 shipping, down to $129 shipping included. Got my original 60gig version getting back to me in a couple days. #1.3.2
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wow. what a difference #3
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Really? I don't care about elvis. I want psp news. PSP Phone? PSP 2? anything. $!#k #32
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Wrong, right off the bat.
"Meant to replace the psp original." No, no it wasn't. In fact, it was specifically stated that this wasn't the case. Two unique products, aimed at two unique markets, meant to be sold side-by-side. #2
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Jeez Scottie
No pun intented, but aren't ya calling the kettle black here? You get on to point out racism, and go about it by calling everyone here a honkey?

See the problem with so many "oppressed" people is if they took a step back for a second and shed their own undeserving self-pity, they'd see that most hate is a result of a legitimately unlikable personality. Although i guess its much easier to assume that we all hate the guy "because he's black." Its very simple to... #1.35
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Oh Wow
Whoever approves this guy and his friends is a disgrace to N4G. Go to the homepage, really. This garbage blog from some nobody is a TOP-3 article here on the site. Pat yourselves on the back. Newsflash! ITS HIM THAT GETS THE HITS ON HIS SITE. WHAT GOOD DOES IT DO YOU OR ANY N4G USER? #1.10
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I'm still trying to figure out....
why any page from that website has been posted on N4G. I'll throw out the reminder once more: **NEWS** 4 Gamers #1.6
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Well of course....
You must be talking about Disney Sing It! High School Musical 3: Senior Year. Comes out on the 17th. Already preordered mine, but I'm still camping out. For some reason gamestop isn't doing a midnight launch for it...... #5.4
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One question...
In what way is any opinion article posted on that guys site considered *news*? Come on people, remember what the N in N4G stands for. #1.13
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Haha that was classic. "Metal Gear 5: Otacon" #12
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Good News
Twice the ram available to the OS should make a huge difference. I just might have to give YDL a second shot... #1
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For those who don't remember............
EA asks questions exactly like this on their yearly surveys; they ask users if they'd be willing to pay a subscription based fee for madden online play. Point is, even EA hasn't decided to take this route yet. Considering MAG appears to be some sort of MMO-like experience, it puts it in an entirely different situation; nevertheless, just because they are surveying about this sort of thing doesn't mean its going to happen. Everybody needs to stop blowing this out of proportion. #17
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Here's an idea.......
Let's ctrl+c the entire socom 2 engine and paste it into our PS3 dev kit. Then, we can modify it to allow for larger texture files, and keep everything else the same! Give me a break......

This almost seems like some sort of joke. You would think they could at least add in some new animations. I understand graphics aren't everything, but the gameplay looks *exactly* the same as well. I've been playing socom since the first one, but I can honestly say that this game looks disappoi... #14
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Just sold this game on amazon
Good graphics, and fun to play some of the time, but I refuse to own a game where the main gameplay mechanic is flawed. Shooting....... most of the time when playing an online match, the shooting is lagged. Never had a problem with any other game, so its not my connection, and the matches I connect to have a relatively low ping. Kind of ridiculous that in an online only game (for the most part) they can't even get the thing to run properly (press the shoot button, delay, then see the gun fire... #3
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you don't need to #18
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its already been stated many times, so for the last time: You do not need to trade in your PSP. All PSPs (yes, even the ones from launch a few years ago) have a 333mHz processor. Sony initially locked it to 222 to help with battery life Again, ALL PSPs have a 333mhz PROCESSOR. #15.1
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