I got bubble raped for dissing anonymous...oops! ;)


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And being released on the 360 surprised me, though I suppose in this instance they don't need disk space or graphics.

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It's 0.15% thinner and comes with some folding case shit. Only 699.99!

OT: NGP/Vita/PSP2 is going to be boss.

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I believe they said that on the most recent official PS Blog post. Check it out!

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Cole moves so much faster and his attacks are much more powerful and fluid. The graphics are very good for an open world game. I'm lovin' it.

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Haha, kidding. But stupid, you are.

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I'm proud of the Beatles. And full English breakfasts. Other than that I hate my country, I prefer America - Britain is essentially Americas read headed stepchild now anyway.

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It's easy money for Activision.

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So true. Those 3 are hilarious, they actually make me proud to be British when everything else makes me ashamed (Royal wedding, Tinie Tempah, Dizzee Rascal, Cheryl Cole etc.)

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I want to see them announced too, but he made a very valid point...some dude just randomly made a barely functional Blogspot account and posted a few lines of speculation without a credible source.

Sure it's possible...but really!?

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The people who disagree haven't played them. Even if Stealth isn't your thing, it's impossible not to appreciate those masterpieces.

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I hope I don't look at the price on launch day like "IT'S OVER _____!!"

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Sonys end of the week is Sunday isn't it? Although I consider the end of the week to be friday.

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"So here's what we have in store for you...well, we don't have it IN the store but...uh...here's Kojimas surprise appearance everyone!"

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*Runs to the top of the mountain from MW2*


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Hacking used to mean "not being afraid to break something in order to make it better"

Now it's just "not being afraid to break something in order to ruin the fun of millions"


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LOL. Bubbles.

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You want better compensation? Awww, boo hoo. Go and cry in private, and for the love of god, try to grow up just a little bit on your way back.

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I just pray that Sony are smart enough to look at and purchase/take inspiration from those amazing concept designs.

THAT is how the XMB should have been all along.

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